Yurio Plisetsky, прима-балерина.

This is how I imagine him.

“Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum not as two opposing sets of ideals”, by Emma Watson.

I want to use this drawing to say a few things I’ve been thinking lately. I don’t care if it ends up with 1 note or more, I just want to rant about it. I hope I won’t offend anyone with my lack of english and knowledge. 

  • Boys can wear make up. And skirts. Boys can change their hair, use it long or short. Boys can have no hair too. Boys won’t be less boys for that. 
  • When I draw I don’t think about genders, about sexuality, about anything to be honest. When I draw I think about making people happy, it makes me happy when someone smiles what I did because ehy maybe they are having a bad day and at least I made them 1% happier. I’m aware my art is not the best so if you dislike it, it’s okay. If you have any critic my ask is full open I’ll hear you and thank you for pasing by (for real). But if you dislike it because you thought that was a girl and become aware it’s actually a boy and you find it wrong or offensive, then Jeez, I have no words man, more than: I can’t believe it, what kind of civilization is this?
  • I don’t know what I am, I don’t care what I am but, from the bottom of my heart. I’m really sorry some of you are living hell because of this fucking nonsense world, 
  • You are beautiful, trust me. 
  • You are strong. You will be fine. And,
  • you are not alone. 

T y ‘ s   l e t t e r   t o   A n n a b e l

you might not know me, but we are related. My name is Tiberius Blackthorn.
My family and I are looking for the Black Volume of the Dead. We know you have it, because my brother Julian saw you take it from Malcolm Fade.
I’m not blaming you. Malcolm Fade is not our friend. He tried to hurt our family, to destroy us if he could. He’s a monster. But the thing is, we need the book now. We need it so that we can save our family.

We’re a good family. You would like us if you knew us.

There’s me- I’m going to be a detective.  

There is Livvy, my twin, who can fence.

And Drusilla, who loves everything scary.

And Tavvy, who like stories read to him.  

There is Mark, who is part faerie. He’s an excellent cook.

There is Helen, who was exiled to guard the wards, but not because she did anything wrong.

And Emma, who isn’t a Blackthorn but is like our extra sister anyway. 

And there is Jules. You might know him the best. He is the one who takes care of us all. He is the reason we’re all okay and still together. I don’t think he knows we know that, but we do. Sometimes he might tell us what to do or not listen, but he would do anything for any of us.

People say we’re unlucky because we don’t have parents. But I think they’re unlucky because they don’t have a brother like mine.
Don’t think I’m asking you to do us a favor for nothing in return. Julian can help you. He can help anyone.

You can’t want to be running and hiding. I know what happened to you, what the Clave and Council did. Things are different now.

Let us explain. Let us show you how you don’t have to be exiled or alone. You don’t have to give us the book. We just want to help.
We’re at the London Institute. Whenever you want to come, you’d be welcome.



                                                                             Tiberius Nero Blackthorn

Anyone who is considering seeing La La Land (2016, Damien Chazelle), please do it is a genius musical that is much more then just a musical. It’s a beautiful story about following your dreams and how not everything you want is just given to you. Anyone who loves film can really appreciate the thought that has gone into each shot, even the first scene stands out from most movies. A majority of it has such profound undertones of how not everything works out the way you want it to but you have to just go with it and grow up. Anyone who sees this movie can relate to some aspect of it. It takes you to a place where you forget everything around you when you watch it, its magical.The awards it has won it clearly deserves. The acting is amazing, everyone knows that Emma and Ryan are amazing actors and the casting for this film is perfect they work so well together and the chemistry between them is uncanny. I highly suggest you see it, it will forever have a place as one of my favorite movies. 

Celebrities who should play in AHS (the list of @buzazar)/ PART 1

AHS is the show where you can see amazing main actors in every seasons (like Evan Peters or Sarah Paulson), talented ones in some of them (Jessica Lange or Angela Bassett) and some great single roles (Lady Gaga or Ian McShane). 

There is a list of famous people I would like to see in this colorful show somewhen. I guess they will be able to make AHS much better than it is now (Yes, it can be possible).

1. Helena Bonham Carter

Is that really important to explain why this incredible woman should appear in AHS? Indeed?

When I knew that Jessica Lange left the show, I had no idea who was able to change her. Lady Gaga (sorry, fans) - no. That was wrong. Nevertheless, it was awesome to see Kathy Bates. They are the same high level actresses. So…some time later I understand who can be the real queen of AHS. She even doesn’t need to play main role to catch our attention. Right? Look at her - Mommy of Horror:

2. Johnny Depp

I know there is a lot of hate nowadays to him. As for me he is the greatest modern actor. The majority of his films are my childhood and teen periods which was pretty tough time. However, I think it will be cool to see him in AHS (at least as a cameo) because of his talented play. Remember all Tim Burton’s movies (Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood) , great job in Secret Window, Dead Man or The Libertine. He is master of masks. Don’t you agree? 

3. Jared Leto

Another chameleon in this list is Jared Leto. I am sure you expected his name. That’s true. Everyone knows how freaking talented this man is. He can be anyone or anything. You must love Jared, so don’t mind to see him in AHS in the future. 

4. Bjork

One more great musician here. Bjork. This is true many-sides person. Sometimes I doubt if she is human. So adorable alien from Iceland. If Gaga is mother of monsters, Helena - mommy of horror, I guess, Bjork is the mom of freaks and unexplained. 

5. Saoirse Ronan

I don’t want to argue with fans of this show, but I guess Saoirse would be more than able to compete with young actresses of AHS, Taissa Farmiga and Emma Roberts. Her angelic appearance would only play for her. Saoirse has incredible acting talent what let the young woman play different roles. She can be pure and innocent or be fatal. 

6. Anya Taylor-Joy

More about wonderful young actresses. Anya Taylor-Joy. She has already proved that isn’t so sweet and lovely as seems. Her most known role (VVITCH) shows this young beauty hides darkness in her raven eyes. To discover more of her skill you should watch Morgan. These two movies created the thought in my mind that it would be great to see Anya in AHS one day. 

7. Marilyn Manson

Do I really have to explain why this personality must appear in AHS? Sometimes I see Marilyn as embodiment of this show: the mixing of love, pain, darkness, sex and violence. He could play the role in any present seasons of AHS: Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel…JUST SAY THAT! 

8. Brendon Urie

Another face of AHS. He contains other side of show which is full of energy, glamour, beauty, grace and hope (and sex as well ahahaha), but mystique and secrets. If Manson is ugly truth, Urie is handsome trickster. You will choose who is your leader.

9. Jesse Rutherford 

In AHS we’ve seen a handsome musician before - Adam Levine. I am afraid Jesse will be able to eclipse him (I am so sorry (or not)). Jesse writes dark songs about lust and love. What a perfect incubus for such show! 

10. Rosamund Pike

This list is started by amazing British actress, so it must should with another amazing British actress. I adore Rosamund Pike. I admire her cold and dark beauty which should inspire the creators of AHS one day. The show has told us stories of strong, gorgeous women. All actresses who played them are also powerful and wonderful. Personally I think, Rosamund can play the character full of grace and increasing desire to kill. 


Hello, lovely people! So, I wrote something, hope you like it ;)


Standing in front of the mirror and looking at what supposed to be my own reflection, I couldn’t recognize myself. The dark bags under my eyes, the dull eyes staring right back at me and the tired person in front of me wasn’t me. I never really thought that someone could destroy me, but now I had the confirmation that it was possible.

It’s been 3 months since Harry started to distance himself. At first I didn’t know why he was doing it, but after a few weeks it wasn’t hard to understand that not only he didn’t love me anymore, he found someone.

It was on a stormy night and I was really worried about him that it hit me how he didn’t call to give me a status of where he was and if he was ok, how he never texted to let me know he was safe or even to ask me if I was ok. The love he once felt for me wasn’t there and hours later, when he came home, even drenched, I could still feel her perfume on him. He was glowing and I knew he just had been with her.

It nearly killed me the realization that my marriage has come to an end. As every silly and in love wife, I stayed. I couldn’t found in me to leave him, so I waited for him to do it. He never did. Even now, after 3 months, he still pretends that nothing is happening. If he has realized how the situation is affecting me, he hasn’t shown. He’s still distant, but sometimes he makes an effort.

Is it worth it? Is it worth to destroy myself to be with someone who has someone else? Is it worth to cry myself to sleep every time he spends the night at “Jeff’s house”? We haven’t slept together in 2 months. I can’t make myself to agree to make love to him when I know he’s not mine anymore.

So now I ask myself, why am I still here?

Maybe is the hope he’ll regret it, that one day he’ll realize his mistake and come back to me. That someday we could be the family we both swore to be.

But life.. Oh, life happens and, trust me, not everything is a movie with a happy ending despite all the problems on the way.

It was a Thursday afternoon and I was baking a cake, to distract myself, when my doorbell rang.

You see, I wasn’t expecting visitors but I was glad someone was coming here to make me some company, since Harry hasn’t been home for 2 days. Oh, I wish I knew better…

“Hey, Y/N” my friend Emma smiled lightly. “Can I talk with you for a second? It’s important.”

“Sure, come in!” I guided her to the kitchen and we both sat at the counter. “Something happened?”

She looked nervous and fidgeting with the strap of her purse. Emma was my best friend for the past 3 years. She was by my side through everything, but somehow I didn’t find the strength to tell her about Harry’s affair. I imagined if only I knew about it, then things have a higher chance to work out.

“Today I was at work and my boss asked me to write an article about some photos.” She looked uncomfortable while taking an envelope from her purse. “I said I couldn’t write it and I begged her to hold on before passing this article to anyone else. I wanted to prepare you first.”

Emma was a journalist and from her facial expression and the pity in her eyes, I knew very well what those photos were about. Either way, I took the envelope from her hands and open it, taking a bunch of photos out.

And there she was. For months I’ve been wandering who she is and how she looked like, and now that I have photos of her smiling, hugging and kissing my husband, I can see what he saw in her. She’s gorgeous. Her tan skin, her tall figure, her gold hair. She was a VS model, apparently, and she fitted him perfectly. I never looked like that and could never even if I tried.

“I’m so so sorry!” Emma looked devastated, almost crying.

“It’s the first time I actually see her.” I smiled sadly. “She’s beautiful, right?”

“Did you know about this?” She looked surprised by my reaction. Or lack of mental breakdown. But I couldn’t bring myself to cry. I cried for 3 months, I was out of tears.

“It’s been going on for 3 months.” I told her. “I thought if I ignore it, he would eventually grow tired of her and come back to me.”

“Darling, you don’t deserve this. He don’t deserve you!”

“I know, I just thought he was the love of my life. I wanted to fight for my marriage, so I’ve been waiting for him to come to his senses. We made a vow, Emma. To love each other for the rest of our lives. How could he through all of our promises out of the window?” I asked her, handing her the photos. “You can give a go to your boss. People deserve to know what he did.”

“You sure? Paparazzis won’t leave you alone, Y/N.” She hugged me.

“I know. They’ll get tired of me eventually.” I smiled sadly and hugged her back.

After Emma left, I went upstairs to what once was our bedroom and took a suitcase out, taking my clothes out of the closet and folding it neatly before putting in my bag. I wasn’t in a hurry, I knew Harry wouldn’t come home in the next hours. He never spent more than 2 days out of the house, so I imagined that today he was going to spend the night here.

After I had everything I needed packed, I went back downstairs and dropped the suitcase by the sofa. Taking in our living room, I realized how much I was going to miss this house. I remember the day we chose it and it was one of the most perfect days ever. I remember of our first night here, with boxes everywhere and me and Harry eating Chinese on the kitchen floor. I remembered our nights filled with nothing but love and I remembered how I thought that we’re gonna last forever.

There were photos of me and Harry everywhere, but the one I loved the most and was in front of me right now was one of our first date. We’re smiling to each other and we looked so happy. I smiled with the memory of that night.

“You’re going somewhere?” Harry asked looking down at my suitcase. I turned around and smiled softly. He looked scared. It was the first time in months that he showed any true emotion.

“Yeah. I think it’s time for me to leave.” I stand in there, looking at his reaction.

I should be angry, I should be screaming, but all I could feel was my heart breaking even more.

“Leave? Leave where?” He asked in panic “This is your home, our home, you can’t leave.”

“It stopped to be my home when you stopped loving me.” I spoke calmly. “It’s just a house now. You can decide what to do with it, I don’t want it anymore.”

“Y/N, why are you…?”

“Because we all deserve to be happy, darling.” I took my wedding band and the engagement ring out of my finger and placed on the coffee table. “I spent the last 3 months waiting for you, expecting that you would stop it and come back to me. I cried myself to sleep every night you were with her and today I finally saw her face. And you deserve to be happy, Harry, even if it hurts me. I can’t stay and wait for you anymore, I can’t pretend it isn’t killing me to stay here and pretend our marriage isn’t over.”

“Please, Y/n, stay!” He sobbed and fell to his knees. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I-I-I c-ca’nt leave without you, p-p-please don’t leave me. I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make up for it, but please baby, don’t leave me.”

With Harry’s reaction to my departure, I realized something: He loves me. She (whatever her name is) was just some rock on the road that he got stuck in it, but he loved me. I believed every word, every plea that came out of his mouth.

But I couldn’t forgive him.  

“Harry, I believe in you, but I’m still leaving.” I told him with tears in my eyes. “Our marriage ended in the second you kissed her. You left me, emotionally left me, months ago. I waited for you, but now I finally realize it’s time to go. You can’t fix us, because you can’t fix something that doesn’t exist anymore. I’ll have someone to pick the rest of my stuffs and my lawyer will call your lawyer, I guess.” I picked up my suitcase and my car keys. I looked at the broken man, on his knees, right in front of me and kissed his head. “Thank you for the good memories, Haz. Be happy. Goodbye.”

And even though I could hear his pain, his pleas, his sobs and him calling my name, I kept walking away from the love of my life, who never thought twice before breaking my heart.



fly away with me

summary: astronauts au! lots of fluff. oops.

word count: ~1600

He can remember the exact moment he wanted to do this.

He was six years old, sitting in the passenger’s seat of his brother’s truck while Liam paced around in the light coming from the parked vehicle’s headlights, voice raised as he fought to keep Killian with him.

He was listening to the radio- crackling due to distance, but enough for him to hear the woman talking about the latest space launch.

With bright eyes, Killian had stared up at the night sky, counted the stars, and suddenly desperately wished he could be there. Not here, with Liam or in the system where he’d likely end up. If his parents didn’t wish to stay, then neither did he.

He’d rather chase the stars any day.

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anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Jmo leaving?

Not moved by a little. Anyone could play her role if they wanted to cast someone. The only people who aren’t interchangeable IMO are: Bobby, Lana, Ginny and Josh. Too iconic, very talented and beloved actors. I never found JMo to be particularly “gifted” or a role model or not even interested in her fanbase- which, can you blame her? 🙄  I loved the character Emma Swan used to be, but she has been gone for so long I feel nothing about her getting written off. She was written out in Camelot. 

There are characters that make you fall in love with them and then you fall for the actor too because they make the character so GREAT. Rumple wouldn’t be what he is without Bobby. Regina Mills/The Evil Queen wouldn’t be what she became without Lana. The same cannot be said for Jen, quite the contrary. She did a disservice to Emma Swan by making her own insert because she personally fell in love with H0ok and wanted Emma to become a “feminine princess” in the end because God forbid an independent woman with a more masculine sense of style and demeanor (gay!) be seen as acceptable- no, she needs fixing. Eduardo Castro’s comment about how the wedding dress was more a JMo thing than his own vision for the character was enough to shine light into this situation.

Never forget this:

Somewhere down the road JMo stopped caring about the character and wanted to direct it into a new vision: hers. But it wasn’t the way Lana fought for Regal Believer when the writers wanted to really break them apart and ruin it, sending a horrible anti-adoption message out. No. Emma’s change was more so Jen could be free. My guess, it could be because she was tired and wanted out of the series- she’s been working to direct her own things -which anyone could understand, specially when she was reduced from main character to love interest in her own story. But by wanting to wrap things up for Emma so Jen could be free, they took the sourest lemon and made something resembled awful lemonade; a cautionary tale passed down the table as an “epic love story.” This BS is on both the writers and JMo because if she had an ounce of the feminism she claims, she would have fought for her character the way Lana did for hers. I’m not putting Lana on a pedestal over the other, just saying what is true and my opinion. JMo is no role model and I will not miss her.

To: Annabel Blackthorn


     You might not know me, but we are related. My name is Tiberius Blackthorn.

      My family and I are looking for the Black Volume of the Dead. We know you have it, because my brother Julian saw you take it from Malcolm Fade. 

       I’m not blaming you. Malcolm Fade is not our friend. He tried to hurt our family, to destroy us if he could. He’s a monster. But the thing is, we need the book now. We need it so we can save our family. We’re a good family. You would like us if you knew us. There’s me- I’m going to be a detective. There is Livvy, my twin, who can fence, and Drusilla, who loves everything scary, and Tavvy, who like stories read to him. There is Mark, who is part faerie. He’s an excellent cook. There is Helen, who was exiled to guard the wards, but not because she did anything wrong. And Emma, who isn’t a Blackthorn but is like our extra sister anyway. 

        And there is Jules. You might know him the best. He is the one who takes care of us all. He is the reason we’re all okay and still together. I don’t think he knows we know that, but we do. Sometimes he might tell us what to do or not listen, but he would do anything for any of us. People saw we’re are unlucky because we don’t have parents. But I think they’re unlucky because they don’t have a brother like mine. 

        Don’t think I’m asking you to do us a favor for nothing in return, Julian can help you. He can help anyone. You can’t want to be running and hiding. I know what happened to you, what the Clave and Council did. Things are different now. Let us explain. Let us show you how you don’t have to be exiled or alone. You don’t have to give us the book. We just want to help. 

        We’re at the London Institute. Whenever you want to come, you’d be welcome. 


           Tiberius Nero Blackthorn 

Nine Tenths [1/1]

Happy birthday to the fantastic, funny and talented Mama @dassala !!!! Wishing you a wonderful day and many many more to come! This is a very quick silly fic for you based on our Hub Shenanigans, I hope you enjoy! <3 <3

Captain Swan. 1.8k, T. Post S6 but with no S7 spec whatsoever cause I don’t roll that way. Contains material that may be offensive to tourists, sorry not sorry, it’s been a long summer.

Curses have many disadvantages.

It isn’t that Emma’s unaware of that - after spending half her life on the run from some curse or another you’d think she’s be delighted  by the new, peaceful side of Storybrooke.

You’d think that, but you’d be forgetting one very important point.

Magical curses had protected them from the worst curse of all:


It isn’t that she doesn’t get the appeal, she does, she really does. Storybrooke is quaint and idyllic, a place where time has stood still since 1983 - quite literally, for most of it - so when the first wide-eyed strangers with New Hampshire plates roll into town she’s one of the first to instruct Granny to hoover the dust bunnies from the B&B. It’ll be good for them, she thinks. The normality.

But Storybrooke’s never been good at normal.

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stepintomyworld  asked:

Prompt idea: Regina isn't used to someone loving her unconditionally. So she thinks she has to do all these extra things for Emma to "deserve" her love. Until one day Emma confronts her about it & she gets worried that she hasn't done enough & tells Emma & Emma reassures her that she loves her. Thank you :)

Thanks for the prompt :)

The day that she’s been dreading comes 23 days after they officially start dating. 23 days that she has loved and cherished  and spent fearing what she feels is the inevitable: that Emma will wake up one day and realise she deserves better. 

She’s standing there making Emma’s lunch, one of many things she’s started doing in the hopes that it will stop Emma seeing the truth, when Emma leans in the doorway and announces, “We need to talk.” 

Regina’s heart plummets and she can feel her palms grow sweaty at those four words. She knows enough to know what they mean. She turns to look at Emma, unable to hide the tears brimming in her eyes, “I’m sorry.” 

Emma frowns raising a brow as she asks, “What are you sorry for?” 

“That I wasn’t enough…I didn’t do enough…I’m sorry, I know you deserve better and I understand if you want to break up…I…”

She’s silenced by Emma placing her finger gently over Regina’s lips. Emma shakes her head as she wraps her arms around Regina. When the brunette ducks her head to avoid heartbreak Emma simply places her head on top of it, anchoring Regina to her. 

“This is what I wanted to talk about, all this extra stuff you’re doing, the making me lunch, making sure I don’t forget my coats and bringing me gifts to work…it’s sweet but I don’t want you to do it because you think you have to. I want you to do it because you want to. I don’t need you to do any of that stuff. I love you as you are Regina…and I know that’s scary and new but I do. I love you unconditionally and you don’t have to be anything more than you.” 

Regina sniffs, wiping her cheeks as she admits, “I love you too, so much, so much that it scares me sometimes and anyone that I’ve loved like this I’ve lost…Daniel…Robin…even Henry and I don’t want to lose you too and I just thought that maybe if I was…if I did enough then you wouldn’t want to leave…”

Emma smiles at her moving her head so that she can lean in and kiss Regina tenderly, a kiss soft and full of promise, before she tells her, “I could never leave you and it has nothing to do with your amazing sandwiches, but all to do with how incredible you already are.”


Belle French Appreciation Week 2017: Favorite Characteristic [x], Ch.6 (6/9)

In a world where every dating site swears by their algorithms and databases to find the most accurate match with a high percentage of compatibility, a new site is giving them all a run for their money. promises no data or algorithm, just a few people that *know* how to find your best match based on their instincts and their vibes.

Emma Swan is hired to investigate if there’s a fraud involved with the site’s claim of not using any type of statistics. That path leads her right into the hands of founder, Killian Jones, who promises her that he’ll prove he’s worth his salt by finding Emma her perfect match without any data or algorithms involved.

A new story by me, dedicated from the bottom of my heart to the wonderful @businesscasualprincess All the thanks in the world to my beta @sambethe

Tumblr: 1 2 3 4 5

Ashley & Sean

There was something about the docks early in the morning that made Emma feel at ease. The sea over the horizon line, the soft lull of the wind and the salty smell made her shoulders relax as she felt the breeze on her hair. That was until she remembered whom she was meeting and her traitorous heart fluttered in her chest.

She hadn’t been keen on agreeing to meet Killian here, but as he smugly pointed out, she was determined to interview this specific couple and neither of them could afford to skip work, so an early interview by the docks was all they could give her.

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Swanfire Week Day 1: Friendship
Make something that shows what makes Emma and Neal such a good match. How do their individual character traits/strengths compliment each other.

So there are a lot of scenes that show the friendship between Emma and Neal but this one always sticks out to me. Even after everything that’s happened, they  can laugh together so easily (you never really see either of them smile or laugh like this with anyone else). Also the line “I just want you to be happy Even if it isn’t with me.” shows what a good match they are for each other ‘cause in my opinion true love is wanting what’s best for the other person no matter what. 

tda modern high school au

i’ve seen this floating around so i wanted to take a stab at it (@blxthorns made me lolol)

i know its kinda written weird i was going for a mean girls kinda thing but also like a book synopsis? idk lmao if you want more/a sequel feel free to ask for more trash!

Malibu High is full of all sorts of different people. From the jocks to the nerds, you can find just about everyone here. But is there’s one family that really stands out, it’s the Blackthorns. They all share the same physical traits, curly brown hair and blue-green eyes and are all super active and hot. Seven kids and a whole lot of holy hell. 

They younget brother and the oldest sister, Tavvy and Helen, don’t go here. Helen’s MH alumni and Tavvy’s a future MH Dolphin, but that’s not the fun part.

The youngest is Dru, shes a freshmen and thirteen. She skipped sixth grade, so she got to MH a little early. She’s into horror and gothic stuff, but she’s freaking gorgeous and you can find ten guys a day staring.

Next are the twins, Livvy and Ty. They’re sophomores. They’re both ridiculously smart. Livvy’s into computers and Ty got moved into 12th grade bio. They’re inseparable.

Then, there’s the heart-throb of them all—Julain. He’s a junior and a painter and literally every girl in school has a crush on him. yet he’s had his eyes on the same girl since sixth grade.

Last but not least is Mark, and he’s a seinor. He spent a semester abroad last year and came back with lots of stories and a lamp.

Of course, next to the Blackthorn’s side, is their posse.

Mark has a girlfriend, Cristina, who moved to California from Mexico a few years back. They’re both also dating Kieran, the hot foreign exchange student. Everyone’s jealous of all three of them because its, like, against the law to have that many hot people in a threesome.

When Cristina came to Cali, So did Perfect Diego and his brother Jamie. “Perfect” isn’t just a nickname. Both boys have rock solid abs and amiles that’ll melt your heart. Cristina and Diego dated for a while back, but no one really talks about that. Diego’s a senior and Jamie’s a sophomore.

Jamie’s also kinda dating Dru, but she’s a freshman and a young one at that, but noo ne can tell and everyone ships them.

Then there’s Julian, and his best friend and girlfriend Emma. She’s got long blonde hair and a whole lot of sass. They’re perfect together and everyone knows it. Everyone shipped them even when Emma dated the red-head Ashdown kid. Emma’s also best friends with Cristina, which brings their dynamic even closer.

Last but not least is the trio everyone either loves, hates, or wishes they were apart of. The Blackthorn twins hardly let anyone in, but somehow Kit Herondale managed to get a spot at their table. he’s dating Ty and is Livvy’s best friend. Their dynamic is odd, but works so perfectly it’s not fair.

The whole school wants to be in the Blackthorn’s posse. Only few can. How is it possible for one family to be so perfect?

Castle on the Hill

English Literature PhD student Emma Swan just needs money to pay for her last semester of grad school tuition. Killian Jones has always dreamed of opening a bookshop but has never been able to afford it. So when the small principality of Misthaven is looking for their lost princess, the pair decide that this might just be the perfect money making scheme.

A Multi-chapter Modern Day + Lost Princess (think Rapunzel/Anastasia-esque) + Book Lovers in a Coffee Shop AU

Rating: T

Word Count: 40791/ ?

Prologue (Part 1 + 2) // Ch 1 // Ch 2 // Ch 3 // Ch 4 // Ch 5 // Ch 6

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Emma’s rejected kiss stings Killian all weekend. He tries to throw himself into work. To make up for taking Friday night off, he works the day and night shift on Saturday. It is just as well, the intense schedule keeps him busy and that is all he can ask for.

“What are you so down in the mouth about?” Ruby asks, when they swap shifts on Sunday.

“Tis nothing,” Killian mutters.

“Yeah, uh huh,” Ruby teases, folding her arms on the counter and propping up her chin on her hand, “Seriously, Killian, I’ve never seen you so forlorn. Tell Madame Ruby and she’ll sort out all your troubles.”

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Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 44

Without much fuss or any other questions, Jared did end up following me as I tugged his arm. That didn’t mean he wouldn’t ask me later when we were alone though. I could see the wheels in his head turning. Curiosity would get the best of him at some point and hopefully when it does, he goes to Shannon with his questions and not me.

Jared’s arm rested across my shoulders throughout the drive to the venue. He was quiet but so was I. It’s not like this was the time or place to really talk anyway. Resting my hand on his thigh, I leaned into him trying to get as close as possible. Feeling his nose against my temple, I smiled.

“Ready for tonight?” I asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Pulling up to the gates of the venue, people were already pressed against the temporary barriers. We were still hours away from the start of the concert but fans were literally everywhere.

“We got time. Let’s hit the barriers.” Jared said.

As it stood, we were only about an hour away from the Meet and Greet. After that, it was pictures and the Q & A session then they’d need to warm up for the show. The only time to really relax would be the next sixty minutes.

Shannon reluctantly nodded, he knew it wasn’t worth arguing with Jared. I think as much as Shannon loves to play and loves his fans, he needs way more down time than Jared. Not everyone can be go, go, go, all the time like him and I don’t think he really sees that.

On the flip side, Tomo seemed to be down for anything, he’s so go with the flow.

“Robert will take you in and help you find my dressing room. Try to relax a little bit, okay? I won’t be long.” Jared said as the van came to a stop.

“Of course. I’ll see you in a little while.” I said, blowing him a tiny kiss. “Don’t worry.”

“I always worry.” He responded with a wink.

The windows on the van weren’t tinted and I didn’t want to take a chance at anyone seeing what I was doing. If someone, God forbid, caught me kissing him and got a picture of it, all hell would break loose. I haven’t been around very long but I’ve already gotten a taste of how crazy some can be.

With a little smile, Jared followed Tomo and Shannon out, “See you soon.”

Grabbing his bag and mine, I gave it a minute then stepped out. Emma followed behind them to the barrier as Robert met me at the door, having already been at the venue with the rest of the crew.

“Here, let me help.” He said, taking Jared’s bag from my hand.

“Thank you! I swear he’s got rocks in there, it’s so heavy!” I laughed.

The crowd erupted as I turned around. I was just in time to see as all three were practically swallowed up by fans. It seemed they were all happily surprised the guys were walking over to them. Small gifts were being passed and within only a few minutes, Emma’s arms were practically full.

“Wow..” I muttered to myself.

“It’s pretty crazy, right?”

“It really is…”

Robert and I made our way through the hustle and bustle to find Sheep, their tour manager. We could have probably searched around and found Jared’s room but this way was much easier.

Heading to the stage, we found him working with the venue staff, with seemingly quite a bit of frustration as he tried to have set-up the way Jared wanted it. I remember back in Chicago, Jared had requested the same thing, absolutely no seating or tables, and staff at that venue fought his request too. In the end, he won out of course. The same would most likely happen here too. No is not a word he accepts very easily.

As we waited in the wings for him to finish his tense conversation, Evan, Shannon’s drum tech came up to us.

“Hey, you got a minute?” He asked Robert who then looked to me.

I didn’t want to be a burden, I mean, I am an adult who has managed to travel around the world on my own. I was quite confident I could manage to wait for Sheep on my own.

“I’m good! I’m going to wait for Sheep then head to Jared’s room. Don’t worry about me.”

Robert looked a bit unsure. I’m sure Jared gave him strict instructions to stay with me but I knew I’d be fine. Even Robert probably thought Jared’s request was a bit over the top.

“Really…” I said, reaching for Jared’s bag that he was still holding.

Robert nodded after a moment of thought then handed me the bag. As he stepped away, Sheep walked up and I almost laughed at Robert’s relieved expression.

“What can I do for you, Vivie?” Sheep asked.

“Can you point me to Jared’s dressing room? He’s with Emma and the guys doing an impromptu meet and greet outside.”

“Absolutely, love. Let me help you.” He said, taking both my bag as well as Jared’s, “Right this way.”

I just loved his very British manner not to mention his accent. Being stopped at least five times as we walked told me that he had much better and far more important things he needed to be doing. It was sweet of him to be so gracious.

Walking in Jared’s dressing room, Sheep put our bags on the table.

“Anything else I can do, love?”

“No, I’m fine…thank you.”

After Sheep left and I was alone, I finally felt like I could relax.

The air conditioning in the room was set low so I was freezing. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to grab a sweater but then remembered Jared had a sweatshirt in his bag. Pulling the hoodie out, I slipped it over my head.

There wasn’t much for me to do as I looked around the room but to wait. A small yawn creeped up and knowing tonight would be a long, late one, I decided to lay down. Walking to the couch I sat down and although it was comfortable, I know what tends to happen on these couches so before I laid my head on the pillow, I pulled the hood over my head.

It felt like my eyes were only closed for only minutes before I felt Jared’s hand caressing my cheek.

“Can I lay down with you, baby girl?”

Lifting my head with a smile, “Of course…” I said moving farther against the back of the couch.

Jared laid down facing me. Slipping one arm under my head, the other was at my waist. I couldn’t help tucking my head under his chin as I snuggled my body against his.

“Looks like you slept a little..”

I nodded as I cuddled into him.

“You cold?”

“Not now.” I laughed, “I’m glad I remembered you had this in your bag. It’s warm, fuzzy and smells like you. I love it.”

With his arms tightening around me I tilted my chin up so that we were eye to eye. Being this close to him, all I wanted was to feel him. To really feel okay again.

Lifting my lips to his, I cupped his cheek. My fingers caressed his soft beard as I pulled his lips to my parted ones. Our eyes closed as we kissed, taking in each other’s breath.

Jared hand slipped under my sweatshirt to gently trace his fingertips up my tummy then under my bra. Deepening our kiss as he took my breast in his hand, massaging it just the way he knew I liked. I softly moaned into his mouth as my mind and body fell in sync with his.

“You feel so good, baby.”

I could feel the stiffness of his cock against my hip with each time he thruster against me. Pulling my leg from between his we instinctively moved so that he was now on top of me between my spread legs. Once settled, Jared thrusted his hips hard, his cock rolling right across my clit in such a way that I nearly came apart right there.

“Oh my God..” I quietly moaned in his ear.

“Mmmm, baby.”

This was pure, old school making out and it felt so incredible.

Our hands were fisted in each other’s clothes, wanting so badly to rip them off but also not wanting to stop making out to do that either. Heavy pants were echoing around the room, we couldn’t get enough of each other.

“Fuck, I want you.” Jared whispered, thrusting his solid cock against my core one more time before pulling his hips back allowing room between us.

Reaching down, I felt his fingers pull the button of my jeans open then the zipper down. Quickly yanking them open, he harshly pushed his fingers between my legs, moving the crotch of my panties out of his way in what felt like one solid motion.

Covering my open mouth with his, knowing I wouldn’t be able to control myself, he pushed two fingers into my dripping hole. The palm of his hand cupping me, I couldn’t help my body’s reaction. Pressing my hips into his hand, I used my hand to try to pull my pants lower.

Damn these jeans were tight!!

Unfortunately, between the sweat and heat of doing all this fully clothed, they didn’t go far. Instead of getting frustrated though, I turned my attention to him.

“Fuck these jeans.” He growled, frustrated he didn’t have more room.

As he continued to pump his long fingers into my pussy, I pulled his shirt up then slipped my hand down into his joggers. On instinct, as soon as he felt my hand wrapping around his length, he thrusted into it.

In a matter of seconds, we were pumping in tune with each other. Both climbing higher and faster than either of us expected. Adding a third finger and using his palm to rub my clit, my body reacted so strongly I couldn’t even voice a single word.

Gripping his cock tighter, I continued to pump him in my hand as I felt the first deep pulsing of my orgasm hit me. I was simply too wrapped up in the moment to control myself at all.

I wasn’t alone though. Being so consumed, Jared’s moan barely registered. It wasn’t until a few moments later that I felt his cock twitching in my hands and realized he was riding out his own orgasm.

“Holy fuck, baby…” he said as I felt his body relax against mine, “I think we both needed that.”

Risk and Reward? // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

Prompt: To them, becoming friends with benefits seems like the absolute perfect idea. He’s madly in love with Lydia and she never wants to be in a relationship ever again. So, what could possibly go wrong, right? (Part 5 of 6)

Series: Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four - Part Six Epilogue

Warnings: NSFW, Mentions of Sexual Content, Mentions of Smut, Heated Makeout, Angst, and Swearing.

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC

Word Count: 5,511

Song: I Hate U, I Love U by Gnash Ft. Olivia O’Brien 


With a nervous sigh falling from my lips and my heart jumping up into my throat, I gently knocked on Stiles’ front door. The door I’ve grown so acostumed and comfortable to, but ever since last night… it’s now like it’s cold and unknown.

I internally cursed myself for picking him as a project partner back when we were still something. It seemed fun at the time, but now it’s just going to make things even more difficult and fucking akward.

School this morning was an absolute nightmare. It was as if the entire universe worked against us, forcing us to have literally all of our classes together. Stiles would give me such cold and distant stares and I wanted to cry everytime I laid my eyes on him.

Lunch was depressing with everyone engaged in mindless chatter and all I could fous on was how Stiles didn’t talk to me or even acknowledge my existence. It hurt like a bitch, but I guess I deserved it.

The worst part is not being able to talk to anyone about it. Normally, I would unload my stress to Stiles and he would always help me through it with such patience and devotion. But, when you don’t have even your best friend to talk to, what’s the point in even talking about something in the first place?

When Lydia and Malia suggested we work on our project today, I felt like I would actually scream. I’ve been trying to keep myself together at school, but at least I was constantly distracted there. What will I do when I have to actually spend time and speak to him? God, I hope I don’t break down in front of everyone.

My heart beat rose everytime I heard the faint sound of his footsteps approaching closer to the door. At the same time that I took one last deep breath, the door to the Stilinski home flew open and there he stood. The boy that I so desperately want but can’t gather the courage to have.

His eyebrows rose when he saw that the one who knocked was actually me and, then, he did something so simple yet so painful; Stiles sighed.

“Hi.” I nervously greeted, my breath hitching in his presence.

“Hi.” Stiles responded with a harsh voice. “I didn’t think you’d actually come today.”

“I had to.” I shrugged, forcing myself to breathe again. “I need the grade just as much as the rest of you.”

“Look, if you want, I can just tell the girls you’re sick and we can put your name on the paper.” He suggested and I scoffed at his offensive idea.

“I want to participate, Stiles.” I stated, pushing past him and entering the house. I could see Stiles roll his eyes as I passed by. “And, besides, we need to learn how to work with each other. Don’t we have that pack party, tomorrow?”

“Yes, we do.” He shut the door behind me, sighing.

“Right, so.” I turned around to look at him, but watched as he walked in front of me and sat down at the last step of his staircase. “We use our time together today to practice for tomorrow.”

“Emma, we’ve already spent time today at school.” Stiles looked up at me and my heart fluttered at how golden his eyes sparkled in the sunlight.

“Oh, you mean how you gave me the cold shoulder the entire time and any werewolf in their right mind would be able to sense your anger towards me?” I folded my arms across my chest. “Stiles, we need to pretend that we’re okay.”

“But, we’re not okay, Emma!” Stiles shouted, suddenly standing up from the step. “You and I are far from being okay!”

“Stiles, I’m sorr-”

“Don’t give me your careless apologies.” He interrupted and I felt my blood begin to boil.

“They’re not careless apologies!” This time I was the one yelling and Stiles was taken aback. “God, Stiles! Don’t you get it?! I’m fucking damaged and you can’t fix me! So, stop trying to make yourself the victim here and try to understand my point of view!”

Stiles looked at me with perplexed eyes and he swallowed anxiously before taking a step towards me. I felt nervous at his approach, but I didn’t budge. He stared with concentration on his face and I didn’t know if I would be ready to hear what he had to say.

“I know that I can’t fix you because I’m broken, too. Maybe not in the love department and more in the sanity department, but I get it. We are this way because of what life has done to us.” He spoke with a steady voice. “But, Emma, we don’t have to stay this way. We can help each other be better. I don’t want to fix you, I just want to love you.”

I definitely wasn’t ready to hear his words because now I’m left standing in front of him with tears threatening to roll down my flushed cheeks.

“I’m just so scared to touch happiness and then have it taken away from me, again.” I confessed with a quiet voice and I cringed at how honest I was being with him. I’ve never been this honest with anyone before and it’s absolutely terrifying.

Stiles reached out to me and wrapped his arms around my body, my head resting on his chest and I felt at home again when I took in his familiar smell. The tears commited to their threats and were now falling from my eyes, freely. It was all too much and I didn’t know how to handle it.

“Emma, if I have any say in your happiness.” Stiles spoke, his chin settling on my hair. “I swear, I won’t let it be taken away.”

Taking a deep breath, I gently pushed myself out of his embrace and Stiles stared at me with a confused look. I brought my hair away from my face and put it behind my ear.

“I already told you, Stiles.” I let out a hitched breath, not being able to look him in the eyes. “I can’t risk it.”

An annoyed sigh fell from his lips and my heart stung in pain. He was no longer the soft Stiles he was a few seconds ago and is now back to being angry and cold. I swallowed anxiously as he pointed his finger and opened his mouth to say something, probably harsh, to me. But, he was immediately interrupted with the sound of the doorbell ringing.

Stiles rolled his eyes and rubbed his face in frustration before hesitantly walking towards the door and opening it. I turned around to see a smiling Lydia and Malia standing on the other side.

“Hey, guys!” The red head greeted first and already walked into the Stilinski home, the were-coyote following right behind. “Ready to get our writing on?”

“What?” Stiles impatiently asked, shutting the front door.

“Our short story?” Lydia raised an eyebrow at him, narrowing her eyes. “You know, the whole reason why we’ll be holding pencils in our hands instead of drinks?”

“Whoa, Emma. Are you okay?” Malia, suddenly, spoke with a concerned expression. “You have tears all over your cheeks.”


“Oh, she just stubbed her pinky toe on the staircase, there.” Stiles interrupted me, coming up with a better lie than I could ever try to. “She’ll be fine.”

I didn’t trust the pace of my heartbeat to verbally agree with his story, so I just nodded and wiped my tears away instead.

“Alright, well.” Lydia spoke up, pulling all of our attentions towards her. “Let’s get to work.”

The process of writing a short story with three other people has been, surprisingly, infuriating. Malia wanted to write a thriller, I wanted comedy, and Lydia and Stiles insisted on romance. Even though there were only two of them, they were the majority afterall and we are now stuck writing some ridiculous cliché love story.

I was beyond mad that I’d have to be supporting such an absurd short story, but honestly, I was more furious at how much Lydia was being all flirty will Stiles today. I guess some feelings must have sparked in her when they kissed the other night and now she’s pratically throwing herself at him. At my- at Stiles. And it made me sick to my stomach.

“Are you kidding me, right now?” Lydia sighed in annoyance. “She so would!”

“Lydia, no she wouldn’t!” I disagreed and the banshee, immediately, shook her head.

“Emma, she just saw her true love with someone else. Do you really think she’d disrupt the small possibility of him being happy?”

“Lyds, no one in their right mind would ever just walk away from the love of their life.”

“You sure about that?.” Stiles scoffed, looking up at me with harsh eyes. “Because I know someone who’s done it.”

I wanted to scream and pull all of the hairs off of my head at his comment clearly directed at me. He knew it would hurt me and he said it anyway. I closed my eyes shut and sighed.

“How about we take a break?” I suggested, not even being able to look at Stiles anymore and everyone agreed with my idea.

“I could seriously go for some food, right now.” Malia groaned and I smiled at how pure this girl is.

“There’s some pizza in the fridge.” Stiles stated, pointing towards the kitchen. “And, no, the toppings do not include deer.”

“Well, at least it’s something.” The were-coyote shrugged, getting up from her seat and walking towards her food source.

Silence filled our little circle sitting at the dining table and I actually felt at peace, letting myself lean back on my chair and shut my eyes for a little. I tried my best to tune out the starting of a conversation between Stiles and Lydia and just ignore them. I’m not going to be someone who rejects a boy and, then, not allow him to date other girls. It’s wrong, ridiculous and not me.

“So, Emma.” I heard Lydia’s voice calling my name and I internally groaned. “I hear you have a date with Theo tonight.”

My eyes immediately snapped open and fear consumed my entire being. I quickly glanced at Stiles before looking at Lydia and his face was a mixture of devastation and infuriation.

“How the hell do you know that?!” I exclaimed and Lydia just smiled, cockily.

“Honey, I know everything.” She pushed her red hair over her shoulder with her perfectly manicured hands.

“Lydia.” I sighed, saying her name in a warning tone.

“Fine. Theo told Scott who told Kira who, accidently, spilled to me.”

“Oh, my God. He is such an idiot.” I groaned, trying to ignore the heated stare filled with rage Stiles was giving me.

“Yeah, but he’s a pretty hot idiot.” Lydia chuckled and I couldn’t bring myself to laugh with her.

I didn’t even want to go on this stupid date with him in the first place. I’m only doing this so I can find a way to just let Stiles go. I need another man in my system to push out my feelings for him and Theo was the easiest grab.

“Are you going to have sex with him?” Lydia eagerily asked and my stomach flipped, but not in a pleasant way. “I know it’s the first date, but come on! He’s too sexy to not crave a touch.”

I didn’t even need to look at Stiles to know how uncomfortable he must be. The annoyed body movements I could sense through the corner of my eye were enough for it to be evident.

I opened my mouth to speak, but was quickly interrupted by a curious Lydia.

“I wonder if he’s a big softie or someone who’s into some really rough sex. I think he likes it hard, he just seems like it.” She continued speaking and I cringed at every word that came out of her mouth. “Emma, when you’re having sex with him, will you be the type of girl that loves getting your hair pulled-”

The sound of Stiles’ chair screeching across the tiles shut Lydia’s mouth and we both snapped our heads towards him, immediately. I looked up at him with an apology already written on my face as he slid his chair out from under the table and stood up.

“This conversation clearly isn’t for me.” Stiles stated with disgust in his voice, his cold and displeased eyes locked on mine. “I’m going to the kitchen.”

I nervously nodded, my eyes falling to the floor and he left the room without another word.

“Geez.” Lydia scoffed once he was gone. “What’s the matter with him?”

“I don’t know.” I lied, thankfull she couldn’t hear the change in the pace of my heartbeat.

“Actually, you know what? What’s been going on with the both of you lately?” I immediately looked up at her in fear. “You and Stiles have been all weird and the tension between you two was practically palpable at lunch today. What’s going on, Em?”

“Stiles and I disagree on too many things.” I sighed, trying to nonchalantly shrug. “It’s starting to take a toll on our friendship.”

“Well, you two should fix that soon. We’re all best friends, Emma, we can’t be mad at each other.”

I looked at my arm that was tingling with the memory of Stiles’ fingers caressing my skin, his touch ghosting my body, and I gave Lydia a weak smile. “I’m trying.”

The sound of Malia stumbling back into the dining room with two pizzas in her hand, one she was just holding and the other was currently being stuffed inside her mouth, caught both of our attentions in an instant.

“Guys, there’s so much.” She mumbled, happily, with a mouth full of food and Lydia cringed. “You should go eat, too.”

“I’m good.” Lydia shook her head in disgust at Malia and I smiled.

“I think I’m gonna have myself a slice.” I stated, but really I just wanted to go talk to Stiles alone.

Getting up from my seat and walking towards the kitchen, my nerves were on the surface of my skin. Once I was were I wanted to be, I noticed Stiles leaning against the cupboards and gulping down an alcoholic drink.

“Do you really think you should do that to yourself?” I asked, approaching him and Stiles swallowed the liquid.

“Do you really think you should go on a date with Theo Raeken?” Stiles retorted and I groaned, rolling my eyes.


“How could you not tell me? How could you let me think I actually had a chance with you?” He interrupted and I was starting to get really annoyed at this pesky habit of his.

“Stiles, I never let you think you had a chance with me.” I stated with a stern voice and his eyes fell to the floor, my words wounding him. “I’ve been telling you since the beginning that I didn’t want anything serious.”

“I’m tired of you saying that.”

“I’m tired of you trying to break our agreement! I made it clear to you that I wanted, and still want, a distraction not a boyfriend!”

“Is that why you’re going on this date with Theo?” Stiled asked, folding his arms against his chest. “Because he’s just a distraction?”

I relunctantly nodded, not actually wanting to give him that much information.

“Like me?”

The world felt like it just fell at my feet as soon as those words left his lips and my entire heart broke into a million pieces. I didn’t even want to answer because I, honestly, didn’t know how to.

But, by the look of devastation in Stiles’ eyes at my lack of a response, it was enough for him to come to his own conclusions.

“I can’t do this, anymore.” Stiles shook his head, standing up and slamming his bottle down on the counter.

“Me neither.” I agreed through a pained heart.

“Then, I guess this it.” He sighed, shrugging at me. “This is how we end things between us.”

“I guess so.” I agreed, desperately holding back the tears that wanted to fall.

“Have a nice life with Theo.” Stiles stated bitterly, starting to walk away from me and towards the dining room where the girls were.

“Have a nice life with Lydia!”

Stiles immediately stopped in his tracks and turned around to stare at me with a perplexed expression. “What?”

“Oh, come on, Stiles.” I scoffed, walking up to him again. “She’s so obviously into you. Don’t be that blind.”

He licked his lips before gazing at me with soft eyes only to have them go back to their harsh and icy state.

“I’m not blind. I’m just too busy being in love with someone else to notice.”

I shut my eyes as soon as he finished speaking to forbid any tears from making their escape and I could feel Stiles distance himself away from me and leave. I quickly opened my eyes and took a deep breath before entering the dining room.

“Hey, guys, I’m gonna head out.” I spoke, my voice steady even though it desperately wanted to crack. “I have to start getting ready for tonight.”

“Okay.” Lydia smiled kindly at me. “There’s not a lot left to finish the story, anyway. Go have fun on your date, girl.”

“Thanks.” I smiled back and, both, she and Malia waved goodbye to me.

Glancing at Stiles one last time, I opened the front door to his house. There were dozens of emotions swimming in his eyes and I was able to read into all of them. Don’t go, I can’t believe you’d betray me like this, You’re being reckless to me and to yourself were all there. However, the strongest one was I don’t want things to end like this between us. I don’t want things to end at all. and I couldn’t help but feel the same way.


The date with Theo so far has been an actual pleasant surprise. He picked me up at my house on time and even brought me a bouquet of flowers, which I was not expecting at all. They were my favorite kind and I wondered how he could possibly know such an intimate detail about myself.

We went to a fancy restaurant downtown for dinner and the whole night had been a nice one. Theo was so much of a gentleman that it actually freaked me out a bit. He never touched me in any inapporiate way or stated any comments that made me feel uncomfortable. Theo was charming and courteous.

When we finished eating, he paid the bill and gave the waiter a generous tip. I haven’t touched a single door tonight because he’s been opening every single one of them for me. Sure, Theo was gracious and amicable and I had a shockingly pleasant night, but I still can’t get Stiles out of my head.

I guess it’s time to crank it up a notch.

“Here we are.” Theo stated, pulling his car into my driveway. He put it in park and turned to look at me with a smile. “I had a really great time tonight.”

“Me, too.” I smiled back, trying to look interested in him even though I was far from it. “Thank you for the invitation.”

“Thank you for accepting it.” He began to inch closer to me and I felt nervous at his actions. Theo reached his hand up to my cheek and I had to maintain every bit of self control I had to not flinch away. He looked straight into my eyes and I could feel his lips approaching my own. “Emma, you’re so gorgeous.”

“Thank you.” I answered before he crashed his mouth on mine, suddenly.

It took me a few seconds to close my eyes and give into the kiss, begrudgingly. He was so urgent and, yet, careless. It’s nothing like the mind-blowing kisses I’ve shared with Stiles. This kiss is lazy and absolutely unpleasant. At one point I even opened my eyes to see if he was serious and I internally groaned when I realized this is exactly how he kisses.

My God, Theo Raeken is an awful kisser.

I thanked God when he slowly broke our kiss and rested his forehead on mine. He breathed heavily and as did I, his thumb now caressing my cheek.

“Emma, are your parents home?” Theo asked and I knew where he wanted to go with this question.

“No, they’re at some dinner party.” I said the honest truth and the werewolf grinned at me. “They’ll be home really late.”

“Can I walk you inside?” Theo smirked and my heart beat faster.

That request isn’t just any request. He wants to walk me inside of my house with my parents gone and that can only mean one thing.

The internal battle I was having was like no other and it made my head spin.

On one hand, I wanted to do this. It was my plan in the first place. I wanted to get with Theo so I could find a way to forget Stiles.

Yet, on the other hand… I didn’t want to forget Stiles. My attachment to him has become so deep at this point that I can’t even see myself laying down with another man. None of them interest me, only Stiles Stilinski does.

But, I ruined everything with the boy I love. He offered me more than just a friendship and I declined it. I hurt him in a way that no one ever has and I can’t take that back. Stiles, can’t take me back. He won’t. Not anymore.


Theo smiled before turning off the ignition to his car and we both got out. I walked over to the front door first, pulling my house keys out of my purse and putting the right key into the lock. With a sigh escaping my lips and mentally preparing myself for the burden that is about to come, I unlocked the door. Pushing it open, we both stepped inside and I turned on the light to the living room.

“Do you want anything to drink?” I asked, putting my purse and keys on the living room couch.

“Well, that depends.” Theo cocked an eyebrow. “Are you drinking anything?”

You bet your ass I’m drinking something, considering it’ll be the only thing able to get me through this night with you.

“Yes, I am.” I grinned, walking towards the kitchen.

“Then, I’ll have one too.” He agreed and followed behind me.

We both entered the kitchen and I strode over to the refrigerator to grab an already opened bottle of wine I may or may not have taken a few swings from as I got ready for this date. Theo’s eyes were on me the entire time that I placed the bottle on the counter. I could feel them burning into me with a feeling I’ve grown so acostumed to; lust.

Reaching up on the top cupboards to get glasses for the drinks, I suddenly felt his hands wrap around my waist and his face settle on my shoulder. I tensed up, immediately, and I strived to not drop the glasses down on the floor. I’ve already shattered too many things lately, I don’t need to add my parents’ wine glasses to that list.

“What'cha doing?” I asked with a playfull voice, trying my best to cover up my repulsion.

“Hugging a beautiful lady.” Theo stated against my neck, his breath dancing on my skin and eerie chills ran down my spine.

“Well, this beautiful lady wants to pour wine for the both of us.” I retorted, putting the glasses on the counter.

“Do you really want to drink wine-” Theo spun me around to face him, his face now aligned with mine as his hands gripped onto my waist. “-or would you rather kiss me?”

I internally laughed at his seduction attempt and it took everything I had in me to keep my laughs from escaping my mouth.

I didn’t even have the opportunity to answer before he attached his lips on mine with another pathetic kiss. Pushing aside all of the negative thoughts I had towards this and towards him, I wrapped my arm around his neck and kissed him back with passion. I deepened it by adding tongue and Theo moaned into my mouth in response.

His fingers touched the hem of my black dress, slightly hitching it up to graze my thighs and all I could do was picture Stiles’ hands on me, squeezing at just the right pressure to get me extremely turned on.

I moaned at the thought of the boy I loved and I felt Theo’s lips curl into a smile against mine, assuming I was turned on by him.

I broke the kiss when I needed to breathe again and Theo’s lips moved down to my neck, seemingly addicted to me. He left wet kisses on my skin and I brought Stiles back into the front of my mind.

I thought about his fingers hitching my dress up and softly touching my core under my panties, the wetness already there and always ready for him. I imagined his mouth sucking on my pulse point in that delicious way that only he knows how to perfectly ensue. I pictured his filthy moans right below my ear, sending shock waves all throughout my body.

I was here with another man and, yet, all I could truly feel was Stiles Stilinski’s touches igniting my skin and body like no other. It was his lips caressing my neck that I craved. It was his touch that I needed the most. It was his arms that I dreamt of being in. It was Stiles Stilinski that I truly wanted and loved.

And I’m finally ready to accept that.

I don’t want meaningless one night stands with strangers or people that I barely care about. I don’t want to be alone without the one boy I hold dear to my heart. I want everything that Stiles admitted he also wanted yesterday and I want it with him.

I may not be ready for it and it may be one of the most dangerous things I get myself into, but I want a relationship with Stiles Stilinski.

The sudden feeling of Theo tugging my zipper down my dress snapped me back to reality and I, immediately, reached my hand behind my back to halt his invasive actions.

“Stop.” I protested and he followed my orders, looking up at me with confused eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Theo asked, bringing his hand to settle back on my waist.

“I can’t do this with you.” I stated, detaching his hands from my body and taking a step aside, away from him.

“Why?” His arms fell to his sides and I took a deep breath.

“Because I’m in love with someone else.”

“You’re in love with someone else?” Theo folded his arms across his chest and narrowed his eyes at me. “Who is he?”

“It doesn’t matter.” I shook my head, swallowing nervously. “I’m sorry that I led you on tonight, but I think you should probably go.”

“Emma, who is it?” He continued to press. “You owe me at least that.”

“Theo,” I sighed, squinting my eyes at him. “I don’t owe you anything.”

“I bought you flowers and paid for dinner!” His voice was almost a shout.

“Wow.” I grimaced, astonished at his words. “So, the whole night, you being a gentleman was all just an act?”

“I’m not gonna ask you again.” Theo spoke with a low voice, attempting to scare me.

Contrary to his beliefs, it did not work. I wasn’t threatened at his abusive use of that statement, I was furious that he thinks he can actually talk to me like that. I am not some chick who let’s guys walk all over her. I am Emma Miller and I demand some fucking respect.

“Get out.” I ordered, pointing to my front door without taking my eyes off of him.


“Get. Out.” I spat, my words harsh. “It’s not that difficult to understand what I’m saying.”

Theo stared at me with a stunned expression and I smirked. The werewolf took a deep breath before releasing his arms and letting them fall back down on his sides.

“You’re making a huge mistake.” He hissed and I maintained my grin.

“No, I’m not. The real mistake I made was rejecting the boy I love and going on a date with you.”

The words left my tongue with the intention of hurting and by the look of offense on Theo’s face, I knew that it had worked.

“I can be better than him.” He continued to try and plead his case. “I can give you everything you need!”

What I need is Stiles.

“Theo, why are you still here?” I hissed, glaring at him. “I told you to leave.”

He let out an angry huff and sighed, stomping all the way to my front door. Theo opened the door and turned to look at me one last time.

“You’re gonna regret this.” He stated and I laughed.

“No, I’m not.”

Theo left my house without another word and I, finally, let myself properly breath. I had succummed to a new feeling of peace and I was so thankfull for it.

I shamelessly did a little dance of vitory in the middle of the kitchen and smiled the biggest smile my lips could ever put together.

Sure, I’ve had my fair share of terrible relationships and dealt with numerous different heartbreaks. But, all of that didn’t seem to matter anymore. What mattered to me was being with Stiles and loving him unconditionally.

I’m ready to be with him. I’m ready to love him. And I’m ready to tell him.


With the most honest and happy smile I’ve ever had, I parked my car into Stiles’ driveway and turned it off. Putting my keys into my purse and taking it into my hands, I opened the door and carefully shut it behind me.

My heart beat faster everytime I took a step closer to the front door, noticing the light was on in the Stilinski living room. The feeling of exciment roared in my veins as I lifted my arm to knock on the wooden door.

Suddenly, I heard the faint sound of a girl’s laughter coming from inside the house and I stopped myself before I could. I instantly recognized the voice and the excitement in my blood was replaced with fear.

Bringing my hands back down, I decided to do something that I’ve always been against. But, I knew it was necessary for this situation if I wanted to get out of here unscathed.

Internally cursing myself for even doing so, I crouched down and crawled my way towards the huge window in the living room. The grass prickled my knees thanks to the short dress I was still wearing and it stung my skin like a bitch. It felt so stupid to try and sneak around like this and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the neighbors called the police when they see me act so pathetic and desperate.

Carefully, hovering up just a little bit, I peeked through the opened window and my heart stopped at the sight before me.

Lydia and Stiles were sitting on his couch, their bodies inches apart, and laughing with their entire soul and being. I gave a weak smile at how relaxed and happy Stiles looked as he enjoyed this moment of laughter.

I couldn’t bring myself to actually do anything other than watch the two spend time on, what I assume is, their date. Stiles was calm and content, two feelings I definitely haven’t offered him lately.

It was when Lydia leaned and placed her lips on Stiles’ that my blood went icy cold and I felt my heart shatter. As tears poured down my cheeks, I decided that this was enough.

Crawling back to the front of their door, I stood up from the ground. I wiped away the dirt and grass on my legs and took a deep breath.

Stiles deserves to be happy and if he sees that happiness in Lydia, there is no way in hell I’m going to be an obstacle.

And so I did the one thing I’d never expect myself to.

The main thing I disagreed on when we were all writing our short story.

With my heart falling deep into a painful abyss, I wiped my tears off my cheeks and just walked away.


Screw Your Lipstick! 

Summary: Regina drops by one morning to deliver Emma’s lunch and Emma jokingly gives her a citation for being way too sexy.  Little does the Mayor know that the Sheriff intends to make her pay the ticket’s fine, one way or another.

A Few Inches Mean Everything (Or Nothing At All)      

Summary: Emma Swan had just discovered a hidden treasure at her girlfriend’s closet.

Let’s Have Another One      

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Thank You for Raising Henry

Summary: Emma thanks Regina for raising Henry.

Happy Ending

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i’ve never missed a stranger before (I think it’s nice)

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of school fairs and secret stares      

Summary: “And you’re sure people will pay money to do this?”
Henry nodded, dropping the last apple into the barrel of water. “Trust me.”


Summary: Regina understands the importance of tokens and sets out to help a heartbroken Emma.

Conference Call      

Summary: Emma puts a whole new spin on the idea of a “conference call”.

Distraction, Reaction

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The Actress Hasn’t Learned the Lines (You’d Like to Hear)

Summary: At least, that’s how Regina feels.  The Charmings take a nice, relaxing family vacation, although things don’t start out quite so smoothly.   Warning: fluff so sweet it’ll give you cavities.


It looked like a closet, but it wasn’t      

Summary: ‘It had been only half an hour until regular closing time, so Emma had considered half an hour with limited space - and Regina - the better option. Come on, how hard could it be? Emma was glad, that Regina was not able to see the miserable expression, that settled on her features as she realized her fatal mistake.’

Each Happy Ending’s A Brand New Beginning      

Summary: The little girl grinned as she looked up at her parents. “Daddy, is that story true?” “It absolutely is,” came another voice from the hallway.

This Could Be Paradise

Summary: Regina and Emma feel their baby kick for the first time. The sugariest, sweetest bit of fluff you will ever read (but okay, there is a tiny bit of angst in here, too). Warning: mild language.


Summary: Regina finds Emma injured after she attempts to go horse riding for the first time, alone.  

of ice packs and celebrations 

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what good people do

Summary: “It’s like the fire all over again, but with their roles reversed. Regina remembers Emma’s words after they’d escaped the blaze - 'next time I’ll do the same thing, and the time after that, because that is what decent human beings do, that’s what good people do’ - and wonders if she’s being a good person right now.”

The Sun Must Set to Rise

Summary: “I don’t know what mothers are supposed to do with their daughters. Emma, I don’t want to be her.” Regina is freaking out, but Emma can bring her back down to earth.


Summary: cute right?

98 and ¾ Percent Guaranteed      

Summary: It’s been true though. I have been in Lurches and Slumps and I managed to find my way out. But now I’m stuck in The Waiting Place. And I’m just tired. I’m tired of waiting, Mary Margaret. So I need to do what the book says and head straight out of town. I need the wide open air.


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That’s What We Should Choose

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I Want You To Want Me

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Plain as Anyone Can See

Summary: [Emma is left temporarily blinded after a car accident with MM, and spends a week with Regina and Henry.]

A Little Bit More

Summmary: “Remind me again why I have to be the Grinch?” Regina huffed. Emma laughed softly. “Because I’m singing and Henry’s reading the rest of the story. And because you can’t resist that smile on your daughter’s face.”  

Seek And You Shall Find

Summary: “Regina Mills and Emma Swan were seekers on opposite sides of the Hogwarts’s quidditch teams.” Harry Potter Crossover AU


Summary: Emma gets into some trouble while out with Henry. Regina is not impressed.


Summary: “I assure you, I can stay warm without looking like a villain from the Ghostbusters,” Regina snorts, pulling her gloves on—leather, of course. Emma would even bet that they weren’t even the warm leather gloves. Regina would wear simple driving gloves to take a child sledding.

I’ll Never Have A Family Again (Or Will I?) 

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Operation: Tree House Is a Go

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Of Pleasant Surprises

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 Through a Rose-Coloured Camera Lens

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A Fine Line

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Summary: Magic baby fic - Emma and Regina are expecting the birth of their first child


Summary: Angsty fluff inspired by a few lines from FUN.- We Are Young"My lover, she is waiting for me, just across the bar. My seats been taken by some sunglasses, asking 'bout a scar.”


Summary: Emma comes to town and Regina is okay with it. Until Emma starts hitting on Regina and Regina doesn’t quite know what to do.


Summary: When she discovered lasagna, it felt like a stroke of luck and genius. It was simple enough she was hard put to screw it up and there was so much that could be done with it; Make it with meat, make it without, make it with different types of cheeses, add different spices. It became a game to see how many different combinations she could make and if Henry ever noticed how limited their diet was he was kind enough not to say.

It Was Amazing Not Kissing You

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Happy Birthday, Savior 

Summary: Emma’s birthday. A candle. A desire.
And also something new.

A Thousand Years

Summary: Regina reflects on her and Emma’s relationship as she walks down the aisle

Meeting the Future In-Laws (Or Our Crazy, Mixed Up Family Life)

Summary: Meeting the future in-laws for the first time is never easy. Especially if they are Snow White and Prince Charming… and you’re Regina.

Love Her Like She’s Leaving

Summary: You fight against your feelings for the longest time, harder than you fought many battles in your lifetime. You refuse to accept that she makes you weak in the knees, makes your heart melt when she gives you her most sheepish grin, makes you forget who you are, whose daughter she is.
Swan Queen, inspired by Brad Paisley’s song of the same name

CS FF- A Chance at Love: Part 1/2

Summary: Princess Emma is being forced to marry Prince Neal.  Unable to go through with it, she runs out of her wedding and escapes in a rowboat.  Her father hires the pirate, Captain Killian Jones, to bring her back.  But the feisty princess and snarky pirate don’t exactly hit it off right away.

Rating: G

Note: Thanks for the responses to Every Little Thing.  This was originally supposed to be a one-shot, but it got too long so I broke it up into two parts.  Part two will be posted in a couple of days.   I hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…A Chance at Love: Part ½…

Princess Emma stared at her reflection in the mirror.  Her wedding dress was beautiful.  It had a full skirt with beading all over it and the bodice.  A sweetheart neckline left just enough to the imagination.  A diamond encrusted crown sat atop her hair, which was piled into a mass of curls.  She looked every bit the princess she was.  But she found herself frowning at her reflection.  

Her mother appeared by her side.  “You look beautiful, sweetheart.”

“I can’t do this,” she said softly.

Queen Mary Margaret sighed.  “Emma, not this again.  Please, it’s your wedding day.”

She turned to face her mother.  “I don’t want to marry Prince Neal.  We’ve only met once and for only a few minutes.  I don’t love him.”

“You will come to love him.  This is what’s best for our kingdom and our people.  We can join two kingdoms together today.  I know it’s a sacrifice, but as royalty we must put the needs of our people ahead of our own.”

Emma felt tears fill her eyes, as her father, King David, walked into the dressing room and smiled at his daughter.

“You look lovely, honey.”

“Dad, I can’t marry him,” she said.

David glanced at his wife. “This again?”

Mary Margaret shrugged, as David approached Emma and placed his hands on her shoulders.

“I know you wished to marry for love, but that is not possible when you’re royalty.  You’ve been betrothed to Prince Neal since before you were born.  He is a good man.  You will learn to love him.”

“You and mom married for love,” she countered.

“It was different for us,” her father said, smiling at his wife.  “Fate played a part in our union.  As you know, I was out in the village market one day when I saw your mother.  It was love at first sight.”

The queen nodded.  “I didn’t know who your father was and he didn’t realize who I was.  We gave false names to each other.  He pretended to be a simple blacksmith and I pretended to be a peasant.  When you’re royalty, it’s difficult to know when someone is interested in you for you.”

“We began a romance, but we were already betrothed to two people we had never even met.  We planned to run away together, but we each knew we couldn’t hurt our families or our kingdom in that way. We finally revealed our true identities to each other.”

Mary Margaret smiled as she placed her hand in her husband’s.  “And when we did, we realized we were already betrothed to each other and didn’t even know it.”

Emma nodded at the story she’d heard a thousand times.  “But it doesn’t change the fact that you still married for love.”

“Our point is that we were meant to be, so we would have fallen in love no matter what.  The same can happen for you and Prince Neal,” her mother said.

“You two were lucky.  Not everyone is.”

Suddenly, they heard music begin to play.  

“It’s time,” King David said.

Emma took a deep breath as she looked at herself in the mirror one last time.  She then slipped her arm into her father’s and he led the way out.

They walked to the grand ballroom and the doors opened before them.  Emma looked at all of the guests, most royalty.  She felt her stomach begin to do flips as she walked down the aisle toward Neal.  She couldn’t even stand to look at him.  This would only be the second time they had laid eyes on each other, but Emma knew right from the start that he was not the one for her.  

They finally made it to the end of the aisle.  Her father lifted her veil and kissed her cheek.  He then placed her hand in Neal’s and took his seat.  

Emma looked at Neal for the first time since she’d entered the room. She searched his eyes for something, anything, that told her love could grow between them one day.  But she found nothing.  She knew she would never grow to love him.  She knew it deep in her heart and soul.  

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.  “I can’t do this.”

She pulled her hand free of Neal’s.  Emma yanked off her veil and crown and tossed them into the aisle.  Then she ran toward a side exit.

“Emma!” her parents called after her.

Emma kept running right out of the castle, past guards who were too stunned to react.  She lifted the skirt of her gown and ran all the way to the harbor.  Once there, she found a rowboat and jumped in.  She began to row out into the water.

Captain Killian Jones sauntered into the grand ballroom.  The guests were now gone, but it was still decorated with thousands of flowers.

“It’s about time,” the king said.  “I summoned you hours ago.”

Killian ignored him and gestured around the room as he came to stand before King David, the lone occupant of the room.

“Seems there was a rather extravagant event here.  My invitation must have been misplaced.”

The king’s jaw tightened. “You know exactly what was to occur today.  My daughter was to wed Prince Neal.”

“I’m sensing things did not go off without a hitch.

“Emma ran out of her wedding.  She took a rowboat out into the ocean.”

Killian grinned.  “Rather dramatic, isn’t she?”

King David ignored him.  “I need you to bring her back.  Your tardiness has given her quite the head start as it is.    I would send my own men, but they’ve known her all of her life and she is quite persuasive.  I fear she would convince them to let her go.”

“But I wouldn’t?”

The king shook his head. “You’ve never met her and you’re a pirate.  You care about one thing and one thing only: yourself.”

He shrugged.  “I’m afraid I can’t argue with that.”

“Bring my daughter back to me and I will reward you handsomely.”

“How handsomely?”

King David held a 3 carat purple diamond out to him.  It was the rarest of jewels and something sought by every pirate. Killian had been chasing it for years.  His eyes lit up and his hand reached out to touch it.

“It’s magnificent,” he whispered in awe.

King David pulled it out of his reach.  “Bring Emma back within 24 hours and it is yours.”

Killian nodded.  “I can do better than that.  Your daughter will be returned to you before daybreak.”

“See that she is,” he said.  

With that, Killian turned on his heel and exited the ballroom.

Emma rowed until every muscle in her arms ached.  She kept looking behind her, certain that her father’s ship would soon follow.  But it didn’t.  She rested for a few moments and then continued to row.  Suddenly, she felt her boat hit something and come to an abrupt stop.  She groaned as she looked down into the water.  She had hit a reef and the boat was damaged.  Water had already begun to slowly seep in.

Suddenly, a ship seemed to appear out of nowhere.  Emma flooded with relief at the sight of the ship.  Even more so because it wasn’t her father’s.

She waved her arms and the ship pulled up beside her.  A man came to stand on the deck and looked down at her.  

“Ah, princess, it looks as if you have run into a bit of trouble.”

Emma’s mouth turned downwards as she realized who he was.  She had never met him, but she recognized his ship and knew that he did her father’s dirty work from time to time.

“Allow me to be of assistance,” he said.

“I don’t need or want your help.”

“Where are my manners?  Allow me to introduce myself.”

“I know who you are.  You’re the pirate who does my father’s dirty work.”

He cocked an eyebrow.  “I see my reputation precedes me.  Captain Killian Jones, at your service.”

“My service?  You’re only here because my father hired you.  You don’t really want to help me.”

Killian shrugged. “I’m afraid I can’t argue with that.  But your boat is rapidly filling with water.  I don’t see that you have much of a choice.  Climb aboard.”

“I always have a choice.  I can repair the boat somehow.”

He laughed.  “What do you plan on doing exactly?  Stuffing your ample gown into the hole?”

Emma didn’t reply.  Killian sighed and lowered himself down into one of the emergency rowboats.  He rowed over to Emma and held out his hand.  

“Come on, princess, let’s get on with it.”

Emma was taken aback by his sparkling blue eyes and impossibly gorgeous face.  

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you might not know me, but we are related. My name is Tiberius Blackthorn.
My family and Ii re looking for the Black Volume of the Dead. We know you have it, because my brother Julian saw you take it from Malcolm Fade.
I’m not blaming you. Malcolm Fade is not our friend. He tried to hurt our family, to destroy us if he could. He’s a monster. But the thing is, we need the book now. We need it so that we can save or family.

We’re a good family. You would like us if you knew us. There’s me- I’m going to be a detective.

There is Livvy, my twin, who can fence.

And Drusilla, who loves everything scary.

And Tavvy, who like stories read to him.

There is Mark, who is part faerie. He’s an excellent cook.

There is Helen, who was exiled to guard the wards, but not because she did anything wrong.

And Emma, who isn’t a Blackthorn but is like our extra sister anyway.

And there is Jules. You might like him the best. He is the one who takes care of us all. He is the reason we’re all okay and still together. I don’t think he knows we know that, but we do. Sometimes he might tell us what to do or not listen, but he would do anything for any of us.

People say we’re unlucky because we don’t have parents. But I think they’re unlucky because the don’t have a brother like mine.
Don’t think I’m asking you to do us a favor for nothing in return. Julian can help you. He can help anyone.

You can’t want to be running and hiding. I know what happened to you, what the Clave and Council did. Things are different now.

Let us explain. Let us show you how you don’t have to be exiled or alone. You don’t have to give us the book. We just want to help.
We’re at the London Institute. Whenever you want to come, you’d be welcome.


Tiberius Nero Blackthorn.

Lord of Shadows by @cassandraclare