the only exception live. 

also, that proposal i was talking about, so fucking cute!


9. State Radio: 5th Annual Calling All Crows Benefit Show - House of Blues Boston - December 15, 2012

I’ve been going to see these guys for almost nine years, now. And you know what? They never, never get old.

Lately, though, their setlists have been becoming more and more unimpressive (too much new stuff, not enough of my favorites), and while their performances are still out of this world, it’s just not the same when they’re playing songs I only like (as opposed to the dozens that I love).

For this show, however, I got a real treat. 2012 marked the 10th anniversary of the release of their first EP, Flag of the Shiners, an album that has been blowing my mind for just as long (well, almost). To celebrate this milestone, they opened this show by playing Flag of the Shiners in its entirety. It was 2006 all over again (seeing as that was the last time I had seen most of these songs performed live), and I was in heaven.

After finishing the EP, they moved on to a slightly too short set filled with much newer fare, making the rest of the night a typical post-2010 SR show, albeit a very high-spirited one.

Still, though, Flag of the Shiners (and the fact that I had a Photo Pass for the show) made this a special night overall. While the shows might not be quite what they were back in 2005-2008 at venues like Providence’s now closed Century Lounge and Fall River’s Narrow’s Center for the Arts, State Radio is still one of the best working bands out there to see live.


-Timothy Patrick Boyer.

Photo: State Radio: Chad Urmston #1 - House of Blues Boston - 12.15.12 (Timothy Patrick Boyer, 2012)