My Jared op from Torcon 2016. If I could bottle up the happiness I felt in this moment…

au were don actually cared about timothy and DID cure him but has some side effects and has acid powers.


magicmadiplier  asked:

Hi, darling! So, having heard what's up with our darling Felix...I'm so excited, but, also a bit torn. It'll most likely wake up YouTube, yet...his content has a high chance of going away for good. All the memories, the good and bad moments (latter ones might not be missed entirely, though). But, knowing Felix is still a smart dude, this still has to be the best decision overall. And, who knows? Maybe it is jacksepticeye2. Whatever happens, I really wish everyone the best. I just hope YT listens

You know, if poods is willing to sacrifice over 6 years of hard work for “greater good”, I think youtube could finally admit they fucked up and take a few steps back

neville is the best character in the harry potter series i don’t know why he’s not a lot more popular he should be he even had a glow up in the films