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RACHEL RACHEL can you write a quick meta about that entire lip touching scene AND ALSO THE LEG/FOOT MOVEMENT THERE??? We were talking about it but I want it in words :')

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This scene?  This scene!!!  I’m glad you asked!!  Before we really get going, I’d like to try something.  An experiment, if you will.

Let’s do a thought exercise, everyone.  You’re watching something, a movie perhaps, and you see a man come up to a woman–close, less than six inches away.  Too close for total strangers, too close for recent acquaintances, too close for friends who aren’t touchy.  Too close to stand without closing the distance for something.  He takes her by the chin, drags his thumb over her lower lip.  His leg slides between hers, but they aren’t quite touching.  She tilts her head up, lips parting at the press of his thumb.  There’s a beat.

What happens next?  They kiss, don’t they?  Or maybe they get interrupted right before they close the little distance that remains between them?  The girl blushes bright red, stutters out a reply.  The boy is blissfully unconcerned.  Sound familiar?  (I tried to find a gif of Yuri(o) yelling at them from the sidelines, but no dice.  Suffice to say, they are interrupted.)

(I’m not going to go into it here, but I’d like to take a moment to remind everyone that in Japan, this kind of display is practically obscene.  Think of Victorian/Elizabethan levels of contact between people.  Would Mr. Darcy touch Elizabeth Bennett like this out of wedlock?  They’re in public!)

Even without looking at the words themselves, this scene is strongly coded.  And the only coding here is both romantic and sexual in nature.  Straight men don’t stand this close to each other.  Straight men don’t touch each others’ lips.  Straight men don’t slide closer like they’re a breath away from kissing.  So, with that in mind, let’s move forward to what’s said while this is happening.

“No one in the whole wide world knows your true ‘eros’, Yuri. It may be an alluring side of you that you yourself are not aware of. Can you show me what it is soon?”

Let’s start with the most important thematic element for this episode: eros.  This show was created.  It’s not happening by chance or by accident.  There are six major words for love in Greek, and any of them could have been chosen.  Eros and Agape are two of them, of course, but there’s also: Philia (deep friendship), Ludus (playful love), Pragma (longstanding love), and Philautia (love of the self).  Any of these words would have been reasonable choices.  In particular, Philautia and Philia stand out to me.  Philautia even has the added bonus of something that comes easily to Victor but that Yuri would struggle with.

Granted, I don’t know where they got the music.  If they had it arranged in particular, that proves my point.  If they were the only ones with music, that still doesn’t discredit it.  Everything happened on purpose.  Every frame is a conscious choice.

ETA:  The songs were specifically composed for the anime.

Next up, something I think everyone has focused on, so I won’t need to spend too much time on it.  There is no way to read ‘hurry and show me the sexual side of you’ that isn’t, well, sexual.  Eros is quite literally sexual passion and desire.  Lust, in other words.  They aren’t close friends, so they can’t just be teasing.  In fact, they barely know each other.  They’ve spent a few weeks together?  Maybe?  And most of that time was spent training.  And yet, there’s something magnetic between them.

Yuri tilts his head up, his lips part, he waits.  Victor presses closer, less than six inches away, his leg sliding between Yuri’s…  “There’s an erotic side to you that maybe even you’ve never seen.  I want you to show it to me soon.”

Victor wants to be the first person to see that side of Yuri.

Imagine his dismay when Yuri later exclaims, “My eros is katsudon!”  But then the moment of truth when Yuri follows through.  They both know who he’s skating for.  Who.  Not what.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I’ve more or less exhausted this moment (not to say I can’t go deeper, but this is meta, not an academic essay ;D).

tl;dr Between the body language/movements and the dialogue, this scene is heavily romantically/sexually-coded, and given their genders, queer-coded.  Any questions?

If pairs of shinigami and espada had to build a desk together

As requested by anon. :)

Espada and shinigami have been *randomly* paired together, and now they must put together a desk. From Ikea, say. How is that going to go?

1. Komamura & Aaroniero

Komamura: These tiny screws are hard to assemble with my giant paws.

Komamura: Can I see the instruction manual again?

Aaroniero: You know, I am actually the espada with the most potential.

Komamura: Uh

Aaroniero: When I consume things, I get their powers.

Komamura: Okay but

Aaroniero: I just learned something, though.

Aaroniero: Eating Ikea instructions does not grant me the power of Ikea assembly.

Aaroniero: Which seems, just, SO unfair.


Aaroniero: Oh sure. Blame me.

2. Nemu & Nel

Nemu: This looks like a job for me and my drill hand.

Nemu: Maybe you should just….what are you doing?

Nel: I’m trying to screw these screws into my thumb!

Nemu: Why?

Nel: Because Nel is a masso-kiss!

Nemu: Yeah I get that.

3. Yamamoto and Yammy

Yamamoto: I don’t think these pegs even fit into these holes.

Yamamoto: What is this human nonsense?

Yammy: Ha! You can’t get the pegs in, huh? Sounds like weakness!

Yammy: I’ll SMASH those pegs in with my FISTS!





Yamamoto: So now we have desk splinters.

Yammy: That’s what we were trying to make, right?

4. Matsumoto and Starrk

Starrk: Building desks isn’t really my thing. Let’s just forget it.

Matsumoto: Forget it? We can’t do that!

Matsumoto: What we CAN do is get super drunk until my captain comes in, sees what a mess we’ve made, and the builds the desk for us!

Starrk: That does sound better.

Matsumoto: I’ll get the sake!

5. Tosen and Grimmjow

Tosen: Paired with you? An espada who does not understand how to listen to instructions or do anything right? Ridiculous.

Grimmjow: Hey! I’m not exactly grinning with joy either!

Grimmjow: I hate you, I hate instructions, and I hate desks!

Tosen: You hate desks? I do not believe you’ve ever thought about desks long enough to form an opinion.




Grimmjow: If I help you build this stupid desk will you not tell anyone I said that?

Tosen: Just hand me the box.

6. Rukia and Halibel?

Rukia: Okay, so HOW do I put this peg in?

Halibel: You just push it through.

Rukia: ???

Halibel: Just poke it through.

Rukia: ???

Halibel: Like in this drawing here.

Rukia: ???

Halibel: Do you not understand?

Rukia: It’s like the goddamn juice box all over again.

Rukia (whispering): My old nemesis.

Halibel: …maybe you should just hand me things.

7. Byakuya and Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra: I will read you the instructions. You will assemble the desk.

Byakuya: No. I will read you the instructions. You will assemble the desk.

Ulquiorra: This is not a negotiation. It is an order.

Byakuya: My pride will not allow me to take orders from the likes of you.

Ulquiorra: Then I will force you to build this desk.

Byakuya: Someone at your power will not be able to force me to hammer even a single nail.

Ulquiorra: We will see.


8. Kyoraku and Zommari

Zommari: …are you napping, using the Ikea box as a pillow?

Kyoraku: Just absorbing the instructions via osmosis!

Zommari: That is not how anything works.

Kyoraku: Really? I thought a guy like you, who likes meditation, would be into this!

Zommari: I am not “into” building a desk with a shinigami, nor of being paired with one who is clearly too lazy to take this seriously.

Kyoraku: Hm. You’re kinda stern like Nanao, but not in any way as cute!


9. Kurotsuchi and Szayel

Szayel: Let’s toss out these instructions and use the ones I developed, which will create a PERFECT desk!

Kurotsuchi: Perfection is not the goal of a scientist.

Kurotsuchi: Let’s make a desk out of zombies just to see what happens.

Szayel: That’s disgusting. I love it.

Szayel: We will make the perfect zombie desk!

Kurotsuchi: I just can’t work with you.

10. Hisagi and Barragan

Barragan: I am the god of Hueco Mundo.

Barragan: Everything I touch turns to nothing.

Barragan: And I am way, way, way, way, way, way too good to be doing that.

Barragan: So have fun with my fracciones.

Ggio: Yo, if you mess this desk up, shinigami, which we are building in honor of His Majesty, I’ll KILL you!

Hisagi: Why must I always suffer

11. Soi Fon and Luppi

Luppi: Look at me build this desk with my eight arms! You can’t even catch up!

Luppi: I just wish I could build EIGHT desks rather than just ONE!

Soi Fon: You are doing literally everything wrong.

Luppi: LIES

12. Ikkaku and Nnoitra

Nnoitra: This desk is weak.

Nnoitra: You’re weak.

Nnoitra: I’m not doing this.

Ikkaku: Okay but consider this.

Ikkaku: Sake. Rock-paper-scissors. Loser has to do part of the desk. Winner gets to high ground to fight after loser has built part of the desk. Fight. Drink. Repeat.


Nnoitra: I think I just realized what love feels like.

Ikkaku: Yeah I have that effect on people.

Eren has freckles, very prominent freckles that cover his cheeks and shoulders and even his knees. From a respectable distance they`re barely noticeable, but if you`re close you can see how obvious they are. Eren is embarrassed of them because they make him look like a kid, but Levi loves them, has tried counting them about a dozen times, and likes to check him over to find more patches of speckles.

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I just saw your post to an anon that you thought was baiting you & I sent you an ask last night (one of many I am sure after that crapbomb) about Jen associating herself with sleazy misogynists like DOR and now Aronofsky. I wanted to apologize if mine was the one you were referring to, just in bad need to vent my frustration over the news with someone. Wouldn't blame you for thinking it was baiting because in retrospect I see how others have been baited about this. I am sorry for any confusion.

Hello anon. You have to understand that there is a known person who loves to hit inboxes and spread rumor, innuendo, and general discord. Fan the flames if you will. (Just yesterday in fact)

What I can say about Hollywood is that a good 85 - 95% of men in the industry are sleazy misogynist. Especially the ones directing and making movies. They have a lot of power and they like to use it. Jen and other actresses couldn’t get away from that if they tried to. They can and will kill your career if they want to. She has to work them. It’s a fine balance all actors have to walk. I have a colleague who is a screenwriter and we have had in depth conversations on the subject.

As for this new “casual dating”, I think I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….Ewwww. It’s just gross and he’s a major douchebag. Words cannot describe how I’m side-eyeing her PR right now. They have their reasons I guess, but the way this all rolled out screams fauxmance. Jen has said over and over again, we don’t know what happens in her personal life. They put out what they want to/need to. 

And I’ve said this to my friends, but if I can get through my best friend dating a semi-married truck driver almost 20 years older, than this is nothing. At least I’m not personally involved in questionable dating choices. Hell, I’ve survived the shit-show that is Closh for 2 years! And yes in indeed it is a shit show!

In the end, I didn’t know what I was signing up for when I fell into Joshifer but I wouldn’t change a thing (just for the friendships I have gained alone) and I still am a believer. Even if it’s just for their friendship alone because they are so special together. They light up around each other in a way they do with no other people. Just call me a freakin’ romantic. 

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I live under my socially clueless rock and miss all the drama but that seems nice.  It’s cozy under here.  Who wants to join me and have hot chocolate?  Only rule about hot-chocolate-rock club is you have to say nice things about people in the fandom instead of bitter, shit-stirring things.

I’ll start.

@unknown-authoress sends me messages all the time that make me happy because she’s just a doll of thoughtfulness and gets how social anxiety makes you think you’re all alone and everyone’s just being nice and she just breaks right through that.

@moonnott leaves the best reviews you could ever want.  She gushes and giggles and screams and they are gifts of love in your in box.

@olivieblake and @drsallysparrow have the funniest epistolary story going I have ever, EVER read.

@winterofherdiscontent makes beautiful art that makes me smile every time I see it and I keep trying to think of something to commission but I can’t make up my mind what I want because I want it all!!

@aquadraco20 (in response to your comment about Pidge being canonically agender) outside of the “I’m a girl” scene, Pidge has actually been confirmed to be a girl by the staff, who uses she/her pronouns for Pidge (including in the canon comic series), and they have also talked in length about how important it is that Pidge is a girl ~

I don’t think I can bring myself to watch the full think again, it hurts too much but there is so much I wanna say!!

The sheer panic in both their voices as the car veered off, Robert screaming at Aaron to stop the car, Aarons cry of ‘I cant, I cant’ and that was just the beginning.

The opening of the next ep nearly destroyed me, the eerie silent followed that music, as the car sunk further into the water, I’m not gonna lie I screamed at the TV, proper screamed WAKE UP!! I felt sick just imagining them trapped there, and I had to remind myself its not real but fuck, I had chills! Cut to Robert coming to, the alarm in his voice as he called out for Aaron begging him to wake up, the relief when he did, and god how he managed to stay calm and talk about pressure equalising when you could see he was terrified, damn Ryan can act! The honest to god fear in Aaron when he realised he was stuck, for me he turned into that 8 year old who was frightened for his life, his eyes searching for Roberts and staying there, heart wrenching stuff, and as if that wasn’t enough Robert stayed calm again even though you could see him shaking (Ryan proving once again what an incredible actor he is) soothing Aaron panic as each attempt to free him failed, he was trying to reassure him even as Aaron was giving up, and in that moment Aaron couldn’t see a way out and he just looked at Robert and told him he loved him, my heart broke, these two, out of all the characters that have been under scrutiny this week, these two are the ones that deserve a happy ever after, they have already fought so hard to be together, and Aaron who lets remind ourselves hasn’t said those three words to Robert for so long in fear of rejection says them again, and again, telling is lover to leave him, sacrificing himself, in typical Aaron style, accepting his fate even though he was fighting, like he’d never fought before, I mean he’s never been scared to die, wanted to on more than one occasion, but not now when he has everything to live for, but still he accepted that this was his moment but needed Robert to know how he felt, that he loved him, being selfless and putting Robert, the man he loves, first telling him to leave him, get himself out because he couldn’t be the reason Robert died. But Robert, precious angel, he didn’t give up, there was no way he was leaving his man, he was determined to stay and rescue Aaron even if it took his last breath. Ryan’s voice cracking when Robert screamed ‘I’m not leaving you’ like he couldn’t possible imagine leaving Aaron, astonished that Aaron would even ask him that, they belong together even if that means dying together, they are soul mates. Robert taking a breath as Aaron succumbs to the water, breathing life into him, my heart stopped. He kissed him, giving him essential oxygen as he fought to free him, but it wasn’t a kiss, it was a necessity, a plea from Robert to Aaron telling him to just hold on a little bit longer and when they surfaced I was sure he was alone but he wasn’t, Aaron was in his arms, and he struggled to get him to safety, diving out of the water with Aaron in his arms, almost frantic, desperate to have him safe. Robert not even caring about himself, giving Aaron the kiss of life, performing CPR all the while shaking, terrified he’s lost the most important thing in the world, the relief he must have felt when Aaron coughed up that water, clinging to Roberts arm, Robert holding his face, but it didn’t stop there. And this, this is how we know that Robert his a changed man, because as soon as he knew that Aaron was ‘alright’ in the arms of a professional he dived back in to look for that creep, not for him but for Aaron, because he knew that Aaron wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt if he died. So yes Aaron was selfless in telling Robert to go, but so was Robert! And I know I mentioned it last night but if there was ever any doubt of Robert feelings for Aaron this just proved how deep their connection really is, that Robert would risk his life not only for Aaron but for lachlan who on any other given day he would have happily let die. Not only that but being with Aaron finding that love, opening up, it really has made him a better person. He never thought about leaving Aaron for a second, not one second! He could see how much Aaron was panicking and even though he felt that too he forced himself to stay calm and rational knowing that’s what Aaron needed, I mean he gave his last breath to Aaron, if that’s not love I don’t know what is!! The same can be said for Aaron as well, his first thought when he woke was for lachlan, and then when he knew he was trapped and panicked he knew he had to tell Robert how he felt, he NEEDED Robert to know that he loved him. Aaron losing conscious as Adam told him Robert saved him – my poor little robron heart!! Robert going down not once but twice for lachlan, and then he’s not even out of the water before he clocks him, jumping up and threatening him, the anger, the fury, the FEAR of losing Aaron boiling over as he tells him he gonna come after him if anything happens to Aaron. The demand he makes to be taken to the hospital, I was sobbing. Adam in the ambulance begging Aaron to wake up, I mean Id have loved that to be Robert by his side but it was important I think to show Adam being there, of how much he’s lost recently, pleading with Aaron and the universe, because he cant lose Aaron too!! Robert fighting hard to hold onto his control, fighting back tears because in that moment he NEEDS to know if Aaron is okay!! I have no idea how I am coping with life right now or how I will cope tonight, I need Robert to break down, to completely lose it but then for Aaron to be okay! I mean he’s gonna be okay right?

One last point – Ryan’s acting!! I mean we all go on about Danny and how amazing he is and I am not trying to take that away because wow, he really was, I’ve never seen panic quite like that, but can we take a few seconds to appreciate Ryan, the way he portrayed everything Robert was feeling, his facial expressions as Aaron told Robert to leave him, the devastation the despair and then that grit that determination ‘NO’ there was no way he was leaving! Plus he had so much underwater stuff, that moment when he went back and saw the boot empty – I am in complete awe of that man and he deserves so much recognition!

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Dang I wish it was chest day was my fave :/ I'm still kinda just starting out in the gym and a lot of the guys there are huge dicks, and the fact that I can't bench much of anything yet, and how that's apparently the measure of masculinity... sigh chest days are a mental and emotional strength trial as much as a physical tbqh :(

Aww there are dicks at my gym too, and I bet at every gym. Don’t let it get you down, everyone starts somewhere.
My squat at the moment is really weak and I see people looking but eh.. most of them have horrible form and are doing it all wrong anyway to look strong.

Just focus on yourself and your own progression :)

Imagine it is your first year in univeristy and in one seminar you always see a guy. A guy which is that pretty you can’t even look at him straight! Even though he sits just two chairs next to you you never think about talking to him, not believing he could feel anything for you. Or see anything other in you as a girl who stupidly smiles at him handsome face. One time you talk about him with a friend of yours and she can’t understand how you could think of a guy like him as attractiv, laughs he would look like an alien. Angrily you storm out, how could she talk like that about a guy like him? A guy who never did anything bad to her or anyone. Maybe he isn’t her type but even though she could just be friendly to him, right? She doesn’t need to be that mean! As you walk around the campus outside, angrily kicking stones, you see the guy walking right towards you. You look down as you think he will pass you, not noticing your appearance at all. “Hey there!”, a deep cello like voice passes your ears: “Don’t you sit next to me in that one seminar?”, you look up and see the anglelike face in front of you, smiling at you. “I- I guess?” “Sure! We should learn together! Next monday? Ten o’clock in the library?” And so the biggest adventure of your live begins!

If you think that we’ll never be the same anymore, please remember that I’ll always look at the stars, wishing at night you’ll stare at it, you’ll see my message for you. You’ll feel the wind, and how much I was thankful for all the good things you’ve made me realized. If we meet someday, please, let’s not write another complicated story anymore. If we think it’s not the right time for us, please I hope at the end we will improve, maybe I just need some time to think. But It’s alright if we really can’t make it. Remember that I’ll always look at you, with unexplained words but still, know that for once my heart beats for you. It can happen again, but it can be either no more sparks as before or more sparks to come, but it’ll never be the same anymore.
When you finally see him.

Disclaimer: this is a spoken word poetry made by mamai cantillano. it’s in filipino but i wanted to share it with you guys (im planning to write a yoongi fic out of this) soooo here’s the translations!

When you finally see him

Dont be surprised if he doesn’recognizes you right away

What butterflies you felt in your stomach

Could have been the irritation he felt.

The way you stare at him,

Could have been as easy for him to walk past you, and to ignore you.

How much your heart beats so fast everytime you see him,

Could be as fast as he leaves.

And I’m sure that he’s gonna push you away.

And when that happens, i hope you wont think that there’s no hope left.

Maybe he’s just used to being alone

And for how long he’d been alone,

He started to think that he doesnt need anyone anymore.

That he doesn’t need anyone like you, that can bring him into another world.

Maybe that’s what life and love taught him.

To feel all the pain,

To accept every stone that’s thrown at him by life,

To free all the emotion someone can have until he won’t be able to feel anything anymore.

So when you finally see him,

He finally stopped believing in wishing upon a shooting star.

He finally stopped being amazed by the magic of the moon and stars.

Or any force of the univers that could possibly push him towards your way.

He finally stopped believing

In the words that love created

He finally stopped believing in love.

When you finally see him,

The only thing his heart is there for is to keep him alive

Maybe his heart is only beating to keep the blood flowing through his body.

Because when you finally see him,

He doesn’t know what it feel like to love and to be loved anymore,

To be taken care of and to be embraced.

But don’t worry

Because it seems like it is only love that he forgot,

And you will remind him of it.

Don’t ever get tired reminding him how beautiful he is.

Don’t ever stop telling him how much you love him

And now, every time you let go of the words “I love you.”

Bitterness and pain is what he remembers.

Don’t ever stop telling him all this

Until he remembers that behind each bitterness, there’s always something sweet.

Behind each pain, there is joy brought by the words “I love you.”

And if his words ever hurt you, answer it with an embrace.

If he ever tries to let go, pull him back in and hug him.

If he runs away over and over again,

Again and again, you should chase after him.

If he lets go over and over again,

Again and again, hold onto him.


Don’t ever let him go

Remind him,

That he once believed in wishing upon a shooting star.

That he once was amazed by the magic of the moon and stars.

That he once believed in the words love created.

That he once believed in love.


Don’t ever give up on him.

Until she finally realize,

That being alone doesn’t have to be forever.

Request: Before Alec changes you

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“You know, very well, that this has to be done. You need to be changed.”
“yes, I understand that-”
“Then why are you hesitating? why are you questioning this?” Alec interrupted.
“Because, I have the right to since I am the one making all the sacrifices in this relationship.”
“That’s a rather harsh way of putting it.”
“but its the truth no matter how you look at it.” You shrugged. You replicated his stern look. “I mean, I was plucked from my home, my family and friends, to live here with you. It’s not even like I can go back and visit, I cant. I’ll never see them again. I’m the one who is going to go through three days of agony, having to face the fact that I might not survive.”

“Where’s this coming from?”
You stayed quiet, brow furrowed.
“It’s okay. It’s a big change, I’m here. However I think you’re forgetting how well I know you and this may be bothering you but there is something else that’s been picking at you for a while…”
“I’m scared…what if…what if I’m not me?”
“You will always be you.” Alec said simply.
“How do you-”
“Because I do. It’s a common thinking pattern until you realise the implication that you are a permanent, stuck-up which is wrong. In a world that continues to change how can it be possible for a human being to remain the same?“
He had a point, and you couldn’t argue with it…vampires started as humans too.

Alec took your face in his hands pressing a kiss to your lips. “I don’t want you to worry.” Alec took a breathe before continuing. “I understand I have been rather…oblivious lately. You made me realise just how much you’ve done for me, all the sacrifices you have made for me but…” Alec trailed off lowering his head. You knew what was going through his head and this was the rare occasion that he would actually open up to you.
“I would never ask you to leave the Volturi. This makes you happy and I’d hate to ever take that from you. I think the most I’d ask of you is to be a bit more understanding.”
You reached for each others hands at the same time.
“There is still that part of you that is quick to join down my throat but I chose you and you chose me. We may have our edges but we fit perfectly and I love every piece of you.
“Love…” Alec repeated quietly, his eyes were wide and looking into yours. You had never said it before, neither had he. This was the first time you ever told him you loved him.
“I love you.” You repeated, some hope in your eyes.
“I…I love you too.” He said pulling you in close for a kiss. A kiss to seal the deal. You two were forever.

  • *before TFA*
  • Obi-Wan:He wishes to see you, Luke. Why don’t you call out to him? He is worried about you, my boy.
  • Luke:I can’t. I don’t want to see the disappointment in his eyes. I failed him. I failed all of you. I can’t look my father in the eyes and tell him how much I failed him.
  • Obi-Wan:Luke… Your father will always put you first. Always. I know, it is rough to see your hard work go up in the flames. Believe me, I know. And more than anyone else, your father knows it too well, my boy. He just wants to see how you're deali-
  • Yoda:Crap you need to cut, Obi-Wan. Your father f**ked up before just like his grandson did now. Know that TOO WELL, we do. Talk to him, you should. Tell you how to deal with your dipshit of nephew he will. Bloody family!
  • Luke:O_O;
  • Luke:
  • Luke:
  • Luke:
  • Luke:… Father?
  • Anakin:*appears*
  • Luke:*before he gets the chance to say anything, his father engulfs him in his arms*
  • Anakin:I’m sorry too.
  • Luke:*finally lets it all out…*
  • Obi-Wan:*smiles and looks back at grumpy ol’ Yoda*

I haven’t made a lot of progress during the life stream last night, but here you have! I was fighting with how to draw the flowers (you can see one tiny pink one just by Sai’s glove) and that actually took up most of my time ><. 
I wanna thank @hinotorisan for being there all the way through and teaching me how to draw flowers that look like sakura blossoms! <333 Thanks bro! 

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i 'bugged you' because evidently you agreed with the post and i followed you, but i mean if you wanna agree with a claim that queer isnt a slur/ im in any way a bad person or ~regressive~ for not liking being called said slur then like? thats something for you AND op to answer for lmfao but alright

Okay, first of all, I’m Finnish, so for me “queer” is just another English word. Second of all, the thing I agree with the OP is that anything, *anything*, can be a slur if we let homophobes use them as such.

Do you know how many times a day I see the Finnish words for gay and lesbian being used as slurs? Do you know how many times I see bigots call women lesbian whores because they disagree with those men? Does that make me stop using the word lesbian about myself? No!

Look, I don’t think you’re a bad person at all, and if queer is a slur to you, fine! And I agree, it has slur connotations, but that’s all the more reason to reclaim it!

thetevintersoldier  asked:

"and they were all evil?"/"all of them?" or whatever the exact words were just,

M: I feel like, if there are other participants in the maze, we run the risk of running into more red robes.

L: I find that unlikely. The Red Robes, obviously, to my surprise are still in operation but there cannot be that many of them.

M: But if we do run into one, what- is there anything the Bureau knows about them, anything you can tell us?

L: They are extremely dangerous, they cannot be trusted, if you see one report it to me over your stone of farspeech immediately, and just run away. You are not ready, don’t listen to a word they say, they will lie to you to get you to do whatever they want, but their purposes are evil, Magnus. They are beings of pure concentrated evil.

M: But how do you know?

L: I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with the Red Robes.

M: And they’ve all been evil.

L: Invariably.