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You know the thing I wish they had kept exploring was how similar Tim and Bruce are, particularly their flaws. It'd have been interesting to see Batman in a position in dealing with Red Robin (who's grown up a lot and become a lot colder/unhinged). RR is and isn't his perfect soldier anymore and he's finding out RR can lie like the devil to him. Heck, we know Tim didn't have a contingency plan on Dick, but would he get one for Bruce or even himself?

Sorry friend I just??? love this ask so much? Because this is something I feel really strongly about and is another thing I’ve very bitter about the ending of Robin/Red Robin.

Because Tim was going in a new direction, it had been a long, hard, slow process but Tim was changing and not always for the better. It was fascinating to watch the trials he went through and to be uncomfortable with how he was being twisted and adjusted. He still was the same sunny kid that said Batman needed a Robin but he was getting further and further away from him. I think if RR had continued, we would have gotten further exploration into how Tim had changed and how the batfam would react to it. 

Because through most of the series, Tim was on the move and saving the world and crap and there was very little downtime for him and the rest of the fam to reflect on how he’d been shaped by his recent experiences. Except for the last issue, the Captain Boomerang issue which hooooooot damn was that issue telling. Because Tim breaks out his father’s murderer from jail, manipulates the man into coming to red’s location all the while convincing himself that if Boomerang wants to escape, Tim would let him but he calculated everything to know that he won’t. And then he starts wailing in on the man and as he does he wonders why he’s gone to this trouble to directly or indirectly kill Boomerang. Because things have been so stressful that Tim hasn’t taken the time to acknowledge how he’s changed, he still believed that he was still mostly that cute little robin but he’s finding out now that he’s put that behind him. It’s startling, to realize you’re not the person you thought you were.

And then Bruce comes along and puts a stop to it. He doesn’t acknowledge the fact that Tim didn’t kill Boomerang even though he was given the opportunity or that Tim had been through quite a few traumatic experiences himself. Instead he tears into Tim for manipulating events with the intention of killing Boomerang. Reasonable? Yes but also I think Bruce is a little shocked to think that Tim, his Tim, who cried and fell into depression the couple of times he thinks he’s killed a villain, would do this. It’s a slap in the face how much things have changed since Bruce has been gone if stubborn, immovable Tim is acting like this. I think we would have seen a lot of the fallout of that relationship and the consequences of Tim’s actions.

Because Tim is dangerous now, oh he’s always been technically but he’s more willing to push himself and others to extremes and to bend his morals slightly to do what he thinks is right. I think B and Dic would start paying more attention to Tim to not only make sure he doesn’t go over that edge but also to heal him. Tim’s been through the ringer and come out altered, Bruce is finally seeing that and it would definitely have consequences.

Characters’ Zodiac Signs: POT (Prince of Tennis + New Prince of Tennis)


I mean really who needs otome games with all this cute guys?!?!! they’re better then otome!!! I mean sooooo many characters and actually MOST OF THEM, NOT ONLY THE MAIN CHARACTERS -  ARE HOT!!! O_O




***n.b: Sanada, the guy who was born on may 21 (the first one) was noted as a Taurus - but actually May 21 is the beginning of Gemini. (It may be a mistake of the site who wrote the details. ^^ anyway you can consider him as both.)***



***July 23 - the day when Cancer switches to Leo - the signs are switching on the middle of the day, but actually the characters almost always consider to be a Leo (I mean the creator consider it as a leo, so we go with his choice. :) ).***



(the last one who was born on October 23 - that is the day when libra and scorpio are switching, scorpio taking control. the problem is, that it depends on the hour of the birth - in the middle of the day - so you can’t really tell what zodiac sign the character is (unlike the leo\cancer case, on libra\scorpio case its like 50/50 - some characters consider as a libra and some as a scorpio). on cases like this one, I’m going to see what zodiac sign the creator himself has chosen for the character. in that case - it is Libra (even though to my opinion the character look and act much more like a scorpio).


(woooaaaa so many scorpios *.* btw, like what I’ve wrote on the Libra part - the last guy who was born on November 22 - that’s exactly between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Scorpio and Sagittarius are also switching on the middle of the day, so again, I’m going to see what the creator has chosen. ^^ in this case - Scorpio.)





*____* woaaaaa so many hotties!!! which sign do you think has the most hotties???

anyway hope you enjoy this post ^^ it took me reallyyyyy long time but it was fun doig it! ^^