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#4.02 “Meet the New Boss” promo

Daisy goes to battle Ghost Rider at a terrible cost, and Coulson faces the new Director, and his bold agenda surprises them all, on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 (10|9c), on ABC. [promo 2]

Grimmjow & Kūgo Ginjō.

Well… the color suits your eyes  B’)) for cami @xcutions. Idk why I bothered to draw him in that form again but I am weak for that skeleton outfit. ANYWAY CAMI, have some more gay and asdfgh idk what to say anymore, they make me happy. 

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like im legit feeling so down and i hate it. even worse that i didnt know he was sick and could've easily cancelled but he felt so bad the last time he did so he probably stuck it out. also we should really appreciate the people who take videos/pictures cause i tried to sneak shit and it was so difficult, you guys are the real mvp. the handlers were so onto him this weekend, like at the autos he couldnt give hugs really so instead there were awkward handshakes.

I feel like if he hadn’t had to cancel that other con to film he might have dropped out of this one so I feel kinda bad for him but it’s so endearing that he went anyway and gave handshakes :’)

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If you're still doing the body headcanon ask meme Hands and Mouth for Saguaro?

I am literally forever doing that meme; please I’m an obsessive child willing to talk forever about even the smallest detail on this guy.


His hands are fairly large, like even for his size, about the width of a human back’s width. Very long and slender fingers that come to a point at the end. The claws are “under the skin” so to speak, that is the bone itself is sharp. The pelt becomes most thin on the hands, so the skin there is more suede-y, and the claws are hard. They aren’t the sharpest claws, kind of dull actually, but they can puncture if enough force is applied.


COMPLICATED!!!!! To begin with here’s an open mouth look from something old because I’m lazy:

We already know he’s got basically flayed skin at the back of the mouth and throat. Exposed muscle and organs can be seen on the skull and in the throat (that’s basically the muscles around his larynx in there). It isn’t in pain really, as it’s been exposed so long. Almost like a second skin due to callousing at this point. Tender but not constantly in pain. The bit of skull exposed is dry.

The slit doesn’t go all the way through the neck, it stops with a muscle wall just beyond where I typically draw. You couldn’t stick anything THROUGH his neck I mean. It’s just the skin layer that’s been flayed.

His dentition is (best as I can ever remember) three before the canines, then a tusk like canine that protrudes, then 5-6 teeth rounding out the back (I always forget one it should be 6).

His tongue is long and tapered at the end.

At the back, he has a hard time closing the mouth fully, so he’s poor at whistling or using straws lol.

I’m sure there’s more about the mouth I’m forgetting but this is already so long omg… Thanks for the curiosity!

I took Millie for a walk earlier and there’s a little boy down the street who LOVES her and always asks if he can pet her and today he asked if Millie has a last name. I said no and asked him what he thought would be a good last name for her. He thought about it and finally decided on ‘Fields.’ I can’t deal with how cute this kid is.

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KISS IT BETTER;;  selectively accepting !
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       They’ve gotten to a point where she’ll just show up at Helios unannounced, unload her weapons at the door  (  usually with a sneer at the former-Hyperion lackeys just to watch them cower in fear  )  , and march right up to Vaughn’s nest at the top floor and throw herself on his couch. She misses the companionship, the unwavering knowledge that someone has her back. Athena was right: Vault Hunting is a lonely job. Sometimes she questions her decision, usually when she’s camped up on some roof, throwing empty bottles into stinging cacti with a rocket launcher at her side. Scattered in between long stretches of solo missions are temporary companions. Former soldiers and powerful sirens and kid geniuses; Zer0 with his choppy, poetic responses; even Mordecai and Brick have made amends by now, offering expertise and  (  in Brick’s case  )  gentler hugs. But nothing ever compares to their fucked-up family. 

Nostalgia settled in like an ache, bone deep. The only remedy is seeking out the old group and making herself welcome while they work, stable and stationary until Fiona sweeps in with chaos in her wake.

At least Vaughn seems like he enjoys her visits. They relive the good old days, share meals, stories, usually fall asleep with one head on the other’s shoulders. It’s bliss just to belong somewhere, to feel welcome after dodging bullets and looting entire camps of corpses.

This time she’s got her head in his lap, regaling him with a story that Rhys would probably kill to hear: she and Zer0 teamed up for a mission in the Fridge, clearing out the Tunnel Rats for Moxxi to set up the newest incarnation of her Underdome. She’s red-cheeked and smiling, about to get to the best part when there’s a mouth on hers, the tickle of a beard against her chin. For a moment her eyes just snap wide, breath caught in something between a laugh and a gasp. She’s rarely ever blindsided by something, can usually read someone’s intentions a mile away. Vault Hunting had only honed her innate skills, sharpened them to lethal accuracy. But if someone told her she’d be kissing Vaughn  (  and really kissing him, hands in his hair until it shakes out of its bun and falls in their faces  )  she’d have laughed in their face.

But when they part she only parts her lips in a breathless circle, eyebrows nearly at her hairline.

                                                    ‘  Oh.