sixpenceee this is an indie horror game called “The Last Door”. I bought it from the IOS App Store, for abt $5SGD, but it can also be played online for free at thelastdoor.com

Despite its simple graphics, this is a game that effectively utilizes atmosphere, sound, and narrative to give players a creepy and unnerving experience. Sometimes the solution to a puzzle lies in what you hear and not what you see. Play this with headphones on or with the volume up.

There are a few jump scares, but they are used sparingly and well. The game heavily references Lovecraft, as well as Poe, and there’s also a bit of a Silent Hill feel to it.

The screencaps above are taken from the first episode. You play as Jeremiah Devitt, who goes to his friend Anthony Beechworth’s house only to discover that something is terribly wrong. What follows is a search for the truth, run-ins with mad men, murderers, and a sinking feeling that your fate is catching up with you…

<Videte ne quis sciat>

Okay, I knocked this out in a couple of hours after the internet shenanigans of last night. If I had posted this five minutes later, it wouldn’t be funny anymore because everyone would have already forgotten about The Dress thingy. So, here’s an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Colour Out of Space” from the September, 1927 issue of Amazing Stories.  

i bet lovecraftian horrors would think humans losing their shit at the mere sight of them was hilarious and adorable. like, we’re the pineapple-fearing dog of their youtubes, and they’re laughing their thousand-tentacled asses off as we run and scream and claw our eyes out.

“have you guys seen the one where the guy who writes about us sees a black person and tries to hide under the coffee table? put that one on next”