Heard a certain blog just reached 500 followers. Which I still think is fucking insane specially considering that Audrey is a character that pretty much hasnt stared on anything yet. But I digress.

You all are insane. But hella cool. Keep it up, guys.

———— Holy CRAP this looks amazing! Thanks so much man! When I saw this in my inbox I went WOAH
guys. GUYS

I just found out that one of my god damn professors has two peices of art in Banksys Dismaland. I had this guy in class. I saw his work. And then he just somehow just gets his sculptures into Dismaland. His name is Dietrich Wagner

There he is. holy shit. These are his works that got accepted

Im SCREAMING ive made fun of Dismaland for weeks just to find out one of my professors has work there