Believe || Emma & August

A year had passed. A year since he’d become a man again rather than a boy. For some reason that no one could explain, once he’d gone back with the curse, he’d changed into his older self once more. Truth be told, August preferred it that way. Doing life again wouldn’t have been of any use if he couldn’t learn from the mistakes he’d made before. And now? Now he was going to right the wrongs he’d made in the past. When the chance came for a portal to be used, August jumped at the chance before anyone else could even get a word in. During the night he’d taken the portal, hoping that his good intentions would make up for his theft. 

And now? Now he found himself in front of the New York apartment that he’d spent the last two weeks searching for. He should have known that she would end up where Neal had been, it was almost poetic. Still, he’d imagined Boston or Tallahassee, or even Portland. Staring at the door to her apartment, he could hear the music from within. Would Emma be more receptive this time? He needed her to be. Everyone in their world needed her to be. It was time for the savior to come home. Lightly, he rapped his leather glove clad fist against her door, holding his breath as he awaited the door to reveal the woman he’d never thought he would see again.