The Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship just discovered learned that when Spider-Man isn’t out slinging webs and catching villains he’s likes nothing better than hanging out at home with his best friends. No, we aren’t talking about Gwen or Mary Jane. Spidey’s current BFFs are mostly house cats, soft, cuddly house cats.

Twitter user Tks1783 took these fantastic photos using an Amazing Spider-Man 2 action figure by Hot Toys [ Buy on Amazon] and with the cooperation of a few adorable cats who are either very patient or simply just sleepy. After looking at these photos, we can’t help but wonder how Spider-Man finds time to protect the people of New York City.

[via Kotaku]


Manbun in action. 

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HAWKEYE’s ‘AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON’ figure from Hot Toys teased in new poster! Check it out in Source!


Cheesy as it gets.

Collab with ponceindustries- my insanely talented roommate. I nearly swooned when she showed me the inked version of panel 8… Very loosely based on “A Piece of the Action”.

But Bones in a suit Bones in a mobster suit HOLD ME

Today in Fairy Tail
  • Freed: Somehow I'm fine already. Also I ship NaLu it's like straight Fraxus.
  • Juvia: Gray-sama let's have babies!
  • Erza: Forget him, let's have hot girl on girl action.
  • Gray: Laxus man you should see a doctor.
  • Laxus: Have you seen what we have in our guild? She wouldn't agree to see me unless I'm half dead.
  • Levy: Why the heck did they even send me I'm a secondary character! I'm gonna die!
  • Gajeel: Shut up it's time for your character development.
  • Wendy: Chelia!
  • Chelia: Wendy!
  • Gray: Lyon!
  • Lyon: Juvia!
  • Kagura: Erza!
  • Erza: Kagura!
  • Jellal: Will you stop cheating on me with other women already?!
  • Laxus: I'm gonna kick your ass for what you did to my friends!
  • Wahl: Objection!
  • Laxus: Overruled!

Some photos of the Hot Toys Civil War Pop Up Store in Hong Kong showcasing some of their upcoming figures from the movie

The “Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Pop-Up Store powered by Hot Toys” has opened for media and VIP customers today at MOKO 新世紀廣場 shopping mall in Mongkok, Hong Kong and will officially open to public tomorrow!

Many VIP customers have already queued up at the pop-up store to pre-order the newly announced MOVIE PROMO EDITION collectible figure and also purchase the pop-up store exclusive Cosbaby - “Captain America & Mark XLVI (Metallic Color Version) Cosbaby collectible set” and the “Steve Rogers & Tony Stark (Velvet Hair Version) Cosbaby collectible set”!

In addition to being able to purchase the popular Cosbaby and movie-themed merchandise, Hot Toys has specially created the life-size statues of Captain America, Iron Man Mark XLVI, War Machine Mark III, as well as a 7 feet tall Giant-Man that provide excellent photo opportunities for all visitors!

Moreover, Hot Toys’ amazingly detailed Captain America: Civil War 1/6th scale collectible figures series are shown for the first time worldwide with the new Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Crossbones making their first debut ever!

The pop-up store is officially starting tomorrow until May 15, so fans in Hong Kong don’t miss the chance to come visit us and experience the clash between ‪#‎TeamCap‬ and ‪#‎TeamIronMan‬!