“Here.” Nomalla had come out of the shadows on her trail leading her horse. A cut on her forehead had bled on her face and dried, giving her a dark half mask. She took a rope from her saddlebag…

Nomalla of Halleburn. Pretend that grease stain was purposeful and is somehow artistic, because I have no idea where it came from and redoing this sketch would take away some of the impromptu and sloppy elements I threw in there and ended up liking.


Hawke and the Nightmare

Walking up to a giant creature and giving a speech about how awesome you are is quintessential Hawke. 

I did this because I wanted to reference timing movement in animation, based off this scene from Gurren Lagann. 


Another set of these bundles of joys. They may have conflicts but they’ll always be by each other’s side. I would always think the last one is where X is all “how do I look?” in his command mission armor and zero would of course give a sweet compliment even though he definitely prefers his original one.

Question corner from ch.139 to ch.160 (RHS/MS)

Q 129: Do Helbram and Gerharde get along?
Gerharde thinks of Helbram as a bit of an outcast.

Q 130: What’s the criteria for becoming Hendrickson’s girlfriend?
A woman who’s a bit weird and eccentric, but still would watch over him kindly, I’d imagine.

Q 131: Do you plan on bringing the ancient Fairy King into the main story?
…maybe! Please look forward to it.

Q 132: I love how you draw armor! What book do you use as a source?
Sometimes I use illustrated reference books, but most of them are originals. (laughs)

Q 133: Helbram used his “link” death ability, but isn’t the number of types of powers limited?
Because of “link”, Helbram can use a vast variety of powers.

Q 134: So Veronica didn’t die at Byzel like everyone thought she did. Until she came back into the story, what was she doing?
She spent her time with Griamore in a little shack next to lake pernes. What they were doing all that time, no one knows…

Q 135: Can King fly higher than high mountains or maintain his flight for a day?
The floating part isn’t tiring but flying with all his might unsurprisingly is. Moreover, he’s typically lazy. [source]

Q 136: Which of the women has the biggest breasts?
If we’re talking purely about size, then probably Diane or Matrona (lol).

Q 137: How did Vivian become Merlin’s disciple?
I may write a story for that at some point.

Q 138: When Elaine was revived in chapter 142, she made a dress for herself with flower petals, but is she wearing underwear? Since she’s a fairy, can we assume she isn’t wearing any?!
She is not.

Q 139: How many times have Ban been imprisoned?
So many times that he doesn’t remember himself. Mainly when he was a kid.

Q 140: Why does Slader wear a mask? Why does he change his way of talking when he wears the mask?
The mask is like a switch for him to turn his job mode on and off.

Q 141: We already know what King and Elaine smell like, but what about the other fairies? What do they smell like?
Helbram smells like white roses. Gerharde smells like mint. The first Fairy King smells like ginger.

Q 142: …?
… .

Q 143: Have you cleared the Seven Deadly Sins gamebook?
Yep! I’ve done it several times! The ones who haven’t started reading the book should please get on it!! [source]

Q 144: If someone tells a lie that they honestly believe to be true in front of Galan The Truth, will they still be turned to stone?
No. Only if a person is knowingly lying will they be turned to stone.

Q 145: Who’s the captain of the “Pleiades of the Azure Sky”?
The assistant of the captain of the Holy Knights, Denzel is the captain of the “Pleiades of the Azure Sky”.

Q 146: After the passing of his wife Anna, has Dreyfus dated any other women?
No. He only ever had eyes for Anna.

Q 147: Which one of the ten commandments do you like best, sensei? And which one of them is the most wicked?
Well, off the top, it’d have to be Galan and Derriere. And for which is the most wicked… you’ll just have to wait to find out (lol).

Q 148: If you roasted up Hawk and ate him, how many calories would he be?
Around 30000 kcals.

Q 149: What does Arthur think of Gowther?
“What a strange folk.” And “He’s a dude… right?”  [source]


Ooh, would you look at all the new outfits for your characters you can buy at Van Dyne’s in Avengers Academy! Even the Superior Iron Man armor! Now I certainly know what I am not saving up for nor touching with a ten foot pole!!! 8)

SO, I still have no idea how to do the thigh armor, but yeah, everything’s coming together. I got all my fabric bits on… I uh… replaced the arm and leg warmers I futzed with with something better I wasted fifteen dollars sobforever and in the the background you can my worbla pieces and what’s left, along with some posterboard that will become my experimentation pattern for my leg armor. But yeeeah, like 65% done~ I will hopefully finish the obi tomorrow. We’ll see.

You know you have mixed feelings about the root a finale when you realize that somewhere along the line you’ve started to consider the Anteiku raid outfit too as a possibility for your Hide cosplay