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Can you write something like your new at CHS and after a few weeks you have a huge crush on Eric (Mike knows it) but he tries to get Brandi's attention (like the Eric in CHS video) and you get jealous and hurt, you end up confessing to him and it ends all cute 'cause you get is attention and not Brandi ?

Of course, my lovely anon <3 I’ll try to make this one a bit more lighthearted for you, as well.

Columbine High School. Home of the Rebels, Crippling Anxiety, and Incompetent Administrators. It wasn’t what the sign out front said, but it might as well have. No matter how hard you tried to like everyone there and interact with everyone, you simply could not. The girls were mean and petty and the guys were rude horn dogs who just wouldn’t leave you alone. You knew you were attractive, but come on. Give a girl a break!

During week three of your junior year (also known as day 30 in the educational hostage crisis), the only thing that irritated you was your debilitating love for one of your only friends, Eric Harris. My god, you could go on about this boy for years if you wanted to. His hazel eyes, his jaw, his sense of humor… To you, this “crush” of yours was more like a “demolition”, for every time he looked at Brandi it was as if he ran over your heart with a bulldozer. You knew he had crushes on various girls as well, but this one was different. You and Brandi never got along. She always shot you dirty looks and made comments because you were new, and that was something you hated but never told Eric. Ruining someone’s image to another person was something you did not want to do at all, no matter how much you hated them.

As Mike, Dylan, Eric and yourself sat at a table in the commons under the surveillance of Dylan’s camera, you twirled a pen through your fingers and stared deep into space. Well, that space was the side of Eric’s face. you were secretly memorizing the lines on his face and the placement of each dot that marked his cheeks and neck. You snapped out of your trance when Mike coughed. That was your secret code for Brandi being in the area. You looked at him and he raised his eyebrows. Damn it. You honestly hoped he just had a cold or something. You exhaled deeply and readjusted in your seat, your back straight and your face stoic. You placed the pen behind your ear and glanced at the staircase where Brandi was descending. 

“Yeah, she looks over here and happens to not see us…” Eric mumbled and looked at Mike, who looked at you. A light chuckle escaped your lips and Eric tilted his head as if to ask what you were laughing about. 

“Of course she didn’t see us,” You grinned and looked at Eric. “I’m over here.” Dylan pointed his camera at you and you gave him a side glare. He pointed the camera downwards, but maintained his own curious gaze at you.

“What do you mean?” Eric asked, his voice accusing, as if you were trying to spoil his chances with this random girl. You gave him the slimiest, most shit-eating grin you could and propped your head up on your elbow. His expression changed. “What did you do…?”

“I didn’t do anything,” You defended. “Brandi just really hates me.” You shrugged off the comment and looked across the table at Mike. “Doesn’t she?” Mike shifted, feeling pressured. He just nodded and sighed. 

Eric laughed and shook his head. “Why would she hate you?”

“Maybe it’s because you’re an asshole.” Dylan commented.

You shot him a (jokingly) dirty look and said, “This is why you don’t have a girlfriend.”

Mike choked back a laugh and Dylan smacked the back of his head. You guffawed at the now arguing boys and Eric leaned over to you, speaking lowly. “Can you be honest with me?” He asked, and you nodded. “What do you think of Brandi.”

You immediately regretted telling him you could be honest. “Eh, well… She’s pretty.” You scratched the back of your head and he gave you a ‘go on’ look. You sighed and leaned close until your lips were just an inch from his ear. “All I’m going to say is she doesn’t have a crush on you like I do.” You leaned back and Eric looked like a deer in headlights. You figured that was a good time to leave. 

The next day, as you sat on the main steps of CHS, you listened to music in your headphones. Eric sat down next to you and placed his hand on your shoulder, alerting you of his presence. You looked at him and slid your headphones around your neck. “Hey,” You whispered and looked upon him kindly. 

“Hey,” He returned. You rested your head on his shoulder and when he didn’t fight you on it your heart warmed. You just hoped the heat wouldn’t make you sweat. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Brandi getting out of her car and walking towards the building. Eric saw her too, but when he lifted your head and stared into your eyes you knew his attention was fully on you. Confused, your brow furrowed. “Don’t worry. She doesn’t have a crush on me like you do.” 

Brandi walked by and even said “Hello” but you were both too lost in each other’s eyes to notice. 

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Hey! Just wanna say I love your pictures! I love how vibrant the pictures always are, and your decor skills are amazing! I always spot so many wonderful things in the background, I always have to contain myself, so I wont ask you 500 WCIF's. However, this time I HAVE to ask. I see a Jack Skellington something in the background on your pictures of Cinnamon, I think that's what the fluffy cute dog is called? Would you please tell me where I can find it? Jack though, not Cinnamon ;)

You spoil me to the utter depths with your compliments. I THANK YOU for that.

I really don’t mind answering WCIFs at all (in fact I’ve had to encourage a couple of people to not be afraid to ask me) because I know how hard it can be to find certain things.

As far as Mr. Jack Daddy Skellington!

You can find him (& Sally, if you’d like her) here

Everything is Different Now: Part 9

I’m re-watching Yuri on Ice with an eye for all the things that are re-contextualized based on what we learn at the very end of episode 10.  This blog series chronicles that adventure.  With screencaps!  Very spoilery, obviously. Read on by clicking the jump cut below, or start at part 1 here

I guess these are less of that and more just straight up recaps at this point but whatever!

Episode 9: Commitment 

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One of the things that makes me happy about Brooklyn 99 is the frequency and normalcy with which they refer to Holt’s husband. “What sort of cute names do you call your husband?” “My husband’s dog” “He’s worried we’re going to embarrass him in front of his husband.”

Idk I just really like how comfortable everyone is with it, not in a ‘not making a big deal of it’ way I mean like…making enough of a deal of it. They’re married. They’re married. And that’s something that’s been denied to gay people for so long, and something that’s still denied to gay people in my country, and it just makes me really happy in a warm&fuzzy kinda way to see them normalising that at the same time as celebrating it.

  • Atsushi: So, can I ask you a question?
  • Dazai: Yeah.
  • Atsushi: Why are we lying in the parking lot?
  • Dazai: A car knocked you unconscious, so I lied down next to you so everyone would just think we were chillin'.

I love the idea of Derek getting a dog, the big one that can pull even him around. He listens to Derek when he wants to, the only person the dog listens to all the time is Stiles. 

Derek wants to be annoyed, but he loves how sweet Stiles is with Thor, he loves how excited Thor gets when Stiles is at the door.  He loves how Stiles plays with him, he loves how right it feels when the three of them are together, like they’re family, like pack. 

A few years later when Stiles moves in together Derek thinks its less cute when Thor cries outside their bedroom door until they let him in. They have to upgrade to a king bed to fit the three of them. 

I haven’t watched a single second of Yuri!!! on!!! Ice!! !? (because my schedule has yet to allow it), but I’m fascinated by what information i’ve gathered in the field.

  • Cute chubby boy with big brown eyes but also he’s not chubby?
  • Russian man with silver pinterest hair
  • angry preteen 
    • that’s the main squad
  • They chill in hot springs and anime balls?! 
  • Russian man has floppy dog that is sometimes a plushy?
    • I think Russian man might be a Magical Girl™
  • He’s also very concerned for Doe Eyes lips because I’ve seen like seventy gifsets of him rubbing his lips.  Which is great teamwork because no one wants to look like Leonardo DiCaprio from the Revenant 
  • Angry preteen is less than thrilled with how exposed he is to the gay shenanigans.  He’s like a bitter Armin Arlert.  The Alanis Morissette of anime.
  • Doe Eyes gets a sexy black leotard to match his pretty black hair, which is now slicked back (Regina George voice: Cady, doesn’t he look good with his bangs pushed back like that?)
  • He also told the press that he takes pipe from Russian man on the daily and everyone is like “Hmmmm, yes, this is good information for figure skating”
  • They hold hands
  • and hug
  • and they almost kissed I think but it was a Tease™ and ended up in a head butt. But also Doe Eyes licked his lips at him and Russian man nutted 

Listen, I’m just a dude surfing the web, but this show has made me the investigative journalist of sports anime. I hope you all get to see a blowie happen on ice, because that doesn’t even seem that farfetched for this show.

Things I hope for in future AT episodes

• more about what happened to Martin between the time when he left Minerva to the time Finn found him in the citadel
• more about PB and accepting herself and finding out who she truly is and what she wants to be
• more Jermaine in general
• cute Bubbline moments and flashbacks to Marcy being a bad influence on Bubblegum and tagging walls
• how Marcy and PB met

I really never want this show to end, but I know it has to, so I’ll just cry forever about it.

DAY6 as dog owners
  • Jae: owns a golden retriever. Tries to talk to girls but they ignore him and pet his dog instead
  • Youngk: owns a german shepherd. Taught dog how to be super cute to get girls. Succeeds and gets all the girls.
  • Sungjin: gets a sheepdog because they're known for being the most obedient. Still can't get it to do what he wants
  • Dowoon: owns a chihuahua named Paco, probably. Tries to hug it but it bites him all the time.
  • Wonpil: owns 48 puppies. Each one has a customized handmade puppy sweater.

“Here lies Joy” reads an epitaph on a gravestone in Windsor. This gravestone is the final resting place of not a human, but of a dog. Joy was a cute little Spaniel that belonged to the 13-year-old son of Russia’s last monarch, Tsar Nikolai ii Romanov, Alexei. In 1918 in Yekaterinburg, Tsar was executed along with his wife, Empress Alexandra, and his five children, including 13-year-old Alexei. So how exactly did Joy end up buried in Windor? It was widely believed that Joy had most likely met the same fate as the rest of his family but as it transpired, the execution squad took pity on Joy and allowed him to live.

According to Siberian Times, Joy was homed with Colonoel Pavel Rodzianko, who was serving with the British Expeditionary Force in Siberia. When it was time to leave, he had become so fond of Joy that he brought him back to England with him.

Ladies and gentleman, could we take a minute to admire how awesome and attractive Chuuya was in this episode?

He was so cute looking like that

This smirk is like telling you: YOU. ME. Bedroom. NOW.

Protect this smol angry cinnamon roll-chan ♥

btw Serious Ranpo  is hot as hell too

Anyway, am I the only one that was disappointed that they had cut out the “Mr Fancy hat” scene?


(Gif used is not mine)

  • “Nini.”
  • Sexy Jongin.
  • Dance parties all night.
  • Dogs, dogs, DOGS.
  • You sleeping on his chest and him running his hands through your hair with a small smile.
  • “Princess.”
  • “Beauty.”
  • Him kissing your knuckles.
  • Slight PDA.
  • Cuddling.
  • Sexy costumes for you.
  • LOTS of teasing.
  • Lap dances.
  • Sleeping 24/7.
  • Telling him how good he looks in the morning.
  • “You sure Jagi? I don’t know…”
  • Going shopping all the time.
  • Him loving to hide his face in your neck.
  • You getting mad because he would mock the way you moaned up for him.
  • Lots of kissing.
  • Him being such a gentlemen when taking you out.
  • Cute couple hoodies.
  • Barely any fights with this cutie.
  • Gifts from all over the world.
  • “Jagi, how do you feel about dark lace?”
  • Tight hugs.
  • Forehead kisses.
  • Wearing his clothes because he loves it.
  • Walking his dogs at night.
  • Taking care of children.
  • Lots of “i love you’s.”
  • You going to EXO concerts knowing he would be so happy to see you.
  • Rough sex.
  • Smiles.
  • Him teaching you dances.
  • Ass grabbing in public.
  • Slow kisses.
  • Giggles.
  • Talking to you for hours.
  • So much trust.
  • You picking out what he’s going to wear because he can’t choose.
  • Visiting him in the practice room.
  • “Kai who?”
  • Him being all cute when you compliment him.
  • Kyungsoo honestly plotting to kill you.but it’s okay
  • Waking up to him making you breakfast because he thinks you deserve a break.
  • Subtile pda like holding your hand or hugging.
  • Him protecting you.
  • Falling asleep together while trying to watch a movie.
  • Over all the laziest, sexiest, and sweetest relationship ever. 



-Mari xx.

regional dog reviews

growlithe- the original. a happy boy!!!! a lovely boy!!!! i can see how loyal he is just by his face. i trust him with my life 10/10

snubbull- lovely pink and cute but why are you so Angery!!!! grrr!!!! 10/10

poochyena- a serious boy with a secret loving side to him. i would give him my life!!!! 10/10

houndour- the shadow the hedgehog of pkmn dogs 10/10

lillipup- this pupper gives me 10 diffrent types of happiness!! every time i look at him i am amazed by how gorgeous and wonderful he is!!!! purified me, helped my crops grow, donated all of his money to charity, ended world hunger, started world peace. 11/10

furfrou- this kalos doggo is more fashionable than i will ever be and i admire his stunning personality and good looks, an ideal role model!! 10/10

rockruff- his fluff!!!! his tail poof!!!! his rocks!!!! this is an all-around perfect pup with the best qualities of any dog!!! 10/10

  • Me: Hey calum
  • Cal: Hello
  • Me: Can I get a pic- omg look at that puppyy
  • *me and calum run to the pup*
  • Me: *petting puppy* Awh look how cute you are
  • C: Hey uh can I pet him once
  • Me: I just started petting him chill
  • C: *moves my hand and pets him* Such a cute puppyy
  • Me: Hey tf man, the puppy doesn't want a don't stop to pet him
  • C: Ohh no you didn't. Im sure he doesn't want a don't stop acoustic near him
  • Me: Choke on my dont stop acoustic
  • C: I will. I'll choke as long as I get to pet the puppy longer
  • Me: Game on Hood, Game on.
  • Owner: *picks up dog walking away quickly* What the fuck.
Reasons Philip Shea will be the death of me:

(I made one for Lukas, so now it’s Philip’s turn. Again, this is not all the reasons, only 32.)

1. Adorable af

2. His hair

3. He’s patient with Lukas

4. Reassured Lukas that everything was okay in the cabin and that he would only go as far as Lukas was comfortable with(didn’t say it directly, but reading between the lines)

5. Puppy dog eyes

6. He loves his mother as much as any boy could

7. “If I can be cool for my mom, I can be cool for you too

8. his goddamn smile

9. Made a playlist

10. Just the way he looks at Lukas

11. He bites his lip when he’s either uncomfortable, embarrassed, or doesn’t know how to feel

12. His relationship with Gabe

13. His uncomfortable, yet cute af squirm when Lukas splashed him with water

14. “Did we fly here?” (Episode 6 when Lukas bring Drunk Philip home(it’s very faint but if you listen you can hear it))

15. “I’ll do whatever you want…”

16. “I’ll say whatever you want me to”

17. He offered to walk to school because while Lukas was willing to ride up there with him, he still knew how hesitant Lukas was


19. “Does your stomach hurt? Well, that’s how you know you’re in love

20. Dealt with Lukas’ shit for six goddamn episodes though he didn’t have to

21. Not afraid to call out Lukas’ bs

22. He’s a strong puppy who needs protecting

23. He got all giggly and cute when Helen asked if he had a boyfriend bc you know he wanted to talk about Lukas but promised Lukas he wouldn’t

24. Cute as hell with his hipster ass Polaroid

25. I’m pretty sure he’s still in slight shock that he actually got Lukas 

26. He very not so subtly checks out Lukas

27. Told Helen the truth for Lukas’ sanity

28. He initiated the kiss this time

29. The way he curled against Lukas in the barn

30. 50% chance he’s actually a 66 year old man from the 50′s

31. Lied to Gabe about Billy because he wanted to get closer to Gabe

32. Keeps his promises

Dating Vernon

~ The cute good morning/goodnight texts

~ ”Make sure you’re eating well while I’m gone”

~ Surprise hugs from behind


~ Him pulling you closer to him when any guy looks at you

~ His childlike personality 

“Can we pleasee get a dog if we ever decided to move in together???? I will riot.”

~ Being totally shy around you but having boosts of confidence before and after a performance 

“You definitely were checking me out. I mean look at me.”

~ Cheering you up when you’re sad with lame jokes


~ Freestyle raps about how crazy in love he is in with you 

~ The presence of him around bringing you joy


~ Holding hands in the cold so your hands don’t freeze 

~ Going out with the whole group when they have a break 

~ The sass off between you and Boo that Vernon LOVES to watch

~ Getting a little jealous over Vernon’s past relationship 

~ Him always trying to find time to be with you

~ Just his overall cuteness tbh