Line Walker: The Prelude | Cheuk Sir x Scarlett

Since you like a carefree life this much, the right to decide is actually in your hands. When I saw you taking photos with the penguins just now, it was the one time you had the happiest and most genuine smile I’ve seen after knowing you for this while. As long as you want to, you can actually have such a happy smile everyday. What I hope for is that you understand yourself more. Do something you like, choose a suitable road to walk.
- Cheuk Hoi to Scarlett (Episode 24)

Asian Drama Fandom Problems:
  • Awful video quality with pixels the size of Lego bricks
  • Lack of English subtitles entirely.
  • Bad quality English subtitles.
  • Subtitle timing out of sync with the characters.
  • English subtitles layered on top of Not English subtitles. 
  • Missing episodes.
  • Audio and video out of sync.
  • Subtitles incorrectly formatted with proper color backing or text outline

You other fandoms don’t know how good you’ve got it.


If you offend someone and don’t want to get reprimanded, you use your lips to shut them up then ask for their forgiveness. In order to not let others know we came from the Ming dynasty, we must learn the customs of modern man!

                                                   - Yuen Sung Woon/Wan Dai Gwan

Asian Drama Fangirling 101:

If I’m not watching Asian dramas, I’m thinking about Asian dramas. If I’m not thinking about Asian dramas, I’m reblogging Asian dramas. If I’m not reblogging Asian dramas, I’m researching Asian dramas. If I’m not researching Asian dramas…then I’m on Tumblr, writing a text post about Asian dramas.