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Dan lays his thumb flat against Phil’s knee, giving him the best possible angle. “Seriously, Phil,” Dan’s voice has gone soft again. “It doesn’t matter to me. I want them to like me.”
Phil presses the brush to Dan’s thumbnail and drags it across. He gets more than a little paint on the skin all around the nail, but at least the colour is nice. “It matters to me,” Phil says, trying to scrape some of the excess off with his own nail and smudging it in the process. “And I want them to like you, too. But you, not a watered down version of you.”


REQUEST: “Could I request a headcanon about being best friends with Tom, Harrison, and Jacob and being a part of the Spider-Man homecoming press tour?” - @dancing4girls

bruh can we just talk about being best friends with these three nerds???

  • technically, you weren’t anyone’s specific “assistant”, but the boys took you on because you’re way more organized and got shit done (better than Haz anyway lmao)
  • ugh trying to wrangle these assholes up for photo-ops was the worst for you
  • either they’re busy sleeping in or running around taking selfies of each other and their outfits like the lil fuccboi nerds that they are bless them
  • Tom and Jacob would tease you with complicated Starbucks orders and insane requests
  • Jacob: “Can I get some filtered Swedish water? Like water poured by an actual Swedish person?”
  • Tom: “I need captain crunch with only crunch berries.”
  • You: “…so you want the crunch berry cereal?”
  • Tom:No, Y/N, I need captain crunch with only crunch berries. the yellow bits need to be physically picked out in front of me.”
  • Ugh just imagine the groupchat with these guys though. It’s probably 🔥.  
  • Jacob is 100% the type of guy to send memes without context. 
  • A few of them are a liiittle NSFW, but nothing too crazy because you’re present and he’s a tasteful memeboy . 
  • Still it doesn’t help while you’re busy going over the schedule with your “boss”, he posts a link to ‘big booty bitches (10hr version)” to the groupchat. 
  • The song is stuck in Tom’s head and he randomly sings it throughout the day with Haz and Jacob pouring their hearts into the backup vocals
  • 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 💀 💀 💀 💀
  • Press tours are kind of stressful bc you’re running around a lot
  • but the boys always make sure to check on you and they encourage tf outta you
  • Harrison always makes sure to help lighten the load when it’s too much.
  • While the boys are busy doing their thing Zendaya and Laura would practice their posing with you and joke around with you.
  • I can also see them giving you some helpful tips about the industry and some advice when you’re lost or confused on something.
  • of course when the boys are done, it’s back to your regularly scheduled rowdiness
  • omg imagine everyone using your hotel room as the central hangout spot.
  • Z and Laura like to come over around night time to eat snacks and tell funny stories with you.
  • the boys just come over whenever it’s convenient, which is 95% of the time and regardless if you’re busy working or not. 
  • like for real, your room = their room. they leave their shit everywhere.
  • and forget about having a bed to yourself.
  • Tom likes to casually snuggle up next to you while Harrison just practically plops down and lays across your legs.
  • “should we order porn just to mess with them?” Jacob would ask while scrolling through the channels on your tv.
  • imagine just having a casual movie night in your room with these guys
  • just eating pizza and cracking jokes 
  • getting breakfast with them would be the best omg
  • just sleepily chowing down on waffles or pancakes and having a casual conversation 
  • Harrison filming your sleepy-eating face and posting it on his insta-story later for you to see.
  • Everyone knows that when The Holy Trinity comes together on Tom’s Instagram story, it’s a party
  • But when the Quad (your group nickname) comes together, it’s a GAT-DAMN-FUNCTION.
  • Just imagine dancing awkwardly between Haz and Jacob as your song blasts through Tom’s phone lmaooo
  • Imagine Jacob and Tom dragging you to the center with them to take a few photos during one of the more relaxed Press Junkets.
  • The two of them “Will-Smithing” the heck outta you in photos bc 10/10 best friend goals
  • Like seriously, they hype you up so much omg
  • During down time while Jacob’s in Hawaii and Tom’s away in London or LA, you and Harrison hang a great deal and hold group video calls with them.
  • the Press Tour life is kind of hectic, and it leaves you guys apart some of the time when you aren’t able to go with for some events.
  • but when you find time to link up again, it’s like nothing’s changed between any of you
  • No matter where you are in the world or in life, they always leave you smiling and rolling your eyes because holy shit, your friends are the biggest freaking nerds ever

“dafuq kinda conditioner you using Clown-kun?”

A little doodle for @synea 💙!
I really didn’t know what else to draw for you so here you go 😂💔
Hope you like it! ;u;

anonymous asked:

How bout the RDA + v with a mc who is crazy in love with the pets people have stigmas against. Like pit bulls, tarantulas, hairless cats, snakes, etc and names them all really ironic names and is basically a judged animal whisperer™ :-D


- Zen is not a huge fan of any creepy crawly pets you might have ;;

- The pit bulls are sweet.  The snakes and other reptiles are fine as long as they stay in their tanks.  He can even tolerate the hairless cats, as they’re a bit easier on his allergies.

- He thinks its endearing even, that you love all these pets that normal people don’t like to take in.

- But the tarantula.  He does not want to be anywhere near it.

- “It doesn’t bite” you insist, “C’mon hold him, his name is Webster”

- Nope nope.  He can’t even look at the tank you keep him in.

- “MC if you ever move in with me, that’s the one pet I want you to leave behind.”


- This poor boy is nervous around just about every new pet you show him at first.

- He warms up to them pretty quickly though, as he’s a big animal lover himself.

- Loves to listen to you tell him about your pets, and likes to research about them online.

- He really loves all the misunderstood dog breeds.  He knows they’re all sweethearts.

- He’s not great at naming them himself but he gets a kick out of whatever you come up with.


- Doesn’t quite understand why you like the strange pets so much at first.

- But she’s very open to learn and to listen to you talk about why you like them and why they’re misunderstood.

- She warms up to all the animals eventually.

- She holds a tarantula, takes a pit bull for a walk, pets the hairless cats.

- The snake is what takes the most getting used to for her.  

- “They’re just so cold and s-slithery.  And wont it bite?”

- It takes a bit of convincing before she lets you wrap one around her wrist.

- She’s still the most wary around the snake but she’s not so scared anymore.


- Thinks it’s a strange thing for a girl to be into.

- Why can’t you just be into normal fluffy kitties like Elizabeth?

- “Elizabeth is perfect, she’s the only pet you need.”

- Is pretty much just indifferent to it.

- He supports it if it makes you happy, and he’s totally willing to pay for any supplies you need.

- Not interested in holding any of them.

- You plop a tarantula on his head once and he just kinda lets it happen.

- He wont admit it but he kinda likes the snake.

- Likes watching you feed the reptiles for some reason.


- Is just amazed by every animal you show him.

- “Whoah!!  MC that’s amazing!!  Does it bite?!  Is it poisonous!?”

- Is a little worried about you getting bitten while handling a snake or a spider.

- Definitely loves helping you name each one something funny or ironic.

- His personal favorite is the hairless cat, which you two agreed to name Fluffy.

- Goes online a lot to research about your pets and buy supplies to take care of them.

- You have to scold him often for trying to feed the animals junk food.

- That vine with the guy who shares his lollipop with a snake?  That’s Seven.

- Usually has a pet on him while hes on the computer.


- He thinks it’s really sweet that you like to give the misunderstood pets a chance.

- Like really sweet, he comments about it all the time.

- He has no issue with any of the pets really.

- You have to show him how to treat all of them though.

- Since he can’t see it’s hard for him to do stuff like gently pick them up so you help him when he wants to hold one.

- He really tries to help you take care of them, bless this man.

Saeran (the ask didn’t say Saeran but I wanted to include my boy)

- Saeran is so on board with this.

- He loves them.

- The snakes, the spiders, the pit bulls.

- You have to tell him that they aren’t supposed to be scary or dangerous.

- It doesn’t really phase him.

- He’s just so into the aesthetic of owning pets like this.

- Not thrilled when he hears their names.  He knows they sound like stuff you or 707 would come up with.

- He wants to name them something cool or badass.