Quotes for the Signs
  • Aries : "Monsters don't live happily ever after but when your lips brushed against his, you almost believed you could."
  • Taurus : "Maybe I love too much and maybe I show too little."
  • Gemini : "She exhaled her darkness like constellations."
  • Cancer : "I like the sea we understand each other.It is always yearning, sighing for something it cannot have and so am I."
  • Leo : "You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness. But still, like air, I'll rise."
  • Virgo : "My love for beautiful words became an addiction. That's why even your lies sounded sweet."
  • Libra : "Stars got tangled in her hair, whenever she played in the sky."
  • Scorpio : "My pain was never beautiful or poetic. It was answering the phone mid breakdown and laughing like I was fine."
  • Sagittarius : "So here you are, too foreign for home, too foreign for here, never enough for both."
  • Capricorn : "Do not awaken galaxies inside of someone if you are not even fond of the stars."
  • Aquarius : "You think everyone has the same heart as you and that's what's gonna fuck you up."
  • Pisces : "I cannot make you understand, I cannot make anybody understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself."
Are You Nervous? (Requested)

“This project is killing me. Can we take a break?” Dylan drops his pencil and books down to thrown himself back onto the bed. He closes his eyes and sighs dramatically.

You look down at your own book and decide now would be a good time to stop working for a little while. “Fine, but not for too long.”

He lifts up his arms and places them behind his head, which in turn raises his shirt and reveals his stomach and the lining of his underwear just above his jeans. He notices you staring and raises his eyebrows playfully before saying, “So, does this count as a date or are we not on that level yet?”

You roll your eyes and respond, “Seeing as how we’re in your bedroom for work and not pleasure, I wouldn’t consider this a date.”

Your relationship with Dylan has always been complicated. You both know you like each other but neither of you have done anything about it. You have fun flirting with him, but this is the first time he’s even mentioned going on an actual date.

He raises his eyebrows and sits up. “So you’re saying you’d come into my room for "pleasure” any other time?“

Your rolls your own eyes at him and hit him in the shoulder with your book. "I don’t mean that type of pleasure!”

He winks and says, “I know. I’m just joking with you,” before looking back down at his notes.

You don’t want to stop flirting with him, so you think of doing something else to pass the time. When you finally come up with something, you say, “I really don’t feel like working anymore. Let’s play truth or dare.”

Dylan snorts and shakes his head. “No, that games overrated. You never find out anything good and the dares are always lame. Have you ever played Are You Nervous?”

“No, what’s that?”

“It’s sort of silly. You touch the other person and ask them if they’re nervous until they finally break and say they are. If they give in then you win.”

“Well that’s completely different from truth or dare but I’d rather do that than this stupid project.”

“I’ll start.” He places a hand on your knee and asks, “are you nervous?”

You can’t help but chuckle at how easy it’ll be to win. You say no and ask him the same question as you place a hand on his chest, uncertain if that’s even a good place to start. Dylan says no and takes his next turn. He slides his hands up to your thighs and you say you still aren’t nervous.

Before you can take your next turn, he leans toward you and to your surprise, you don’t pull away. His lips make contact with yours as the two of you fall completely onto his bed. He gets on top of you and breaks away from your lips to kiss you neck and collar bones. Dylan’s hands roam your body ferociously and yours do the same. You tug at his hair and feel his back muscles as he reaches under your shirt to tease you by placing his hand over your bra to feel you up. Shorty after he begins removing your shirt all together. He leaves a trail of kisses from your chest down to your belly button before coming back up to meet your gaze.

You lock eyes for a second before he comes closer to whisper in your ear, “Are you nervous now?”

  • *in bed, at 221B*
  • Sherlock: *softly* ...then there's 42. MO, Molybdenum. The free element, a silvery metal with a gray cast in appearance, has the sixth-highest melting point of any element. Molybdenum-containing enzymes are by far the most common catalysts used by some bacteria to break the chemical bond in atmospheric molecular nitrogen, allowing biological nitrogen fixation.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: That *gently prods Molly's stomach* my darling, will be your first word. Molybdenum. Not just because your mother's name is in there. Sort of.
  • Baby Holmes: *kicks*
  • Sherlock: Oh, I know. She'll have you saying something like 'metatarsus' or 'coccygeal vertebrae'. I'll save you from that one, don't you worry.
  • Molly: *sleepy* In that case, I'm rescuing her from 'roentgenium'.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *giggles* You were talking to her.
  • Sherlock: *swallows* No, that would be ridiculous. She's a foetus.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes; yawns* Whatever.
  • Sherlock: *smoothing Molly's bump* I suppose I can settle for Daddy.
  • Molly: *smiles* Good *pauses* We're still not calling her 'Holmium'.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* Fine.
Little Peace and No Quiet | Lheo & Sotehra

“No nonononononono,” he groaned. “Mahmen, plea-” He groaned and paced around the kitchen as his mom yelled at him through the phone. “Mah-” he was cut off again. He flopped onto a bar stool and let his head hit the counter. “Mah- ok… okay, I’ll let her know,” he said softly and rubbed his face. “O-okay… I love y-” He was cut off. “Ma, you know I d-” He sighed. “Yes… I love you, Mahmen.”

Lheo hung up and sighed. “Baby? Is it alright if you, ah, just kill me somehow? Hide the body and all? Or maybe make me contagiously sick for a few months?”

A lot of people ask for a Stucky ficrec, so here’s my personal BEST OF collection:
  • #

4 Minute Window by Speranza (24127 words)

Summary: “Look, if they catch me,” Bucky muttered, “they’re either going to kill me or they’re going to put me in a box with a little window and - Steve, I can’t.”

5 Times Bucky And Steve Were Unnaturally Comfortable Around Each Other, And The 1 Time They Weren’t by WhatTheBodyGraspsNot (5238 words)

Summary: “Steve gently tosses his book to the side and then places his hands on Bucky’s shoulders, kneading thoroughly against the impressively tense muscles. Bucky sighs, his eyes falling shut and mouth dropping open in a mixture of slight pain but mostly relief.

“Oh fuck,” he groans, leaning into the touch.

Clint snickers quietly, tryin to busy himself with pouring milk into a bowl of cereal before one of his trademark sarcastic comments can escape him and make the situation more awkward than it’s already becoming.“

OR: Five times Steve and Bucky should have been uncomfortable but weren’t, so Tony and Clint devise a plan to prove that they’re sleeping together (even though they aren’t, they’re just really really oblivious).

  • A

Accidentally On Purpose by nekare, notallbees (12507 words)

Summary: Bucky turns towards him, sliding his hand onto Steve’s hip as he mutters a lazy “G'night” and presses a soft kiss to the corner of Steve’s mouth. It takes him by surprise, and he barely has time to register Bucky’s half-closed eyes and the warmth of whiskey-ripe breath on his lips, before it’s over.

All The Angels And The Saints by Speranza (48740 words)

Summary: In which Steve Rogers loses God and finds God and loses God, and also: Bucky.

Amidst The Rubble by EmilianaDarling (21018 words)

Summary: Steve wants to be a good friend, to be selfless and strong and endlessly patient. To be confident that he’s making the right choices, doing the right things. To be the person that Bucky needs him to be.

Mostly he just feels useless instead.

None of it is easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

[This fic is a sequel to “Reconstruction Site” but can easily stand on its own. This fic takes place chronologically third in the series but was written second.]

  • B

Brooklyn by togina (8749 words)

Summary: “Captain America, what’s your stance on gay marriage?”

Everyone knows that, by now. Everyone but Bucky.

Bucky Barnes Has His Shit Together by betty days (14159 words)

Summary: You’d think a guy who owns one of the most successful bakeries in Brooklyn, has a million-dollar smile and that antiquated good ol’ boy charm, blond hair and blue eyes and biceps for days, would know what’s what.

But don’t let that fool you: Steve Rogers is a mess.

  • C

Captain Hot Perfect Teacher by captainrum (6179 words)

Summary: Steve is a fifth grade teacher. Bucky is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, whose son is in Steve’s class. They meet at a parent-teacher conference. There’s blood involved.

Casual Encounters by MoreThanSlightly (66592 words)

Summary: “You have never once been careful in your entire life.” Bucky huffs out a laugh. He looks away. “Maybe I’m offended you didn’t think to ask me.” He says it like a joke, but he can’t bring himself to laugh again.

“Bucky,” Steve says, scandalized. “You’re my friend. I’m not gonna use you to experiment sexually.”

Circling Back by chaya (59643 words)

Summary: Steve looks for Bucky, Bucky finds Steve, Steve tries desperately to put Bucky back together. Bucky tries desperately to let him. (Spoilers for Winter Soldier.)

Close To The Sun by thebrotherswinchester (15268 words)

Summary: Steve’s knows Bucky his whole life.

Critical Feline Mass by Kryptaria, rayvanfox (39537 words)

Summary: Adjusting to a civilian life is hard for any military veteran - especially for one ex-sniper with a cyberenetic arm, a classic Harley, and friends who keep trying to “help”. When Sam Wilson at the VA sends Sergeant Barnes to rent a room from the hottest guy in the DC area, Bucky thinks maybe civilian life is worth it after all. And then he finds out Captain Rogers is everything Bucky’s not: a real hero, a Medal of Honor recipient, and all-around nice guy. Bucky doesn’t have a chance in hell with him.

Sam was a huge help to Steve Rogers when he left the military. In the spirit of “pay it forward”, Steve decides to rent out his basement room to a vet in need. But when Sergeant Barnes shows up on his doorstep, he knows he’s in for a world of trouble. Barnes is exactly what Steve never knew he wanted, from his bedroom eyes to his wicked innuendos. And he’s Steve’s tenant.

A love story in twelve chapters, including two Harley-Davidsons, a guardian angel, multiple snipers, the only woman who can scare them into behaving themselves, spontaneous kittens, and one attacking sheep.

  • D

Don’t Ask by AnnaFugazzi (21491 words)

Summary: Captain America and Bucky Barnes were like brothers. Everyone knew that.

  • E

Escape From New York by beardsley (12092 words)

Summary: On Monday morning Thor parades bare-ass naked around the Tower; it all goes downhill from there. Or, the one where New York gets infected with alien sex pollen, Steve appears to be the only sane man, and the things that ensue include hilarity, fake zombies, pining and surprise makeouts. And a bear trap.

  • F

Five Times Steve Kissed Bucky by paragon (16597 words)

Summary: (+1 once, finally, it was the other way around.)

  • H

Hold Me Tight by hollimichele (11116 words)

Summary: In the old days, before the war, Steve got cold at night. That was all it was, at first.

Hold Me Until We Crumble by queenklu (22532 words)

Summary: “Sam told me you were watching Antiques Roadshow,” Natasha says, shaking out her hair. “I assumed it was a national emergency.”

  • I

I Didn’t Know What Time It Was by MoreThanSlightly (19066 words)

Summary: It’s been two days now. He knows it would be logical to get out of the city, but he’s waiting for something. Against everything he knows about hiding, he went to the exhibit on Captain America at the Smithsonian and looked at a photo of a stranger who might have been his twin from seventy years ago. He’s not sure what he wanted. An epiphany of some kind, a feeling of doors opening and light flooding in; whatever it was, it never came.

I Love You Like ‘rlb’ by tolieawake (3484 words)

Summary: I love you like rlb has become a well-known, accepted and valuable component of American vernacular. The meaning of the letters ‘rlb’ is unknown, but is iniformly considered to be a statement of a great romantic love, commitment and sacrifice.

It was Dernier as first said it. Steve never imagined that something like that could have survived the war and all the years in between.

In which Tony goes insane trying to figure out why that phrase affects the Cap so much, Bucky teases the press, and Steve and Bucky love each other like rlb.

I’ve Been Careless With A Delicate Man by Paraxdisepink (8987 words)

Summary: Steve lets S.H.I.E.L.D. think he and Bucky were boyfriends so the let him see the Winter Soldier in medical.

I’ve Been Funny, I’ve Been Cool With The Lines by nerdwegian (6080 words)

Summary: Steve’s not jealous.

  • J

Just Say You Do by biblionerd07 (173150 words)

Summary: Steve just wanted a job. He wasn’t expecting a marriage proposal. And he certainly wasn’t expecting to accept.

  • K

Kiss Me Hello by kehinki (5610 words)

Summary: Bucky and Steve take to kissing each other hello, goodbye, goodnight. It’s very platonic until it isn’t.

  • L

Lilies With Full Hands by refusals (102016 words)

Summary: His body is not his own.

This may not be the first thing they teach him, but it is the first thing he learns.

  • M

Memory by emilyenrose (23934 words)

Summary: He rememberd nothing. After the few first weeks, he asked to be called James.

Most Of All by thebrotherswinchester (7593 words)

Summary: Five times Bucky dances with Steve.

(In which there are Lindy Hops, waltzes, drunken nights, fake boyfriends, a 21 century gay club, a pair of ridiculously expensive suits, and eventually it all works out.)

  • N

New Definitions by midnighttypewriter (16588 words)

Summary: Steve chuckles. “Handsome and charming,” he said. “Very popular with dames.” He brought his hand to the crown of Bucky’s head, ran his fingers through his hair. It was still long and Bucky had never shown any interest to cut it down to his original style; Steve assumed it was here to stay just like the metal arm. He had Bucky but the Winter Soldier was a part of the package. “Do you remember?”

Bucky shrugged. He rolled his face into Steve’s touch. “Some things. There’re still blank spaces. I know enough to tell when the book’s lying.”

Night Light by thebrotherswinchester (20382 words)

Summary: Bucky’s a beat-up rentboy in need of a place to stay.

  • O

One Caress by fuck_me_barnes (26160 words)

Summary: Steve’s rarely been touched in a way that didn’t equate to some kind of hurt. The cold metal of a stethoscope against his frail chest or the sting of a needle drawing yet another blood sample, when he was a sickly child. The bone-shattering punches thrown by the neighborhood bullies on the playground, or by his own father at home, drunk and wild. His mother, weak and clutching at him as she grew more incoherent with the drugs as the cancer ate away at her insides. Touch was something he shied away from, something he told himself he just didn’t want.

Except…he did. He just didn’t know how.

Until he finds a flyer for a local “affection and intimacy services” program.

In which Steve learns how to become comfortable with touch, and there is one very good dog, and a slow-burn romance.

One Day We Won’t Have To Be Scared by Paraxdisepink (13444 words)

Summary: Written for this prompt: Steve and Bucky are at a gay bar in the 30s, and some guy offers them money to take pictures of them as they fuck. They need the money, they say yes, and pretty much forget about it afterwards. The pictures come out years later.

On The Cusp by thebrotherswinchester (18949 words)

Summary: Bucky is a rich kid. Steve is his butler. It doesn’t stop them from being best friends.

  • P

Painted In Indigo by nekare (11024 words)

Summary: “You should be careful of that one,” Mr. Hendrickson says, with a nod to Bucky outside the window. “It ain’t right. Looking at you all the time as he does. The way he should be looking at girls.”

Steve laughs, because damn, but what a ridiculous idea.

Or, five times Steve caught Bucky looking at him, and the one time he looked first.

Perfectly Right Wrong Number by melonbutterfly (31942 words)

Summary: It all starts because Steve is too dumb to handle his smartphone.

A wrong number AU in which Bucky Barnes doesn’t enter Steve’s life (meaning: Bucky wasn’t born until the eighties, but Steve is still Captain America) until Steve accidentally dials the wrong number. Wherein there is a lot of texting, some advice via Natasha and Darcy, a bit of pining, and a first date in an amusement park. Oh, and on top of being a disabled veteran, Bucky is a professional catwalker. Literally.

Practice Makes Perfect by nekare (10948 words)

Summary: And it’s just. It’s too much. Weeks of pain and months of missing Steve and his mouth and the stupid shit that comes out of it; years of molding himself to his back at night and pretending there’s nothing else to it apart from sharing warmth; a decade of his stomach twisting with the foolish desire to make Steve laugh.

It’s August and sweltering when Steve asks, out of nowhere, if Bucky wants to try kissing. Just to see what it’s like. Bucky then spends far, far too many years pretending it didn’t mean anything at all.

  • S

Slide To Answer by relenafanel (6326 words)

Summary: “What do I do?” Steve appealed into the phone. “I’m freaking out.”

There was silence on the other end of the line. It lasted so long that Steve pulled the receiver away from his ear and frowned at it. Pay phones were old. Maybe this one wasn’t working despite the obvious dial tone when he picked up.

“Ok,” a stranger’s voice said over the phone. “First acknowledge the fact that you dialed the wrong number, but be quick about it because my cab is a few blocks away from my own plans and I’m about to drop some truth bombs on you.”

  • T

The Ass Championships by betty days (4417 words)

Summary: “Well,” Tony says, standing and clapping his hands together, “for the sake of scientific validity, there’s only one way to test this.” He pauses for dramatic effect. “We need to hold the first annual Ass Championships.”

And that’s how it starts.


Wherein the Avengers get kinda drunk and play stupid middle school games.

The Bucky Barnes Guide To Household Management by CryptoHomoRocker (5506 words)

Summary: “Steve doesn’t even notice at first, is the thing.”

Or: Steve is unobservant, Bucky learns to be good at things that aren’t killing people, and knitting happens.

The City Bleeds Its Aching Heart by Renne (34537 words)

Summary: The one where Steve and Bucky pose as a happily married couple while on a mission for SHIELD, to catch an international arms dealer hiding in a suburbian neighbourhood.

The Man On The Bridge by boopboop (107556 words)

Summary: Steve Rogers turning up at Tony’s door in the middle of the night might be a bit out of character, but it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. Stranger things have happened.

Steve Rogers turning up at Tony’s door with an amnesiac assassin - who may or may not have some of Tony’s personally designed hardware attached where his arm should be - well, that’s just far too interesting to turn away, even if Tony is trying to avoid all things S.H.I.E.L.D. these days.

The Nightmare From Which I’m Trying To Awake by Speranza (15971 words)

Summary: “You gotta bring him in, Cap.” Tony Stark, distant: on speakerphone. “You can come in to me, or you can go to - well, I don’t know who else is left. But you gotta bring him in.”

The President’s Son by RockSaltAndRoll (60016 words)

Summary: Agent Steve Rogers is assigned to protect President Barnes’ son, Bucky - a troubled war veteran with a penchant for causing havoc. Bucky is a war hero but keeps veering to the path of self destruction, and Steve is sure as hell doesn’t want ot get fired over this shit. His job is to protect Bucky, even from himself.

The Smithsonian Guard by galerian_ash (8927 words)

Summary: Bucky makes a friend.

To Be Vulnerable Is Needed Most Of All by perfect_plan (118363 words)

Summary: Steve is a shy comic book artist and meets his new neighbor, Bucky Barnes.

In which there’re awkward longings, meddling best friends, comic conventions, heartache, lemons, video games, dorkiness, dancing and two cute boys.

To Memory Now I Can’t Recall by Etharei (102600 words)

Summary: While on a mission storming a HYDRA facility, James Buchanan Barnes touches one of the many strange alien devices collected by the Red Skull. He does this, in fact, twice— in the past, and in the future.

Next thing he knows, Bucky Barnes is opening his eyes in the 21st century, which is full of great gadgets and coffee, and at least includes his old pal Steve. (And, inexplicably, a different Stark.) Meanwhile, the Winter Soldier finds himself in the middle of World War Two, helping Captain America hunt down HYDRA (which is at least familiar), pretending to be Bucky Barnes (which is not), and figuring out the very noisy group of soldiers who call themselves the Howling Commandos.

  • U

Unwanted Celebrity by Kryptaria, rayvanfox (72446 words)

Summary: Fifteen years ago, a skinny kid from Brooklyn went to an arts summer camp, where he met child movie star Jimmy Barnes. Their unlikely friendship faded as the years passed. But now, a threat to Barnes’ career brings Steve back into his life, in the most unexpected of ways.

Or, the one where Bucky is a smooth celebrity, right up until Steve the snarky photographer shows up, and Bucky’s whole world gets blown to pieces.

  • Y

Your Favorite Ghost by augustbird (21013 words)

Summary: It’s harder than Steve ever expected to bring Bucky home.

Your Kind Of Idiot by dirtybinary (4545 words)

Summary: In which Bucky doesn’t fall from the train, Steve has company when he wakes up in the twenty-first century, and neither of them knows how to talk about their feelings unless they’re about to die.

You Were Standing There by thebrotherswinchester (14863 words)

Summary: Bucky accidetally breaks into the wrong house while drunk. The wrong house happens to belong to Steve Rogers.

Bad Influence

{Do you take requests? If so could you write a smut about it being lukes birthday and he gets a lap dance from someone and you get jealous and go all sub¡luke???} <– I changed the request a little

{could you write a smut where youre at your aunties bbq and luke is there as he lives next door,youve never met him and he realises you dont really want to be there so you sneak over to his and it escalates into intense sex? Please :)}

So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone on this one. I hope you guys like it. c:

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Can Sherlock pls ask Molly out in the Special?!
  • .
  • Sherlock: *softly* Molly?
  • Molly: *looks up from cadaver* Hmm?
  • Sherlock: *corners of his eyes crinkle as he smiles warmly*
  • Molly: Yes? What do you need, Sherlock? I'm a little busy right now as you can see.
  • Sherlock: Of course. Obviously.
  • Molly: *puts down scalpel* What do you need?
  • Sherlock: *muffled by cough* You.
  • Molly: Sorry? I didn't quite catch that.
  • Sherlock: Molly... w-would you like to...
  • Molly: *sighs* Solve cases, then? Is John busy? I think I remember Mary mentioning a holiday coming up soon. Well, I am off for the next few days so I could if you like...
  • Sherlock: *interrupts* Have dinner.
  • Molly: ....
  • Sherlock: *blushes*
  • Sherlock: Would you, Molly Hooper, like to have dinner with me? Preferably tonight.
  • Molly: *grin widens slowly*
  • Molly: I'd love to.
  • Sherlock: *nods awkwardly* Good. That's good.
  • Sherlock: I'll... Okay. I'll just... come back later...
  • Sherlock: *turns up his collar and exits as his Belstaff flaps behind him*
  • Molly: Finally! *chuckles and gets back to work*
Hello, baby. Part 13

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

I kiss him and thenI let out a sigh, “Well, my mom was beautiful from what I remember. She had long brown hair and bright green eyes. I remember her voice being so soft and gentle. As for my dad, well he wasn’t much of anything.” I look at him and he still has his eyes on me.
“He was a drunk and in some deep trouble with drugs. He would make me go on runs with him because he figured people wouldn’t shoot at a little girl. When I was 11 I, I actually killed someone to protect him, I still don’t know why. He was never happy, no matter what. He was really violent. I remember my mom never tried to stick up for herself, she would just take it so I wouldn’t have to, but she killed herself when I was 8. I started to become her, i took her place.” He squeezes my hand letting me know he’s still there.
“I realized why my mom always had a full face of makeup around me, it was to cover the bruises. I had to start doing the same. I was heading down the same path as my mom. So, I moved out when I was 17. I didn’t want to end up like her, or like him. He died a couple years ago and it felt like I could breath again.” I let out a deep breath.
I haven’t had to recall those memories for a long time. They still feel like fresh wounds. He leans down and kisses my forehead.
I give him a forced smile.
A few silent moments fall between us.
He lets out a sigh to break it, “I don’t remember much of mine. I don’t remember a mom or dad, or where I grew up. The last date I remember is, well I don’t really remember it, I just sort of have pictures that flash through my head. It was when I was a teenager I think, I was standing there, smiling. That’s it. Nothing else was happening in the picture.” He has his head resting back on the couch.
“I started getting into the crime world and I was good at it, so good at it darling. Still am.” He smiles at me.
“Things went wrong when the Bat showed up. The first time we met he thought he killed me, but he just turned me into a better version of myself. See, my skin wasn’t always this white and my hair wasn’t always green.” He laughs and I give him a smile.
“Falling into a chemical bath, well that might change your looks a little bit.” I look at his skin and his face and can’t imagine him looking and different.
“I came back and I was better than ever baby. I showed up and created the mayhem I desired. You know how strong my desires can be darling.” He runs his finger down my bottom lip.
“I did get caught once more, an asylum this time. A chemical bath and electric shock therapy, that does things to ya baby, and that’s how I became what I am today doll.”
He’s looking straight in my eyes. “Does that scare you?”
“Not in a million years.” I pull him down to kiss me.

I can feel him smile as we kiss and is cause me to laugh a little bit. 

 “What time is it?” I mumble as our lips are still attached. 

He pulls away and his bright eyes are staring deep into mine “It’s morning.” He kisses me again.
I look up at a window and see the sunrise, “Well Mr. J.” I stand up and stretch, “That was a lovely first date, but I must get home.”
I laugh and take one step, he pulls me by the waist and I land on his lap, I start laughing. 

“I’m pretty sure you needed to be punished for God knows what you did earlier,” he bites the back of my neck. 

Originally posted by danielteleki

I get up and his hands fall to his side, I face towards him and straddle him on the couch, he growls. “Now, Mr. J, you can’t punish me for something you don’t know if I did or not.” I kiss him slowly, “but I’ll let you get away with it, just this one time.” I lean close to his ear and give it a soft bite, he grips my ass and groans. 
He picks me up and tosses me on the couch, he rips off my clothes “I think I have waited long enough for dessert.”

“J! People are going to be waking up and coming in here! Can we at least go to…”

His mouth covers mine, “Darling, if you keep talking I really will punish you.” He finishes undressing me.

I start laughing because i’m nervous that someone will see us, but I know he doesn’t care. ‘I’m sure they will hear and just not come out here, right?’

He flips me over and has me bent over the back of the couch and my knees are on the cushions, I am still laughing because I can’t believe this is happening. 
J spanks me, hard. I let out a small scream.
“What the hell J! That was really hard!” I laugh towards the end of my sentence. 

“You must of forgot doll.” He grabs my hair and pulls it, by back arches and my ass sticks out toward him more, “I get to punish you, remember? You were the one that asked for this baby.” He pulls harder and a moan escapes my mouth. 
“Thats right.” His voice is low I can barley hear him.

I feel his dick between my legs, as if I wasn’t already wet. He pushes himself against me and I wiggle myself back, he slaps my ass again, harder.
“Fuck!” I say under my breath and bring myself back to the position he wants me in. 
“You do as I say. Ok baby?”

“Yes, daddy.” I reply and don’t say another word.

“Now, play with yourself.” He commands

I do as i’m told, he is still pulling my hair and it gets me even more turned on. I moan his name as rub my clit. I hear him growl from behind me.

He releases my hair and my head falls forward, he positions himself and slowly slides himself in me, I can hear him groan and it forces me to let out a moan myself. He picks up his pace and one hand is pulling my hair back while the other is holding my hips in place as his thrusts get harder. 
My moans and screams and loud and I cant stop them, I can feel the orgasm approach.
He pulls out.
I let out a loud scream and wait a second. 
“The fuck J!” He still has my hair in his hand so I cant turn to look at him.

“This is your fault darling.” He rams himself back in me and I scream his name.

Im getting close again and my knuckles are white from gripping the couch, he spanks me again and it only brings me closer this time.
He pulls out again.
“FUCK YOU!” I scream out, my breathing rigid.

“Oh my, the princess has a filthy mouth when she doesn’t get what she wants.”
He goes back to fucking me again, he goes slow. The sensation causes my legs to shake. He lets go of my hair and has both hands on my hips, holding them up. He keeps the pace steady.

“Darling you are fucking fantastic, do you know that?” his voice is low, almost a whisper. 
His words send a chill down my spine.
His pace picks up and my back arches again, I cant take this much longer.
I am biting my lip scared to make a noise, the fear that he might not let me cum again.

He is grunting and moaning himself, i know he’s close. I meet his rhythm.
I scream out “Daddy!” and we only last seconds after. 

I fall onto the couch, my body feels extremely weak. He leans over and kisses me.

“Don’t fuck with me again, princess. It will only get worse and trust me, I don’t mind.” He smiles at me. I can’t even answer, i just nod my head and close my eyes.

He puts his pants back on and wraps a blanket around me, “You might want to get upstairs darling.” 
I forgot other people were here, but my legs are weak.

“J, I honestly can not move.” I laugh and he joins.
He picks me up and carries me up the stairs, he places me in my side of the bed and covers me with the silk sheets. 
I fall asleep quick.

I wake up, my body still wants sleep but my stomach is screaming for food. The sun is shining bright through the windows.
I throw on a shirt and some shorts and head downstairs. 
I open the bedroom door and I can hear J yelling in his office, I decide to avoid whatever situation is going on in there. 
Jackie has the house smelling delicious.
French toast today, I make myself a plate and sit at the table alone. 
J’s screams are muffled from the door but I don’t hear anyone else. Then again, who would actually raise their voice at him other than me. I smile at myself.
I eat the entire plate, I wash the dishes and then go sit on the couch and turn the T.V on.
Gunshots, like a machine gun. My first instinct is to run to J.
I run upstairs and I hunch down by the door, waiting to hear anything. I don’t know who is in there, my heart is pounding, I swear they could hear it on the other side of the door. 

The door slams open, I fall backwards on my back.

“What are you doing Kat?!” Its Lucas, he looks mad.

“I heard all, i heard the gunshots, I just wanted to make sure everyone was ok?” My voice is shaky. 

“Do you know how mad he will be if he sees you this close to all this? Go! Now! Run to the bedroom!” Hes whispering but I feel the urgency in his voice.

I stumble getting up but I run to the bedroom and close the door lightly. I stand there catching my breath. I get myself together and open the door.

“Good morning! Whats with all the noise?” I smile as I walk out of our room.

J just walked out of his office, “Just some business that needed to be taken care of darling. Nothing to worry about.” He gives me a smile and I cant help but smile back. “I have a surprise for you tonight, we will be leaving shortly doll. Nothing too fancy.” He winks at me. 

“A surprise?” I squeal.

“Yes darling, go get ready while daddy cleans this up.” He gives me that smile again, my knees feel weak. ‘Will I ever get used to that? To him?’

I go back to the bedroom, I throw off my clothes and raid through the closet. I pick out a black t-shirt and some jean shorts that I know will drive J mad. I pull out some purple ankle books that have a good size heel to them. They make my legs look long and that confident feeling comes flooding over me. 

J walks into the bedroom, he looks irritated, i ignore it.
He goes to the closet and changes into a white shirt and more low jeans.
‘Do you even know what those low jeans do to me J?’ I smile at him and at my thoughts.

“You ready doll? We have a detour to make.” He is at the bedroom door, holding it open. 

I walk over to him, “You look nice too baby.” and walk right by him, down the stairs and straight out the front door. 

He meets me outside, and wraps his hands around my waist, “You have my full attention darling.” He kisses behind my ear.
He’s forgiven.

He opens the car door for me and we get in the back, Jay and Lucas are with us as well as a car full of guards behind us.

“Whats the detour?” I ask looking at the car behind us.

“Work baby, don’t worry about it. I’ll be in and out.” he winks at me and i give him a small laugh.

The drive took about 20 minutes. We come to a stop and its in front of  a building that is well lit. There are huge windows all around it. it looks like it used to be an storage unit of some kind. Im sure its still a storage but for very different things now.

J open the car door and gets out and I scoot towards the door, “Oh no, no, no. You are going to stay here doll. I am going to have 2 guards on either side of you, ok?”

“I, I have to wait here? While you go in there?” I give him the puppy dog eyes, they don’t work.

“It’s not going to work. I’ll be back quick. Ok? Vic and Sam will be outside the car till I get back.”

“Come back to me J.” I pull at him to kiss me, he does.

“Every time doll.” He smiles and walks away.

Sam and Vic are very huge men, I feel pretty safe. 
Vic is on the left side of the car, his body tilted toward the building with a gun drawn. Sam is on the right side, he is facing the street and he has his gun drawn with a light on it. 
We sit, and we wait.

It doesn’t take long before my ears are ringing from the sound of a gunshot.
I can’t move.

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Another shot, blood is all over the left side of the car, Vic slides down the car.
I can’t move, I can’t scream.
Sam opens the door and pulls me down so I am laying on the seat. He stands back up and starts firing at one of the windows, i hear a man fall and hit the cement below him.

“Miss, you need to stay awake. Do you know where you are?” His hand is on my face and he is making eye contact with me but I can’t say anything.
He reaches for his phone and hits one button, “She’s hit. Vics down.” 

Seconds pass and J is next to me, he puts my head on his lap, “Hospital fucking now!” He yells at Jay and Lucas.
“Fuck!” he keeps screaming over and over. His voice sounds painful.

I reach my hand down under my shirt to my lower stomach and lift it up to my face, its covered in blood.
I still can’t feel anything. I grab onto Js arm as tight as I can, I can’t concentrate on what has happened. My mind hasn’t wrapped myself around it.

He lets out a painful grunt when he sees my hand covered in blood, “Im fucking sorry Kat. I fucked up. Im, I can’t.” 

I cant even enjoy the fact that he said sorry just now. 
J pushes the car door open before we even come to a complete stop at the hospital. He tries to be as gentle but as quick as he can getting me out of the car.
He carries me inside and there are 4 of his men behind him.

“I need the fucking doctor!” He screams when we walk in. 
Everyone stands in fear of The Joker.
Lucas let off 3 shots, “The doctor. Now!” 

Nurses scramble, and a doctor comes forward. He is sweaty and you can smell the nervous feeling on him.
“Ye-Yes Joker?” He stands a few feet away.

“Fix her, save her.” J walks up to the doctor. “She’s shot, lower abdomen. If she dies, so do you.”

Fo-follow me.” He walks J and his men back to an emergency room. “Set her down here.” 

J lays me down, my eyes are heavy, its hard to breath, and i am freezing.
“Im right here baby girl, everything is going to be fine.” 

I try to smile at him. I don’t even know if my face actually moved.

The doctor cuts off my shirt, “I-I uh need to get to that side of her Sir.”
J was knelt down my the wound, he snarls at the doctor but moves to the other side, he grabs my hand, I have no energy to grab his back.

“I need 2 nurses, their names are Hannah and Gloria, I need extra hands.” The doctor looks at J.

“Go get them Lucas.” J doesn’t stop looking at my face. 

Lucas comes back and both girls are crying, they look at the doctor for instruction.
“Shes lost a lot of blood, I need a transfusion now!” They don’t move out of fear, “He will kill us if we don’t save her, move!” the doctor yells at the 2 girls.
“They need that arm Sir. I have an IV in this one,” The doctor doesn’t look at J, he is busy addressing the gunshot wound.

J stutters to move but he does. The girls rush in and get to work.

Tears roll down the side of my face into my hair line, I can’t feel anything put a lot of pressure. I’m just scared. Really scared. 

One of the girls brushes my hair back, “Its ok, everything will be ok. You won’t feel anything other than the pressure you are feeling already, ok? We gave you pain medication through the IV.” she points to my other arm but I cant turn my head.
“I promise you, you will be ok.” Her smile is soft and warm, i believe her.

J has his eyes locked on me. I can feel the pain radiating off him. 
The medication has swept through my body. 
I close my eyes.

“Don’t, don’t sleep, Kat wak..” He is yelling.

“She is fine Sir. Its just the pain medication, she needs to sleep.” She puts her hand up to J and I know he wanted to kill her right then and there.
She turns round and goes back to helping the doctor.

“It went straight through, that’s a good thing. Its cleaned and everything is fine internally. Stitch her up.” The doctor tells the girls. 

He takes his gloves off and turns to J. “She is going to need a lot of rest, she is going to have a hard time getting up and she will need a lot of help for a while. In about 2 days she will need to start walking so her muscles don’t get tight around the wound. It needs to be cleaned morning and night everyday till we get the stitches out. It is going to hurt, she is going to be in pain. She will live though. You can cut the stitches out in 3 weeks or bring her back here.” The doctor walks past J and out the double doors.

One nurse smiles out of fear and leaves, while the other sits next to me. 

“She’s ok Sir. She’s tough.” She gets up and walk out after adjusting the IV one last time.

“I know.” He says under his breath.
He comes to my side and kisses my forehead.
He doesn’t say anything. He puts his head down on the table next to my arm and lets out a long sigh.
He looks over at the stitched up hole, “Kat, I’m not safe for you. I’m no good for you.” he grabs my hand again, i still can’t return the pressure. “Lets get her home.”

He has Lucas and Jay grab the IV’s has he carries me out.
Not a word is spoken on the ride home.

J takes me upstairs and changes my clothes, he throws everything I was wearing in the trash.
Lucas sets up the IV’s in the bedroom and J lays me down and covers me with the sheets.
Lucas closes the door behind him.

J gets in bed next to me, he pulls me close, “Im so sorry Kat.” 

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I wake up in the morning, I can barley breath from the pain. I try to sit up and fall back gasping for air. I look around for J, he’s not there.

Night Changes

[Hangs up his phone and slowly gets out of his bed.] God, please don’t let this end badly. [Lays his phone down and goes over to his closet to get a pair of jeans, a tank top, and a jacket.] I really hope that she’s not just in sweats and I look like I tried too hard. Shit. [Laughs lightly and quickly changes into his clothes. Looks around the room for a pen and paper and writes his dad a note saying that he was going to the park with Mali and that he would be back in a little while, if he needed him, he had his phone.] Please don’t kill me, dad. [Sighs softly and grabs his phone, wallet, and keys to his car. Pauses for a moment and smirks as he goes over to get his snapback and put it on. Lays the note on his pillow and carefully makes his way out of the house and into his car. Starts driving towards Mali’s and makes it there in about ten minutes considering how close they lived to one another.]

  • Gon Comforts a Grieving Killua

This request comes from an anon! This is my first attempt at a HxH audio, so if you like it, let me know :)

Anonymous said: Gon comforting Killua after he remembers his past/he kills someone else (I’m soooo happy you like HxH!!!!)


*Killua crying*

Killua…what’s wrong?

Go away, Gon.

Well that’s not gonna happen.

*After a little crying and a sigh* 1,342.


…That’s how many people I’d killed before I met you, Gon. 1,342…and I remember every single face.

*After a pause*…And?


That’s your past, Killua. You haven’t killed anyone recently unless you had to, right?

N-no…but I-

Then that settles it. The Killua I met before, and the Killua I know now are two different people, in my opinion. Who you were, and who you are now…they aren’t the same person, and you shouldn’t let what other Killua did, because you’re not responsible for his actions.

Gon…you’re so stupid sometimes…

I know I am.

…Thank you, Gon. Thank you so much.

Deputy Jordan Parrish “5 million dollar baby”

“What are you reading?” You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed a soft kiss in his neck. He placed a hand on yours, taking a deep breath.
“I got this list today from Stiles and Lydia.” He turned his head towards you and handed you the list, his name at the bottom, a big five behind it.
“What kind of list is this?” You shook your head and gave him the list back, seeing how his eyes were staring at the names and the numbers again.
“It’s a hit list, some sort of death-pool.” He swallowed and you felt a shiver down your spine, causing you to tremble.
“And what’s the number behind your name?” Your voice was stuttering a little bit and Jordan turned his head to stare at you again.
“It’s how much killing me is worth.” He sighed and you shook your head, feeling how his arms were catching you, helping you to sit down next to him in the couch.
“That’s a lot of money…” You could hardly find your breath and felt how his hand was kindly rubbing your back, his eyes staring at your belly, filled with your unborn child.
“It’s more than I will earn in a lot of years…” He stared at you and your eyes widened, your head shaking, your hands trembling, while they were trying to reach out for him, holding him.
“You’re joking now, are you?” You swallowed again and stuttered, knowing that a part of him was seriously considering this.
“You and our child would have everything and anything.” He shrugged his shoulders and you opened your mouth, searching for words but not really finding them.
“We won’t have you.” You eventually whispered and Jordan’s lips curled into a smile.
“It was just a thought, don’t worry.” He paused for a short moment. “But it’s a lot of money.” He hesitated for a while. “I didn’t know I was worth this much.” He stared at you and you stared back at him, your hand around your stomach.
“Do you think someone will try to earn it?” You felt uncomfortable, wished you had never come here, had never agreed with moving to Beacon Hills, had never fallen for the argument that if the two of you would be careful, nothing would happen, despite the huge amount of unexplained deaths.
“Maybe…” Jordan placed the list on the table and wrapped his arms around you, pressing you tightly against his chest, his lips kissing your hair. “But I’m a deputy. It won’t be that easy to kill me.” He sounded more confident than he seemed and you stared from him, to the unborn child you were carrying.
“Your child needs you, Jordan.” You whispered softly and looked up at him, pressing a kiss on his lips. “I need you, Jordan.” You bit your lip and felt how his arms tensed around your body.
“I know, we’ll just have to find out who is behind this and I’m sure this will stop.” He swallowed and placed a hand on your belly. “I just hope this will stop in time…”

Beast Boy/Raven Drabble - Midnight (Completed)

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans. This is a work of fanfiction, and I am not making any money off of this.

A/N: Here we go! Happy BBRae Week!


“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

The changeling grinned. Giving their laced fingers a little swing, he gently yanked her next to him.

“Robin is gonna kill us.” Raven sighed, fighting the small smile that threatened her features.

“Well,” Beast Boy started, grinning wildly. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, placing a kiss to her temple. “He isn’t going to find out.”

“He could.” Raven told him, sinking into his embrace as they walked. “If the alarm goes off, he gets a drink of water, or-“

“Or,” The green teenager smiled, stopping their pace and drawing her into a hug. “He could continue to sleep with the rest of the world. Look around, Rae.”

The empath turned her head, surveying the area around them. The usually busy Main Street was quiet and dark with midnight. Not a car, not a person, not even a creature in sight.

“It’s just the two of us.” The corners of his eyes crinkled as their foreheads met.


“Alone.” He agreed happily.

She shook her head at his mirth. “At midnight in the middle of the street.”

“At midnight in the middle of the street.” He nodded, catching her lips in a quick kiss.

“So,” Raven wondered, wrapping her arms around his neck. “What are we supposed to do?

“I figured we could get some pizza.”

“It’s closed.”

“Oh.” Beast Boy frowned, his brow wrinkling. “Ice cream.”

“Also closed.”

“For the record-“

“The official record.” Raven teased.

“Hush you.” Beast Boy chuckled, squeezing her tight against him. “How about this? We go to the twenty-four hour gas station,” He pressed a kiss to her forehead.


“We get some snacks,” Another at her nose.


He pressed a kiss to the corner of her mouth. “And we have a midnight picnic in the park?”

“We could do that.” She smiled, pressing her lips to his.  

“I’ll keep you warm until sunrise.” He murmured.


thoughts on Arrow 5x04: Penance

I wasn’t in a good headspace going into last night’s episode. I didn’t expect I was going to want to watch it more than once, recap or no. But… the episode won me over. No, it’s not one of their strongest episodes so far this season (I think that honor goes to 5x02), but it was solid and it made me think and feel things and smile and sigh and ultimately, isn’t that what we want from a tv show? So yeah, I watched a second time. 

  • The flashbacks were especially entertaining this week. Whether it was Oliver’s “what the hell did you do that for!” when Anatoly doused him in vodka or his “drunken” stumbling or the menacing Bratva soldier act in the jail cell… I was charmed. Utterly. Whatever else we have to say about this season, I think we can agree the flashbacks are killing it
  • I felt a little offended on Felicity’s behalf several times this episode. Namely, when Lyla brushed her off and when Rene made the crack about her doing nothing behind the computers. 
  • I once again wasn’t too wild about Curtis in this episode. How they had him focusing on what Church’s endgame might be but having Felicity not care? That didn’t feel right at all. Plus, can he pick a lane? Is he kissing Oliver’s ass or shading it? I can’t keep up. 
  • As such, Rory Regan is now my favorite new recruit. I love Rory. I loved his scenes with Oliver and with Felicity. I love him in the field. I just love him. Can we keep him forever and ever? 
  • Wild Dog is a bit annoying, but I’m willing to give him a shot. But he needs to stop being rude to the queen. 
  • It’s hard to get a read on Evelyn. She’s just sort of… there. I’d love to see more story for her. But… as a woman on Arrow… I’m not going to hold my breath. 
  • Felicity had great objections to this plan to rescue Dig and I wish the show had given more time for them because they made it seem like she didn’t want to get Dig out, which I’m sure wasn’t the case. At least Dig seemed to understand where Felicity’s head was at, bless his heart. 
  • I’m glad Oliver broke Dig out, because I missed him, but that whole thing was messy messy messy. 
  • The DA is registering a solid “9″ on my “is he a creep” meter. I get they might be doing a vigilante storyline with him but at the same, HE ACTS LIKE A CREEP. DO NOT LIKE. 
  • Quentin felt like QUENTIN this episode, which was nice. Super enjoyed him coming to the rescue in the Arrow van. 
  • Adding to my list of “Character’s I’d like to keep” (which Rory Regan is currently sitting at the top of): I’d like to add Anatoly. I love him. So much.
  • Was I the only one who got a major Negan vibe off of Church last night? Well, let’s be honest, from 5x01? Because… damn. I sure did. 
  • Emily Bett Rickards deserves so much more credit than she’s been getting lately. She killed her scenes last night. Killed them dead. 
  • Oliver telling Dig to perform his penance as Spartan made me fistpump because YES. 
  • I almost didn’t want to take any hope from Oliver and Felicity scenes in this episode. I went in with a sour attitude this time, and I was like “don’t you dare try to melt my heart!” What did they do? MELTED MY DAMN HEART.
  • First there was the almost discussion about Havenrock (which almost seems to indicate that there will be an uninterrupted discussion in the future? maybe? HOPEFULLY?), then the argument in the living quarters with Felicity’s jab about lying, then the heart eyes stare at the end of the episode… GUYS. 
  • Listen. They told us the reason they wrote Olicity in the first place was in answer to that chemistry between Stephen and Emily. As for if they would get back together, they let us know “hey, if the chemistry is still there, then sure”. UHM GUYS. THE CHEMISTRY IS STILL THERE. 
  • God damn them for giving me hope. 
  • That said I’m nervous about next week. I really hope that those hopes aren’t dashed. 

And that’s it, my friends. I leave you with this gif that I had to make after the episode because I feel this could be super useful in a number of situations and did I mention I love Anatoly? I LOVE ANATOLY. 


Eighth Part To The ‘Hidden Hybrid’ Imagine Collection (Fem!Reader Hybrid X Mikaelson Family)

Part One      Part Two        Part Three        Part Four       Part Five

Part Six     Part Seven     Part Nine

Elijah’s face stayed unreadable as you glowered at him, unlike the rest of your family members he stayed calm and collected, not matter what attempt to escape his newest lesson you made.

“This is stupid I know how to fight.” You huffed childishly, your bottom lip pouting a little as you refused to partake in Elijah’s newest lesson.

“You know how to kill there is a vast difference.” Elijah sighed, shrugging off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves.

“I hit them they stop… not really a difference.” You huffed preparing to defend yourself.


“Hit me.” Elijah said quickly.

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Imagine being Bobby's daughter and the Winchesters being your babysitter, but things go south...

“Um, h-hey, Bobby.” Dean said through the phone.

“Dean? How are things going? My little girl being good?”

Dean stopped and sighed, running a hand through his hair and down his face, a movement he does when he’s nervous. “About that… um-”

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Dean froze. "Speak, boy!“

"We don’t know where Y/n is. We lost her. She’s no where in the bunker and she isn’t answering her phone.” Dean explained.

“You idjits trying to kill me?!” Bobby yelled, causing Dean to jerk the phone away from his ear. “I thought I told you not to let her out of your sight! Need I remind you that she is a hunter and a teenager?! You should have knew that she wasn’t just going to sit there and not try to go out on her own! Damn it, Dean!”

“I-I’m sorry, Bobby. I have Cas and Sam out looking for her right now. We’re gonna find her, I promise.”

Dean could practically see Bobby’s face all twisted and hard in anger, and it wasn’t something he was looking forward to seeing in person. It was intimidating enough in his head. He regretted ever trusting you in the first place. You promised to stay put while Sam and him ran to the store, but the moment you saw the shiny black car vanish down the road you were out the door, heading straight for your dad.

“You better, boy.” Bobby said threateningly. “I swear… once I get my hands on that girl…” Bobby shook his head and cleared his throat. “Find my little girl, Dean, and once you do don’t. let. her. out. of. your. sight.”

“You’ve got it, Bobby.”