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This one guy that I hate had a crush on me and he asked me for my number so I gave him my former English teacher's number (with said teacher's permission) and then he ranted to her about how "you won't love me but broken hearts can bleed together" thinking it was me so I went to her room before school the next morning and we read through them together and then I (in private) yelled at him for texting the teacher when he supposedly liked me and wow I'm mean but he left me alone after that

im so confused this is such a trip 

-send me confessions

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fellow intjs, how do you behave when you're in love? specifically, after that stage of falling in love where rationality breaks down and you can't deny feelings anymore?

Firstly I think about the person I’m in love with a lot. Either something reminds me of them and then I start thinking about them or I just can’t get them out of my thoughts. Sometimes it even affects my concentration. But the thing affecting more on my concentration skills is how dreamy I get. I create lots of scenarios in my head: how things would happen with them, what things could happen with them… Sometimes I even imagine what they would do at the moment if we lived together. I suppose this all is because of my dominant Ni. I’m quite afar from reality on a daily basis. I kind of partly become like the stereotypical INFP. I plan for future too. I think about how would us being together affect my future and how we would build the future together. This is related to creating scenarios quite strongly.

I also become cuddly and affection-loving, unlike the typical INTJ. I crave for attention from that particular person and might get disappointed if I don’t get it the way I hoped. I also may get a bit jealous of them if they’re paying more attention to other people than they’re on me.

And lastly, I analyze. I analyze the scenarios I make in my head and how the future would work. Most of this happens before rationality breaks down, though. I wouldn’t allow myself to be in love or at least I’d hide my feelings if the result of my analyzing is negative.

I hope I answered your question. I haven’t properly been in love for over three years and have a quite intricate romantic history so it was a bit difficult to answer this.

-Anastasia, INTJ

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What do you think of Snotlout and Hiccup's friendship in season 3?

I absolutely adore it.

Granted, the relationship between these two has been one of my favorites for just about eternity. I love them in Riders and Defenders of Berk, and I even love them in the How to Train Your Dragon books. I think that the somewhat spiteful, somewhat respectful relationship between the cousins is a treasure chest of interactions and good times. I can never get enough of these two together.

On top of all that, I think that Race to the Edge only continues to make it beautiful. Hiccup and Snotlout do not bicker as openly and as hotly with each other as they did in the first two seasons. They still are two individuals with very different mindsets who do not necessarily see eye-to-eye, but the main heaping of spite between them has diminished. Bickering and badgering still perpetuate their interactions, sure, but it doesn’t have a legitimately hard edge to it; Hiccup and Snotlout have come to a better and more peaceful understanding of each other. We see times where Hiccup legitimately tries to cheer Snotlout up, or where Hiccup takes his cousin’s word for it, or where Snotlout takes Hiccup’s orders with the understanding of who is leader, and other signs that the two trust each other and are a little less… incendiary… around the other. 

I gush a bit more about Hiccup and Snotlout’s Race to the Edge relationship right here, and I also talk about how the two interact in “Total Nightmare” when Snotlout loses Hookfang.

I know that Race to the Edge is out exploring new relationships, which I think is great. Seeing Snotlout with Fishlegs and Snotlout with Ruffnut was really cool. I hope the writers continue to do that, tossing together Astrid with Tuffnut, Tuffnut with Fishlegs, Ruffnut with Fishlegs, and the like. I think that rounds everyone out nicely and allows us to fully understand the network and community of the dragon riders. At the same time, even though Snotlout and Hiccup have been explored multiple times in earlier episodes, I still would not complain to a bit more cousin interaction in the new seasons.

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Can you imagine the kind of Ziam tidbits we'd get if they were able to acknowledge their relationship? Like, what kind of songs they write together, how they coexist in the studio, uninhibited praise and love and even what their friends think of them??? WOW I HATE MYSELF RN.

ihysm. i think about this a lot. just like so far we’ve gotten little glimpses. from liam playing around by himself with a synthesizer and zayn easily joining him and integrating himself. or just like them going to raves and hitting up bars with their family. or chilling with their dogs. i bet you we’d get to some picture of them cuddling and watching daredevil. or like just them messing about in the studio. like a short clip of zayn recording and liam smiling with his headphones on. fuck, i just can’t wait for them to post pictures of their sunday roasts or pictures of their birthday parties. i bet you their house in surrey has an art studio and a recording studio. liam joins zayn in the art room whenever he wants peace and quiet. i bet he’s got a running machine in there when he just wants to be around zayn’s presence. those two will be so fucking adorable online. like i just want to hear zayn go on and on about liam because we almost never get to hear him talk about liam. i wonder why. can he articulate or does he never shush?

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I'm non-NT (autistic, GAD/depression, avoidant personality disorder) and have been dating someone for three months. I like them a lot, but I feel guilty because they like a lot of attention and time together, and I need alone time, especially after I come home from work... Like, I hear my phone go off with a txt from them, and I just feel FRAZZLED and don't want to talk right now. How can I make sure they feel loved but I don't feel exhausted all the time?

The most important thing in any relationship is communication. I think it’s important to inform your significant other that you are non-NT and have certain needs that others don’t have, i.e. need for alone time. However, when you broach the subject you also have to inform them, “this doesn’t mean that I don’t love & appreciate you”.

I know this can be especially hard to talk about with AvPD. I recommend maybe assigning “quiet periods” for you to recharge, i.e., after work you get an hour and a half of quiet time to yourself, but then you always call/text your partner afterwards. That can be an effective way to show that you still care & love your partner, and want to talk to them, while also maintaining some boundaries.

Any other mods/followers with advice, feel free to add on!


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//Stay strong friend. You are not alone thinking they can't be together. What Riot showed at the end may be two friends together again, but if for people friends=let's fuck, I'm sad for them because they just don't understand how a friendship is as much important as a lover, if not more. As for how you see Graves, it's how YOU see it, so you do what you want and no one shall harass you for that or I will sink my teeth in their neck. Stay strong friend, I love you!

// thank you kindly, friend. ;-; I still can’t even see it as a friendship. I’m proud to say I have the most hardheaded Graves on tumblr. He’s never going to forgive Fate. At most, the MOST he’d let Fate get away with is he’d stop trying to kill him. But even that is a slim chance. He harbors enough hate for ten people inside him and he’s not giving that up easy.

It’s good to know I’ll have some people stickin’ with me when I come back.


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stormychesters: Alex! You seriously have such a wonderful blog that I am really at a loss as to why I wasnt following you before??? Your posts are fantastic and i really do love how simple yet different your theme is! <3

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hopestiel: Liv! Every single time i click on your blog i’m always like ah yes i love that theme. It’s so different seeing black backgrounds and i love how well the colours of your go together! <3

capuletcas: Lydia! I absolutely love your blog to death! You have an amazing theme and your posts are amazing and like ugh i can’t even describe how much i love it all <3

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I love love love love how diverse everyone’s clan lore is. You can go from normal animals working together to purely fantasy worlds and I’m in love. You’ve got mixes of both of them, some with their own divine beings and religion ideas, some with loads of magic, some that are really realistic. There’s so much diversity and aaahhh i’m such a worldbuilding nerd! I love reading about everyone’s lore I love all of this cool world building so much!!


Hollstein 30 Day OTP Challenge Masterpost

  1. Holding Hands
  2. Cuddling
  3. Watching a Movie
  4. On a Date
  5. Kissing
  6. Wearing Each Other’s Clothes
  7. Cosplaying
  8. Shopping
  9. Hanging Out with Friends
  10. With Animal Ears
  11. Wearing Kigurumis
  12. Making Out
  13. Eating Ice Cream
  14. As animals
  15. In a Different Clothing Style
  16. During Their Morning Rituals
  17. Spooning
  18. Doing Something Together
  19. In Formal Wear
  20. Dancing
  21. Cooking/Baking
  22. In Battle, Side by Side
  23. Arguing
  24. Making Up
  25. Gazing into Each Other’s Eyes
  26. Proposing
  27. On One of their Birthdays
  28. Doing Something Ridiculous
  29. Doing Something Sweet
  30. Doing Something Hot

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9 things I learned by 9th grade.
1) Be your own missing piece, you aren’t incomplete. You don’t need any boy to be your “other half” because you are not a half. You are whole. No matter how broken you feel the pieces are still there and they will find their way back together.
2) Love yourself so no one else has to. Don’t find yourself in a situation where you can only love yourself if other’s do. You are good enough and you are worthy of love. So you initiate it, everyone else will catch up.
3) Never set yourself on fire to keep others warm. At the end of the day you’re the only one you have. You can set yourself on fire and keep them warm but eventually you’ll burn out and so will then. they need to be their own fire and you need to keep yourself warm.
4) Fall in love when you are ready, not when you are lonely. Don’t start a relationship just because your ex started one. You go and move on at your own time.
5) The only expectations you have to live up to are your own. The only person you disappoint is yourself. So change your views. Expect your best and nothing else. If you’re getting C’s in school and expect yourself to work harder, but don’t expect A’s.
6) Learn to swim before you jump into the water. Learn to take care of yourself before taking care of someone else. Lear to love yourself before loving another.
7) You don’t choose who you love. Sometimes it’s your best friend’s boyfriend but there’s nothing you can do about it. Instead of hating yourself for it, work on focusing on other people. But sometimes it’s the boy you like loving someone else but there’s nothing you can do about it. Instead of hating yourself, realize that no choices you made influenced his choice. It just wasn’t you.
8) Pain, sadness, and heartbreak are inevitable, but letting it take over your entire life is a choice.
9) He does not need you. But that’s okay. Because you don’t need him either.
—  olivweiss

hey guys! i thought i’d put together a better list of places you can use to find and learn new things if you’re bored!

I want to grow with you, to see how much we can thrive together.

I want to help you fight for your dreams, and see them come to life.

I want to be there for you, when it all seems too much, I want to be the voice that reminds you of hope.

I want to make you smile and laugh, to experience joy every day.

I want to be real with you, to open myself and lay down my armor.

I want quiet nights, filled with sweet nothings.

I want days filled with you, and I want to continue seeing you, in your weakest or in your strongest, I want to be there with you.

- T.B. LaBerge

how to tell if a sign likes you

aries: always touching you, loves being close, constantly asks questions because they want to know everything about you, uses corny pick up lines

taurus: shy when around you, laughs a lot, tries to conceal how they feel, asks to hangout constantly because they want to be around you 24/7

gemini: isn’t not very hard to tell if they do, it’s pretty obvious. they are touchy and love to be touched. they want to snuggle and go on fun exciting adventures together

cancer: cancers are a little more tricky. they are very good at hiding their emotions but you can pick up subtle hints such as them showing you what music they like and asking to show you videos/movies.

leo: little cuties!! they are so shy and when it comes to feelings it just gets worse. they want to tell you how they feel but always chicken out. they will find excuses to talk to you and smiley like a goof.

virgo: two words for you pal, nervous wrecks. they have difficulty handling themselves around you when they like you. they will blurt out awkward phrases and are super clumsy, but extremely sweet and you can tell they care.

libra: ADORABLE they giggle like crazy !! they try and make jokes but they aren’t able to finish because they can’t stop laughing. they want you to spent time inside holding hands and talking nonsense with them.

scorpio: wants to test your brains. asks you all kinds of philosophical questions and want to see how your brains works. they tend to be straightforward and not afraid to express how they feel because they know life is short.

sagittarius: crave confirmation that you enjoy their presence. they want to make sure they don’t annoy you and are able to make you happy. you can tell because they ask you questions about how you are and what you want to do.

capricorn: they always want to please you. they want to make sure you are doing what you want- that you feel safe. they will bend over backwards for you whether it’s grabbing you your drink or spotting you some cash. you can tell by the look in their eyes

aquarius: they will compliment you like crazy. they constantly want you to know they like you and you matter to them. you’ll run into them “accidentally”. they’ll be a pretend they don’t care as much as they do. it is clear they need you by the way they will cling on to you.

pisces: cracking jokes as much as possible. they want to hear you laugh, they want to make you smile. they’ll stick up for you and keep you as close as possible. you can tell because they try and make you feel special.

A letter from Kussun to Nozomi

To Nozomi,

We first met 5 years ago in June right?
At first, I wasn’t able to really understand Nozomi. There was some distance between us huh? But when did it first happen again?

Because we’ve always been together, it was hard to notice but subconsciously, spending my life along with Nozomi has become only too natural. I cannot even fathom how things would be like if I hadn’t met you.

Love Live! has given Nozomi & me a lot of firsts. The 5 years spent were really happy & they’re like a miracle to me.  Of course, there were also hardships but I’m very lucky to have you by my side that we can overcome them together. To be able to walk together with you these 5 years, I am extremely proud. Nozomi, what about you? If we feel the same way, then it’d be nice ♥

From here on, even if we walk different paths, my journey with Nozomi  is something very precious to me & irreplaceable.
To Nozomi, I only have endless gratitude. Really, thank you.

Finally, it’s that cliché line but I really really really really really love you the most! ♥

To be able to meet Nozomi,
To be able to meet everyone in μ’s,
The time spent together with Nozomi,
Things we disliked,
Happy things,
Sad things,
Things that were difficult,
Along with Nozomi, I was able to witness everyone’s smile,
Everything, all of this, will become my treasure.

I’ll say this again. For all you have done for me up until now, thank you!
From here on & in the future, please also continue to take care of me ♥

From Kusuda Aina

Read the rest of the letters here.

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:tenerife sea is taylor's favourite ed sheeran song, which is also the song that everyone thinks is about taylor. tenerife sea has the initials TS and so does taylor swift! coincidence? i think not. taylor's hair was on one side, just as described in the song. and "your silhouette over me"????? taylor is taller than ed! people actually think tenerife sea refers to her eye color, which is pretty cute right?? how can people be okay with them singing this song live together, he basically told taylor he is in love with her. what do you mean he had a girlfriend in the time he wrote the song?? you're telling me it's not about taylor? you just crushed my dreams how is all of this allowed to exist on the internet HOW is ed sheeran allowed to even write songs FUCK HIM and stupid sweeran im DONE

Am I the only one that loves how expressive Harry is, like he always smiles so big and that loud laughter or when he knits his eyebrows together or raise them real high or when he’s onstage making faces and pointing at people like…. I just love it because it feels like iI know him based on how he reacts in certain situations and it’s like I’m over here validating him like “yes harry that’s funny” or “no, I can tell you didn’t mean to hit her with a waterbottle keep going boo”

imagine walking around a new city with calum bc he invited you on tour with him while you were off work and you wanted some time together and away from the boys. so, he takes you out for lunch and then to explore and shop and a few fans have come up to you two but none of them have really asked to get a picture with you or even talked to you other than to ask to take the pic of them and calum which you would happily do bc these are his fans. one girl though, she comes up nervously and says “i love you guys. you’re really cute together.” and calum would smile bigger than he has in any picture from earlier and you’d smile at the girl and then at calum. “thank you,” you’d say still just smiling bc you can’t really put into words how much that means to the both of you. just imagine what that would mean to calum though bc he loves you and he’d be so happy to know that at least one of his fans is supportive of the girl he loves and he would really feel like you needed to hear it too since you were always upset to see the negative things a lot of his fans said.

How Scorpio tells each sign they love them
  • Aries:"Dude, you're way better than my other friends!"
  • Taurus:"I love you too" (there's no way Scorpio would risk getting it awkward by saying it first)
  • Gemini:"I'm here for you if you want to."
  • Cancer:"Sure, I'm glad to know you too."
  • Leo:"BRO you're cool!"
  • Virgo:"I'm glad you can talk with me."
  • Libra:"We should stick together."
  • Scorpio:"We both know I'm the best Scorpio in town."
  • Sagittarius:"It's REALLY great to know you."
  • Capricorn:"Glad to have you on my side."
  • Aquarius:"We make a good team."
  • Pisces:"I'm lucky you're my friend."