So I feel the need to make a gifset and share why this little moment is one of my absolute favorites. I just really love it because Emma asked Hook if he thought she could save Henry. We know Emma isn’t the type of person who asks support from people. All her life she learned only to rely on herself, never needing anyone or anyone’s encouragement, because no one was there to give it anyway.

I believe though that when it comes to the things that are most important in your life, (and for her here it’s saving her son) your greatest fears and insecurities will come out and you will reach a point when you will start to doubt yourself. It’s normal, it happens, it’s what makes us human. And there is nothing wrong with needing someone to reassure you that you can do it. I love her relationship with Hook because she can share her deepest fears and insecurities with him.

She relies on him and here’s the thing, I hate it when some people say that Emma has become less of a badass and strong woman because of her moments of vulnerability with Hook. She is still the badass Emma that we know. This does not make her weak, it makes her REAL. And when I say real, I mean I hate the kind of mentality that you’re either one or the other, and strength and vulnerability cannot both exist in one person, because it can and it does in Emma Swan. And we see it especially when she is around Hook, It’s only when she’s with him that we see the whole Emma.

I also believe that it takes a quiet sort of bravery to open yourself up to a person, because you’re giving the person power to affect your life in a way that is significant to you. And I like to think that the courage to ask him, was borne out of the feeling deep inside her that she is safe with him, that he will give her the words that she needs to hear. Because that is who he is in her life - the person who lifts her up, makes her feel good, and carries her burdens with her, just by being there, just by being himself.

I cry that finally Emma has that person in her life. And I’m so happy that that person is someone who sees in Emma all the beauty, all the strength, and all the magic in the world. And he just wants to let Emma see herself the way he sees her.

UGGHH these two. Do you see why this relationship is SOOO IMPORTANT TO ME

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Lmao at those who says Dylan/Emma is fan service. What fan service? This fandom isn't big so numbers of Dylan/Emma fans before S3 were really small. And did creators even know that fans call them Dylemma? As for being forced/rushed... You can know people casually for years but sometimes it takes only one deeper conversation to see how amazing they are. You just didn't have a chance to know them better before.

Thanks for the ask, anon. I haven’t personally seen any posts like that (probably because I’ve blocked most of the haters), but I suspected people would start crying ‘fan service’ as soon as Dylemma took off in the show and fandom a couple weeks ago. 

I’m just confused at how those people would define fan service, though? Fan service occurs when creators intentionally add a plot/romance/scene/etc. specifically to please the fans. Well, I hate to be the one to state the obvious here, but: the creators did not “give fans Dylemma,” they planned that dynamic on their own and I can give a few examples to prove this: 

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SQ Promos

So does anyone have a count of how many episodes they’ve promoted Emma and Regina for?

Because I can’t help but notice that for a while now the teasers have always been between them…

So at the very least that means they know and acknowledge who they need to target for ratings, right? Even if they don’t want to make them canon?

okay yes i’m concerned about emma going dark. i don’t want her to turn evil or kill people or hurt anyone. but at the same time, can we just talk about how badass she’s going to be? she’s going to be strutting the streets in her leather jacket, her eyes all fierce and determined, magic flaring in her hands, ready to murder anyone who gets in her way

Just seen a gif of that moment when Hook questioned Henry’s use of the word “together” to describe him and Emma. “Did Emma use that word? Together?” (I was going to reblog the gif but not sure the maker would want me making this comment along with it) But that scene just reminds me how much I felt like punching Hook in the face through most of S4. I don’t get how anyone can think that moment is cute. Rly?! He looks so fucking slick and smarmy and a total ass. I don’t know what Colin was going for, but it actually makes me feel on the verge of disgust. The CS date made me feel the same. Lots of scenes did in S4. And I used to love Hook in S2, but now I’m actually disgusted by his face at times. God knows how it’s cute. I wanna throw my drink in his slimey little face. (No offence Colin, I still love you).

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blackstairs fic based off "so far away" by mary lambert? happy early birthday, im making you a blackstairs playlist for it <3

ARE YOU SERIOUS OH MY GOODNESS you have no idea how happy that makes me wow I’m just….yikes. I didn’t think anyone would want to give me anything aWWWW I can’t wait to listen to it!! :D

Also this song is so beautiful and painful and I didn’t know I needed it in my life until now so thank you for this as well <3

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35 36 44

35. Did you have a dream last night?
no i dont dream much but heres a cute story about last night so im in bed asleep after a long day im way tired and then this girl (actually… u probably know her she goes 2yr school) crawls into my bed next to me and starts telling me about the guy she hooked up with and i STRAIGHT UP THOUGHT IT WAS A NIGHTMARE because i had just been telling emma and abby that i dont give a shit about what they were doing in our cabin and how much i wanted to sleep and like of course i have a nightmare that she tells me when i want to sleep. but unfortunately, it was real 

36. Is there anyone you can tell EVERYTHING to?
tbh i could probably tell a few people everything but i dont. not everyone needs to know everything!!! that was one of my new years resolutions

44. What’s the best part about school?
tbh its extracurriculars, the play and science olympiad keep me in school and help me not drop out off the face of the planet

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so if adam and behati ever get divorced are you going to stop lovig behati and dislike her?

i hope that never happens because i think they’re perfect for each other and i love behati like really she’s so sweet to adam and so supportive and she’s so funny too i really don’t understand how anyone can dislike her. if it comes to that i’m going to worry mostly about adam ngl because i want him to be happy forever but i don’t think i’d hate her unless the separation is her fault (like if she cheats on him or breaks it off in a horrible way like anne did). when it comes to relationships i think the blame is never so easy to split so i wouldn’t be like, “you bitch how dare you hurt adam i hope you burn in hell” lmao. i wouldn’t follow her career so closely tho, if at all, and i’d probably be like BUT YOU WERE SO CUTE TOGETHER WHY ;__; every time i saw her lmao but i’d still like her and wish her the best.

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I have a crush on this friend, but I'm in a relationship, I love my girlfriend and don't want to leave or hurt her, but I can't shake how I feel about this friend. I want to tell both of them but I don't want anyone to get hurt...

Regina: If you do talk to them, talk to your girlfriend first.

Emma: Sometimes you develop feelings for someone just by spending more time with them. So maybe try to spend more time with your girlfriend if you don’t want to hurt her. Maybe your feelings will subside.

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50 questions: 2, 5, 14, 29, 33 hello c:

Hi! Couldn’t find 50 so I did the 60 one
2. What would you name your future kids? Erin Emma and Chris
5. Is there anyone who can always make you smile? Yep :)
14. When was the last time someone of the opposite send hugged you? Today around 3:45
29. Favorite films? The hunger games movies, the princess bride, Disney anything, feminist comedies, Star Trek 2 into darkness
33. Something you want to learn? How to control my emotions and focus.