I have been wondering to whom these belong.

Scientists hope to prove pigtails belong to HMS Bounty mutineers

A collection of hair taken from 18th-century pigtails and stored for more than a century in an old tobacco tin has arrived in London for analysis that could prove it belonged to some of the most famous troublemakers in naval history – the sailors responsible for the mutiny on the Bounty.

Scientists hope to extract mitochondrial DNA, using the same technique that identified Richard III after the skeleton of the last Plantagenet king was found under a Leicester car park. Researchers would then have the even more challenging task of identifying an unbroken female line to a living descendant, to get a crucial match.

“If the hair is in good condition, I don’t see that it would be impossible to extract the DNA – it’s a technique we regularly use in forensic work – but that’s where the difficulties will really begin,” said Denise Syndercombe-Court, the project leader from the analytical and environmental sciences division at King’s College London.

The 10 pigtails alongside the tobacco tin they were stored in. Photograph: King’s College London


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