anonymous asked:

If you looked through each character's camera roll, what type of picture would be there?

Good question! Here’s the most recent picture on their camera roll: 

  • Loren: Moffy and Lily sleeping on a chair together 
  • Ryke: a selfie on a hike with Daisy - he’s kissing the top of her head (she used his phone to take the photo) 
  • Connor: Rose glaring at him from her closet #classic
  • Lily: Loren driving the golf cart with Moffy on his lap, “steering” <— he’s still little. 
  • Daisy: Ryke free-solo climbing near the quarry. (You see this quarry area in Hothouse Flower.) 
  • Rose: a selfie with Connor, their outfits before a Cobalt Inc. board dinner.