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Wouldn't Zayn and Liam make amazing parents ? I mean they'd have their little baby malak (angel in Arabic) and she's clutching their hands because she's too scared to go to school and she's got tears running down her cheeks. And Zayn pulls her up in his lap and Liam crowds against Zayn's back, pressing kisses to Zayn's neck and his daughters small hands. Zayn's patting her curly auburn hair down and hugs her tight. Liam sighs and hugs Zayn tight. ' we won't make her go tommotow just this once'


also u reminded me of this kms

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How would the makenae line (of BTS) react to their younger sister getting a hickey from their boyfriend?

I answered this before for V and Jungkook 


He would turn red when he saw the hickey over his sister’s neck who boldly tied her hair up in a messy bun. He would feel uncomfortable and awkward, but his mind would run to find who the hell did this to her. He never knew she had a boyfriend

She was his little sister after all, who he remembered for being innocent and cute. He wouldn’t believe that her boyfriend was already like this. He wouldn’t like it as he would pull her to his room, closing the door behind them.

“What?” she snapped as Jimin sighed, looking at her.

“Let’s make it clear.” he would say, putting a hand over his hip and the other pointing to his neck. “If he got farther than that, I will kill him. But first tell me who the bastard is”

“What are you talking about?” She would ask, clueless thinking that her brother gone mad.

“Have you gone already farther than this?” Jimin would snap, thinking her clueless as a fake act for what she did.

“I’m going to tell mom that you are acting weird.” she said, heading to the door behind Jimin. Jimin would grab her hand, stopping her.

“Are you going to her like this?” This time he pointed at her neck where she remembered exactly, her boyfriend’s lips were on. “With this red mark here?”

She turned pink, putting a hand over her neck, hiding the hickey. “Don’t tell me…”

Jimin nodded, eyes hard on her. “Yes, at least check yourself in the mirror, in the morning.”

“I will kill him.” She snapped and Jimin smirked, getting fired up, “No, leave him to me.”

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A brother like friend. wouldn’t that be cool? XD especially when it’s Jimin ;) 

A fun plot twist! 

“Are you going to kill him?” His sister gulped fearing from her brother’s anger. 

“Of course, I will.” 

“Even if you know…” she cleared her throat. “It was Jungkook.” 


You were exhausted. The hunt was tough since you couldn’t find that damn Shapeshifter. But thank God you killed the thing.

You walked into the bunker, sighing as you dragged your feet towards your room.

“Y/N, wait.” Dean spoke and you turned. You saw Sam walking in his room, tired.

“Yeah, tell me.” You tried to smile innocently.

You haven’t been that careful during the hunt, and you knew it. You also knew Dean was going to scold you for that. And he did!

“Dean, it’s okay. I’m alive, see?” You told him after he finished talking.

“That’s not the point, Y/N!” He said with a little rage in his voice. “There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you!” 

Were those… Tears in his eyes? You frowned, confused and kinda shocked since the man you grew to love spoke those words. “W-what do you mean, Dean?”

His eyes widened as he realized what he just said “I… Uh… N-nothing.” He chuckled nervously and tried to sneak in his room. 

You quickly moved, grabbing his arm gently, making him turn to face you.

“Dean, what did you mean?” You’re voice was slightly more than a whisper.

He looked down at you. “I love you, Y/N.”

You smiled widely. “I love you too, Dean.”

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Why are you hugging me? *i stared at the other awkwardly*

“Ah, I’m so sorry. He doesn’t know any better.” The dark haired male apologized as he went over to remove his little brother from clinging onto the stranger’s leg. He lifted the six-year-old into his arms, ruffling the child’s hair, lightly scolding him. The light-haired boy just grinned up at his older brother, throwing his tiny arms around his neck and clinging onto him. “You are seriously going to kill me from the stress you give me running around.”

“I’m really sorry about that. I don’t know how he does it. He even manages to run off even when I’m looking right at him. “ He sighed and looked down at the child, before giving an embarrassed smile to the other person. “Did he do anything? If he did, I’m sure I can repay you for anything.”

Like a Human

Another request is done and I hope you like it :D (If you have a tumblr blog please let me know dear ^_~)

Summary: Michael and Lucifer are back, but without their grace and send to the Winchesters and their little brother Castiel. And these two Arachangels just won’t stop bickering…

(Did I mention that I just suck at writing summaries? XD)

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sO PEARL, I took the liberty to you know go do some sehun gif hunting and i




you thought they were all going to be cute didn’t you? 



god damn 

okay one last one i swear 

okay byeeeee 

hope you enjoyed that ♡♡♡



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▲ anything related to david's character

Send me a ▲ for an unpopular opinion - and please include a topic.

That David is stupid.  Oh my god.  People play him so stupid, I really want to reach through and punch them.  David is NOT stupid.  He is a little naive in some areas, and his LACK OF KNOWLEDGE is NOT equal to his level of intelligence.  Let’s talk about the fact that, when facing a dragon with literally ALL THE ODDS stacked against him after a group of King George’s BEST KNIGHTS were all KILLED, he managed to OUTSMART the dragon and kill him with his QUICK THINKING, as opposed to just brute force.

His ability to TRAP SNOW, a BANDIT, that had managed to OUT RUN THE EVIL QUEEN FOR YEARS (Let’s talk about the fact that Regina has MAGIC and STILL didn’t catch Snow before David did in another post) WITHIN A DAY OF SAYING HE WOULD. 

David is NOT stupid.  David is a bit foolish sometimes, and makes MISTAKES, but he is NOT stupid.  He has a quick wit for SITUATIONS.  He is able to adapt easily and manage success with the odds stacked against him.  He is SMART.  He is not, necessarily, BOOK smart, but he is street smart, and quick to adapt.

Unpopular opinion - David Nolan / Charming / David is NOT stupid.  Please stop portraying him as though he is.  He is a quick to adapt, intelligent, brave, caring, and beautiful human being fictionalcharacter that needs more respect from the fandom that hates him so senselessly.  Seriously, nothing enrages me more than David hate, because it is ALWAYS so UNJUSTIFIED.

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I need some angsty ianthony feels

Got you boo. Not my prompt, but I forgot where I got it (please don’t kill me)

Ian sighed as he placed his head in his hands. He needed to help Anthony. Hold on, hold on. A little bit of background. Ian was a ghost. He had died 2 weeks ago in a car accident. Anthony was driving, so he was overcome with guilt. When Ian had woken up as a ghost, he had a number written on his arm: 50. Every time a day passed, the number went down. Ian saw written on his other arm “Anthony needs to get over you. By the time zero hits. Or it’s over.”

And 2 weeks later, Ian was sitting here with his head in his hands. Anthony hadn’t left the house, had barely eaten, and hadn’t even posted anything to their fans explaining why they hadn’t uploaded any videos. His phone rang, but he never answered it. Anthony knew it wasn’t going to be Ian’s voice on the other end of the phone.

And Ian’s voice was the only one he wanted to hear.

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Fire Fae


Wow, that was a rough question right off the gate. She paused before looking up as she answered. “Some people are greedy, others need the material to make things, like paper and build homes for people to live in.” she looked at him and had a sad smile. “I’m sorry we’re taking your things.” 

“Yeah me too… Some of us are getting hurt or killed, we were here first before all these stinking humans and they think they have the right to steal our stuff! …It just makes me so mad…” He then sighed and kicked his feet a little. Now he was just upset, he didn’t really wanna make his new friend upset either, but he was so curious. And scared for his kind.

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that little jeanmarco scene you wrote for that anon killed me. Bye. I'm dead and buried a mile underground.

(in reference to this)

Omfg, I’m sorry!! It was so angsty and sad, wasn’t it?? Gahh, have a happier continuation of it!

Marco sighed to himself, thoughts heavily conflicted. A month had passed since Jean had worked up the courage to confess to him, shocking the poor Omega beyond belief. Jean was his best friend - had been ever since they were pups! Yet Jean was a Beta; how could he like Marco? How could he want to claim him? Didn’t he understand that Alphas were better matches to Omegas? And besides, Marco was an unusually large Omega. The Alphas in this pack were somewhat daunted by his size, not wanting a mate that towered over them. So wouldn’t Jean feel the same way? How could he want an Omega that was taller than him?

How could anyone want an Omega like that, for that matter?

Eren had turned him down. It had been a terribly crushing blow to Marco; he thought that the brunet Alpha was interested in him! They flirted enough! So after Jean confessed, Marco had rushed to Eren and admitted his own feelings. The Alpha had been so awkward and apologetic, trying his hardest not to hurt Marco when he said no. Yet it still hurt. Eren was just another Alpha that was not interested in taking Marco for a mate.

There had to be someone else out there! Some Alpha that was larger than him, that wasn’t daunted by the thought of bonding him! Yet not in this pack, where Marco wanted to stay. Mike and Erwin already had mates and they were the largest Alphas in this pack. There was Reiner but Marco had never been hugely attracted to him …

Why did this have to be so hard? He just wanted an Alpha!

Or at least, he had.

Ever since he confessed, Jean had been working hard to prove himself to Marco. He brought the Omega freshly killed prey almost every day - prey of the finest quality. He stitched clothes together and gifted them to him - terribly stitched clothes, in all honesty but Marco never told him that. He challenged other Alphas to fights whenever Marco was around. More often than not, Jean got his ass handed to him. Yet he never submitted to the Alphas he fought, only ceding the fight when he was knocked unconscious or was too injured to stand up again. His eyes always burned with defiance, a fierce resilience that declared he would never back down, no matter the cost!

That resilience sparked something inside Marco, something unexpected.

Little by little, the Beta had been chipping away at Marco’s resolve. He was given the chance to see Jean in a new light, an unexpected light. And now he was faced with the unavoidable truth: Jean had matured into a powerful and respectable Beta, capable of caring for himself and with a good head on his shoulders that he often used for the benefit of others. He contributed as much as he could to pack debates, using his voice and influence as best he could.

It shocked Marco almost as much as Jean’s confession, but he had been utterly swept off his feet by a mere Beta.

Marco barely wanted to acknowledge his feelings. Jean was a Beta; how could a Beta care for him during his heat? But everything he had seen from Jean simply proved that no matter what it took, Jean would achieve the impossible. And so Marco found himself standing and walking, searching for Jean.

He found him sitting by Eren, scowling at the Alpha as they ate lunch. Jean lowered his food as Marco approached, surprise in his eyes. Marco had rarely approached him of his own volition ever since the confession. Now, trapped by Jean’s wide-eyed stare and Eren’s mildly curious one, the Omega knew what he had to do.

“Fight Eren,” he said and Jean’s eyebrows quirked in confusion. “If you can defeat him, I’ll accept you as my mate.”

It took barely a heartbeat for Jean to respond. He surged to his feet, snarls tearing from his throat as he confronted Eren and challenged him. The Alpha was surprised but accepted the challenge head-on, lunging into the battle with no holds barred.

The ground shook as they collided. A smile spread across Marco’s face as he watched the fight. They were both giving it their all. Yet even so, he knew who would be the victor. And it excited him far more than he ever thought possible!

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Astaroth was the first to jump on this like a fly on shit. “Oh~” His tone took that of a squeaky female in love. “I love demons! Even though it’s my job to kill the damn things~ Did I forget to mention that I like to piss off Astaroth? Yes! yes, I do~ I’m also Yandere as fuck over them~”

Amaimon furrowed his brows towards Astaroth. Even for a demon, that was a little mean. Irregardless, he started. “Hi I’m an Exorcist but I love all the Demon Kings and demons in general despite them wanting to eat me or devour my ribs.”

Summer merely sighed. Boys are so mean. “Hi! I’m Nori Hayate and despite all the bad things in my life I’m a bouncy ball of sunshine THEN WHEN YOU FUCK WITH MY FRIENDS I FUCK YOU UP but other than that have a nice day sweetie.”



“I guess I’ve been taking it pretty hard, and I’m sorry I disrupted the class and killed everyone.”

She couldn’t help but stare at him for his sullen little tirade there. She put the controller down and blinked.

“That’s the point Nikola…kill everyone. We went over the rules. ”

“But that…aggravating troll stuck a grenade to me!” It was taking all she could to not laugh at the pouting 157 year old vampire in front of her.

“It’s what he does. Now you kill things when you respawn.”

“But what if he does it again?”

She sighed and smirked. “The pretend it’s worth and he just hit on Beau.”

“So kill with extreme prejudice… I can do that.”

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(To the dragon brat) “I wish you would tell me why.”

                               「  —— ✖ ✖ 」 

      “Do you really want to know why, Layla? Why I killed what little remained of my pathetic, diseased flight? The answer is simple, really. Though I suppose to a mortal it may appear to be a rather complicated subject.” Placing the scrolls he had been reading aside, the dragon sighed, hard enough that a small waft of black smoke emitted from his nostrils before quickly being swept away by the wind as it drifted through the tavern. 

      “Because for many millennium, my flight caused nothing more than pain, devastation, and trouble for Azeroth and its inhabitants, and I’m not exaggerating that fact.” Pausing for a moment, he crossed one leg over the other and neatly folded his clawed hands onto his lap, avoiding her gaze completely, instead choosing to fixate his eyes on one of the broken relics that still hadn’t been taken care of after one of his tantrums from the previous day. “My father more or less plotted the end of this world, betraying those whom he called ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ for supposed ultimate power from the Old Gods. Yet, before their madness, my flight was charged with Azeroth’s very protection…yet in the end, they did exactly that.” Dark lips turned downwards into a frown as his eyebrows furrowed together in obvious annoyance at the mention of the subject.

      “When he finally came out of hiding, my father tore the very land apart, Layla. He broke through the very land, causing huge chasms to rip through many landscapes, he set entire forests, towns, and the like aflame…and much, much more.” He stopped for a moment, glowing red optics finally raising themselves to search her face for a reaction before carrying on. “Naturally as his children and flight, the rest of my kind followed in his steps and carried out his will. They were all, my father included, afflicted by the maddening whispers of the Old Gods, something that all black dragons are affected by due our connection with the earth itself, and most of them are trapped deep beneath it.” Shaking his head briefly, he released another sigh which once again released another bout of smoke. 

      “Seeing as I don’t really wish to get into all of the rather…dirty details, I’ll simply tell you this: I was created through an experiment to cleanse my flight’s corruption by the red dragonflight, and obviously they succeeded. However, I made the decision to wipe my kin from the face of the planet for mainly two reasons.” Staring the girl directly in the eye, the Black Prince’s lips set themselves into a hard line. “One being that they were a threat to my very existence, in fact, my father tried to even kill me when I was still in the shell of my egg. The other reason I had them exterminated, was simply because they were a threat to Azeroth, and that as the only true Earthwarder, was something I couldn’t allow, and something that to this day, I will not tolerate. I will not hesitate to destroy anything or anyone for that matter, that threatens the planet’s safety.” Forcing himself up to his feet and slowly making his way towards the stairs that led to the upper half of the tavern, Wrathion glanced over his shoulder at Layla. “So now you know why, and I hope that for your sake, that this is the last time you will ever discuss this with me.” And with that, the Black Prince ascended the stairs to retire for the night.

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I read your one shot for day 3 and SIGH can Alex call Jo his best friend again please? Back when Mer still had Cristina there was no "Mer is my best friend" talk. Usually I wouldn't mind since Merlex were my brotp but after s11 I just don't like their one-sided friendship anymore and it annoys me that Alex is so protective over it when he's not being treated well. Ok sorry for the little rant but ugh I would kill for a scene like the one you wrote!

Agreed lol. I always thought Mer and Alex were cute enough, was never really swayed in one direction or the other, but after s11 I’m quite annoyed with the friendship. Plus I don’t think ANY of the people who knew Alex in the beginning (except for maybe Izzie, but don’t even get me started on the problems there) gave him enough credit, and when he messes up, they still see him as a selfish, immature ass. Which he never was. Even when he does ass-like things, like throw her out of bed, Jo is the only one EVER who has never defined him as a person by it. She has always seen the best parts of him. I REALLY want to see Alex appreciate Jo and call her his best friend, too.

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"Why didn't you tell me you were hurt!?"

Hints of dried crimson still on his chest but the Uchiha male cared little at this point. A calming aura was over him and his chakra as he was near her. A deep sigh left his lips while he thought about the events transpiring. Everyone was out to kill him and she was the only one to care about him right now, 

                  Even Sakura…


                                              You arent’ my caretaker.”

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*runs out extremely fast, unexpectedly slams into Freddy in the hall, and falls down on his face, unresponsive, dropping the plushie* x_x

Vincent sighed,walking out and grabbing the plushie after thanking Freddy.
He peers down at the Anon with a smug smirk.

“I may have killed the little brats but they still wont let anyone hurt me..physically or mentally..what’s mine is mine.”