the beautiful and talented @neenka and I did a collab and I’m so happy !!!! 

PLAGG AND TIKKI. AREN’T THEy CUTe. I love their design sobs they’re so tiny and cute and cinnamon rolls///o(*≧□≦)o 

She did the beautiful lineart and I colored. I feel so blessed to be able to collab with so talented friends ;___; thank you neenka !!

‘Boys Like You’ Premiere!

It’s finally here! And on a side note, I’m taking questions for a future Q&A, so please, if you have any questions you’d like to ask me about any of my projects, my music or myself, leave me an ask on tumblr or put them down in the comments section on the episode. Now on with the show, I hope you all enjoy it!

Written, scripted and directed by myself, ‘Boys Like You’ is an audio drama adaptation of the story of the same name, originally written by the amazing @hoppinwildely (otherwise known as 'those other things’ on ff.net). xx]

“He’s the poster boy for the delinquents, and she’s the valedictorian for her year. They end up in calculus together, and the rest is history."– those other things

To stay tuned for more updates, sneak peaks and episodes to come, subscribe to the official production channel!

Our brilliant art team:

… and Browntable Ent.

As well as our spectacular voice cast:

Nick Wilde – Mauricio Velazco of Browntable Entertainment
Benjamin Clawhauser – @citrusstorm
Fru Fru – @viper-menae

Mchorn – @popelickva
Brenda – @marisitamoda
Ms. Pearl – @sweettoxicgluttony

Student #1 – thezachman1
Student #2 – @lost-soul-of-remmnent

Please reblog/share this post/video to spread the word and show your love for all of their effort and hard work! This all wouldn’t have been possible without them!


I think I’m gonna lose my mind (x / x)


Hey guys! I made a Kiss-Cut tutorial that is available for FREE (or pay what you want if you feel like it :’D) on Gumroad

Please let me know what you think of this tutorial and if you found it useful or not. I want to make more tutorials in the future and would really appreciate your feedback! 

You can can get the stickers from the tutorial in my Etsy shop

Knife to Meet You

Toriel teaches Sans how to bake. It’s a normal day for them both. Nothing can go wrong.

Fandom: Undertale
Characters/Pairing: Sans/Toriel
Rating: G
Mirror Links: AO3, FF.net
Notes: Written for this prompt by @myrobotlandlord​ as a quick story. :) Was meant to be shorter but why would that ever happen?

Sans is a quick learner, in all seriousness here. When the lady behind the door detailed to him the recipe for the butterscotch pie, it only took him an extra try or two to bake the treat without burning the filling, and only forgetting the milk that one time. Sometimes he does cheat a little, buying the premade pie crusts instead of making his own from scratch. But he’ll try anything once, and had gone through the ordeal of mixing the butter, beating up the dough, and even putting in the little details to the edges of the crusts for fun – by stamping his bro’s miniature skull-shaped cookie cutter that he used for his lasagnas. Essentially, Sans didn’t actually need pie-baking lessons.

“so like, you put in the flour, the salt, and the parmesan cheese, right?”

Toriel playfully plunked his skull with a rubber spatula, her muzzle upturned in a grin. “Of course not! You must mix the flour, the salt, and the sugar for the pie crust. And then you add the butter!”

“sugar, cheese, yeah i always get those confused.”

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☼ The Sun & The Moon ☾
→ for dearest Kat (@almatorranfamily,@gureshinforlife)
♥ ⊂(´ω` ⊂)

Astrid and Hiccup’s Summer Vlog

(alt. title: The Astrid Hofferson Diaries)

This was something that I wrote… oh, a pretty long time ago. Like, back at the beginning of 2016. It was sparked from watching fake vlogs based on fictional characters. Except I’m not capable of making an actual fake fictional vlog based on Astrid and Hiccup and so on, so I made a fic instead. Posting it because I was going through my httyd fic file, and was reminded of it. It was a fun idea :D

Astrid stared at the email in front of her, trying her best to decipher what was written. Or more accurately, trying to decide if this was some kind of scam or trick or if her professor had gotten drunk and mass emailed her future student list.

“A vlog?” she said, so shocked her voice had a kind of echo to it.

She was tempted to delete the email, call her advisor, and tell her she would not be taking “Advanced Media Communications” this semester. Or any remaining semester. But this was her last year. She needed this class—and needed it this semester—or she wouldn’t graduate.

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