hi this is a thing bryony ++ i created over the summer with lots of love and sometimes soft sometimes heavy feelings, here’s some words and photos and heartache and falling apart and thoughts behind the past and over the future. 

it was a baby but it has grown up now. bigger than we ever expected, we can’t really hold onto it anymore, we have to let it go. here, take it, take care of it, it is okay, it will be okay: 

r i p pluto

It's drama time

Guess what there is this girl in my class that I like and also a boy that I like but idk which one I like more… I already know the boy longer and actually know what he’s like. Buttt the girl is just like this new thing and she’s been nice to me since the beginning (also the boy tbh) Idk I don’t need just one crush 2 is okay.

I’m going through a temporary lapse in faith. I feeling pretty meh about robron. And I almost feel guilty for not caring.


no one even noticed that this is the same exact beat used in can’t hold us during mitch’s rap


Domestic life 

can you imagine making out with luke on your bed and when he gets to your neck you squirm bc of his scruff tickling you. he looks at you with a smirk as he goes back to finding the sensitive spot on your neck. once he’s found it you let out a moan as he leaves marks on other parts of your neck. he comes back up to your lips and kisses you roughly but then pulls away as he runs his fingers over the deep purple marks covering your neck to say “oh baby, you’re not gonna be able to cover these up this time.”

"I want to protect you
Your love will make me
Stronger and stronger
I can go on living today
Just by you being there and smiling
You are my sun"

Day 04 — Music [And Day 03 — Sun]