[3/100] - 2.2.2016 // So I got home from school not that long ago, finally. I wrote the test from economics, I managed to answer every single question so I am hoping in the best aka B or at least C nothing worse - hopefully. There was one exercise to calculate the loan that we were supposed to solve though and I went through it but we were also supposed to count the days so I messed up on that… but hopefully the answers for other questions will make up for that one exercise :)
I am making notes for surrealism now for my history of art class. I did that on Sunday too to prepare a bit for today (just because there was no test) but I want to continue and hopefully learn it properly, together with a couple of other art movements that follow.I have a test from English tomorrow but I am hoping I will ace it like I usually do, so I probably won’t spend too much time on that one.
Also this time Hoseok is keeping me company together with my elephant planner. Isn’t it cute.

How’s it all going for you? Make sure you drink and eat enough and also take breaks! 


“Chàng là người dịu dàng nhất thế gian, cũng là kẻ vô tình nhất thiên địa”

Excerpt from: Fresh Quả Quả. “Hoa thiên cốt (Tập 1).” iBooks.

So where are you now?

Hiding behind another masquerade. Your deception stripped you of all you ever loved.
You lie awake at night, afraid to even dream. Because when you close your eyes all you see is me. There’s no disguising your true nature. You’re nothing but a fucking traitor.

Suffer bitch.

Drown in waters of depression. Your pain is purification. The hatred is building up. Take one last look above. The pressure’s all too much. Say goodbye to all that you love. You know I bore you no ill will and that you brought this upon yourself. You know I meant you no harm at all but now I’ll bring you hell.

What have you become? You’re fading. What have you become? You’re nothing.

I will rise up to tear you down and no one will stand in my way. I will bring you to your knees. This is nothing but a waste of emotion.

You are nothing but an insect I stamp on.
Vindication through an onslaught of violence.
Living manifestation of nightmares.