Hivernal and Kaltenzahn in flight.


So I finally finished working on my Drake Headcanon. Lined and colored the sketches I had for the other types of heads seen on the High Dragons. Had to search through quite a few screenshots of the respective dragons to get an idea of what the ‘sub-species’ drakes might look like. I have had quite a bit of fun working on this, and I kinda hoped that there would be more canon information on Drakes.


::Dragon Hunting Spree::

in ultra freakin HD!!

Confession:  I started up my Xbox with the intention of annihilating a dragon. When I signed on to play, there was no continue option; only load. I loaded my last save and immediately went to fight the Hivernal. Well, I didn’t take the hint from the missing continue option that my game had glitched and proceeded to ensure an exhausting 30 minute battle before emerging victorious!! When I checked my inventory to evaluate my spoils, it was only then that I noticed that ALL my armor had unequipped!! I beat the Hivernal all nakey nakey!!!