This is Aivi and Surasshu performing live at AOD in Santa Clara. As far as a I know, the majority of this song has not been aired ore released anywhere else yet. I missed the beginning! Sorry!

Surasshu is on the left of the frame while Aivi is sitting at the piano on the right. Between them is Aivi’s younger sister (I think she said her name was Thu? If someone knows her name, lemme know). I believe the guitarist is Edwin Rhodes, who also plays the guitar in the original recording.


If I could begin to be
Half of what you think of me
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love

When I see the way you act
Wondering if I’m coming back
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love like you

Love like you
Love like you

I always thought I might be bad
Now I’m sure that it’s true
‘Cause I think you’re so good
And I’m nothing like you

Look at you go
I just adore you
I wish that I knew
What makes you think I’m so special

If I could begin to do
Something that does right by you
I would do about anything
I would even learn how to love

When I see the way you look
Shaken by how long it took
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love like you

Love me like you


Soooooo…I drew way too much of these two..

God, they’re too cute.




Drarry PeterPan!AU

I just woke up from my nap and I wanted to share this dream of mine, clearly Drarry.

It’s a peterpan!AU where Draco was a misunderstood orphan and enjoys adventure bc he secretly reads through the books in the orphanage, one of them containing the legend of Harry Potter: The Boy Who Flies.
Apparently if he believed hard enough he’d be able to see him.
So he did.
He tried and tried until one day one of the keepers of him were really harsh with punishments because he was being rude; though clearly, it wasn’t his fault since one of the kids insulted his deceased mother and abusive father.

He was sobbing in front of the window, clutching onto his favorite book until he heard a laughter. It was very light, like a wind chime. He looked up and he thought he saw a star, but then realized he was looking into a pair of dazzling, emerald eyes.

He was bewildered and jumped away from the window, obviously stuttering as he asked “Who are you? This isn’t your room! It’s mine!”

Draco exclaimed, trying to wipe of the rest of his tears. He looked carefully at the boy wearing a white (and slightly dirty) tunic shirt, which was held up by what seems to be a dark brown vine-like belt, and some fitted trousers. His glasses where slightly cracked, and his hair went all over the place.

He looked like a hobo.

That’s when the boy smiled and flew over to Draco, “You believe in me don’t you? I’m pretty sure you know who I am..”

Then Draco’s grey eyes lit up upon hearing it. “You’re Harry Potter!” He couldn’t believe it. But then he didn’t want to scare the boy away, so he stayed at his place.

Harry nodded and moved closer to him, “That’s right.. Seems to me you’re having an awful lot of trouble here.”

Draco scoffs at this, “You don’t know the half of it..”

Harry gives a small assuring smile before taking Draco’s hand. “Let’s go on an adventure, yeah?”

Draco’s ears perked up and his smile reached ear-to-ear. It was a great feeling. He felt butterflies around his stomach, and couldn’t believe his ears.

He can finally get away.

He squeezed Harry’s hand as they stepped to the window. “Stay by me?”

A smile. “Always.”

Then they jumped.

Teddy stood by the grave of his cousin, holding onto a black leather diary.

It had been 19 years since Draco Malfoy had died.

Tragic really… He believed he could leave the place that they called an orphanage. It was written all over his diary.

The stories of how he believed in Harry Potter: The Boy Who Flies; how he believed that he could join him in his adventures; how he believed that he had a family and that he could be loved by the flying boy despite his imperfections.

Draco Malfoy had committed suicide.

He jumped off the window and the final traces of his body was shattered on the marble floor.

Teddy looked back at the case.

Draco’s room was wide open at that time. The final clue was the diary, and the opened book of The Boy Who Flies.

But Teddy wasn’t angry at Draco, no. He was glad, not because he’s dead, but because he remembers how happy Draco looked when he died.

He was finally at peace.

i never thought i’d read the words “we need to trust the writers” in regards to a f/f ship and actually be comforted by it but then clexa happened and here i am