Five Freakin’ Minutes

Characters:  Sam x Reader

Word Count:  846

Summary:  Smut with Sam.  his is for my 2k drabble celebration. @marvelfanuniverse requested the prompt:   “How did you two end up like this? I left you alone for five freaking minutes!”

Warnings;  Sex and language

Tags at the bottom. As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Five Freakin’ Minutes

Lounging lazily face-down on the motel bed in panties and a tank top, you daydream blissfully. The case has been solved, the monster is dead and Dean is off to pick up burgers. The bathroom door opens and the smell of Sam’s body wash wafts out and over you.

The bed dips under Sam’s weight as he climbs over, his warm body covering yours. His scruff stings sweetly as he nuzzles the exposed skin on your back. “Mmm…” you murmur. His lips trail up the back of your neck to your ear. His breath is hot as it ghosts over your ear. You squirm involuntarily as your panties dampen with arousal. His teeth graze your ear before gently biting down. “Ohhh…” you moan in response.

His cock is thick and swollen, you feel it probing your back through the thin fabric of his gym shorts. Sam’s lips move along your jaw and you tilt your head to allow access to your mouth.  Opening your mouth slightly, you feel Sam’s tongue slide past your teeth and glides against your own. God, how you wanted this man. Every time. All the time. Your skin felt as if it was on fire every time he touched you, regardless of how chaste or unintentional it was. One large hand finds it way under your tank, cupping your breast and palming it roughly. You shiver as he caresses your breast, teasing your nipple into a stiff peak.

“Sam,” you whine as he rubs his erection against your ass.

“Tell me what you want, baby,” he commands, breath ragged in your ear.

“Fuck me,” you groan.

Sam sits back and slides your lacy thong down your legs, pressing kisses down the backs of your thighs. The bed creaks as he shimmies his shorts off. You lift your ass off the bed, head pressed against the pillow, and spread your legs for him. “You ready for me?” he teases, trailing a finger up your folds.  

“Oh god, fuck yes, Sam,” you moan.

He slides a finger into you. “So wet,” he says huskily before inserting another digit, opening you up, priming you for his enormous cock. You cry out when his fingers drag over your sweet spot.

“Fuck baby, feels so good. Want your cock,” you manage to gasp while he plunges his long fingers in and out of your dripping pussy.

“Do you, (Y/N)? Have you been a good girl? Do you deserve a good fucking?”

Moaning, you fuck yourself on his fingers. “Yes, please, Sam.  I need you to fuck me,” you beg.

“There’s a good girl,” Sam praises. He removes his fingers and you practically squeal in anticipation when you feel his cock nudging at your entrance. Sam pushes the broad head of his cock into you. “Oh, yes,” he sighs. “Such a good girl.” He’s such a fucking tease, the suspense is killing you, but you know if you try to hurry things along he’ll just draw things out.

“Tell me, good girl, how does my cock feel?” he rasps.

“So fucking good, baby, please, I need more,” you plead.  

Sam groans, he fucking loves it when you beg. “Since you asked so nicely…” he says before pushing all the way into you, stretching you wide.  esus, he’s so fucking big. He loves that he can fill you up completely.

“You ass looks fucking amazing, baby,” he says before sliding out of you and pushing back in. He sets a fast pace, pumping in and out of you rapidly.

“Sam,” you moan, “harder, please, baby.”

Sam complies, practically jack hammering into your pussy. His hands grip your ass, digging into the soft skin.The bed shifts, slamming into the wall with every thrust. Your fingers fist in the sheets as you pant, each pump dragging the blunt head of his cock right across your g-spot.

“Ah, fuck, baby, gonna cum,” you manage to squeak out.  

“Fuck yes, cum for baby. Cum all over my giant cock,” he says almost animalistically.

The blood roars in your ears as your face smashes against the pillow. The tension spirals, your thighs shaking as you reach your release, skyrocketing into a world of total pleasure. “SAM!” you shout his name as you squeeze his cock with your wall.

“Fuck, oh god, fuck,” Sam grunts as he spurts deep inside of you. “Jesus Christ,” he moans before pulling out of you and flopping beside you on the bed.

He pulls you into his arms and kisses you softly. This is the Sam you love, he fucked like a god and was as tender as a saint afterward.  

“Mmm, I love you,” he says against your lips.

“Love you too,” you sigh blissfully.

You were so wrapped up in each other that you didn’t hear the key in the door. It startles you both when it flies open.

“Oh, come on!” Dean shouts.  “How did you two end up like this? I left you alone for five freaking minutes!”

Giggling, you dive under the covers as Sam throws a pillow at his brother’s head.

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