I always get the feeling that me and wlntersoldier don’t belong anywhere and it frightens me. ; u ; I just want to fit in somewhere and not feel temporary, I’m 22 and still unhappy. </3

kieren walker is absolutely a tiny cheerleader for his bf like he goes to simon’s rallies and shit and just stands there like (✿◠‿◠) the whole time and he wears simon’s jumpers all around the house and once simon gave him his saints medallion bc he wanted kieren to have it and kieren wears it all the time ever tho he’s not religious uwu

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us liam stans need to trend more cute liam trends cause just imagine how happy he’ll be when he sees them and he’ll smile and scrunch up his lil nose JUST THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

his crinkly eyed smile pls :( maybe he’d get tears in his eyes :( my precious darling :((((