• me: *casually mentions trauma with no emotion at all because i've distanced myself somehow*
  • neurotypical friend/family: *big wide eyes full of concern*
  • me: ANYWAYS you hungry?
  • me on the inside: ShUT UP STOP oversharing

On His Upcoming Film “Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda”:
I’m playing the father of a 17 year old kid, which I didn’t think was possible. And then I realized I was 44 and it’s totally possible, That was a bit of shock to the ego, knowing that I could have a son that old, but it’s been really fun. What I really loved about the script was that, normally, stories like this are heavy handed and they take [the subject matter] very seriously, but this is more of a comedy than anything… It’s beautiful and it’s important. It’s one of those stories that I think is really relevant to now. It’s all about tolerance, acceptance and love not hate and all that kind of stuff. For me, I really love what it has to say.



Images haunting me at 2:45 in the morning: Stephen Strange wearing nothing but navy pajama bottoms sprawled out on his back on the couch, Tony in a black tee and grey sweatpants on his stomach on top of him with his nose tucked into Stephen’s neck, Stephen’s hand down Tony’s pants just gently cupping a butt cheek, they’re both dozing while an old black and white movie plays quietly in the background, Pepper walks in to see them and quietly dies at how goddamn cute they are, good night


What a milestone guys!! SO many people! I still cant belive it TvT I honestly never thought i would actually hit such a huge milestone. But i would have never been able to come so far without all the support i recieved from you all!! Its still very new to me and i probably will never get used to this feel. You guys have been so nice to me! Every single one of you means a lot to me. Im so freaking greateful i cant form it into words. I love you all!! 

SOOO! To celebrate such a amazing event, I decited to let you guys chose what im gonna do this time! 

Just throw your wonderful suggestions in the comments! May it be a Video, a special live stream, another raffle, or anything like that!! Just throw it in and by the end of this week i will chose from what im able to do and make a pool!

It would mean a lot, since i want to give something back to you guys!

Thank you so so much!

I have discovered new kind of fear

When you’re an Resident Assistant at your college and one of your students decides to remind you they have found your tumblr by sending you an ominous email..


I know you’re gonna see this

Why must you scare me like this..


Every day I think about how lucky I am to live in Paris, and I’m even luckier to get to see all those places through Ladybug’s eyes. No one knows the city like Cat Noir and I do. Even when we’re on a mission, we can’t help but stop for a minute and marvel at the magical city we live in.

When my mum moved out of home, she got herself a Rough Collie she named Jessica Mary Winch (Winch was her maiden name). Recently I have been pining for a Rough Collie, but I don’t know if I could handle a big dog or such a full-coated dog.


But what if….

part of the reason Killian is such a silly fool in 6.11 is because he knew the kind of murderous, fearsome reputation he had created for himself during his revenge mission and how effectively he was able to spread it…

And as he travelled around trying to find a way to break his curse and save his daughter, he didn’t want her, wherever she was, to start hearing tales of a Captain Hook who was a monster to be feared.

What if he knew he needed to find a way, and to find favour with someone who could help him, but if his daughter was hearing tales of him, he wanted her to hear silly, delightful stories of an old pirate who saved princesses rather than those of an angry killer?