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yoongi + lazy kisses (I know its two words but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

You awoke to the image of your sleeping boyfriend, his hair messily falling over his face, lips parted ever so slightly, early morning sunlight cloaking his body like a second blanket. He was truly a beautiful man, especially in peaceful sleep, the usual wrinkled concern and anxiety no longer etching into his delicate features, giving him the look of an innocent, carefree child. The moment was almost perfect, however there was one glaring problem ruining the aesthetic for you; the loud, obnoxious chime of your alarm. Rather than being able to enjoy the serene silence and beauty of your lover, you found yourself groaning with indignation and sleepily swiping for your phone to turn the damn thing off.

After you finally managed to silence the offending noise, you let out a soft sigh and took one last look at Yoongi, who had been completely unfazed by the alarm. You were grateful it didn’t wake him up, as Yoongi was perpetually exhausted and needed as much sleep as he could get. You sat up, your legs dangling over the edge of the bed, trying your best not to move the mattress too much as you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes. There was nothing in the world you wanted more than to just lay back down and drift off to sleep admiring your boyfriend, but you knew that doing so would be downright irresponsible. It was with reluctance that you decided to actually get ready for the day.

You didn’t make it far, a warm hand wrapping around your wrist as soon as you hopped off the bed. Before you could so much as yelp out in surprise, Yoongi had pulled you back, flopping ever so gracefully into the mattress, and subsequently, into his arms. You smiled softly to yourself, and relaxed in his embrace, deciding to at least humor him for a moment. He buried his face in the back of your neck, his hands falling just above your hips as he pulled you closer to him, but farther away from productivity.

“Yoongi…” You whined, knowing that you shouldn’t be doing this, but also knowing that this is exactly what you needed most. It had been so long since you’d last seen him, you wanted to just sink into his arms and stay there for as long as possible, but you had responsibilities, primarily your job. “You might have the day off but I don’t. I have to get ready or I’ll be late for work.”

“Then be late.” Yoongi wasn’t usually this clingy, but after a world tour and months apart he had to admit that he missed being with you. All he wanted to do on his day off was sleep with you at his side.

“I can’t! I’ll get in trouble again.” This had happened more than once in the past. Every time Yoongi stayed the night you always ended up late, and every time you tried to end the cycle to no avail.

“I’ll take responsibility for it.”

“That’s all well and good but you’re not the one who’ll get fired.”

“I’ll get you a new job.” He muttered, squeezing you tighter, pressing a soft kiss to the nape of your neck.

“Oh really?”

“You can be my personal assistant.” You rolled your eyes and chuckled, breaking free from his iron grip.

“That would go horribly, Yoon, you know that as well as I do.”

“But I could see you every single day and we wouldn’t have to go months without even holding hands.” Now that you had escaped, you once again slipped out of bed, the floor feeling like ice in comparison to the bed. You didn’t make it much farther this time, however, as Yoongi had sat up and grabbed you by the waist instead of the wrist, pulling you down onto his lap so you straddled him.


“You’re pretending to be annoyed but you’re actually really happy aren’t you?” He asked, eyes still barely open. You couldn’t exactly argue with him, he was dead on. These moments of sincere affection were few and far between, and you treasured each sacred moment you spent with Yoongi, but that didn’t change the fact that you had responsibilities. “Just call out, tell them you’re sick.”

“You’re saying I should lie? To my boss? Who already has me on thin ice for being late so often?”

“Tell them you’re too sore to come in…” He said, pressing a sleepy, lazy kiss to your neck, his hands slowly moving from the top of your waist to your hips. “I’ll make sure it’s not a lie.”

“Jerk…” You muttered, biting your lower lip as he nipped at your skin, sending shivers down your spine.

“You want to call them or not?” You stared at him for a moment before letting out a sigh, Yoongi planting a sleepy peck on your lips, smirking like the smug bastard he is.

“I suppose I won’t be fired if I’m too unwell to go in…”

Toshiya was really amazing tonight. Not just his new hair cut and black clothes that make him look amazing and stylish but also he was in such a good mood since the first song. It usually takes him a few songs to get fully into the concert but he went out tonight in full spirits. Also while he was playing the bottom Intro, he looked so into it and played it so perfect and confident that was Hard to not being emotional. Then he was all smiles and cheering the crowd to give more. Really.

Great White Gravity - Chapter Three

Pairings: taako/kravitz, taako & angus mcdonald
Characters: taako, kravitz, angus mcdonald
Other Tags: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, sazed sucks, ango and his 2 dads, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, sad boys
Warnings: sazed, ptsd
Summary: In the aftermath of the goblet, Taako tries to deal.
Other Notes: hella spoilery. title from “lifeline” by imogen heap
it’s Gay Time y’all


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Inspired by this prompt from castlefanficprompts: ‘we take the same elevator every day and due to a misunderstanding I assumed you didn’t speak english and I’ve been talking to my friend about how hot you are for three weeks and apparently my friend has known from the start but you agreed not to tell me bc you both think its hilarious what the fuck’ au

He’s taken the elevator with her almost every day for the past week or so. Her apartment must be on one of the lower floors because it’s most definitely not his—he’d have noticed her—and he’s already thinking of ways to find out which one it is without blatantly asking her where she lives.

The first time he sees her walk onto the elevator he has to forcibly tear his eyes away from her and look elsewhere so he isn’t staring, but god is she stunning. Chestnut brown hair that falls just past her shoulders, usually in curls but there are occasions where she’ll wear it straight and he loves those days. The curls are perfect, but there’s something about the length that’s added when she straightens it that does him in. He’s only had a clear view of her eyes a handful of times, mostly when she gives him a friendly smile as she steps in, but they’re just as beautiful as she is. Brown and green with flecks of gold that stand out when the harsh elevator lighting hits them, a wonderful mixture of hazel that has him wishing he could just look into them forever.

But he doesn’t, because that’d be creepy.

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Requested: Can you make one where you’re sad or mad about something and Andy does something to make you feel better?

Rated M: Language 

The Small Things

           A cold breeze brushed over my skin, raising goose bumps on my pale skin.  I ground my teeth together in frustration, the irritation that was still boiling in my gut rolling once more. I brought the cigarette back up to my lips for another drag.

           I was so fucking angry, I couldn’t shake it with just my book and cup of tea like I usually did. Why would he do that? How could he just exclude me from his life like a leper? My brother and I were always so close! But now, his new fling comes along, he closes me out. I hadn’t done anything to give him a reason no to trust me, so why now? All because Haley comes around with her long blonde hair and perfect smile to charm him until he gives her the world? Fuck that.

           “Babe?” Andy’s voice startled me and looked back at him with wide eyes. He was looking at me with concern, the sliding glass door half way open as he leaned out of it. Damn, I didn’t even hear his car pull up.

           “Hey, honey,” I said after clearing my throat. I lowered the cigarette from his line of sight, hoping he didn’t notice.

            With a furrowed brow, he stepped out, closing the door behind him, the walked over to sit in the chair next to me. Fuck, he knew. Sometimes I hated how well he knew me. But hell, it had been that way since we met 6 fucking years ago. Of course, it wasn’t a bad thing.  I just hated not being able to keep my emotions to myself so I would bother him.

           “I thought you were going to quit,” he said, worry evident in his tone,” What’s the matter?”

           I smiled halfheartedly and took my phone out from under my thigh to show him the text from my brother I had got a little over an hour ago. He took it gently from my hand and squinted at the screen as he read. It basically said that because of the current state of things in his life, we couldn’t stay in contact anymore. Haley wanted him to focus on their relationship without any distractions. I was hurt, but more pissed than anything.

           Connor was always family orientated. But the fact that he was so easily manipulated by his girlfriend was what got to me.

           Andy’s eyes widened with shock then he handed the phone back,” Well then,” he sputtered, trying to comprehend what he just read,” That’s a bit extreme. Did you call him to see if it was really him who sent it?”

           I chuckled. Andy didn’t trust her, he had told me the minute we met her,” Sure did. And it was him. I hung up right after he said so.”

           “Fuck.” Was all he could muster. We had a similar reaction. I was speechless as well.

           And for a few moments, we sat in silence. I took another drag and sipped at my tea. I just watched Andy. Bent over with his elbows on his knees, skinny hands clasped together. He looked so wonderful. My little ray of light in a dark room. The setting sun making him have a subtle glow around the edges, blue eyes turned to stained glass as he zoned out. I smiled a bit before going back to my cigarette.

           “Give me,” I looked back at him and he was gesturing for me to hand him the cigarette. Without hesitation, I did. He let it drop to the concrete of the patio and stomped it out before standing up and holding his hand out to me.

           I was a little confused but I set my book and tea down on the table and stood up to take his hand. He led me through the kitchen and into the living room.

           “Go get comfy clothes on,” he ordered. I looked at him strangely and be waved me down the hall.

           “Alright, damn!” I giggled,” Mr. Pushy,” and I went to our bedroom to put on some shorts.

           When I was walking back to the living room, I heard him talking and slowed down drastically, stopping in the threshold. Andy had his back to me and his phone to his ear. And speaking with his interview voice.

           “-really hurt your sister. I understand that you’re trying to focus on your life, but she has done nothing to hurt you in any way. So there is no reason to shut her out.”

           There was a pause, Connor was talking. Hopefully not yelling at Andy. Andy could get vicious if pushed to it. I crossed my arms and leaned on the door frame.

           “Listen man, there’s a difference from that and being manipulated to think so. Talk to your sister,” and he hung up. My brother must have gotten upset. Andy doesn’t hang up on people like that. But he sure doesn’t put up with bullshit either.

           My love turned back and locked eyes with me. I smirked,” Thought you could be slick, huh?”

           He chuckled, walking over and wrapping his arms around my shoulders,” Oh, no, no, no, of course not,” he quoted The Labyrinth.

           I rolled my eyes and hugged him to me, taking in his comforting smell. But it was short lived as he picked me up off the ground and began walking. I groaned as my lungs were compressed and otherwise I just began laughing. He always did that shit.

           With a plop, I landed on the couch and I glared playfully at him. He brushed it off with a sly wink then turned and began putting a disc into the DVD player. There were already drinks on the coffee table, and my entire junk food stash. He knew where that was? That little shit!

           “So why am I in my PJs when it’s only 7?”

           “You and I are going to have a movie night. So to speak,” he shrugged.

           I was confused,” You aren’t going out tonight?” He usually was out and about with his friends on a Saturday night.

           “Nope. I’m not going to leave you alone to grind your teeth and be angry,” he remarked smartly.

           “I do not grind my teeth,” I whipped back.

           He looked back at with his eye brow cocked,” You do too,” and he took off his shirt, tossing it on the back of the loveseat in the corner.

           I ignored it “, And what are we watching?”

           “Game of Thrones,” he grinned as he sat down next to me.

           I jumped on him, practically, smiling ear to ear, cuddling up to his chest,” You would choose our favorite show.”

           “Only because I’d rather see you upset at everyone dying on a TV show rather than being upset at life.”

           “I love you Andy.”

           “And I you, love.”

Heat of the Moment

Request: Can you do a Gerard Way smut? y/n meets Gerard at the beach and they hook up?


It was another beautiful day in LA. After a long stressful day at work, I figured there was nothing more relaxing than visiting the best spot in town: El Matador Beach. El Matador was a nice secluded beach that gave a perfect view of the sunset. The trail down to the shore is very rugged, so the beach is usually deserted. But, of course, when I finally reached the sand, there was someone sitting right in my usual spot. The man looked around my age, he had light,wavy brown hair, brown swim trunks and a loose fitting t-shirt. His legs were crossed and were supporting a leather sketch book. He was getting more attractive up close. I could see his hair was still damp and stuck out wildly in all directions, His shirt was wet and clung tightly onto his chest, defining out each muscle. Not focusing on my footing, I stepped on a seashell, making the stranger’s head shoot up in a surprise. “Hi, sorry to interrupt you,” I could feel my face burning red from embarrassment.

“No no it’s okay, you just startled me” He chuckled lightly. He placed the sketchbook next to him and turned to face me. “Do you need something?”

“Oh no, I usually over here to watch the sunset and didn’t even notice you until now. Sorry.” I quickly explained, starting to leave.

“Wait! You don’t have to go” He blurted out.


“You can stay here with me if you want to, i’m fine with sharing” He smiled shyly and ran his hand through his hair.

“Okay, thank you” I smiled at sat down next to him. “What are you drawing?”

To say Gerard and I hit it off was an understatement, we both loved art, comics, crappy punk music, anything horror related,and couldn’t go a day without a cup of coffee. I could feel myself falling for the way his eyes crinkled when he laughed or how he picked at his nails when he talked about something personal. The sun was beginning to die out into the water and we both fell into a comfortable silence. Me trying to find the proper angle for a photo and him  scribbling the scenery. The wind picked up and the air grew cold, making my teeth chatter. “You cold?” Gerard asked concerned.

“A li-little”

“Here” He took a small blanket out of his backpack and wrapped it around us, scooting closer to me. I felt my face heat up at how close we were. I leaned my head onto his shoulder, feeling safe in his presence. Gerard suddenly stiffened and began to get up. “I-I-I got to g-go” He stammered. I looked up, confused and noticed his sudden outburst. Swim trucks aren’t very good at hiding boners. “I-I-”

“Shhh Gerard it’s okay…” Feeling bold, I ran a hand down his chest, pulling at the hem of his shirt.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He murmured, his voice low and raspy. I looked up into his now fully dilated eyes and pressed my lips to his. He pushed back with just as much force and eagerness, cupping my face. I pulled the shirt over his head and admired his chest, it perfectly toned without being too muscly. His hands began to work at my bikini top, breaking away from my lips and moving down to my chest. “Fuck, your beautiful” He whispered, pressing light butterfly kisses along my neck and moving down to my chest. His mouth wrapped around my nipple, causing me to moan loudly. “Lay down, baby” I laid flat on my back on the his towel, my heart beat was pounding in my ears. He licked his way down my stomach, stopping at my board shorts. He pulled them off and began to palm my clit through my bikini bottom. 

“Of fuck Gerard” I moaned, my core ached for something, anything.He smirked and took the hem of my bottoms between his teeth, slowly pulling them down my legs. He kissed my inner thigh, hands running up and down my legs. “Please stop teasing, Gee” He suddenly licked a long, slow stripe right on my center. I moaned at the contact, my hands flew down to his hair. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and buried his tongue inside me. I was a moaning mess, my fingers tugged at his shaggy brown locks. His lips wrapped around my clit, sucking slowly. I felt two fingers slip through my folds and starting to scissor me ope. I cried out, feeling my core tighten and my legs began to shake. “Gerard…im cumming”. He thrusted his fingers faster and lightly bit down on my clit, sending me over the edge. Waves of pleasure rocked through me and I felt a little dizzy. Gerard crawled up to me, hovering over me. 

“You taste so fucking good” He groaned before attacking my lips. I felt his tongue lap against mine as I pulled at his swim trunks, pulling them down past his knees. I began to stroke his length, grinning when he involuntarily bucked his hips. “Oh shit” He rasped out, screwing his eyes shut. When I ran my thumb along his head, he pushed my hand away. “As much as I want your pretty lips around my cock, I want to be inside of you when I cum” He gripped his member and lined himself up with my entrance. “Ready?”

“Yes…please”. His head pushed inside me, we both groaned loudly. He eased the rest of his length in, giving me a minute to adjust to his size. He began to go at a steady pace, gradually going faster and faster. “Oh my god” I half moaned/half shouted. He briefly pulled out to flip us over, me straddling his waist. I began to ground my hips down on his cock, earning a string of curse words from him. I bounced up and down on him, using his shoulders for support. His hand gripped my hips and he began to thrust up into me. Our moans grew louder and louder and our thrust became more sloppy. “I’m so close”

“Wait for me baby” His hand moved down to my clit, pushing down on it as he hit my G-Spot. I cried out leaning my forehead onto his. “I’m gonna cum, Gee”

“Cum for me, y/n” With that I moaned loudly, feeling a warm rush of pleasure rip through my whole body. My core tightened around his cock, triggering his own climax. “Oh fuck y/n, i’m gonna…” He let out a loud groan and released inside of me. As I began to come down from my orgasm, I began to feel how cold the winds have gotten and started to shake. “Come here, baby” Gerard cooed and pulled me close, feeling around for the blanket to wrap around us. We sat there quietly, holding each other. Gerard planted a kiss on the top of my head. “My cars at the top of the hill if your down for round two” He said smugly.

“I don’t think I can walk that far” I laughed. He gave me a lopsided grin and sat up, putting his stuff back into his back pack and pulling shorts back up. One his things were packed, he picked me up bridal style, using the towel to cover me up.

 “Don’t worry babe, I got you”



He had been nervous and anxious the entire day, knowing tonight was finally going to be his blind dinner date. Usually he didn’t resort to apps, but this time he thought this guy could be a winner. Checking over his clothes several times in the bathroom to make sure his outfit was perfect, he finally stepped out, slicking his hair back and letting out a heavy sigh. The Frenchman looked up at his roommate with a sheepish smile. “So, what do you think? I really hope the night goes well..”

okay so i’m 99.99% sure muke’s new year’s eve would go a little something like this… everyone would be crowded around the tv and for another year in a row, muke would be secretly holding hands and wishing they could be each other’s new year’s kiss but they couldn’t risk what would happen if anyone knew. but this year michael would be his usual giddy self shouting “five, four, three…” while luke would be running his free hand through his hair frustrated and as soon as michael got to “one” and turned to get his hug luke would just scream, “fuck it” and smash his lips onto michael’s. everyone would be staring when they would finally break the perfect kiss but as soon as luke would smile with his forehead pressed against michael’s whispering, “happy new year baby” they would all realize, “shit these two really love each other, they’ve never looked so happy” and start cheering for them

Okay so i’m probably not the only one, but i have this problem where i can’t read a book whole-heartedly unless I have a cast list in my head. It just helps me imagine things better

Anyways, through reading Lady Midnight(still not done pg. 399) I couldn’t seem to find the perfect Julian and the irked the fuck out of me. So I was looking for julian blackthorn fancast on google like i usually do and I found this kid.

Most people imagine him as Will(BECAUSE HE IS THE PERFECT FIT OML), but I ALSO imagine him as Jules now, even though he doesn’t have the chocolate brown hair he still looks tons like him. This just helps me a lot, and I hope it’ll help some of you too. If you guys know a better Julian please send me a message because this helps me so much. His name is Joshua Anthony Brand

I also hope to post a full list of my fancast to help you muffins out

Hope it helps!!

(btw thanks for 100 followers, i just started a week ago so this is awesome)

Frame. Calum Hood.

Description: Calum and the reader have been separated for a few months and on one night, Calum finds himself at her doorstep.

Somehow on that eery night he found himself wound outside her apartment. A bottle of whiskey in his hand and a broken frame in the other. He nudged the door repeatedly with his knuckles, being extra cautious not to drop the already shattered frame.

What he didn’t expect was for just seconds later, she opened her door. She looked like a complete Angel. Her hair was in a high, messy ponytail and her little baby hairs cupping her cheekbones and fluttering against her forehead. She was wearing her usual long t-shirt - which originally belonged to Calum. He wondered why she didn’t burn it, like she probably did with everything else he ever gave her or left behind. She was wearing some shorts and high ankle socks. She looked so perfect.

“Calum, what are you doing here? Are you insane? You are clearly intoxicated and in no state to drive. And what are you doing standing in the rain? You’ll catch your death.” She hissed, pulling Into the house and out of the rain. She grumbled to herself, something along the lines of him being a complete and utter idiot.

Calum stood in the hallway as he watched her every movement - from her arm shutting the door to her turning sharply on her heels and marching into the front room, still mumbling.

Calum slowly followed, after placing the whiskey bottle on the small table by the door. He trailed behind her like a lost puppy and slowly sat down beside her on the couch. He looked at her with big doe-eyes. He watched as she practically burned holes into the wall. Her knuckles going white due to how hard she was clenching onto the arm rest.

“What do you even want, Calum? You’re the one who wanted to have a break, you’re the one who left to travel round the world and fuck random girls. Not me. So why are you here? You clearly said it yourself that you envied the other boys because they would go out and party, have sex with groupies, whilst you had to be cautious. This was your doing, Calum Hood, not mine.” She growled, not meeting his eyes.

“I - I broke the picture and it made me realise how much I need you.”

“You realised, after what? 2 months, that you want me back because you broke a picture frame! Wow, Calum.” She snarled.

Calum flinched at her tone. He had never seen her so hurt or upset in his five years of knowing her. He whimpered slightly, before grabbing her cheeks in his cold hands. He turned her head to look at her. Her beautiful Y/E/C filled with tears and they were a lighter shade.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so stupid. I should’ve never made us have a break. I need you in my life more than anything else in this fucking world. You always push me to do my best and without you, I wouldn’t even be in a band and I wouldn’t have any fans. I wouldn’t have a chance to party every night. I’d be stuck in college or working, not touring the world with my three best friends. This is your doing and I’m so grateful. You make me achieve my full potential. Thank you. Please forgive me.”

Y/N was surprised that such emotional words could come out of an intoxicated mouth. She sighed before patting her lap. Calum laid down and laid his head on her lap, something that Calum had always done. He looked up at Y/N and smiled at her. She returned the gesture with a smaller smile. She slipped her fingers into his untamed curls and gently massaged his unruly hair and scalp.

“I love you so much. Honestly.” Calum whispered, his voice raspy from the alcohol and his tiredness, his eyes fluttered close at the sensation.

“I love you too, Calum. But how will I know that you won’t pull a similar stunt like this when you go off to tour again?”

“I promise. I won’t. You can destroy my bass and cut off my balls if I ever do it again.” Calum promised, a small smirk playing on his lips.

“You drive a hard bargain, Hood, but I guess it’s a deal.” She giggled.

“I’m also sorry I broke the frame. I was slightly upset and I when I slammed the door, it fell off the shelf. I’m such a klutz.” Calum huffed.

“It’s fine. We can buy a new frame, it’s the picture that really matters.” Y/N smiled, adoration clear of her face.

The pair glanced over to the picture that laid on the other side of the sofa. Both of their eyes falling on the picture of a small grainy black and white ultrasound of their little baby, yet to be born.

95z double date

I decided to do a seventeen & bangtan boys cross over because why not pretend they’re all bff’s I’m crying. I’ve been having major Jeongcheol feels lately so here is a very greasy one shot with the four sunshines. & I tried writing differently from usual with less thoughts and more speech so feedback would be appreciated!! 

Jeongcheol (jeonghan + s.coups) + vmin (Taehyung + Jimin) 

 // Warnings: none // Genre: fluff n grease // word count: 1302   

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He's the Teacher (10/?)

I was super excited to go to the movies with Dan. Wait… What the hell do I wear?
I know, I know… It’s just the movies but I still want to look nice for Mr.Howell and to be honest I’m quite excited to see how Mr. Howell dresses when he’s not in his usual work clothes. Being a button up under a suit jacket.

I went through all of my clothes until I found the perfect outfit, then doing my hair and so on until I was ready.
I took a deep breath and looked in the mirror a final time… ‘Its as good as I can get’ I think to myself just as I hear a knock at the front door. Oh Jesus! It’s already 5?
“One second!” I yelled as I quickly got my phone and purse.

I pulled open the door and oh Holy Jesus on a boat. Mr. Howell was hot in his suit and all but in his dark skinny jeans and brown leather jacket… BOOOM.. Oh sorry that was just MY OVARIES. *cough* sorry….

“Wow… Hi gorgeous” Dan was first to speak and I instantly looked down and blushed at his words.
“Hey… You look great” why am I so awkward?
“Thank-you” Dan replied smiling as he hugged me, then leaving a kiss on my cheek.
“To the movies?” Dan questioned, hold his hand out to mine
“To the movies” I agreed smiling and taking his hand as we walked to his car.

Dan opened the passenger door for me before climbing into the drivers seat and starting the car.

Blood - MCR started playing and I got over excited as I started to sing along

“I’m the kind of human ruckus that you love!” The song ended and Dan clapped with a large smile glued to his face
“Sorry… It’s my favourite song..” I explained, now slightly embarrassed
“No, don’t be sorry, that was great! And you have an amazing taste in music” Dan replied with a wink at the end. He then reached across and placed his hand just above my knee, causing butterflies to go on a rampage in my stomach.

The movie was good… I think… Okay so I didn’t pay much attention to it seeing as an extremely attractive man had his arm around me. At the end of the movie Dan placed a soft kiss to my neck, causing goosebumps to cover skin.

We got in the car and began the short trip back to my house, with Dans hand drawing little patterns on my thigh. Getting slightly higher up my thigh every few minutes.

Dan pulled up in my driveway and parked the car before walking me to my front door. I stood on my toes and gave him a quick kiss
“Thank-you for tonight Dan” I smiled
“Anytime gorgeous” Dan smiled back and kisses me more passionately on the lips. I could feel him smiling into the kiss, making me do the same. We pulled apart and Dan whispered
“So… Does Mr. Howell still need to come in and help you study?”
I giggled before replying
“That would be wonderful thank-you Mr. Howell”

I pecked Dan or Mr. Howell on the lips before pulling him up to my bedroom, I walked over to my bed which still had books from studying earlier on it. I picked up the books and turned to Mr. Howell
“So I needed help with this part here…”
His face quickly filled with disappointment before I dumped the books on the floor and wrapped my arms around his neck
“Just kidding” I giggled
“Oh thank-god!” Dan breathed out before he smashed his lips to mine in a hungry and heated kiss. Lifting me and carrying me to the bed, then laying over the top of my body…

I woke up to soft kisses going down the back of my neck and an arm wrapped around my bare body. Smiling, I turned to face a curly haired Dan, looking more gorgeous than ever.
“Morning” I whispered
“Good morning beautiful” Dan replies, pulling me closer to his body. I placed a gentle kiss to Dans bare chest, before noticing something stabbing against my thigh. Without thinking I pushed my hand down beneath the duvet to feel what it was… Dan then created a strained moan…how I didn’t think of that I’m not sure…
I looked up at Dan and asked
“Well can you blame me? I’ve got the most beautiful, let alone naked girl cuddled up to me” he smirked back.

I looked over at my clock to check the time as Dan started to leave open mouthed kisses down my neck and started to wonder around my body with his hands.
“Dan… You have a class to teach and I have to attended that class” I giggled
“Right after this…”
“No Dan-”
“We can make it quick. Please baby girl?” That nickname always got to me…. But I can’t let it now
“Dan you have to go home and get clothes and I have to get ready”
After a little groan from Dan he replied
“Okay okay, but now your getting detention with me at lunch break”
“It’s not highschool Dan” I giggled
“I don’t care” he laughed back before kissing my lips and putting on his clothes from last night. I wrapped a sheet around me and sat up in the bed.

After putting his clothes back on, Dan kissed me passionately.
“Thank-you for such an amazing night baby girl” Dan said sweetly. Kissing my nose and heading for the door
“I’ll see you in class Y/N” he winked
“Bye Mr. Howell”


I happily walked into class, looking up to see Mr.Howell smiling at me. I smiled back as I walked to my desk and sat down.

Strangely, one of the popular and bitchy girls walked passed and left a note on my desk. I was confused as I opened it up and began to read…

'It was a good movie last night wasn’t it? Oh.. I guess you wouldn’t have noticed with Mr. howell sucking on you neck. You better meet me at lunch if you don’t want everyone finding out


Hey everyone, i just wanted to say thanks for reading and also a few of you were asking why I won’t explains the outfit chosen and the way the persons hair looks and I do that because it’s you as the reader. I’m not going to explain it as myself being chubby with black hair and green eyes because you may be thin with blue eyes and red hair or whatever. So anyway I hope you enjoy. Love you as always, have a lovely day :) xxoo

Hurt: Kylo Ren Imagine

The planet seemed almost frozen, so cold and dark. Kylo Ren didn’t mind it though he was only here for a short period of time. The troopers scattered along the moon, looking for the power stone. It was here but the locals put up quite a fight.

Kylo went his separate way as he felt the force pulling him elsewhere. There was nothing but snow. In the dark shadows laid a figure, a small bleeding figure. Usually he wouldn’t care, or spare a second thought to it but he found himself walking closer.

The blood looked scarlet against the pure white snow. She skin was just as pale as the snow, like a porcelain doll or even a real life snow white.

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I’d Love to Kiss You-I MEAN... - Ladrien (One Shot)

Alright this was fun. I’ve been in a Ladrien mood. And you know, Christmas time, excuse to write scenes with mistletoe… Yeah. 

I have no idea what to name this.

I just really want them to kiss, okay? Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy this silly little indulgent fanfiction.

Adrien walked around the Christmas party, wishing he was Chat at the moment. As Adrien he had to be perfect and proper and barely talked at all, usually following around his father while he met boring ‘important’ people.

And there… across the hall… was his Lady.

He could be following her around as Chat, and drinking sparkling cider with her, and dancing with her and… he sighed.

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So, I thought, why not ruin make someone’s day with 3 minutes of beautiful devastation? hessofluffyyy, this one’s for you :)

I love this interview of Colin’s by his drama school because: 

(Read more if you dare)

1) It’s black and white, and makes Colin look EVEN BETTER (black hair, white skin? I’m in!) 

2) his accent’s thicker than usual 

3) pretty sweater/jumper 

4) just the right amount of scruff 

5) hair that nearly covers his eyebrows, and his ears (don’t think we don’t know you try to do that, Colin) 

6) flawless skin per usual 

 7) eyes! You can see his every eyelash and they are perfect 

8) he looks so much younger and that’s always awww-worthy 

9) he looks so much less tired than he’s looked of late 

10) should I even mention lips? OK, yes, just stare at them for a second… or two… Or the entire video. And the way he talks… I’m a writer and I still have no words to describe it. Like he’s trying to convince the camera to kiss him? I sound like a bad fanfic now, and I’m stopping all further thoughts of Colin and kissing in the same scenarios stat.

11) OK, should we move on to the actual video? I’ve had it paused at 0:07 all this time. First off, HE’S SO HAPPY to be talking about his old school. Clearly he has fond memories of the place :D 

12) he’s so smiley

13) so much positive attitude (at this point, we take this for granted with Colin, but do you realize how seriously hard it is to be positive and nice for as much of the time as he is??) 

14) all the philosophy on learning, all the philosophy on LIFE (I want to know who taught Colin all of it cos I want a lesson too) 

15) this screenshot of when I paused it to write more things perfectly sums up this entire video and what it does to me 

16) all the head bobs, “mmm’s” and “uhh’s” 

 17) how he pronounces “pond” (what is it with him pronouncing bodies of water in the most adorable way?) 

18) all the enunciating, from Mr. Mumbles himself, good job honey, also his voice is so smooth and low, low, low, low (OK let’s not desecrate Colin with bad song references Helen) 

19) who knew “theme” could be such a sexually frustrating word?? 

20) geeky laugh at “marble Archie,” and talking about the audience shouting at you, OK seriously, I need to come back to this list later while I go scream in a pillow at how cute you are 

21) (I’m back), the way he BLINKS, oh my god, why did I ever think this list would be a good idea? 

22) how he’s soo pleased to now be living his dream :D 


Editor’s note: Helen hopes you enjoyed the show, please gather all belongings on your way out and try to not leave important things like your melted brain behind. She apologizes for this not making it very far elevated above an appreciation of Colin physically, and for thoroughly derailing whatever you were trying to do before. :p

     “What should we do today?” You liked it when Junmyeon’s hair was untamed.

      “No movies. I just want to lay around.” You liked it because it was different from his usual I-Look-Perfect state. That is, even with his bedhead, he still looked perfect. But he was shy about it, so it was tolerable.

      “Okay.” He watches as you spread out on his bean bag cushion, silently wondering what was up when you sighed. It was usually you who wanted to watch movies, and you only ever didn’t want to when you weren’t feeling good.

      Not that Junmyeon minded you coming in the early hours of the day. It was only slightly concerning that you kept finding the spare key to his house and was walking around his place until he woke up.

      “Did you want to talk?” He asked, hoping he sounded genuine. To be honest, Junmyeon wasn’t ready for chit-chat. You may have been coming for the past week, but he’s still not completely used to being seen in a drowsy state. He learned to wear pants while sleeping, because on the second day over you pointed out that he had a habit of kicking off his sheets.

      “Sure.” You breathed, turning onto your back so you could look up at him. You blinked, taking in what you saw.

      Junmyeon looked perfect upside down too.

      “How’s life?” It was a lame question, and Junmyeon knew it, so he couldn’t help but laugh at himself. The smile made his eyes sparkle, and something about a sleepy Junmyeon laughing made you want to remember the moment.

      “Passing. You?” You say. There was nothing to talk about in your life. Well, nothing extraordinary. Even work was boring these days.

      “Same.” It was kind of anticlimactic. You considered Junmyeon your best friend, which was why you had no problem breaking and entering his home, but recently you’ve only been having one-word conversations. Junmyeon blamed it on your early morning arrivals, but even if you visited later in the day, it was quite uneventful.

      Less talking didn’t make your relationship any less valuable though, in fact, the quiet times you spent together almost meant more to you than any of the days you spent partying. This side of Junmyeon was different, and you were fascinated with it.

      “Are you comfortable down there?” He asks suddenly.

      “No.” You answer honestly. The bean cushion had long lost it’s plushness.

      “Then come up here.” He pats the spot next to him on his bed, and your mind immediately flashes red with warning signs. Junmyeon’s your best friend, whatever. The bed was always a dangerous territory to enter, you knew it. Yet, you found yourself crawling onto it anyways.

      When you settle in a comfortable sitting position, Junmyeon turns to look at you. He looked like he was on the verge of laughing, but he didn’t want to. You were certain that meant he was feeling a little, if not a lot, awkward.

      “This is different.” You comment, not sure what to say under his stare. He laughs, then looks embarrassed because he couldn’t hold it in.

      “We’ve lain on each others lap before.” He points out.

      “On the couch.” You clarify. Junmyeon makes a face.

      “Why is the bed any different?” You gaped at him, unable to believe he’d ask a question with such an obvious answer. So instead of answering him, you push him over.

      “Don’t ask that question.” He laughs again, allowing his weight to pull him into the sheets.

      “It was just a question.” He counters.

      “Whatever.” You reply, flopping down next to him. You looked at the ceiling, wondering what it must be like to wake up in such an expensive place. You lived in an apartment, so Junmyeon’s house was like a mansion to you. Sometimes, you wondered if he let you in so often because he felt bad for your circumstances.

      “Do you like my house?” He asks quietly, but loud enough to pull you from your thoughts. You turn your head to meet his gaze.

      “Why?” Junmyeon was always good at reading your expression, so you had no doubt in your head that he saw your curiosity spike. He looked away, then looked back.

      “I was thinking about repainting my walls.”

      “Oh.” Silence.

      “I lied.”

      “What?” He sits up, but you stay flat, worried about where this was going. “You lied?”

      “I don’t want to repaint my walls.” He said. “I mean, that’s not..” He runs his hand down his face, looking more nervous than you’ve seen him since high school prom. You remembered the look on his face when that girl asked him out. “That isn’t what I wanted to say.”

      You waited for him to continue, but he just sat there, looking at you expectantly. “What did you want to say?” You ask, hoping you asking was encouraging.

      “You didn’t answer my question, either.” He says.

      “What?” You blink, thinking back. “Oh, yeah, I like your house. It’s perfect.” You say, looking away from him and back at the ceiling. “Like you.” In your peripheral vision, you could see Junmyeon blushing.

      “_____,” He starts like he was going to ask you something, but his sentence stopped abruptly. You look back at him just as he swallows. “Can you sit up?”

      You do, but you couldn’t help but tense. “You’re making me nervous.” You say warily.

      “It’s fine.” He says, looking at his hands. When you look at them, they’re shaking a little. You grab them, your worry growing to fear as you try to keep them still. “I’m nervous too.”

      “Junmyeon, what are you saying?”

      “Do you like my house enough to live in it?” His hands were no longer shaking and you didn’t notice him looking at you until you looked away from them.

      “I do, but why–”

      His hands tighten around yours, making your mouth fall shut. “Will you move in with me?” He asks you. “You can have a nicer place to stay, and I’ll take care of you.”

      Your heart was pounding in your ears and your face burned, but you knew you couldn’t just hide under the sheets and forget about it. Not with how intently Junmyeon was looking at you, waiting for a response. Not with the hesitant but firm hold on your hands as if he was afraid you’d pull away.

      “Why are you offering? Because depending on your reason, depends on my answer.” Junmyeon let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding, then replied.

      “Because I’m in love with you, _____,” And just like that, he took your breath away. “I’ve been in love for a long time.”

      “With me?” Your voice wavered and cracked at the end, but you didn’t care. “Since when?”

      “I’m not sure when it happened, exactly,” He confesses, looking bashful again. “But one day in high school, I realized I liked you.”

      “All the way back then..” You say, exasperated. He only said a few words and you felt drained.

      “So will you?” You ducked your head and thought. He didn’t move, and neither did you. Of course you loved Junmyeon, there wasn’t a day since you met him that you didn’t.

       “I will, but..” You didn’t even look up, but you saw his back straighten with attention. “I’m not doing it because I get to live in this awesome house.” You say, meeting his eye boldly. “I’m doing it because I’m also in love with you.”

      And then Junmyeon smiles. But it’s not a smile you’ve ever seen him make before, and you realized that through the seven years you’ve known him, there were still so many parts of him you hadn’t seen yet. Just last week, you found out he was capable of having a bedhead!

      “Can I hug you?”

      “Why are you even asking?” You laugh as he pulls you to him lovingly, wrapping his arms around you and completely engulfing you in warmth. “Though, I must admit..” You say, gaining his attention. “I’ve never heard of two people living together before their first date.”

      “Me neither.” He chuckles. “I wonder what my parents will think.”