An Egyptian Battlemage dressed in the star-silk robes of her profession. Egyptian battlemages and Aurors are known to be some of the hardiest around, facing monsters in the deserts as well as considerable distrust from their own people. However Egypt does have some of the lowest Magical sightings in the world.


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Imagine how all the other houses hate slytherin house, and then they start developing little crushes on the snarky, sarcastic house. Imagine overhearing the slytherins laugh and joke, and also be kind and protective to other students. Imagine some of the slytherin defending random kids from bullies and the other kids hearts fluttering as they realize that slytherins aren’t bad. Imagine the sinking feeling the other houses feel when they realize “fuck, I’m in love with a damn slytherin!”

cas is always cold when he’s human. like, he’s constantly wearing two pairs of socks and a sweatshirt with the hood up and a coat and is always hella grumpy about it. 

so, dean makes a big show about how “sick he is of hearing cas’ bitching” blah blah blah and goes out and buys him a scarf and figures that it’s getting cold enough that maybe just for the hell of it he’ll get them all scarves. 

so he tosses two scarves onto the table and wraps the third around cas’ neck and hopes no one realizes they’re actually hufflepuff, gryffindor, and ravenclaw colors. 


In relation to this.

I am so pissed off right now. I know this is kind of meant to be a stupid jokey thing but… seriously? Could they be any more off the mark?

“They don’t take their education seriously, to the point that they do their best to disrupt the education of everyone around them.”

I will concede that Fred and George didn’t really give a damn about their education. Because they didn’t want to follow a career that their education would lead them to. I mean they left school and set up a successful business and became financially stable at the age of seveteen/eighteen. Do they really need to take their education seriously?

However, the second part. No. Just no. Yes they completely disrupted one of Harry’s O.W.Ls. But every other prank they performed was aimed to bring amusement and enjoyment. They weren’t aiming to annoy other people and stop other’s from learning. They wanted people to have fun. In fact, they actually helped to hinder Umbridge (who was not good at education) and I’m pretty sure they were some of the only people to do so. (DA excluded.)

“They’re those guys you used to hate.”

Haha. No. They were probably the most popular people in the school. Yeah, the Slytherins didn’t like them (Gryffindor and Weasley) and sometimes they annoyed Hermione but besides that, people loved them. They looked up to them. They wanted to date them. They laughed at their jokes. I’m pretty sure you don’t actively talk to people who you don’t like. The Weasley twins were adored.

“who like to spend most of their time bullying Ron Weasley.”

He’s their brother. They don’t bully him. They tease him. Mess around with him. In what sibling relationship do people always act nicely to each other??

“Speaking of people who should in no way be allowed near children, here’s this guy.”

Not only does this imply that Hagrid shouldn’t be allowed near children but you’re also saying that “the best teacher we’ve ever had.” is someone who should be kept away? Yes, he’s a werewolf. Once a month. But there’s this wonderful thing that he takes called wolfsbane. Which makes him harmless.

Remus Lupin is a wonderful person. He has faults - everyone does. But overall he’s one of the best role models Harry - and the rest of his friends - had. He listens, he gives advice, he laughs, he is kind. He takes people seriously - whomever they are. He’s been given shit and prejudice his whole life for something he had no choice in and yet he’s still compassionate and a good person. He should definitely be allowed near children. It wasn’t him who put Harry in mortal danger nearly every book (looking at you Dumbledore).

“while they were trying to track down a werewolf.”

When were they trying to track down a werewolf? They were trying to track down a (n innocent) criminal. All the teachers knew he was a werewolf anyway.

“his first and last names mean “Guy who was famously raised by wolves” and “wolf” respectively.”

Yeah… this bit’s true.

“his lasting legacy was having one of Harry’s weiner kids named after him.”

I’m pretty sure that you only read the first book. Yes he will be remembered through James Sirius Potter. But he’ll also be remembered by every person who fought in the Order of the Phoenix. He’ll be remembered by the Golden Trio - Harry especially.

As the man who sacrificed his life to save Harry’s. As the man who promised to stay hidden in the home were he was neglected and abused, feeling useless. As the man who became an animagus at fifteen/sixteen, after trying for five years - to help a half blood werewolf. As the man who was best friend’s with the Potter’s. As a Marauder.

“Sirius Black’s tragic life pales in comparison to Snape’s, who by all accounts had every right to be the complete asshole we all thought he was until the very last moment.”

Snape’s life looks better in comparison to Sirius. They were both neglected and abused but was Snape falsely accused of murdering his best friend and imprisoned for twelve years at the age of twenty two? No. Did Snape have to remain in hiding, unable to fight and protect his godchild? No. Was Snape in a high position on both sides? Yes.

No no no no no no. Your past does not give you the right to be an asshole. Harry was neglected and abused for the first eleven years of his life. He lost his parents. He didn’t know what love was. And was Harry still kind and caring and friendly? Yes. Was Snape? No.

Also, he’s still an asshole.

“marries the guy who mercilessly bullied him for years.”


Sure, sometimes he probably started it. But it is literally stated that Snape was a special case. James did not bully him for years.

Also, just because he loves her does not - in any way - mean she has to return that love. At all. Lily loved James. Not Snape. End of.

“Love of his life dies at the hands of Voldemort.”

Because Snape told Voldemort about the prophecy. Also, boohoo, who doesn’t lose someone they love because of Voldemort in Harry Potter?

“Has to be like “oh yeah, great guy, every time someone asks him about Voldemort.”

No he doesn’t. He chose to become a Death Eater. Wasn’t forced to in anyway; it was his decision. He wanted to follow Voldemort. He agreed with Voldemort’s morals and opinions. 

his life’s devotion to the protection of the innocent and the defeat of Voldemort.”

This is laughable. He did not have a life devoted to protecting the innocent. For years he tormented school students; so much so that Neville Longbottom’s greatest fear was him. That is not normal. The only reason he even joined Dumbledore’s side was in an attempt to protect Lily Evans, who he treated as a trophy. He was a Death Eater - something he chose to become. That is not devoting his life to protecting the innocent. That is devoting his life to killing the innocent because he believes he is better than them.

He didn’t want to defeat Voldemort. He wanted to have sex with a girl who didn’t love him. A girl who he discriminated against and a girl who came from a “class” of people he was trying to eradicate from the world. A girl he did not have a claim to. Because you don’t get to claim a person.

I will say that Snape is an excellent character. But he is one of the most horrendous people in the Harry Potter series.

To summarise, there’s a lot of crappy character interpretation in this poll and I disagree with pretty much all of it and I just wanted to say why. On the main ones anyway.


MARAUDERS ERA : James and Lily at Godric’s Hollow.
She was scared. She was scared all the time. She was scared to lose James, or Harry, or both. She was scared to lose Sirius or Remus or Peter, because she would lose a part of James too. Lily couldn’t sleep without being haunted by the vision of a dying deer at her feet. And James… James was no longer the man she married. He was no longer that joyful, light-minded person. None of them was anymore, and she still loved him anyway. But he was always obsessed, anxious with every noise, with everything. She asked herself once if Harry’s cries weren’t part even of James’ anxiety too. The fear of Him hearing them. “What if we can’t just be James and Lily anymore?” she heard him saying once. “Look, Prongs, you two will always be James and Lily. Always. No matter what happens” Sirius said. She would have been grateful to Sirius for reassuring James, if only their conversations were not deliberately hidden from her. The news from the Order were rarer than before, and she started to suspect them – James and Sirius, they didn’t have much visitors other than him and sometimes Remus, mostly through the fireplace – of hiding some facts from her to not worry her, when she was still pregnant. She was angrier than sad. She was not that precious and tiny little thing, she never was.

Sophie Turner as Lily Evans // Ben Barnes as Sirius Black // Aaron Taylor-Johnson as James Potter. (part 1 and part 2)

Cousins in design to loyalty rings, oath rings are capable of biting off fingers just as loyalty rings are, but can also constrict around fingers when promises (usually spelled into the piece itself) come close to being broken. As such they are often used in place of Unbreakable Oaths, as there is less chance of the oath-taker becoming a deceased oath-breaker. Due to the firm grip of the rings teeth and coils the rings are rarely removed.

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So you all know that Tonks is the daughter of Andromeda. An Andromeda is a Black cousin of Sirius Black. And we all know that Remus and Sirius had a thing going on until Sirius went to away (prison). So of course Remus was sad of course but eventually moved on with Tonks a Black descendent. So the moral of this story is……. Once you go Black you can’t go back.

I like can’t stop thinking about the first year Slytherins who heard so much bad stuff about the house, who almost cried when the hat said Slytherin, who keep getting bullied because the other houses think they’re the bad guys. I can’t stop thinking about the slytherins who think they are monsters. I can’t stop thinking about the older students being really nice to them and trying to help them through this. I can’t stop thinking of the other houses bullying them until they almost start crying but in a very slytherin-esuqe way, they stand tall and just tolerate it, not daring to reciprocate it because people think they’re already evil. Imagine all the slytherins just getting so pissed of eventually and everybody just goes “oh, classic slytherin” when THEY are the bullies. Imagine all the slytherin just having enough and trashing the common rooms with a message that says “hiss off” (get it, piss off) yet the same slytherin defend other kids from being bullied by the slytherin. Imagine all the other houses suddenly realising how much of dicks they are and send a bunch of flowers into the slytherin common room, and all the slytherins are disgusted because how dare they make they’re perfectly lovely lair smell like roses. They like the wood burning smell. But they smile anyway because slytherins aren’t stone faced, cold hearted beasts. We’re snakes, and do you know what a lot of snakes like? Love! Seriously, get a pet snake, they’re soooo cuddly!