Drag superstar, Adore Delano

This post is about someone who I’m sure most of you wouldn’t expect. Adore Delano is a drag queen. She happens to be one of my favorite drag queens, partly because of her looks. She is a drag queen who gives no fucks in her outfits. She calls herself the polish remover of drag because her looks are so unconventional, how can you not love that?! The vast majority of drag queens are always trying for glamour and couture looks, whereas Adore will wear something that is trending off the runways; flannels, thigh highs, high-waisted shorts, one pieces, fishnets, etc. Just like her song “Party” says, she’s a “punk rock, gutter whore.” I love Adore Delano and her unconventional, punk rock, polish remover sense of style. Stay trendy, fashion is forever and style is eternal! xoxo

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I just watched your e-bay disaster video on YouTube and honestly can't believe someone would actually show up at your door like that!! I would have been so scared! Also, I just wanted to tell you that you're adorable and I admire you because you're always so lovely to everyone and always respond kindly to others even when they aren't so kind to you.

i just treat others how i want to be treated, regardless of how they treat me (to an extent haha). but i’m glad you liked the video, it was so scary and one of the reasons i stopped selling on ebay tbh! i’m getting back into it though so there’s a chance i’ll be posting another story like that in the future, but hopefully not. thanks for messaging <3


Bob Morley at Florida Supercon 2015 [x]

my friends had soundcheck for the seattle show and like someone asked calum what the most stereotypical american thing was and calum started talking about how their bus driver like had a can of string cheese and was just pouring it in his mouth and like in the middle of it luke just casually sat on the edge of the stage and was like “does anyone remember how spongebob’s parents looked like cookies?” like he literally just had an existential crisis over spongebob’s parents looking like food i’m fucking laughing he is such a goofygoober I love luke



Do you people realize the vital necessity of a drummer? You can have a band without any other position, but without the drummer, the entire sound falls apart. Sean is the cornerstone of the music you love so much and without him, none of WTM’s success would be possible.

Next, do you realize how rude it is to not acknowledge someone because of their physical appearance? Each of the boys is handsome and adorable and lovely and kind and just all around wonderful and just because you may find one of them more attractive doesn’t mean you get to ignore the others. They are not there to please your eyes. They are there to make music and you should appreciate all of them for doing such a great job at this.

I stg the fact that I never see positivity for Sean on here just makes me so sick. Please appreciate him and all the hard work he does to keep Walk the Moon afloat because without him, they wouldn’t be doing this.

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Why Sehun is so adorableeeasdfghjklñ his face and asdfghjklñ help asdfghjklñ

adorable sehun is just irresistible, am i right or am i right

overly excited sehun pls 

yes you’re cute and fab thank you for existing



stop laughing at me mr oh


he’s too attractive someone hold me

same, sehun. SAME.

nope. na ah. stop it. i can’t handle the aegyo


such a shy dork, it’s adorable

or should i say aDORKable

such a cute fetus

he’s so sweet you can get diabetes


arms oh god oh god oh god

so cute ughhh

kinda derpy but still adorable

too handsome for his own good

can i hug him

i’m losing it, i’m losing my chill

yes that’s me when i see you, sehun. congrats on your face


he’s so dumb i love it

he looks like malfoy


shy shy shy 

what the fuck happened to your hair

mercy pls

fetus sehun i can’t

=.= why do you do this

derp 0/10, would still bang

he’s such a noodle i can’t

i’m laughing at his face it’s precious


too pretty

too handsome

too dumb

i’m serious


take him out of my sight

why do i even like you


dork again

no more fucking aegyo please, you’re killing me

i wanna be baek and i wanna be sehun i don’t know i wanna be both of them

adorable little noodle

okay sehun i think we get your message

i love him when he’s shy like a little puppy

pouty lips I WANNA KISS HIM

yes thank you v much


Awee yeah, lets get this up too! This started out as a little sketch commission  from the wonderful thelonebamf! But they graciously let me turn it into a colored print. We’re gonna get it on shirts and wear it to the premiere! You can get is as a shirt too(and almost anything else*), on my redbubble here! 
Thanks so much for the commission of someone I ADORE and can’t wait to see how his new look fares in Apocalypse!