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Goop dog is my fav thing like, little Chica but if she's here and Matt and Ryan are here too we need Lego right? Maybe Matt and Ryan find Lego/save him or something



That would be super cute!!

Matt and Ryan would just think it’s so awesome how Mark’s managed to befriend all these corrupted gems.

“Barry and Arin and Dan always say that they’re nothing but mindless monsters. But…they don’t seem mindless, or like monsters.”

“Oh, they’re not. They’re definitely not. They still have feelings, and most of the time, they’re just scared. They don’t usually want to be like this, but they don’t have a choice.”

“How did they get like this?”

“A really long time ago, the Diamonds—minus Barry—sent a corruption beam to Earth. Any gems that were down here were corrupted.”

“Barry wasn’t, though.”

“No. I think he managed to find a way to shield himself and the other Grumps from it.”

“…Why do they try to attack the corrupted gems?”

“Because they think they’re dangerous. But they only try attacking because they’re scared, and lonely, and they want to be themselves again.”

At this point, Mark looks a little sad. “They just need to know that somebody cares about them, and they need to feel like they’re not just monsters. So I try to help them. You know Sam? Jack’s pearl?”


“He’s corrupted, but he still obviously has feelings. Maybe he and the other corrupted gems don’t necessarily think like we do, but that doesn’t mean they don’t think at all. And I’m apparently the only one besides Jack who can see that.”

“Ryan and I want to help, too.”


Mark looks over at another gem in a canine-like form that has been trying to get their attention.

“This guy over here seems like he’d enjoy hanging out with you two.”


Okay, I think i have it now and i appreciate it.

I’ve just made a bet against my Dad that if this post gets 2 million notes then i can get a Puppy. [like the one underneath]

I didn’t realise how much 2 million was and i couldn’t take that number down now. It should look like 2,000,000 in the notes bar.

He’s convinced that this will never reach that number, and very confident about it so Let’s prove him wrong!! He thinks this will get about 25 notes beofre it’s left in the dust.

You don’t have to do it for me. But for the point and to prove him wrong. He has to pay and everything so let’s make him suffer with it!!

I’m counting on you!!!

Remember it’s 2,000,000!


Adorable Puppy Has a Permanent Grumpy Face

Grumpy Cat may have found her counterpart in this adorable (and equally as grouchy) pup named Earl. Quickly becoming known as the Internet’s “most morose mutt,” this puggle has a seemingly permanent scowl on his face—no matter how many times you pet him!
Despite the grumpy expression, Earl’s human Derek Bloom says that the pooch is very friendly towards other humans and dogs. The cranky look is just due to his overbite and wrinkles, so don’t let Earl fool you. He enjoys snacks, sunbathing, and chasing balls around the park just like any other dog.

Photos by ©Earl The Grumpy Puppy

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little things to love about mingyu
  • he cooks so well
  • he draws well
  • he raps well
  • he’s just super talented?????
  • is left handed which is rly cute imo
  • FANGS!!!!!!!!!!
  • 2 tol 4 lyfe
  • has a pup back home
  • also calls her his little sister which makes me cry a lil
  • he wants to meet EXO omg how precious
  • pls take the boy to latin america, he wants to visit latin america
  • his selfie game is always on point like???
  • wonwoo is his bff and that’s beautiful
  • when he was little, he made a sailboat out of chopsticks
  • he changes the interior of the dorm when he gets bored #FengShuiKing
  • he is so outgoing i wish to be as outgoing as him
  • he makes as much eye contact has he can when speaking to people and honestly he can make eye contact with me all day pls
  • a literal sunshine child
  • also a giant pup
  • the boy can’t eat sour things to save his life
  • members say he’s the loudest in the dorm like thAT TALL GIANT WILL NOT SHUT UP
  • who needs money for the hair salon when u have kim mingyu
  • sleeps with his mouth slighty open, as seen on ‘one fine day’
  • 11/10 will find chocolate on the ground and eat it
  • made stickers back in 17project to promote his group
  • made stickers for fans during ISAC!!!!
  • LOVES HIS DARK SKIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mingyu is beautiful and should be loved and appreciated

Who’s fluffier ?


This is so boyfriend material omfg

This was such lovey dovey scenes between them it was lovely

“cat selfie”

bff selfie with a kitty cat how cute aw

Look how proud he is when the cat prefers him over Jeon 

I ship it

Admin K

  • Atsushi:So, can I ask you a question?
  • Dazai:Yeah.
  • Atsushi:Why are we lying in the parking lot?
  • Dazai:A car knocked you unconscious, so I lied down next to you so everyone would just think we were chillin'.
  • looks like he’d be super confident and flirty but in reality he is very flustered so much so that before he can even lean in to kiss you he has to crack some sort of joke and no no it isn’t because he’s a nERVOUs wreck right now of course not hahaha……
  • keeps sending you photos of dogs he meets on the street
  • thinks you two should invest in a dog in the future
  • when you ask him “what do you mean by the future (-:” mingyu literally throws his phone in the air and screams and wonwoo is like calm tf down bro
  • he is a big fan of long sleeved shirts and so he bought you a couple too but then you started stealing his and he sort of went along with it because hey……you look really cute……..
  • seungcheol jokingly asked you how does it feel to be dating the visual of seventeen and mingyu interject liked oh they love it i mean look at me right but like when u two are alone he keeps bugging you like hey hey….im adorable right… handsome right…..
  • literally texts you the question “am i handsome?” like 5 times a day
  • you once complimented jun’s outfits and mingyu pulled you aside like “ok but if i wore that i would be more handsome right?”
  • he’s basically a puppy who loves getting your attention
  • very pouty when he’s jealous 
  • even though he likes to eat, he always keeps wanting to share his food with you
  • invites you out to check out cool restaurants with him. keeps dragging you around to different foreign food places. likes to take photos of the things you ordered 
  • (also secretly takes cute photos of you eating)
  • ((his background for his phone is a picture of you eating jajangmyeon))
  • sometimes he eats things that are way too spicy and he gets stomach aches and you always end up having to have some antiacids on you and everytime you give him one you’re like “mingyu, i told you not to eat that” and he just sniffles like im sorry…i wont do it again……..but like three days later when he’s all healthy he’s like let’s eat there again and you’re like mingyu please……..
  • loVES giving you spinning hugs
  • LOVES picking you up of the floor
  • big BIG fan of doing the forehead kiss with you
  • gets shy after doing the forehead kiss with you 
  • still wants to do it again though
  • has a bad habit of checking your clothes for stains because he likes cleaning a lot so he’ll get very ver y close to you and look straight at your chest or backside for stains and you’ll be like mingyu,……you’re quite….close…….and then he’ll be like “wait- i see a spec-” and lean in even more and you’ll just be dying like does he not know what he’s doing to you????? (ps: he doesn’t)
  • since he’s left-handed he tried to teach you how to write with your left hand but instead you kept getting ink all over your fingers from the pen so he decided to give up and just doddle all over your fingers and palm instead and you ended up getting a little pen tattoo from your cute oversized child of a boyfriend
  • he’s good with his hands so he sometimes makes you little things when he’s away on tour to bring back as gifts and when you two exchange them all of 17 is just watching and giggling and mingyu is like gUYS stop embarrassing ME 
  • wonwoo likes embarrassing him
  • wonwoo sends youf pictures of mingyu doing embarrassing things like daily 
  • you and wonwoo secretly love teasing mingyu and mingyu is like hOW COuld you tWO GANG up on ME LIKE THis????
  • when you two cuddle mingyu just wraps himself around you like a burrito like his long legs and arms just pull you close and you’re basically lying in a bed of his limbs 
  • usually buries his face in your hair or neck and forgets that his mouth is close to your skin so when he speaks his breathing tickles you and it’s hot and you’re like m…in…..gyu…….
  • speaking of your hair he loves playing with it
  • like ALOT
  • runs his fingers through it, puts it up in various different styles, once asked if he could give you a mowhawk and you literally had to take the hairspray can out of his hand 
  • he seems like the type to be ticklish so if you surprised him by poking his sides he’d probably drop whatever he was holding and scream
  • tickling also works when you’re trying to wake him up because he’s too big for you to drag out of the bed 
  • made you get a snapchat just so he could send you an endless amount of selfies 
  • some of these selfies include him in just like a black tanktop collarbones and all and you’re like mingyu: chill
  • he is very eager with his kisses. he tries to assert dominance and be the one in charge and it means that sometimes his kisses are a little sloppy and his grip on your waist is a little tight because he just wants to get super super close
  • after calming down, he sort of goes into a really good flow of mid-length kisses with a lot of breathing time and his kisses trail up and down your skin
  • sometimes he’ll whisper compliments between kisses and they’ll be cheesy but really sentimental and you’ll be like mingyu don’t do this to me….
  • once you said he looked cute in his basketball uniform from idol sport olympics and now he won’t let you live it down ever 
  • “remember when you said i looked cute in that basketball uniform! that’s the reason you can’t dump me, ok! only i look that good in a basketball jersey, yeah!~”
  • rambles about your dates in the group chat and literally woozi and hoshi are like ‘shut up dude we get it you love them’
  • takes you on dates to the movies a lot and impersonates the actors on screen
  • sometimes he overdoes it and you end up laughing too loud people have to shush you from the back
  • tried to put his arm around you during a movie but then you turned around at the exact moment and he gOT so R E D but thankfully you could not see him
  • changed his name in your phone to ‘visual boyfriend kim mingyu’
  • when you’re upset or crying he sort of gives you some space before stepping in. when he does he sort of holds your hand or even your face and wipes your tears and sincerely asks you to tell him whats going on
  • when he’s upset he tries to play it off as if it’s no big deal, but when you’re stern with him about wanting to know is when he start opening up. usually you and wonwoo are the only two to know about his problems
  • what mingyu doesn’t like most in the world is when you distance yourself from him, he’s a person who needs support and needs to be looked after and with you - when you’re there for him even during what seems like insignificant times - proves to him that you truly care
  • when mingyu says ‘i love you’, he says it with the intent to hear it back from you and although he might be scratching his neck and nervously giggling as each word comes out, you know it’s true and you know that saying ‘i love you too’ makes it all the more better
  • he teases you for not being able to handle super spicy stuff sometimes 
  • sometimes he’ll give you that wolfish smile with his canines showing and you’ll get embarrassed because his smile is so nice and wide and he’ll get confused because “are you getting flustered??? why??” and you’ll just be like not right now kim mingyu ok ok 
  • keeps trying to convince you to cook meat for him because he really wants to taste your cooking skills
  • when you do cook it, even if it isn’t good he eats the whole plate and asks for more because he can quote on quote “taste your love”. mingyu is cheesy as hell.
  • you carry snacks around for him and that’s why he keeps pulling you into spinning hugs like you really are the BEST
  • gets stuff for you off the top shelf but laughs and teases you while he’s doing it
  • is too embarrassed to practice rapping in front of you, but when he sees you at their performances he texts you a thank you because from you he really does gain strength!
  • once you couldn’t see over a crowd of people so he hoisted you up on his shoulders like it was nothing and honestly…..honestly kim mingyu……why are you so fuckging tall
  • loves to hear you laugh and tells you that all the god damn time 
  • kim mingyu is the kind of boyfriend who just wants you to be happy and he’s willing to do anything to make that happen honestly 

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  • Sirius wakes up at the first light of sunrise, Remus voluntarily won’t take his head off the pillow until noon. 
  • Sirius cringes at the word “caffeine”, Remus’ whole life is built around tea.
  • Sirius is the biggest dog person ever, Remus is always up for getting one more cat.
  • Sirius remembers all big dates and anniversaries (and not big too, “How can you know it’s the day we first held hands? It literally was in our first year!”), Remus is better at small casual but cute things. 
  • Sirius brings home lots of chocolate, Remus laughs and looks for heart shaped tomatoes in groceries. 
  • Sirius constantly steals Remus’ jumpers, Remus takes Sirius’ t-shirts for sleep, but they look more like crop tops on him. 
  • Sirius is all neat and tidy, Remus is a complete mess. 
  • Sirius can cook anything, Remus is good at desserts and setting the kitchen on fire.
  • Sirius is a drama queen forever and ever, Remus doesn’t usually give away his emotions. 
  • Sirius collects music albums, Remus fills shelves with books.
  • Sirius is in love with himself and Remus, Remus is in love with Oscar Wilde and Sirius.

okey but just?? imagine soukoku. imagine chuuya falling down the stairs (just a few steps and he’s not hurt alright). like on their way to Kick Some Ass™ or just randomly. he slips and falls. and when he looks up, there’s dazai laughing his ass off
and chuuya closes his eyes, rests his head on the floor, and starts laughing along after a few moments
and everything is just so cute and so sweet. just imagine it

The shocking amounts of Rintori in here?

I was pleasantly surprised by the cute interactions between Rin and Nitori this episode! I was not expecting how much more gentle and sweet Rin is to him since the end of season 1. And I just love that he calls him “ai” now!



And so cute when he teases/encourages Nitori, not harsh like it used to be

IDK Rin was my fave part of this episode he is such a babe now