So of all the Zoids I’ve bought, I think the Dark Horn has turned out to be the most pleasant surprise.

For starters, compared to other Zoids that cost the same smount of money… its pretty big. Without guns, it stands about as tall as my Ligers. But it is waaaay more solid.

The body is massive, which combined with those chunky legs, makes it incredibly stable and well-balanced. My Schubaltz Saber Tiger struggles with the weight of the same gatling gun as what this has. Plus the Dark Horn has a whole heap of other guns as well! Including that massive cannon which is as long as the Zoid itself. In spite of that, it doesn’t want to tip over or wobble like some of the others are inclined to do (looking at you, Geno Breaker)

But what impressed me the most is how quickly and easily I was able to assemble it. In less than 5 hours in the evening over two working days, it was complete. No swearing and cursing or struggling not to break parts. It goes together as easily as a Godos or Liger Zero kit.

It also looks way cooler IRL than any promo pictures ever made it look.

Very happy with it, especially considering I initially bought it to take the weapons for a custom Geno Saurer build. I’ve since bought a small stockpile of weaponry to customize -both- of my Dark Horns with!


HMM Gojulas Comparison colour scheme of what the CG render had, the draw up and an original with the newly shown HMM one for convenience.

Overall I like it a lot. I’m a little disappointing with the proportions though (the back tanks and the arms should be smaller), but it really makes up for it with sooo much detail. The only thing still making me hesitant to buy it first up when it becomes available… is that soon after there will probably be one with the cannons and extras :l Individual CPs are hard to come by and all that is seriously gonna hit the wallet hard. Also, the size. I really am, as others were lead to believe it would be much taller and larger. It is in fact very close to an original when judging next to a HMM equivalent Iron Kong. I much prefer this more subdued colour scheme to the OJR one and hope they keep it.

(New pics came from Zoids Poison forum in the Kotobukiya tag.)


Berserk Fury Shadow Edge
The BFSE is a powerful high-performance zoid, built for Raven to keep up with his high degree of piloting skill and withstand being fused with the organoid Shadow. This Fury has been outfitted with four blades on it’s back, and two energy blades connected to the boosters on its thighs. The Lucifer Blades are heavy broadsword like weapons that can can smash through nearly anything with their weight, but can also be used for defense, much like the Geno Breaker’s X-breakers. The Seraphim blades are smaller, faster attacking blades that have even further movement, able to curve inward like a scythe. To compensate for the extra weight this zoid has been fitted with two extra ion boosters on its thighs. In its ultimate attack the “Blade of the Fallen Angel” all of its blades will point forward as it rushes the enemy, similar to the Blade Liger or Zero Schneider. It is the final zoid given to Raven in the Zoids: Chaotic Century manga, rather than the Geno Breaker in the anime, to be pitted against Van’s Liger Zero Ceasar the King.

This is one of my longest running projects and I’m so glad to see it finally complete. I painted the base HMM Berserk Fury with flat black, and used Pearl black to give its armor a nice but menacing shine. After that I used metal flake blue to accent and give the zoid some contrast. I couldn’t find any official colored pictures of the BFSE but I knew it was black, and since Van’s Liger Zero is white and red, I thought blue would be a nice inverted color scheme. I replaced the standard fury claws with kotobukiya unite swords and also used the metal flake blue on them, I love how weird and icy it looks. I also added some little accenty bits to his head, it was supposed to look closer to Shadow after all. Anyway I love this zoid, definatly one of my favorites, I can’t wait to give it it’s own spot in the future, let me know what you think! :D


Zoids Liger 00 Honoo Custom

Geeky Description: A unique Liger Zero, with armor made from gundanium alloy. Equipped with high output boosters this zoid is capable of very high speed, and due to their design they can easily be turned or rotated, making for fast turning and strafing. It’s main method of attack is the large blades on each side, which can be lowered or raised, very similar to the blade liger. It is also equipped with twin buster rifles mounted on the wing boosters. Additionally it has a Wing Shield on the left front leg with an anti-beam coating and one beam sword stored inside. What makes this Zoid truly formidable is the inclusion of a Zero system, a pilot/combat computer interface that is very difficult to master and has been noted to drive pilots mad or even kill them. Use of an Organoid is theoretically possible, but not recommended.

Model Description: Woo ok, so in a nutshell this is a mixture of an HMM Liger Zero, and a 1/144 scale Wing Gundam Zero Honoo custom, with HMM Zero Schnieder parts thrown into the mix as well. I was sad to scrap my fresh new gundam for this project, but I’m not really into collecting 1/144 scale gundams anyway. The wings ended up being I think, the perfect size for the liger zero, big enough to be cool, but small enough to be functional boosters. The Honoo custom blades were what really sold the idea of making this, I hope one day a 1/100 scale version of this gundam comes out. This is definatly one of my new favorites, I love the shield even though I’m not sure if it’s that functional on a zoid, eh I did what I could with it. Oh yeah and I made Fiona from Chaotic Century the pilot, always wondered what her personal zoid would be, probably not this lol but it’s nice to give her one. Since shes a Zoidian I thought maybe she can handle a zero system, or maybe it’ll drive her crazy, I dunno either way would be interesting, Lemme know what you think!


Zoids 1/72 HMM EZ-026 Psycho Geno Saurer

I bought this kit.. easily around two years ago now, but only just got to it on my build pile. I’ve got a Raven Geno to go, too, and after building this I’m slightly dreading it, so I’ll have a break with other kits before getting to it. 

The PGS is very nice overall when it’s put together; it has an amazing shape, a great profile, it’s really iconic and just awesome when it comes through. It does have some downsides though in engineering which I at least had forewarning on, such as the small intricate leg pieces that build the bulk of it’s legs (the front armour over the knee, and the core/cockpit part of the chest. I deliberately omitted the eye overlays on this one because I just dreaded the thought of cracking them even while being as gentle as possible. Additionally, the tail anchor was not thought through and demands more support for the mobility it’s offering without it wriggling loose. 

However, that said, I’d take building another one of these over building another Blade or Shield Liger any day. 

For this I didn’t do too much dramatically different – I love the stock blue on it so much – but changed up the base purple by coating over it with a gloss sparkly plum enamel which is hard to accurately photograph, but makes the kit have an overall big pop. The only part I didn’t do the purple on was a small part of the forearm, which gives a really nice contrast. Touched up the silvers, touched up the weaponry, did a contrast gunmetal on the illusion generators for the legs for the front panels, and otherwise did linework and detailing. 

I suspect to match them up I’ll do a similar contrast/gloss metallic pop with the red on my Raven one, but much later. I need a break from a Geno ahaha. The Death Stinger is my next priority while I finish basing the last parts for the Hiou Mk-II. 


Command Wolf Irvine

More photos from Joshua Tree! This time of my favorite HMM, the Command Wolf Irvine. Favorite Zoid, favorite pilot!

[Apparently I never posted these. I could have sworn I did, but nope. Went through my posts looking for the photos I had picked out as the best so I could post them to my facebook page, and was surprised to find only the ones of Fury]


HMM Forest Gojulas Custom

Finally got around to snapping some pics of this thing, just wish I had more green areas to take pictures in. Anyway This is an HMM Gojulas, painted in the scheme of the old Tomy Gojulas Forest Type and given a long range shoulder mounted rifle cannon. I love HMM the plural is, they’re so well made and just plain BIG! They are a joy to mess around with and definitely something I would suggest picking up (if you have alot of spare cash cuz they’ve only been given one round of releases and they’re pretty expensive) The rifle cannon thing attaches to the mounts on its back and all fold up nicely so it can easily switch to close combat if necessary. I just picture this thing as slowly wandering large forest areas and sniping targets, but it’s a gojulas so I wouldn’t recommend going for an up close and personal fight either. Anyway I’m glad I finally snapped some pics, lemme know what you think!