i really hope that dc announcing that wonder woman is bisexual sets off a string of dc and marvel announcing that all their superheroes are gay to try and one-up each other. like, tomorrow we wake up to find that marvel has admitted that captain america has been bi all along. then dc counters by making batman gay. next thing you know black widow is canonically ace. and no one stops until all their superheroes are somewhere on the lgbt+ spectrum  

imagine the identity crisis magnus has the first time he gets really excited about a commercial for a nice minivan

things that are ruining my life right now:

  • thorin removed all of his armor before he went to join the battle because he had a death wish
  • he asked the Company, “will you follow me one last time?” because he did not intend to survive the battle and if he did survive he knew he would never be king under the mountain because the dragon sickness would have driven him mad
  • when bilbo appears on raven hill, reason returns to thorin and he wants them all to live to fight another day - bilbo’s presence reversed his death wish
  • he smiles warmly at bilbo when he says, “go back to your armchair and your books; plant your trees, watch them grow” and he is literally dying happy thinking of bilbo doing these things

Camren AU- It’s 2030 and Fifth Harmony are still touring and performing. The only difference is a new addition on the tour bus for the last 12 years, Camila and Lauren’s son, Cameron Grace Jauregui-Cabello

to chronicle every ridiculous gravity falls dream i’ve had since the finale was announced/aired:

  • robbie and tambry had a son. it was alex hirsch in a dippy fresh costume
  • this “episode” between weirdmageddon 2 and 3 where ford was in the shack with mcgucket and neither remembered who the other was, they were just annoyed with each other. dipper and mabel found a secret room where ford kept another freaking dIARY about working with fidds and also tRIED TO INVENT A MACHINE THAT WOULD COMBINE ALL HIS CASSETTE MIXTAPES INTO ONE COMPACT RECORD. lovely fiddauthor reunions followed
  • i was mabel. i have no clue what went down just i was mabel and it was mega fun
  • dream me missed the finale, but rolled up just in time to see the end, the pines family sitting in the kitchen laughing fondly…and ford was gone?????? where did he go
  • the gravity falls epilogue from last night where stan and ford started to experience the physical ailments of old age bUT KEPT TRYING TO HELP EACH OTHER THROUGH THEM?!  IT WAS SO SWEET BUT THE END WAS S O SAD WHAT ON EARTH
  • probably some others i’ve forgotten about, gwah

conclusion: bill cipher is sending me endless gravity falls dreams, i have yet to find his motivation