Ray Gun Headcanons

Dr. Death Defying

  • Pink with black stripes
  • A bit older than most Killjoys’ guns, but it’s in good shape. He cleans it often and rarely needs to use it. He knows that people think it’s funny that a grizzly war vet has a pink gun, but he doesn’t care.
  • D still remembers his training from the wars, and he knows the importance of defending himself in the Zones. He’s pretty decent with a gun, but he hopes that he never has to use it. He also keeps his old military rifle around, even though he hates looking at it.

Show Pony

  • Bright blue
  • His gun works well, but it can be unpredictable. It’s been known to shoot off sparks and fizzle out unexpectedly, but he’s had it for years and doesn’t want to replace it.
  • He has decent aim and a quick reaction time, and he’s not afraid to use his gun when the situation calls for it. Most people don’t mess with Pony when he’s holding a ray gun.

Cherri Cola

  • Pink with a black lightning bolt on the side
  • Not the best or the fastest gun in the Zones, but highly reliable. He’s used the same ray gun for years without any major problems.
  • Cherri’s such a great shot that he doesn’t even need a fancy gun. With lighting-fast reflexes and incredible aim, he could probably knock out 3 people with a slingshot, let alone a ray gun.

Tommy Chow Mein

  • Plain white, never painted or customized
  • It’s not the most advanced model, but he upgrades every few years (when he can afford it) to ensure that he has a working ray gun. It functions better than a lot of Killjoys’ guns, and he takes good care of it.
  • Unfortunately, he’s not a great shot, so having a decent gun doesn’t help him much. He has a fast reaction time, but his aim isn’t great, and he’s never been much of a fighter in general.


  • Pale blue with white Japanese lettering that says “GO!”
  • Fast and efficient, this is one of the most high-tech guns in the area. A gift from an associate after she paid them a big favor.
  • She’s not a great shot, but she keeps the gun around for intimidation purposes. She’s also been known to threaten people with an (unloaded) shotgun.

DJ Hot Chimp

  • Pitch black
  • Older model that she bought years ago. She knows she should probably get it replaced, but she prefers the older mechanisms. It takes a while to charge, but she’s made some modifications that make the blast more powerful.
  • She’s a good shot and can hold her own in a fight. Her gun is one of her most treasured possessions, and she never goes anywhere without it.

yeees i had to do jasper sandwich for loving and supportive girlfriends ;;;

human warrior cats looks u didnt ask for

aka “if u make these cats humanized this is the aesthetic that u should be giving them”

tigerstar: the ‘u can beat my ass but my moms gonna call the school’ look

rainflower: the ‘can i speak to your manager’ look

lionblaze: the ‘i’ll pay 100 dollars for 3 grams of weed’ look

darkstripe: the ‘he’s about to do it’ look

dovewing: the ‘do u have a tumblr’ look

hawkfrost: the ‘you can beat my ass but my dad will sue you’ look [its a companion to tigerstars obviously]

ashfur: the ‘hi this is ashfur’s mom he got into an accident text back to tell him you care about him, hi this is ashfur i just got back from the hospital do u care about me’ look

onestar: the ‘the bell doesnt dismiss you i do’ look

bramblestar: the ‘i did the homework but i won’t let you copy’ look


Kousuke is happy because yesterday event with Yuuya was successful and today’s practice went well :)

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heyy! i've had this hc for a while and,, you know in the NA NA NA music video, Kobra and the Girl get a white raygun out of a vending machine. but all the killjoys have brightly coloured ones. so... do they paint the guns themselves? i can imagine them spending a night, sitting at a campfire, painting with old brushes and even older paints. Ghoul messing up and getting angry. and there are so many intricacies to the guns! especially Kobra's symbol•(sorry this is long)

I feel like painting your ray gun is a really personal thing for Killjoys. Not all Killjoys are artistically gifted, so Poison makes some money on the side by painting and designing ray guns for people. His designs are among the best because they’re so clean and elaborate. Kobra’s not the best painter, but he enjoys helping Poison with the design aspects, and sometimes sits and watches as he works.


Still at page 11/29 (I added one page) after 2 days ORZ.

Sometimes I feel like tossing this comic aside but I made a promise to myself to make as many shippy and weird content as possible this year~

Tommy Chow Mein doesn’t fit in anywhere. Killjoys don’t like him because they think he’s too much like a city worker–blunt, professional, and doesn’t have time for games. He’d fit in better in the city, but he’s been around Killjoys for so long that they’ve rubbed off on him, ever so slightly. In other words, he’ll never be the perfectly trained professional that he was as a teenager.

Neutrals like him at first, thinking he’s more “respectable” than most Killjoys–and are shocked to find out that his closest friends are Cherri Cola (who’s friends with the Fab Four) and that vulgar, uncouth man who runs that radio show. And some neutrals REALLY aren’t happy when they find out that he’s “gay” (not considering–or caring–that he’s actually bisexual.) They feel almost betrayed when they find out, although there had been whispers about him since he’s not married and has no children. In their eyes, LGBT people are bratty, flashy kids in their 20s like Show Pony, not older men in their 40s, and it’s a huge shock to their worldview.

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💎: Show Pony and ❎: Korse

Pony doesn’t always take Korse as seriously as he should. He understands that he’s a threat, but Dr. D’s afraid that one day Pony will get himself killed by laughing at Korse’s outfit or something. Pony’s never encountered Korse face-to-face, so it’s easy for him to see Korse as a bald guy with bad fashion sense, and not the brutal killer he really is.

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We are yin and yang, beginning and the end, the light and darkness, the sun and the moon
        we are unique souls who flows around time.

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HC - Draculoids aren't the brightest bunch. If you like, they're sort of like the droids in Star Wars. They get easily confused and panicked, make terrible decisions, constantly make mistakes, and are overall /terrible/ in combat. They're so bad, (and useless) killjoys might feel guilty for killing them if the dracs weren't so hellbent on trying to ghost them in the first place.

Ahah :p Poor Dracs. The Dracs in the “Na Na Na” video definitely seemed confused and clumsy–probably because they’re so cocky.

Positive headcanons that people have sent me...
  • Cherri is a v compassionate friend, whenever he sees one of his friends sad he knows just how to cheer them up.
  • Kobra likes to bring Tommy cool rocks and animal bones he finds in the zones. Tommy keeps them and sells them to ‘joys with kids.
  • Sometimes the fab four have to stop at Dr D’s place because they’ve been running all day and they’re too tired to drive the full way back. Cherri often comes home to a pile of sleepy killjoys, so he always makes sure they have enough blankets 😊❤
  • While Kobra was going through a rough patch of depression the fab four received an anonymous bag of food and cigarettes and supplies, with a note explaining that it was “to help them out a bit”. Tommy swears it wasn’t him (but it totally was)
  • Show Pony has an ENTIRE PLAYLIST of songs with “cherry” in the title that they love to harass Cherri with (submitted by @pyro-pixie)

I love these, keep ‘em coming!

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Do you miss the time when Homestuck was alive? And if you do, would you want it to come back?

do you mean when it still updated? sure yes, I always got really hyped for the new updates. it was like the real ‘never ending story’ for me. and if you mean the fandom that has been declared dead by many. not really, I guess. sure it was awesome going to cons and just knowing that there would always be a big meetup or having the homestuck tag on tumblr filled with a gazillion posts each day. that’s what I do miss. but I go by the quote: if you love something, don’t let anyone’s opinion make you love it any less. in this case, I don’t care if everyone else stops loving it. if I still enjoy it then I don’t care if I have to enjoy it on my own. I don’t feel obligated to leave the fandom bc it’s finished now. I feel many people do feel obligated tho, as if it’s weird to like it now that it’s over. that’s kind of a shitty mindset tbh. like making people feel bad for liking it by posting texts like ‘just saw a homestuck cosplayer in the year of our lord 2017 omg why′. I know it’s mostly sarcastic and ‘tumblr humor’ but these jokes come with a hint of honesty, so some people actually do think like this. which is ridiculous bc really? do I have to stop cosplaying something bc the series now ended? this reminds me of the nonsense that fashion trends are. do I have to stop wearing this clothing item just bc everyone else stopped wearing it? so over-dramatically speaking, I don’t mind being the last homestuck. I’ll continue cosplaying it as long as I enjoy it and that’s it. my love for a series isn’t influenced by its audience or popularity.