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lazy late night doodling as a result of a silly song title by my dearest friend max, you can listen to it here!

and also a bonus doodle because honestly, chat had it coming pfffft:

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Do you have any art tips to pass onto a rookie?

umm lets see dont shy away from the basics, pick up “how to draw” books from the library if you like or search up tutorials online , it helped me a lot with figuring out where to begin when it came to drawing. References are awesome too, I’m just starting to use them myself and boy do they help. Also drawing stuff from your favorite shows/books/movies is a a huge motivator for pushing the boundaries of your art. It can get frustrating though I’m not gonna lie, I remember dozens of times where I would scribble out stuff in my sketch book because of how pissed I was heck i still do that  also this video bro

its cheesy but its true


Hello, goth’es!

Look who are here again, haha! Today i bring to you a male skin, yep, m a l e. I always feel like the simblr comunity are very “whatever” with male sims, and i love my sims so much (all of them) that it makes me feel sad. In every EP, GP or anything else even EA don’t care about the guys. They’re such a cutho, why not? Someone gave me this idea, but i was very “i can’t do it” in the beginning because i’m really bad at males in general… I do it! And it became very pretty, i’m loving the way it looks on my sims, they’re so lovely right now! I’m saying again, this skin is not perfect because i’m learning how to do it, but i don’t find any bug or error very bad, so i think you guys may understand. If you use this skin, please, tag me! I would love to see it on your male sims! And if you have any idea of something that i can do next (an asian skin or something?) you can come on my ask! Any bug or error, please contact me so i can fix it!

  • Male only!
  • It works with all skintones so you can use without any problem!
  • There some small issues, but nothing really bad.


If you go take a look at this week’s page of The Muse Mentor, you will find a very cool magic trick that you can PROBABLY learn to do with the proper resources and setting, but I have no idea how to execute it. I’ve spent so much time making comics that I left no time to learn magic tricks, and now I’ll NEVER be the world’s first (?) comics magician. It haunts me every day.

Anyway! Thanks for reading!

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How do you deal with stress? I'm so stressed lately and I need some advice... And someone to cheer me up.

JH : What I do when I’m really stressed and unorganized is taking a break and taking out a piece of paper. I write down everything I think about, what I need to do, what stresses me out, and I read it after and make a list of things I need to do in order, try to find solutions on how to help myself with those problems and put in it lots of positive thoughts. Don’t doupt yourself you can do it ! You are strong enough and every problems that comes into your life are only there to help you improve in being a better person !

Lucas : If anything, you can always come in my DMS, I’m always happy to make new friends. Talking to people about what stresses you out and getting moral support by friends an family helps out a lot !

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I know this sounds weird but I just wanted to say thankyou for posting that photoset bc I got really excited to see boobs that looked like mine! And I've always hated mine but you're so stunning it kinda made me think a bit about my own body and how if I think you look so great maybe I can/do too... so yeah thankyou 🙈 sorry this is weird

not weird at all!!! im so happy i could help ya out luv💞💞

Welcome to Paradise: Unknown Route Part XI

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After dinner Melody returned and helped me assist Irene back to her room. “Do you think she’ll be okay? She won’t choke or anything will she?”

“I doubt it! She looks fine to me!”

“What…? She can’t even speak or move on her own! How can she be fine?”

Melody’s gaze darkened and she frowned. “Just…she’s fine okay…” With a twitch in her cheek she walked away. I walked into Irene’s room helping her get into her pajama’s and tucking her into bed, making sure to face her away from the TV. The same sickening smell was in her room as well and it seemed to be having a negative effect on her. She gagged and attempted to speak but nothing coherent came out of her.

“Irene, let’s get you some fresh air…” I muttered, it wasn’t time for bed yet so it was okay to walk around the grounds.

I helped her up and slowly we walked out to the Garden barely anyone was out here, most were still in the dining hall or in their rooms. “Let’s sit here.” I led her to the least perfumed flower bed and sat her on the grass. She looked ahead as drool rolled down her chin. Quickly I cleaned it up. I wanted to cry. I wanted to attack the Priest who did this to her. I wanted to hurt them for taking away Irene and her husband. “Irene I’m sure Joseph is fine. He’ll be back soon I swear it.”

“uaaaa…” She grunted.

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Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. Me? I was born to serve you, Arthur, and I’m proud of that, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

There, finished it…after struggling with it for about 4 centuries

hmm…this may or may not be a follow up to this only in a messier place and less clothing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i needed nsfw mikayuu alright

You can also find a lil’ wip thing here if you’re into that

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nothing can kick me in the teeth quite like those posts that are essentially “here is a woman doing a really cool thing! what a cool thing! isn’t it great that this woman is doing this cool thing in the world?”

and then someone has added a comment to the effect of “AND she is traditionally attractive/feminine doing it!”

nothing quite reinforces that doing cool things is not enough, but that you must also look good doing it, like those posts