A group of researchers at Penn State has shown that personality seems to be an important factor in our lust for heat or spice in our food. 

If you enjoy action movies, adventure-seeking and exploration you’re likely to be a lover of hot sauce. And your gender could influence why you like hot sauce as well. According to a new study, women are more drawn to the sting of spice than their male counterparts, while men seem to associate eating hot foods with machismo. 

Love Hot Sauce? Your Personality May Be A Good Predictor

Photo Credit: Alan Turkis/Flickr

Any time we went to the movies, he insisted on bringing spray butter and hot sauce for the popcorn. Had to have them. Would not start the movie without them. Sometimes we’d get to the theater and I’d be thinking that Javon had brought the spray butter and hot sauce, and Javon was thinking that I’d brought the spray butter and hot sauce. When we realized our mistake, one of us would have to run to the store to pick them up. Sometimes we’d have the managers hold up the movie until we could get the spray butter and hot sauce safely delivered.

I don’t care what anybody says about Michael Jackson trying to act like or turn himself into a white man. Anybody who insists on taking his own spray butter and hot sauce to a movie theater? That man is black, ghetto and hood.
—  Bill Whitfield, MJ’s head of security 2006-2009