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I don’t know whether you were being serious in your tags or not, but Ezra Miller /is/ queer! He’s explicitly come out as such. So he really does know our feelings about shirtless Jason Momoa very well.

Oooohhh I know, I was being 100% serious, haha! 

What he isn’t, though, is subtle, because is2g every time I see him on a press tour with some ‘sexy big celeb’ he’s all Heart Eyes™, and god, don’t even get me started on the way he’d fucking lean into Colin Farell’s touch like there was no tomorrow, ugh <3

where’s my fic based on that interview where Colin wraps a hand around the nape of Ezra’s neck and Ezra looks like he’s visibly melting into the touch like asldghkhsfjhlkk where is my dom!colin sub!ezra fic wHEREEEEE


Sengoku Basara OC Drawing Challenge - #8 - Draw OC with their family!

Soma Yoshitane & Lady Soma, his Mother - Art by Nekkyo Usagi

Lady Soma wishes nothing less than for her son to be strong and successful. She is proud of his accomplishments, and the hard work he’s put in to ensure the prosperity and future of Soma Clan. With Yoshitane being called off to war for weeks at a time, Lady Soma cares for the affairs of the estate, including numerous marriage proposals from willing and interested princesses and daughters of regional lords. Kind and proper as she is, Lady Soma is very protective of her son, and has extremely lofty standards weighed against any who may be eligible to wed her beloved Yoshitane.