Being a Hufflepuff is like

In Hufflepuff’s mind: “If I let this old lady pass in front of me in the queue she could get offended because she could think I think she’s incapable. But it’s just polite she’d probably understand… but what if she doesn’t I mean I really don’t want to offend her, what if she gets angry in the market! Omg it’s already my turn fu-

Click, click, click

“oy, please Sirius, soem of us are trying to concentrate”

James yelled out from where he sat on his bed parchment laid out infront of him working on the map.

Sirius didn’t seem to hear him as he paced. His features were grey and he rung his hands as he paced from beds end to window and back. He’d been at it for hours after getting up and carefully unfolding and reading a pristine piece of parchment.

“well at least talk to me then”

James grumbled finally jumping from the bed and putting himself between Sirius and the wall. Sirius almost ran right into him.

“don’t wanna” he grumbled turning around again.

James wandered to the bed, I’ll just figure it out myself then" and grabbed the parchment.

Sirius stared at him but didn’t have the energy to stop him.

James’ brow furrowed and he looked at Sirius.

“just stay here for the holidays mate, or come on to mine, mum won’t mind a bit” James said with a smile thinking of having Sirius on for the Holidays.

“No, no there’s no way. It was pretty clear about me coming”

Sirius went back to his pacing.

Peter walked in , he also tried to talk to Sirius which resulted in a flower pot smashed on a wall next to Pete’s head.

The two boys finally left for dinner.

They slid in next to Remus who had been studying and he looked at the empty seat.

James slid the parchment from Sirius’ mom across the table carefully and Remus read below the table before politely excusing himself and walking out of the great Hall. Soon as he hit the stairs he took them at a run. Desperate to get up to the tower.

Remus opened the door to find Sirius still pacing. He walked over and sat on the bed.


He patted the space beside him.


He cleared his voice,

“Padfoot, come.”

This time when Sirius turned his eyes were red and puffy as though his fears had flooded from them not moments earlier.


Remus pushed down every urge to punish the smaller boy.

Instead he got up, took his hand and led him out of the dormitory firmly.

Everyone was still at dinner so they met no one which Sirius was glad for. They wandered up to the astronomy tower and took a seat. Remus set a warming spell to warm the early Decembers night air and pulled Sirius into him. Sirius immediately curled with his head in his lap.

They said nothing. For nothing could be said. It was going to happen no matter how badly Sirius wished it away and Remus couldn’t stop it.

Eventually Remus came back into the dorm carrying a sleeping Sirius and climbed into his own bed placing Sirius carefully under the covers without a word.

Hogwarts Houses as The Greatest Showman Characters
  • for anon
  • Gryffindor: Phillip Carlyle- willing to risk everything for his ideals and to help people
  • Slytherin: P.T. Barnum- ambitious, takes advantage of situations, resourceful, determined
  • Ravenclaw: Anne Wheeler- practical, observant, and highly skilled and intuitive
  • Hufflepuff: Charity Barnum- patient, understanding, willing to deal with hard work and a simple life