Holy shit you people are obsessed. Does the thought of Loo going to the wedding piss you off so much? I mean I get that doesn’t fit your narrative, but seriously?

Oh and don’t lie about Amanda Abbington. She gave no such ‘shade’. She was referring to the assumption the papers had that Martin was best man. She thought that was funny and even clarified that in a tweet. But once again that doesn’t fit your narrative does it? Better to just keep saying shit and hope people believe it. For you it’s much better to keep posting and believe that few of Ben’s fellow Sherlock cast members went to his wedding because obviously they must hate Sophie, rather than the possibility that the pap who did get those few images, wasn’t able to get close enough to photo more of the guests.

It’s always a conspiracy with you lot. Try taking your tinfoil hats off for a change.

Selma is now. Because the struggle for justice is right now…we know that right now the struggle for freedom and justice is real…there are more black men under incarceration today then there were slaves in 1850.
—  John Legend’s using his acceptance speech for “Glory” to drop some harsh truth 


I’m on such a SKIP binge at the moment

but I’m still jetlagged and now I have a cold on top of that so like I give a damn


 소녀시대’s most viewed mvs
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Happy 7th anniversary to our 9 wingless angels! Thank you for all the of the things that you have done for us S♡NES. It should be us thanking you, not the other way around. Please continue to make good music, have fun, and bond through the next years. 사랑해요 소녀시대~! ♥ If you are still Girls’ Generation in the next lifetime, I will still be a S♡NE… I may not have been a S♡NE since the beginning, but I promise I’ll be one until the end. 
"They say ‘Lucky Number 7′, but Lucky Number 9 has been ingrained in my head. My lucky number is 9.” - Tiffany Hwang