Blink-182 asks

(I was bored so I made this. Sorry for any grammatical mistakes. Aks some and pass it on)

1. How long have you been a fan?
2. Favorite song?
3. Favorite album?
4. Favorite music video?
5. Favorite lyrics?
6. Favorite band member?
7. Favorite sentence a band member ever said?
8. All time favorite of Mark’s tweets?
9. What’s your favorite thing about the band?
10. Have you ever been to their concert? If yes, when and where?
11. Which would you choose: AVA, BCR or +44?
12. Which song would you show to someone who have never heard any of their songs?
13. Do you have any band merch? If yes, what are they?
14. Have you ever dreamt with the band? If yes, what the dream was about?
15. Macbeth, FSAS or HMNIM?
16. How many of your friends are Blink fans?
17. Can you play any of their songs on an instrument? If yes, which instrument and which songs?
18. Have you ever been to Poway to see where they are from? If not, are planning to go?
19. Do you have/want any Blink related tattoos?
20. Have you ever met with the guys?
21. Do you like All Time Low’s new song Tidal Waves featuring Mark Hoppus?
22. Do you have anything signed by the band?
23. Name a song that makes you happy
24. Name a song that makes you cry
25. How often do you think about the band?