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So I've been following both you and keilattes for awhile now and can I just say how precious both of you are?? I love seeing your posts and meme wars on my dash. I had a pretty shitty week tbh but your posts and art makes me laugh and smile and the world seems like a better place. *Makkachin hugs*

aww, thank you! and I’m glad our bad memes made you feel better <:

also some more asks bc kei is popular on here apparently hahah

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 ᴶᴱˢᵁˢ, ᴹᴬᴿʸ ﹠ ᴶᴼˢᴱᴾᴴ ˢᵀᴬᴸᴵᴺ

How did I not see this for so long??

This was for my birthday MONTHS ago— MIZAR!!! Ô;▵;Ô I just found this by accident… I feel horrible!
Did you try sending this to me? Did it drown in my messages?? Where have you been with this this whole time??? This is amazing, I can’t put into words how surprised I am! YOU ARE SO, SO TALENTED!!! THIS IS SO PRO!!!

What on Earth happened though!? How have I not seen this sooner?!

I’m still so in awe. I can’t begin to explain how dumbfounded I am by the sheer explosive presentation you so skillfully strewn together– I’m, inspired! AMAZED! I’M MOTIVATED!! I’m– sitting in a public space with wide eyes, gasping like a fish outta water and puzzling a group of ladies across from me.

woah, I wanna hug you so badly. I’m horrifyingly happy but so, so disappointed I didn’t see this the SECOND it was uploaded! I’m DEEPLY. DEEPLY remorseful I didn’t see this on time! Mizarrrr… if you’re reading this, I hope, I HOPE you’ll forgive my horrid qwerk of not going through my inbox to its entirety. Because of that, I missed this beautiful piece of art that’s clearly had so much passion and time spent on.

I love it. I love this with every fiber in my heart.


“…there’s plenty to write fanfiction about… jerk off about…”

what is this

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Hi Camille! I need a little help. How do you make Sims pictures for icons? I put all the game in high graphics, but even in CAS, the images get pixelated. Can you help me with that?

Hi! After I got your message, I jumped in my game to take pictures of my settings for you. Here is what I have:


Screen Capture

I thought that it might have been related to the memory/capture settings, but I saw the capture size and quality are under the video capture header. Maybe you can try playing with the capture size and quality, though, and seeing if it does anything?

I also tried taking a look around Google for articles about taking good quality pictures and I did see a suggestion of making sure your resolution is set correctly. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the image. I also saw a suggestion to make sure that post processing effects is checked (under graphics settings), but I don’t think that would affect your picture quality as much as the game graphics quality in general.

Besides that, I’m not really sure–I’m sorry! Maybe someone else can comment with suggestions!

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aren't you nervous that andromeda will be too big? like the fact that the entirety of inquisition is smaller than mea's largest planet?

Honestly, no. The problem with Inquisition is that it had like…13 or 14 different semi-large area’s to explore. I personally loved how large the game was, but I understand why some people find it to be too much.

The biggest differences I can see between DA:I and ME:A are:

  • According to what the devs told people at the hand on events, there are only 4 or 5 large planets to explore. The largest of which is very story heavy.
  • There are a lot of planets to land on etc, but only that small handful are as ginormous as they advertise. 
  • The Nomad is going to make it MUCH easier to maneuver these environments. The mounts in Inquisition were baaarely faster than the players running speed. Imagine having a hyper fast all terrain car in Inquisition…haha it would take no time to get from one end of the Hinterlands to the other.

And honestly? The more the merrier imo. Once the game is over, almost all of it is still going to be playable. I’m paying a lot of money for this game, so I’m not going to complain that it’s large. They’ve had five years to make this game, so I’m confident that the RPG elements and sidequests will be more than just the fetch quests around every corner of DA:I.

My two cents on THAT Josh interview.

Okay, I’ve been wanting to kind of say something about this for a while but have refrained from doing so, mainly because I like to remain neutral on things and not upset anybody. But I’ve changed my mind.

More under the cut.

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Sorry people are being disrespectful to you today. I've followed your work for years (and bought it) because I find your work and dedication to it inspiring. I think what you do share fosters creativity way more than a tutorial would, because we can see the thought process behind it a lot of the time. (The pepper thing!) You don't get that with how-to, and if anything I think it would stifle creativity to encourage close copy cat-ing. I think people forget what creativity actually is.

I’ve actually had a lot of supportive anons today (thank you! I’m keeping them in the askbox for futures when I need to read them), I think it’s just the few people that I choose to respond to that get magnified. For the most part people are amazing <3 and thank you, I agree

More talk about Mitsuruloid

Originally I predicted that in the Mitsuruloid episode she’d use the robot to infiltrate Otowakan to find out exactly what the heck kind of strange powers the mansion had, and whatever happened, she enters the mansion for some reason, the composers would use their musik against her, and destroy her robot.
Cue her flying into a rage, muttering things like “I didn’t come back just to fail yet another time!” and cursing in German at the ‘loids while trying to escape. However, she’s prevented from escaping, either because someone put up a barricade or some other random nonsense happened.
Mitsuru has no choice but to stay in Otowakan, for now at least.

And in a future episode, the crew discuss their family over dinner. Motes and Sosuke complain about their mean and cruel sisters, and finally when it’s Mitsuru’s turn to share, she appears to remember something and presses her palms to her head in a fashion that suggests she has a migraine. A few uncomfortable seconds pass while she seems to be in some sort of pain.
She eventually excuses herself from the table and is later found sleeping on the couch. (Cue Schubert: “My bed!!!!! I’ve got nowhere to sleep now!!!”) 14 hours later she’s gone from the couch, but is discovered in an empty room, curled up in a corner while sobbing and apologizing profusely to her pad thing. (“Forgive me, sister!”) Upon closer inspection, the pad is displaying a picture of a person whom Pad-kun identifies as Fanny Mendelssohn, sister of Felix. (Cue interaction between Sosuke and Pad-kun: “She’s a composer?? Why is she not a Classicaloid!?”)
The gang is really suspicious and starts bombarding her with questions. She eventually snaps and vehemently scolds every Classicaloid for apparently failing her in some way. The Classicaloids, surprised, do not make an attempt to fight back. Eventually Mitsuru collapses against the wall, distraught, muttering to herself, or rather, her pad, that she is a failure. And that, for some reason, ends up activating Musik: Mendelssohn’s String Quartet in F Minor.
Then Mitsuru goes full murder machine on them, trying to sweep them away with fantastic tsunami waves, summoning Biblical phantoms to pelt them with stones, drowning them in heavy torrential rains. Along the way, we find out her backstory and true motives:
Mitsuru, while not a Classicaloid, is a composer: Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. After his death in 1847, his reputation took a decline due to multiple reasons, anti-semitism and the general public favoring more radical works as opposed to Mendelssohn’s tidy and conservative style being the most prominent. Somehow Mendelssohn’s ghost did not pass on to the afterlife because of bitterness and regret and self-loathing and other nasty emotions. And since he already sort of went mad in the last months of his life, he decided that he should have some form of revenge for the mistreatment he suffered posthumously. Method of revenge: bring dead composers back to life! Literally! Unleash the composers! Make everyone bow to them!
And so Mendelssohn spend years and years researching and working, until he came up with his formula for reviving the composers. At this point he decided to disguise as a human and chose a nickname: “Mitsuru”. Oh yeah, and also in drag too because why not. Mitsuru/Mendelssohn eventually teamed up with a scientist named Kyougo Otowa, and Classicaloids happened. However, Mitsuru’s plan in some way did not succeed, probably due to Kyougo being irresponsible or some stuff.

listen. the amount of bullshit i have to see about how you can’t hate anasui because he’s “coded as trans” is so fucking bad like 1) it’s just a rumor that anasui was “supposed to be” a girl and it’s not been confirmed and 2) he still sucks anyways? like he’s so gross and he LITERALLY murdered his ex girlfriend and her boyfriend can y'all fuck off with this shit


Through My Eyes is a spread dedicated for spirit workers to see our world through a spirit’s eyes. 

1. What they think of the Political Figures and/Arena
2. They manipulations and issues being caused
3. How the poltical is changing the world
4. How society is affected & reacting
5. State of Society
6. Turmoil and Issues happening in community
7. How it’s changing for positive
8. How you can help, or what to look for to help

celia_mei Dance captains and swings are always working, even when we are not onstage. I’m always asked what a swing or dance captain does when not onstage. Well, here I am in our “office” backstage holding an iPad, a regular pad, and a pencil in between tracking and noting two of our swings who went into new tracks for their first time tonight. I think you can see on my face how immensely proud I feel of them and the whole team who helped them prepare for tonight. ✨❤️💛 

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Ritsu goes intangible while ranting to somebody about how he can't go intangible and still manages to stay completely oblivious

Ritsu: i dont have it, hanazawa-kun…. honestly, though, did Suzuki-kun put you up to this? I swear, hes the one that started all these lies…. why the fuck are you looking at me like that?

Teru: you just walked right through that tree, and seriously didn’t notice? Wow, suzuki-kun was right–

Ritsu: oh my god, he did put you up to this! I swear to god, im going to kick his ass the next time i see him

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I have a headcanon that Iris is such a romantic that when she hears a super romantic song she sends it to Barry immediately with 'Thinking about you' or 'Because I'm so in love with you' and with tiny messages about how she adores him and heart emojis and it puts the BIGGEST smile on his face all day <3

Awww I can see that going both ways to be honest, they’ll both send each other songs or random thoughts during the day because they were at work or something and just wanted to go home and be with each other… ahh now I’m all in my feels 💕

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How does one go about accepting their blackness? In majority white institutions, I don't understand why a black person accepting and loving themselves scares and makes white people uncomfortable. I'm ready to love myself despite this fact being 17 but don't know how/where to start!

I’m so happy your ready to love yourself and it’s never too late to start. I can’t tell you how to live your life because it’s your journey as a minority. But what I will say Is love the things you have. You can’t change how you look but you change what you see. Be confident and don’t doubt yourself

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I think even though Aquarius' are fixed they're not as stern as they get the rep of. They seem a lot more Saturn ruled once you first meet them which gives off the illusion that they're very cool and composed. But once you break through that you can see how much of a contradiction they are because of their Uranus and all of the messy parts but I think they're the most willing to bend than the fixed signs and most come off most mutable in my opinion

I agree. Aquarius and Scorpio are definitely the fixed signs people question about because like… They don’t seem fixed (but they still are btw, that’s astrological fact)

The reason why they don’t seem fixed is because they are ruled by planets that are very dynamic. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which rules sudden changes. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars, both very dynamic planets. Mars is a very energetic, dynamic planet while Pluto shows transformation, which is a change that can kinda contradict (but still work) with the fixed nature of Scorpio and Aquarius.

Taurus and Leo are less likely to be questioned because they are ruled by planets that like to stay the same. Leo ruled by the Sun, the ego (the identity is very painful to change, so therefore, there is a fixation) and Taurus is ruled by Venus, which rules comfort… And you can’t move around if you wanna stay in your comfort zone.


’ This is… this is great news! ’
’ Hey, get away from the ledge, you’re gonna get hurt. ’
’ This one has the “S”. For “Super”, just like your cousin. ’
’ I just can’t hear you over the loud color of your cheap pants. ’
’ I’m the hero. ’
’ Oh, God. Is that smell you? ’
’ I see you share your cousin’s appetite for wanton destruction. ’
’ Three showers and I still smell of reek oil. ’
’ I went from superhero to eco-terrorist in a single bound. ’
’ I am not doing that interview. ’
’ How can you be so sure? ’
‘ I watched it happen for years with your cousin. ’
’ Reading glasses and a good slouch? ’
’ I see a city full of people who need help. Who need a hero. ’
’ Oh, no. I’m sorry. I meant to say who are you? ’
’ Trademark pending. ’
’ Have you lost your mind? ’
’ What were you thinking giving interviews? ’
’ It was more of a private conversation that’s being published. ’
’ What’s next? A book deal? A reality show? “Keeping Up with the Kryptonians”? ’
’ When did you even call him/her? The second I left? ’
’ I made a promise to your cousin. If anything ever happened to you… ’
’ I’m just trying to keep you safe. ’
’ It wasn’t supposed to be this way. ’
’ Your story… Your story is just starting. ’
’ I’m just dealing with an escaped alien prisoner. ’
’ You’ve spent more time in the Friend Zone than the Phantom Zone. ’
’ I am not in the Friend Zone. ’
’ Well… did you notice any of her/his other attributes? ’
’ Tell me, what do you think makes her/him a hero? ’
’ What can I get you? Or are you not allowed to drink and fly? ’
’ I was surprised, you’re usually a little more glib. ’
’ You said, tonight, you always build in fail safes. ’
’ I would never barter a child’s life. ’
’ I just can’t figure out why you did it. ’
’ For the record, I care about everyone. ’
’ You may have fooled this city, but I know you were behind this. ’
’ Finally, something we can agree on. ’
’ The fun is just beginning. ’
’ Can you hack into hospital records? ’
’ Easy-peasy, fresh and squeezy… ’
’ You were really mad, at something else. ’
’ You need to find, find that anger behind the anger. ’
’ You let that thing get away. I thought you were on our side. ’
’ It fought harder this time, harder. Faster. ’
’ It’s like it knew you’d choose to save those people. ’
’ Would you like me to call your mother a car? ’
’ I am the sole survivor of my planet. ’
’ You never get sick. That’s the best part about you. ’
’ Bow your head when you approach me! ’
’ Are you sure you want to do this? ’
’ It’s time for us to be a family again. ’
’ You’re gonna wish I’d died with the rest of them! ’
’ But can you look me in the eye and tell me that you are prepared to kill? ’
’ I’m very boring and really normal. ’
’ So, um, I’ll just get out of your hair. ’
’ You know, you guys could have told me. I can keep a secret. ’
’ I know there’s nothing anyone can say to make you feel better right now. ’
’ We are going to bring this thing in together. ’
’ I’m not leaving you alone with that thing. ’
’ That is not some anonymous alien you’ve brought in. ’
’ You’re compromising the security of this entire operation. ’
’ I would think you’d understand that better than anyone. ’
’ It is what makes you a hero! ’
’ That’s the difference between soldiers and heroes. ’
’ You waisted your ammo. ’
’ Without you, the world is a better place! ’
’ Without me, you’d be dead! ’
’ Please remember I would never try and hurt you. ’
’ I hate a generic sports metaphor, but that interview was a touchdown. ’
’ You wanna fight about it? ’
‘ I have too much self-esteem to kill myself. ’
’ I’m making stupid mistakes, like today. ’
’ The public will forgive you, I promise. ’
’ Ah, you do have a cell phone? Can I get that number, please? ’
’ You think I wanna do this? It’s the only way to win. ’
‘ I mean, that was terrible, but it was awesome. ’
’ We’ve never saved anything together. ’
’ I’ve dreamt of this moment. The two of us teaming up. ’
’ Um, not exactly sure you have to tell them that. ’
’ I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. ’
’ This is it for me, this is my calling. ’
’ The enemy has come in the guise of heroes. ’
’ You don’t get a chair ‘cause you don’t work here. ’
’ They have not left you, even in the face of death. ’
’ You ever spend time inside a foster home? ’
’ So just chill with the attitude, okay? ’
’ How can you, of all people, say that? ’
’ I know what you’re gonna say. I should have waited for you. ’
’ You didn’t give me a story, you gave me a half-baked idea. ’
’ I got the impression you didn’t want to spend time with me. ’
’ So, I memorized that fake ID for nothing? ’
’ I was shooting some hoops last night and hurt some ribs. ’
’ My whole life, I have been a sidekick. ’
’ I hate to break it to you, dude, but you don’t have superpowers. ’
’ I have a black belt and you’re right, I don’t have powers. ’
’ What do you have against a good old romantic comedy? ’
’ Yeah, your punk rock phase was very strange. ’
’ Are you slurring your words? ’


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I highly suggest that 1DHQ watch tomorrow night’s, “48 Hours”. It’s about stalking celebrities and will feature the case of Christina Grimme. Just because someone looks harmless doesn’t mean they are. Sometimes, it starts out small but can quickly become a very dangerous thing. I see the same people meeting the 1D guys too often. I don’t care if you, 1DHQ, are paying them or not. YOU are allowing other potential stalkers to see how easy it could be to get close to Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, and I’m sure even Zayn. Think about the message this sends. Think about what it would be like if we lost any of them to something that could be halted or stopped. Please. Please stop the stalkers and stalking culture.

Also to Boopsy, SmokingLouis, Jordyn, and Stalker Sarah, stop! You aren’t cool. You aren’t worshiped. You aren’t admired. It’s unfortunate that you feel like stalking is 100% okay. I am disappointed in you and disgusted by you.