Raise your hand if you’re terrified of YouTubers playing Hiveswap, introducing it to preteens and undertale fans, therefore prompting them to read Homestuck, creating new fans and another few years of toxicity, grey face paint, 7yP1Ng QU1RK2, shipping discourse, and bucket jokes.

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Hi! Your art is so pretty and it makes my day when i see it on my dash! If its not too much trouble, could you draw some red erisol?

you’re in luck anon! i have an already colored sketch in my folders! 

Y'all: *bickering over which ships are clearly superior, having all these godamn ship wars*

My poly ass: Just let them all be together and happy. Problem solved

Hey y'all!! So yeah, commissions are open because my laptop is super old (which makes it tedious to do art or work on it) and I really need to replace it! Below are some things that I can do. (:

Full body:

Additional characters:

I’m willing to draw everything (ex. OCs, furries, etc.) as long as it’s not OVERLY complex or nsfw.
If you want to commission me, please send me a private message!! All purchases will be made UPFRONT through Paypal!! For time reference: Commissions will usually be done within 2-5 days!

Seeing a good pure hearted artist get to draw for a jerk artist who doesn’t care about other than himself is really sad & hurting

Please to the new artist on this website don’t lose your time drawing for other artist who is so selfish and could ask you so many stuff to do without doing something back or say thank you to you and if they say thank you don’t let them fake you and hurt you

Just Because they have so many followers or a good AU doesn’t mean they are good person !

i was born in the wrong generation. i wish i was alive in 2012-2013 where we had good and real fandoms like superwholock, homestuck and dangan ronpa instead of trash shit fandoms like five nights in freddies, sonic boom and cars 3.

i wish i could deflect all accusations of homophobia by simply by reposting a “reblog if you support gay rights!!!!” post with ten rainbow gifs tacked on instead of tumbler deeming you “”””””problematic””” if you liberally use homophobic slurs and fetishize gay relationships.

i long for the days where everyone was “cringey” and “just had fun” (e.g people could be racist without any consequences). i wish when popular bloggers could sell us diet pills without keyboard activists getting them banned for peddling potentially dangerous products on the sly. 

i miss when social justice meant proudly mentioning masturbating to johnlock on your social media accounts instead of actively dismantling oppressive power structures! 

sJws have ruined… who wants to move back to livejourna????

im feeling weirdly protective of the hiveswap fandom now like no its not just a continuation of the hs fandom, i really hope we become our own thing and dont push out prospective fans because its just “a homestuck thing”

i honestly think constantly about Dirk Strider and how he’s doing but a favorite scenario i have to ponder would probably be him trying foods after they win the game cause like the dude ate nothing but fish, orange soda, and 400 year old rations before this. how does he react to fresh fruit and vegetables? regular orange juice? fresh baked bread? real actual pasta as opposed to stores of stale top ramen? spicy foods? and im not even just talking about hot stuff i’m talking about real home cooked meals where you can taste the love man.

full disclosure, I love jade/davepeta

my ultimate it will never happen but if it could it would own wish for jade harley’s post-canon Direction is that by day she and Roxy work tirelessly on applications of absurdly advanced technology together to improve the lives of all residents of Earth C. Meanwhile Jade is just constantly up in everyone’s business, EVERYONE’S, all her friends and family who she loves very much become duly accustomed to just having her walk in unannounced at all odd hours to catch up or talk out her latest theories or just generally exult in the glory of human connection while the horror of 3 years in near-isolation recedes behind her, increasingly less forefront in her thoughts every day until some days she almost doesn’t think about how awful she felt and how lonely she was at all

Then one day she gets a message from Terezi, whose search for Vriska eventually somehow culminates in her finding a way into Ground Zero of the Green Sun incident, where she finds Vriska – along with Meenah, Tavros, Sollux, and Davepeta (the actual best character in Homestuck.) Jade uses the power of Science and Determination to help Terezi and various other involved people rescue these cosmic refugees

Eventually Jade and Davepeta are able to establish a romantic relationship based on current mutual attraction and a mingling of feelings referred from Davepeta’s recollections of being a Davesprite who adored and dated another version of Jade and Jade’s recollections of being a thirteen year old girl who was maybe kinda hoping resident Cool Kid Dave “Akwete Purrmusk” Strider might just go ahead and tell her he likes her already before he was murdered horribly and their paths diverged. 

They go into this relationship aware of those referred feelings but with a sense of purpose and agency and awareness that what they are doing while informed by those things is something new and Jade Harley Now is not the Jade Harley who died a meme-tastic death as the Wicked Witch stand-in of the Game Over timeline and Davepeta Now is not Davesprite and ALSO is not Dave Strider.

Davepeta enchants her with both cosmic insights about the Self and they talk constantly about Meaning and Purpose, sometimes in heated debate and sometimes in commiserative fashion, and fall in love based on things about them that are Uniquely Them as they are now, and everyone is very supportive of them 

And it’s a fun subversion of Jade’s implied character path if homestuck were any other popular piece of media from the very beginning (“ends up in a romantic relationship with Popular Male Character #1″) 

This satisfies my shipping heart which naturally does want everyone to Find Love without aggravating any of the things I expressed discontent about in my previous post

Thanks 4 Reading and please remember Homestuck Is Good and fandom, while it can oftentimes be frustrating, is also good

hiveswap good end: homestuck blows back up, but the fandom is good and respectful and everyone takes a chill pill 

hiveswap bad end: homestuck blows back up, but everythings the same as it was in 2013 but more cringe 

hiveswap true end: it exists and is popular on homestucks old level for about a month. markipler plays one videos worth of the game. some youtubers read homestuck. it fades away eventually and has a niche following