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Your mother was there for me at a time when no one else was. Not only was she a singularly gifted witch, she was also an uncommonly kind woman. She had a way of seeing the beauty in others even, and perhaps most especially, when that person couldn’t see it in themselves.

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ok lemme tell you about my glow up i just did a wild change from lacey floral dresses and lip gloss to punk crop tops and eyeliner and chokers. what would my boys think of that?

Aw yeah, anon. I love it. Enjoy some quick, cute headcanons! :)


  • The first time he notices that you changed your style he’s in awe
  • Tries to pretend it’s no big deal
  • Fails
  • He keeps trying to compliment your new clothes but he can’t seem to remember how to form proper sentences
  • Be cool, Noct.
  • The opposite of cool
  • He digs it though
  • Totally into chokers don’t fight me on this
  • Tries to help you shop and gets way more into it than he means to
  • “Hey, Y/N, this one’s nice. Don’t you think?”
  • He says one but he has six different shirts on his arm and three chokers hanging from his hands
  • He just wants to help
  • Lowkey misses how innocent you looked in your dresses and lip gloss
  • But he loves your fashion choices now
  • His girlfriend is so badass?? But also?? So soft
  • Likes to trace circles on the exposed skin at the small of your back when you’re wearing one of your crop tops

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As promised, I made a sketchdump for Joseb Doggos!
I’ve got some haunted jojo, supportive bfs, and seb beating the crap outta sentinel for you ;v;

I hope you enjoy <3 Feel free to send requests for these woofers! (also commissions are open! :3c )

Vampire AU

For the wonderful @kittyboo8015

Kitty, @gouguruheddo and I figured you deserved as many vamps as you could handle :)  Thank you, a hundred times over, for being such a sweetheart.  You’re always so wonderful to chat with.  Keep being amazing, babe <3 We’ll come kidnap you someday. 

[Are you seeing this gorgeous art?? I’m dying.]

[~4.3k Victorian Era Vampire AU, NSFW, angst mixed with gentle loving, as the Eruri’s should be, some blood and injury]

**Arthur Randall is from Kuroshitsuji, shoutout to that AU I crave, and Auguste Dupin was Edgar Allen Poe’s Sherlock before Sherlock. Poor Nile.

[high enough, bloodsport


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i want ryuji to hug me. partially because i need a hug, partially because loOK AT THOSE ARMS. THOSE BE PRIME HUGGING ARMS 👌 (also i stg this is the best persona scenario and hc blog ever. keep up the amazing writing, it seriously brightens up my day!)

He supports you and wants you to do your best!

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First of all, I'd like to say that I love your blog so much!! If it wouldn't be too big of a problem, could you draw Jotaro as a teacher? (I mean, tbh the idea of proftaro is just the cutest thing ^-^) Thanks! Keep up the great work!!

get two by the price of one :’)

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Could you write a scenario of Nejire and Mirio trying to set Tamaki up with his equally introverted (underclassman) crush? Like, they know that neither Tamaki nor his crush will make the first move, so they take matters into their own hands! Thank you! 💕

(I frigging love this lovely) I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it! <3

„Come on, this is a good idea.“ Nejire throws an encouraging smile at Amajiki and gently tugs him to follow her. He ducks his head and nervously flexes his fingers, his heart beating faster and doubts start to circle his mind.

“I don’t know.” He murmurs, though before he can voice any more objections, Nejire already leads him into the library, where Mirio and Amajiki’s crush are already sitting at a table.

Swallowing, Amajiki tries to fight down his nerves and his hands are sweaty and his limbs suddenly feel awkward and clumsy to him, when he carefully takes a seat beside his crush. Ducking his head a bit, he glances their way and manages to catch the look they throw at him.

“Hi.” He says quietly and fiddles a bit with his bag, already getting his school work out. His crush gives him a small smile, though he realizes it’s warm and he finds himself smiling back softly.

When he glances back up, he sees Mirio and Nejire almost grinning at them, looking both proud and satisfied. Amajiki ducks his head further, feeling a blush spreading along his neck and cheeks.

“Oh, the time!” Nejire suddenly says and Amajiki startles and looks up. She’s already standing and throws him an encouraging smile. “I have to meet up with a friend for school work. Bye!”

She leaves with a peppy wave, her hair swishing behind her and Amajiki looks at Mirio, who has his phone in his hand and gets up as well. “I’m sorry, Sir Nighteye is calling me in early. I’ll see you two tomorrow!”

With those words, he leaves as well and Amajiki resists the urge to let his head drop against the desk. His mouth is dry and he swallows, nervously glancing at his crush.

They have a slightly bewildered look on their face, before they gently clear their throat. For a moment, Amajiki feels his heart sinking heavily. They’re going to leave, they have to, there is nothing fun about hanging out with him or getting him to help them with their school work.

“That wasn’t…very subtle.” His crush murmurs and sinks a bit deeper into their chair. They give him a nervous glance and Amajiki holds his breath. “Would you mind helping me? I mean…” They trail off, looking unsure and like they’re about to pull back.

Quickly, Amajiki shakes his head. “I don’t. I mean, I would like to help you…” He suddenly wished he was in his hero costume, if only so that he could tug the hood over his face. Now, he faces the table as he speaks, his fingers holding on to his bag. “If you want to, of course.”

His crush is quiet for a moment and then they lean forward and Amajiki looks up in surprise, when he feels a light, hesitant touch on his elbow. The expression on their face is both cautious hope and hidden joy and he feels his heart skipping a beat, his chest warming, just at seeing it.

“I want to.” They answer back, before they look down at the table just as he did. “Thank you.”

Amajiki hesitates, his fingers feeling shaky and then with a strong swallow and a quiet, shaky exhale, reaches out to touch their arm back. “You’re welcome.”

Very much so, he doesn’t say, but his crush looks up and they give him another soft, warm smile and Amajiki wishes he could be braver and tell them how nice their smile is or take their hand. Instead, he glances at the school books and pulls one towards him, ready to help them in any way he can.