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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Chapter 1 The Boy who Lived 

“Albus Dumbledore didn’t seem to realize that he had just arrived in a street where everything from his name to his boots was unwelcome. He was busy rummaging in his cloak, looking for something. But he did seem to realize he was being watched, because he looked up suddenly at the cat, which was still staring at him from the other end of the street. For some reason, the sight of the cat seemed to amuse him. He chuckled and muttered, ‘I should have known.’”

Redid this illustration for chapter one! hope you guys like it!!! 

I love this picture so much.
Like, Lucius is checking on them, afraid that he is the only one dancing. Draco is ashamed of his family and doesn’t want to dance with them. Narcissa is simply ignoring the fact that she wasn’t born to dance. And then there’s Bellatrix, who starts happy and enthusiastic, but then she looks at her family and thinks ‘What the hell are they doing?!’.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Chapter 3 Letters From No One 

“Something came whizzing down the chimney as he spoke and caught him sharply on the back of the head. Next moment, thirty or forty letters came pelting out of the fireplace like bullets. The Dursleys ducked, but Harry leapt into the air trying to catch one. “Out! OUT!” Uncle Vernon seized Harry around the waist and threw him into the hall. When Aunt Petunia and Dudley had run out with their arms over their faces, Uncle Vernon slammed the door shut. They could hear the letters still streaming into the room, bouncing off the walls and floor.”

I finally made it to chapter three, i know its not much but it feels like an accomplishment. I can’t wait for harry to get out of the Dursley’s just so I can draw some more exciting things lol. 

Piscae Patronae is considered by many scientists to be the happiest animal on the face of the planet. Known more commonly as the spark fish or a “sparky,” to witches and wizards who live along the shores of the Great Lakes, Piscae Patronae never grows larger than two inches long. Despite its diminutive size it is one of the most potently magical creatures known to wizarding kind.

Found in the deepest, darkest waters of lakes Superior, Huron, and Michigan, Sparkies have evolved the unique ability to replicate a Patronus Charm. The spell takes the form of an individual krill, which lights the darkness of the fish’s habitat like a streak of silver lightning.

On certain nights of the year, Piscae Patronae swarm to the surface in large numbers in certain parts of the lake, illuminating the surface with their magic. It is a spectacular show for anyone lucky enough to witness it, and one which the Department of Secrecy and Obfuscation, along with the Department of Resources and Magical Conservation, keep hidden from the mundane population

Despite their intense beauty, the existence of the Sparkies raises several questions, not the least of which is what a fish’s happiest memory must be, and what lurks in the dark places of the Great Lakes to necessitate such a marvelous but potent adaptation.

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15 Things You’ll Only Appreciate If You’ve Been To The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

At the end of September, I got to do the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to check out the new Diagon Alley expansion. I went to the Wizarding World when it first opened a few years ago, but this experience was WAY better because we got to go behind the scenes and on a very special VIP tour with some amazing tour guides. It was literally the best day of my life next to meeting Harry Potter himself.

In case you were wondering, yes, the Wizarding World is everything you expect it to be. But better. And then some. If I could live there, I would. In fact, part of me wants to move there and work at the Wizarding World. I think it’s something that everyone needs to experience because it truly brings Harry Potter to life, which was very touching for me

Subject:Dorothy Gale

Date: October 4, 1896

Department: Secrecy and Obfuscation  

Agent in Charge: Glynda North

Event: In a truly appalling oversight that has since been rectified, the subject, Ms. Dorothy Gale, when seeking shelter from a tornado in the South-Central Region, managed to gain admission to a heavily warded warehouse of dangerous and defunct magical objects. Though agents in charge of the warehouse swore up and down they had warded it against all Muggle intrusion, it seems young Ms. Gale not only found it no problem to locate the building, but also to let herself inside. She quickly became confused in the spatially warped interior and became lost for several weeks.

While wandering the interior of the warehouse, Ms. Gale befriended an animate scarecrow (which was incapable of scaring song birds, much less crows), a magical woodsman that felt such empathy for trees that its own tears caused it to rust, and a stuffed toy lion that had lacked the courage to fend off shadows for its original keeper. A little less than a month after her invasion, Ms. Gale was discovered by one of the keepers of the warehouse, Wilhemina Winkle. Madam Winkle of course apprehended the young girl and promptly called DSO agents to wipe her memory.

Whatever strength of will gained Ms. Gale access to warehouse, however, seems to have inured her to memory charms as well, and while the exact nature of her misadventure eludes her, she is quite caught up with the fanciful notion of another land called Oz, which draws broad elements from her time in the warehouse. Her three companions are repeated theme, as are the yellow walk-ways, a pair of cursed silver shoes the young girl apparently replaced her own shoes with, and Madam Winkle’s wooden leg and pursuit of her from the back of a broom.

We have deemed Ms. Gale’s modified memory acceptable, and she is currently at residence in a mental institution in Chicago, but hope she will be well soon so that we may release her back to her family. Her interest in Muggle newspapers is a good sign that she is slowly erasing these nebulous memories, and we are told she has taken up correspondence with several reporters for the Evening Post.

Case Status: CLOSED

(Mod Note: The idea for this concept was originally given to us by Adriene who also gave us permission to play with the idea for the fic. All the elements here are directly attributable to them, and I only had the extreme honor of putting it in ficlet form)