I. you do not need to remember falling, it is written
into the quaver of your outstretched hand and the spinning
in your head when you legs do not hold up and the moments
on the edge of sleep where your foot slips and heart

ii. you put on sunscreen without thinking but the light
does not burn you, will not
burn you, you are tinged pink but never set
aflame (again)
smoke makes your lungs ache and you never think to chase it, you never
dreamed of burning dreamed of sunlight you know

iii. you drip wax onto your skin and scrape it away
without a thought, it burns
for a moment and does not hold and you were never
afraid of it but you always knew it was never
quite enough
your shoulderblades still ache
tender and you scrape at them in the shower
peeling away dead skin that looks like paraffin shavings

iv. you have always liked the rain best
liked cloudy days
where it does not feel like looking up will swallow you
where it does not feel like you could fall up into the sky and never stop

v. you ride an airplane and watch the ground below and
it does not hurt but
does not help because this is not real
this does not count
this is only

vi. you chase memories and dreams of standing on cliff tops and catching wind
in your hair and it blows into your mouth and eyes and you look
down at the water and know
what it would be like to jump to fall to
you are not afraid (anymore)

vii. they miss the point every single one of them misses the point
you know that before you understand
why because one day
they call you by name, and icarus, you know
you have never forgotten
what it is to fall but oh, icarus
now you remember the most important thing
what it is
to fly.

—  February 18
I’m a little caught up with myself lately. Won’t you take my most sincere apology? I’d stretch these arms just to hold you tight, but even I know that it wouldn’t do us any good. There’s so much more out there. There’s a million new things to learn within a day. You’re an artist, right? You’re into the night, right? You love this tiny blue dot, right? There’s so much more than love. There’s so much more than just us. I’m a little caught up with myself lately. Won’t you hold your head high for us? I’d stretch this heart an extra mile just to hear you laugh a little louder, just to see you smile a little bigger, and just to tell you that you’re more than enough for anyone to love. There’s better people out there for you to meet. There’s better people out there for you to fall in love with. You’re a painting, right? You’re made from watercolors, right? A burgundy rose waiting to be dipped into the horizon– you’re a sunrise waiting to happen. We’re a little caught up in the fleeting moments of just more than another us. We’re a little too good to be true, so it comes with a price. We’re alike, so I know what’s best for us. We’ve got plenty of time to explore each other, so we should analyze our reality. Long distance relationships are a test that we shouldn’t be taking– not in our current conditions at least. I’m a little distressed about myself. You’re still figuring out the world and who you are as a soul that loves to paint with just more than colors. We need to learn a little more. What is love to you? I’ve asked this many time before. Your answer is always me. That’s the thing, there’s plenty of right answers, but I’m just not one of them. How can I love you if I don’t know the first thing about it? Failed relationships are like dull pencils that we’ll want to sharpen every second– you were never boring, you were interesting to the shoreline and back. That’s the thing, isn’t it? I would give you the world if I knew how to. I would give you a meaningful promise if I knew how to. I could love you for an eternity composed of my heart twisted into your chest if I knew how to let go of the past. I should, but I still haven’t figured out how to do such a feat. I’m still stuck in my feelings like how you’re stuck onto me. I’m still lost at sea with crew members composed of younger versions of myself. How can I love you if I’m still figuring out how to love myself? How can I devote my passion to you if I’m still in trouble when I hear her name? How can I ruin you just for another shot at love? I wouldn’t do that to you. Alas, maybe I already have. Love is such a simple word. Four letters and the crowd cheers. Three words and there’s world peace. Afraid to open up and longing to be more of myself– I had to tell you every truth about who I am to myself and who I am to you. We’re always spinning ourselves to bed, we were smiling and hoping. You’re so much like me that it’s scary. They say that opposites attract, so how do we explain this? I guess we’re stuck in a fairy tale again and this is just another page. You’re a chapter that I can’t flip past, you’re a positive thing in my life and I don’t think I’m ready to accept that. I’ve got much to learn and maybe this was just a part of it. I’m a little caught up and into you– and this is the part where I have to pick what’s best for us. And the fact that you’re just like me… means that you already get it. You’re already in my head and you’ve made yourself comfy. So I guess an I love you will never start to sound like an apology between us.

“I love you.”
—  This is for you and only you.

jesus christ tho some of the stuff people say. praising their horse for ‘getting low’ around a barrel when the horse is actually almost falling to their knees trying to turn while completely off balance because they are having their face ripped off while being driven by a starfishing, whipping rider. and i hate those shitty little whips. and the dissonance people are displaying when they praise the hell out of their horse and talk about how much they love them while posting a video where they whip them repeatedly. ???? and the constant conflicting gadgets and aids. holding a horse’s head down while your gag yanks their head up, dragging them to a stop and turn and then starting to kick the hell out of them before you even give them their head to complete the turn. the lack of training and basic common sense just blows me away. some people

  • Hold Your Head Up (ft Xperience)
  • Macklemore
  • The Language Of My World

Hold Your Head Up | Macklemore

Hold your head up, there’s a light in the sky.
I know you’re fed up, but you must try to survive.
Each moment’s precious, don’t let life pass you by.
Keep focused, keep your eyes on the prize.

Sick Like Me - Part 1/20

Sick Like Me - Part 1

Fic Summary: With unfinished business hanging over your head, being locked up in Arkham is holding you back. However, you have your eye on a certain red-haired maniac, who may be just the person to help you escape and realize your true potential.  Fic Song. Fic Playlist. Fic Masterpost.

Fic Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Jerome Valeska/Female Reader

Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Explicit Sexual Content, for a complete list of warnings, visit AO3.

A/N: Since the teaser is doing so well and I’m a couple chapters ahead I thought I’d post part 1. There are a lot of warnings, so I would suggest popping over to AO3 to check them out. Since this is still a work in progress, I will update the tags as needed. What’s listed now is stuff that I know for a fact will happen in the story. Enjoy!

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