Ned: Jake? Hey, Jake? Jacob! Jacob Frye? Jacob Frye, I thought that was you! Hey, hey! Now, don’t you tell me you don’t remember me because I sure as heckfire remember you.

Jacob: Not a chance.

Ned: Ned.

Jacob: ….

Ned: Wynert.

Jacob: ….

Ned: “Needlenose Ned”? “Ned the Head”? C'mon, buddy. Southwark High? I did the whistling belly-button trick at the school talent show? Bing! Got scarlet fever real bad senior year, almost didn’t graduate? Bing, again! Dated your sister Evie a couple times until you told me not to anymore? Well?

Jacob:  …Ned Wynert?

Ned: Bing!

Jacob: Bing.


It wasn’t until I was staring into the lens of my camera did I remember how nerve wrecking it is to take a “before” photo. All of your bumps are displayed, the little hairs above your lip are apparent and the sleep you should’ve gotten last night all look back at you. But boom. That’s it.. Your face is captured and now you can embrace it or stare at the imperfections. I chose to love it. I applied the makeup, took another shot… And found myself to be equally beautiful.

Yes, makeup can hide, enhance, and change certain features.. But remember that there is nothing wrong with the you that’s underneath it all.
Lashes by: @luxelashmiami Earrings by:@beadsbyaree

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As a kid from the nineties, I remember growing up and learning about the black panthers. And I didn't know how violent and racist they were until I was older. In school they made it seem like they were as noble and kind as MLK

There’s a difference between the Black Panthers, which you studied in school, and the New Black Panthers, the assholes running around now.  The BP did do a lot of good in their communities.  The NBP are nothing but loudmouth racist punks who talk a lot of shit about killing Whitey.  After the Trayvon Martin killing, one NBP put out a bounty on Zimmerman’s head…then got busted for trying to pawn a handgun in violation of his parole.  If a brother got to pawn a gun, a brother cain’t pay no bounty.

I used to tell myself a lot how much I wished I could go back in time, when I was young, and didn’t care what I did or wrote, and just had fun.

Then I remember I was also a bit dumb, a bit ignorant, and a lot self-hating, and after all of the growing up I’ve done, all of the people I’ve met, and all of the things I’ve learned about myself and the world since then, I know now why some of the greatest writers didn’t write their best books until old age.

I know it’s different for others, and this is by no means to discourage younger writers, but rather to encourage you to take your time, to not let time discourage you, and never stop growing as a creative human being.


Let’s just say that a wip cc for Sims 2 is being made. Other than a lot or a sim. This was a project I was working on when I had UC, but I had to stop until now.. I just need to remember how I did certain things for this particular cc again.

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The hell were you doing to say all that? Did Takumi steal some inklings charger and shoot you with it in a saké driven rampage and now you want revenge!?

  • Don’t wait until you have to pee harder: Pumpkin had to pee, but she was too lazy, so I was trying to encourage her to pee
  • That’s how I wanna die. I want to be killed by the one deer that’s pissed off at everything: I…actually don’t remember
  • C’mere you little anus copter: @ my cat
  • My boyfriend is a penguin. It’s what he would want: I was talking to Lukas about Animal Crossing.
  • You said that your favorite animal was a deer. You can’t go back on your word now, it’s final: Still talking to Lukas, he wanted to be a wolf, but I said he couldn’t.
  • Jeckling in my becking: Pumpkin asked me what the hap was heckening
  • We’re in an abandoned house and your dick somehow got detached and is now trying to kill us: Sadly, I can’t remember either
  • Shut the fuck up Yuri Lowenthall: I’m making a male MU with Yuri Lowenthall’s voice
  • Why do we all look like Teletubbies right now?: @ my MU, Felicia, Azura and Gunter
  • You’re kind of true: To my brother, grammatically incorrect
  • I like my women like I like my eggs. F-Fried. (boyfriend: RIP Flora) THAT IS NOT OKAY: …Kinda self explanatory
So fam it's super exciting to have more queer ladies coming out

Mara Wilson and Aubrey Plaza and now Stephanie Beatriz (SWOON) have come out in one way or another about their sexuality. But let’s just remember that Mara Wilson is the only one who used the term “bisexual”. Neither Aubrey nor Stephanie did. So until they tell you how they identify stop labeling them as bisexual. You don’t know. I don’t know. Let them figure out their label - if they even want one.

u kno that post thats like ‘*drawing oc* *draws their design wrong* well it looks like thats just how they look now’ tbh thats what happened with kitty she originally had cut side swept bangs and then i was drawing her at school and forgot and drew her w her hair like it is now and then i never remembered it was actually different until just recently i was looking thru all my draws of her and i was like oh. oh i did not draw that right. oh well.


Remember when he was this little? Because I do and I hate it because now he’s large and handsome and not smol and cute please be pupper sized again.

He still loves that husky though when it was just a plushie I gave him as a filler toy until I knew how he did with fluffy stuff. It was half his size when he came home and now his head is bigger than it he’s officially Too Big™
The first picture he is 15 weeks old and the second he is 31 weeks


“So the actual reason I went out and bought painting supplies was because of a picture I saw on Instagram. It was like a green hand making a peace sign on a blue background I was like damn that’s cool and I copied it. I did that for a while with acrylics copying simple designs and weird abstract shapes. I did that for about 5 months but I seriously wanted to start using oils it wasn’t until I accidentally stumbled upon a blog/ artist which to this day is one of my favorite artists. She paints a lot of portraits her name is Mariella. I remember messaging her asking advice on paint and styles and just motivation. She helped a lot but I think in her shoes she was just answering a random persons questions. It funny how stuff like that works. But I would try doing portraits of my favorite rappers the first one I did was of earl sweatshirt. Looking back at it now it was the shittiest painting  ever. But I kept going it was a hobby for me. I struggled so much for about a year and I’m only about a year and a half into all of this. Some advice I would give to anyone struggling with art and finding a style is that you seriously cannot force that shit. Because if you do that’s when the worst stuff is made and I know this from so many experiences. It sounds fake or corny when I say it just happens but it does. Like copying is good for practice I did that a lot until I got the hang of it. And if you do something without emotion then there’s no point because then you won’t want to finish it or it won’t be the best that it can be. Having emotion behind something doesn’t just mean you have to be really sad to make something good. You can be happy and something will come out just as amazing. These are things I wish I knew when I was starting out. There were so many times where I wanted to stop because I was just copying pictures and not making anything original but I kept going because this is what I’m passionate about. I’m also really luck to have positive people around me who support me. They understand what I’m trying to do even though my family doesn’t. It’s hard to be like mom I want to be an artist and have her laugh in your face and tell you that’s not a career. I didn’t look at making art as a serious career until I made stickers and sold them. It started getting more serious when I made shirts and saw a lot of people were fucking with my designs. And then it got even crazier when I got commissioned to do a tattoo design. That was like the craziest thing to me and I couldn’t believe it. Slowly I started hand stitching hats and that turned in to  hand stitching shirts and more people wear my stuff. I’ve made a decent amount of money and spread the word slowly through my school. But this isn’t enough, this is only the beginning. I have a lot of projects an cool commissions I’ve done but aren’t out yet that I’m excited about”

- Claudia

Claudia, 18

IG: calud.t

Thoughts On Orlando...

I live an hour away from Orlando. If you want specifics, I live an hour and 17 minutes away. 

I learned about Pulse through a status on my Facebook made by someone I do not know well who lives in a completely different state. 

I did not know Pulse existed until that night. I did not know anyone personally in the shooting. 

I cannot grieve openly for these beautiful people who were killed so horrifically because I did not know them personally yet I can still be upset that this evil act happened anyway. We can all agree that this should not have happened. 

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