I know I'm posting a lot about the deabte...

But listen. That “debate” was honestly the biggest waste of time there ever has been.

Wait, I take that back.

This “debate” (if you dare call it that because I’m pretty sure interrupting people to tell them they’re wrong is not debating) was eye opening. If you were a Trump supporter and you watched this “debate” — I mean really watched it and listened to what the responses were — you cannot sit there and tell me that you still support Trump.

What did Trump convince you of in his responses that would make you still sit firmly in your seat on the Trump Train? The only thing he convinced me of what that he is not a good fit — not even an okay fit — for this country.

He’s great at interrupting, I will give him that.

He’s fantastic at reminding us that Mexico needs to “build a wall.”

He’s phenomenal at denying that he definitely “did not say that.”

Just ask yourself if a candidate who believes that someone can be “over-prepared” for becoming the president of a country, if they are really prepared to take on the task at all?

Please. Please. PLEASE remember that a vote that’s not for Hilary Clinton, is a vote for Donald Trump.


Bisexual Visibility Day(September 23)

Callie was extra special because she identified as bisexual, actually said the word “bisexual” out loud on television. She had deep, life-changing relationships with men and women. But Grey’s Anatomy‘s writers never leaned into the tired, damaging tropes. She wasn’t a psychopath. She wasn’t depraved. She wasn’t unable to commit or remain monogamous. She wasn’t a prop for a threesome, a ratings stunt, or a gateway for the male gaze. Callie was a complicated, fully-realized woman who loved men and later recognized she loved women too. And she refused to apologize for either. Bisexuality wasn’t a stepping stone for Callie—it was a very real identity, and the writers allowed her to own it.

If you don’t like Choi Youngjae then I can’t trust you
—  Me and any other logical person, like how can you dislike this ball of sunshine ? 
sexual orientation according to the signs
  • aries:clarke griffin in war gear
  • taurus:clarke griffin backing commander lexa into a table
  • gemini:clarke griffin playing post-apocalyptic beer pong
  • cancer:"you're gonna do it in six" clarke griffin
  • leo:clarke griffin with battle scars
  • virgo:clarke griffin escaping mt. weather with anya
  • libra:clarke griffin speaking trigedasleng
  • scorpio:angry clarke griffin with a gun
  • saggitarius:clarke griffin preparing an army of grounders for war
  • capricorn:clarke griffin being happy and carefree
  • aquarius:"you may be the chancellor, but i'm in charge" clarke griffin
  • pisces:clarke griffin wearing a sweater and jeans in mt. weather