Red river hog (Potamochoerus porcus)

The red river hog is a wild member of the pig family living in Africa, with most of its distribution in the Guinean and Congolian forests. It is rarely seen away from rainforests, and generally prefers areas near rivers or swamps. Red river hogs eat grasses, berries, roots, insects, molluscs, small vertebrates and carrion. They typically live in herds of six to 20 members led by a dominant boar, with sows rearing three to six piglets at a time. Red river hogs are mostly nocturnal; by day, they hide in dense brush; after sunset, they roam in troops searching for food. They are good swimmers, but are unable to hold their breath for long.

photo credits: link, EPA, National Geographic

GAHFASEHMSD…. All the Overwatch!

Alright.. so i dived into the open beta and sucked up the lore on the website like a sponge. My fav char is deffo Junkrat.
I made a joke about Junkrat and Roadhog being like Timon and Pumba. (2 Misfits/ 1 is Blondeish and lanky / 1 is Tubby and…a hog…)
Couldn’t let it go so… ye XD


SIGNAL BOOST: First Ever Farm Animal Sanctuary in Slovenia Needs Funding

Koki is a non-profit farm animal rescue organization, based in Slovenia (Europe). We receive no government funding, our operations are entirely dependent on donations.  We care for chickens, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, pig and other animals rescued from commercial farms, farm animals who got lost, or have been found suffering from neglect or direct abuse on private properties. 

Our mission is to provide physical care for the rescued animals, restore their psychological wellbeing and their dignity, and enable them to live the rest of their lives in freedom and peace.  Through the stories of individual rescued animals we educate the public on the lives and being of these magnificent creatures whom the society usually perceives as mere commodities.  

To learn more about this wonderful nonprofit please visit their website HERE. 

Please donate to their Indiegogo campaign HERE

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The more animal sanctuaries, the closer we get to a more ethical and humane world. Supporting new sanctuaries is essential to save lives, and educate others. Sanctuaries CAN change the world.