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zemerrie  asked:

What do you think Bucky’s first time will be like?

(I’m assuming when he’s outta cryo?)

• as much as he’d like the idea, he wouldn’t let you straddle him, he’d wanna be in complete control. That means he’s topping this one.

• he’d be so desperate, since he’s touch starved, he’d need you touching him constantly. His hands would be everywhere: on your breasts, ass, legs and tummy.

• he would try to press sexy lil kisses onto your body, but since he’s so eager and his heart is pounding so fast, they’d end up coming out as the most sensual open mouth kisses and bites.

• “it’s been seventy fucking years, baby. please let me taste you.”

• he wouldn’t just eat you out. you’d be the last supper to him. he’d hold your thighs down, wrapping his lips around your clit and flattening his tongue against it. and he wouldn’t be subtle about it -hell no- he’d shake his head, make the most obscene sounds. when he’s done, he’d look up at you with that blissed out smile and dilated blue eyes like you’re his entire universe.

• he’d grab your face with his hand and force your mouth open (not enough to hurt you, just enough so you open wide for him) and he’d press his lips against yours, letting you taste yourself in his tongue.

• “you’re so fuckin’ sweet, sugar. you know that?”

• when it comes down to it, he’s going missionary -just this once. it gives him the right amount of control and he wants to see every gasp, moan and cry that leaves your mouth.

• when he finally gets inside you, he lets out the most heavenly sound. it’s somewhere between a groan and a cry and has to grip the headboard with his metal hand to keep himself from cumming right there.

• he’d go slow for you because let’s be honest, when Steve said the serum enhanced everything, he really meant everything. he’d give you small thrusts, just enough to stretch you out and get you used to him.

• once little whimpers and gasps we’re leaving your mouth, he’d take that as a sign to pick up the pace. he’d place his flesh hand against your hip and snap his hips forward and this time, the filthiest shit would come out of that pretty mouth of his.

• “so fuckin’ tight, baby. all for me, right?”

• “you’re so wet, y/n. did i get you this soaked?”

• “tell daddy how that feels, doll. that’s it -oh fuck- good girl.”

• and his inner territorial side would show so much and you’d love every second of it. he’d leave purple bite marks along your jawline, your collarbones and throat.

• when he’s about to cum, that’s when you’d see s completely different side to him. he’d grab your jaw and crash his lips against yours as he spilled inside of you, his body trembling. he’d gasp into the kiss, whimpering your name before pulling away and burying his face into your neck.

• and post sex Bucky is such a sweetheart.

• “are you alright, doll? i didn’t hurt you, did i?”

• “are you sure? i got a bit carried away on your chest, haha.”

• “you’re so fuckin’ beautiful when you cum, you know that y/n?”

ohsodraco  asked:

Hiii! Congrats on 6.4K followers:)!! If you have time could you maybe write a drabble about Draco running/working in a shop and Harry coming in to buy lots of things from him that he doesn't need because he has a huge crush? Thank youuu. Love your writing!:) 💜💜💜

Ah, thank you so much.  Sorry it took me a few days to get to this request.

When Draco hears the bell chime above the front door he doesn’t even need to look up to know who it is.  No one else comes into his shop this late.  Potter is the only person he knows who would have the audacity to come into a bookshop at half past ten.  Draco never mentions that before Potter started coming in he usually closed up shop by nine.  He doesn’t need to know that Draco stays open every day in the hopes that he might come in.

Draco purposely looks down at the ledger in front of him, dipping his quill into the ink bottle in front of him and doodling in the margins in an attempt to appear busier than he really is.

“Sorry to bother you so late,” Potter mumbles and Draco is glad he has plenty of experience hiding his emotions because the smile that threatens to break out across his face would be a bit embarrassing.

“Potter you always bother me this late and we both know you aren’t remotely sorry.”  When he looks up the other man is smiling at him.  There are few snowflakes still clinging to his hair and his face looks flushed as if he’s run from somewhere.  It’s only when Draco notices that Potter still has his Auror robes on that he realizes perhaps he has.  He looks exceedingly handsome and Draco is especially grateful that he’s standing behind the counter because every day that Potter comes into his shop tests his patience more and more.  He’s not sure how much longer he will be able to hold out before he does something that might be a bit foolish.

“I was…well that is…I was wondering if you might have a book for me.”

Draco snorts, setting the quill down and giving Potter a rather piercing look that makes Potter blush.  Draco likes when he does that, it makes him look younger, or perhaps more his age anyhow.  Draco thinks they probably both look a bit older than their twenty four years, but he likes the softness that crosses Potter’s face when he blushes or smiles.  He tries really hard not to think about it more than is appropriate.  “I always have what you’re looking for, Potter.”  

“Are you sure about that?” he asks, and if Draco didn’t know any better he would almost swear Potter’s tone was flirting.

“Potter, I managed to track down the original copy of The Tales of Beadle the Bard, the Egyptian manuscript on tomb enchments, that rare copy of of third century druid magic and spells, and even that out of print muggle cookbook you wanted.  Merlin only knows what you’re doing with such an odd collection of books but I have managed to find every single one you’ve asked for.  I’m quite positive I’ll be able to find this one, so go ahead, what is it.”

When Draco finally looks up from his rant he nearly jumps because Potter is standing directly in front of him.  He’s so surprised he wonders how he walked without meaning too until he realizes Potter must have climbed over the counter to get beside him.  The other man is so close Draco has to close his eyes, only opening them when Potter’s words ghost across his skin as visceral as if he’d actually touched him.

“I’m looking for this book you see, someone told me it was a good read.  It’s about this bloke who keeps going into this other blokes antique bookshop and buying books he doesn’t need to try and get his attention because he’s got an embarrassingly large crush on him and he isn’t sure how the other man feels.”

Draco wants to speak, really he does, but all that comes out is a squeak.

“Have you read it?” Potter asks, and Draco feels like his heart might actually explode out of his chest because Potter is so close he can see the smallest flecks of brown around the iris of Potter’s eyes, can see in excruciating detail the way it looks when Potter’s warm, pink tongue darts out to lick his lips.

“I..uh, I haven’t read that one.”

“Do you want to?”

It’s too much, Potter standing so close, looking at him with so much hope it nearly breaks him in half and Draco thinks fuck it, fuck self control and self preservation,fuck everything and especially fuck Harry fucking Potter.  And then its Potter who squeaks because Draco does what he’s wanted to do for months and slams him back against the wall, nearly devouring him, except Potter doesn’t seem to be complaining he just arches up against him, sliding his hands into Draco’s hair and making sounds that Draco quite honestly thinks should be illegal.

When they finally pull apart Draco is more than pleased to see that Potter looks utterly wrecked.  He coughs, rubbing his hand on his cheek and leaning forward until his forehead is pressed against Potter’s.

“On further reconsideration I think I might have that book you’re looking for…but it’s back at my flat.   You’d have to come home with me, if you want.”

Potter grins, looking like he’s caught the snitch, and slides his hand down Draco’s back to pull him closer.  “I definitely want.”

passionate kisses with;

‹ jung jaehyun (재현) › 

Originally posted by mintokkies

  • okay so long awaited
  • lowkey worth the wait
  • i’m glad i dragged out your thrist
  • okay so jaehyun wants so badly to be dominant
  • in his heart, every inch of him screams dom! but he’s just too concerned for you and he’s way too sensitive 
  • he does not want to hurt you no matter what
  • he’s a soft dom?? is that a thing
  • kissing jaehyun is sooo damn good and fulfilling
  • every time you kiss him, it’s intense and sensual as fuck
  • he’s slow, but not in a teasing way
  • in a “i love and want to cherish this so badly” way
  • he feels every passionate kiss with you
  • he would most likely initiate it
  • he’d be sitting on the couch in your living room
  • you straddling him
  • his heart tells him to grip your waist harshly and make you moan 
  • but really his hand is wrapped around your waist, crushing your bodies further together
  • oh my god, he sighs so much
  • just content sighs
  • and “mhmm”’s and “oh god”’s
  • soft grunts
  • he will try to stick ya’ll together like glue
  • bodies are crushed when it comes to this guy
  • his hands are moving to drag you towards him 24/7
  • he just wants to feel you feel him
  • jaehyun is so good at keeping a steady pace 
  • his lips would pull away from yours slowly but he’s also really needy so he’d be back on you in seconds
  • he’d lick your lips alot
  • your tongues are meeting each other in a hurried but romantic pace
  • he wants to be rough but he’s really just craving you and wants to savour everything about it
  • his hands would only grip you tightly when you grind on him accidentally
  • is he stopping you or controlling himself?
  • you’d find out when he leans his forehead against yours, breathing heavily, and whispers even though no one is there,
  • babe…stop
  • you’d whine slightly, pulling off of him
  • even though he’s trying to talk, he’s still distracted, pecking your pretty bruised lips
  • i need you so much right now. please, let’s go upstairs.”
A chance to say goodbye - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : You’re a meta-human able to see ghosts, summon them etc etc…and you decide to give your Bruce a birthday gift he’ll never forget.

I had this story in my head for quite a while now, not sure how to feel about it though. I don’t know, you guys know me, I’m like : “meh” as usual…Anyway, don’t hesitate to tell me what you think please, wether you liked or not :-) …Hope you’ll like it though  :

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


When Bruce was looking all around the World for meta-human, he found you in a small village in France’s country side, and…you intrigued him right away.

You were sitting on a bench in a small cemetery, lost in daydreams.

He felt irreversibly attracted to you. The way you seemed lost in your thoughts, the glint in your eyes as you looked at nothing in particular, your poise, even the way you breathed subjugated him, for reasons he couldn’t quite pinpoint…When you turned your head to him, feeling his presence, and your eyes locked on each other, the beating of his heart became ecstatic, uncontrollable…He had to talk to you.

Against all of his usual instinct, he approached you and sat down next to you. And the conversation just flew naturally. It was something he never experienced before. You were a total stranger, and yet, he felt like he knew you since forever.

(Y/N). That was your name. It rolled on his tongue delightfully. In the span of a few hours, you just talked about anything and everything. It was just too amazing, and for a minute, he thought maybe you were a meta-human whose powers was to control one’s emotions, because he never talked like that to anyone, including his close friends, so to a total stranger…

Turned out, your powers weren’t to control someone’s feelings, not at all. Your powers were…scarier, and you hated using them. You had a special bond with Death…You could summon zombie warriors from the ground and control them, you were able to see if someone’s life was going to end soon, and was plagued by visions of ghosts of people that still had important business to finish on Earth. You hated your powers.

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marino-kun  asked:

Could you make fic rec of needy Bottom Stiles? (Plus: "Derek has big dick")

here’s some bottom stiles

Good Boy by DiscontentedWinter (9/? | 15,773 | NC17)

Stiles falls into a BDSM relationship with hot-as-the-sun Deputy Derek Hale.

Stiles Stilinski: Pornstar by roundelet (3/18 | 13,915 | NC17)

Stiles awkwardly balances his Forensic Sciences major with his new role as Argent Studios’ ‘soft young twink’ (Peter’s words, not his) and his developing feelings for the studios’ biggest star.

Gnashing Teeth and Criminal Tongues (conspire against the odds) by LadySlytherin (1/1 | 14,269 | R)

When Stiles mouths off to the wrong set of witches, he finds himself unable to control his tongue around a certain alpha werewolf. As Stiles struggles with the lesson the witches want him to learn, he knows it’s only a matter of time until the truth comes out. It always does.

Hurts Like Hell by DarkAlpha67 (2/2 | 5,887 | NC17)

Everything around him evaporated and Stiles couldn’t do anything about it because to the others they have just lost a friend.

It’s not as if his whole world was gone… because no one knew….


Derek dies instead of turning into a wolf in Season 4, ep 12.

And no one knew that Stiles was breaking inside because no one knew they were together..

Walls, Masks and Plaid Shirts by ShadowBL (22/22 | 60,071 | R)

Stiles knows, he knows what they think of him, what they say behind his back, he knows that they don’t need him.

The pack don’t mean to, they just don’t see it before it’s gone to far.

Can they save stiles from falling into the bottomless pit they have helped life dig for him.


I’m so fucking happy wisecrack’s analyses are the best. I’ve been meaning to talk about the importance of why Rick’s fake origin story was central to the themes of meaninglessness and moral grey area and to Rick’s character (and the ultimate April fool’s on popular fanon) and this video sums it up nicely. 

(t for depression deathtalk, alcohol m etc.)

Though I do imagine Rick has a very deep and suppressed desire to seek conventional and meaningful connections with other humans like a normal person (exemplified by the fact that he did in fact get married, end up in even in some marginal way caring for his daughter and coming back to her), experience and his need to avoid vulnerability through superhuman genius always win out.

I don’t like the idea that a single catastrophe separated Rick’s conventional happy self and his current nihilistic apathy, no matter how potentially accurate, it’s just not wise writing nor is it congruent w the complexity of his character. I remember reading a comment Harmon made about not wanting to pinpoint Rick’s alcoholism to one specific event, which, he said, would trivialise Rick’s depression and deflect blame of his more destructive tendencies onto an external circumstance. This is something that was very comedically parodied by the creators who really do want to insist that Rick is and likely has been for a very long time a deeply apathetic human being. He looks past the details of individual interactions, doesn’t bother to appreciate a person’s unique idiosyncrasies because he’s come to know that all people are vulnerable in the same way and doomed for either ignorance or depression. He doesn’t bother with details like this that he sees as trivial, instead focusing beyond, imagining the far-off effects of every single action and how it fits into the overall meaning of life, the resigning himself to the fact that nothing matters, which of course always leaves everybody depressed.

Take the showdown between him and AU Rick who had Summer hostage. Repeatedly we’re revealed deeper layers of Rick’s nihilistic train of thought: if there are infinite grandkids he can portal to, then the death of one Summer doesn’t matter.  Summer’s subjective experience of any kind of pain or betrayal is, to him, minuscule in the grand scheme of it all.

And this is something else i want to touch on: Rick’s extreme cynicism and anger stem from optimism. His expectations for life, for everyone around him, and himself are too high. He’s smart enough to chart out all the plethora of possibilities (infinite realities) for his own life and humanity as a whole. Likely this presented as pure optimism when he was young, growing up around America’s early space exploration and its utopian visions of a future wth round TVs. But as he grew older, and the sunny sixties turned to the tongue in cheek hedonism of the seventies, that well of optimism shrank. Again and again he’s met with the realisation that nothing is perfect and everything is out of his control. He’s conflicted between a frustrated hope that he will find some kind of meaning, with Unity, Bird Person, Diane, Beth, Morty, Summer, etc

I think after all these years, he’s come to be a frequent flyer of the “get it over with” philosophy otherwise known as defensive  pessimism. If Diane and Beth will one day come to the same earth-shattering reality of an absurd universe, why not just leave them right now and get it over with? If we’re all going to die, why not blow up the planet? Rick has come to be so familiar with disappointment that all and any of his expectations are overridden by presumptuous dread. 

At this point, it seems Rick uses this as a pretext to deny that his actions have any lasting consequences, he’s too focused on avoiding potential (and sadly inevitable) pain. Coupled with a beautiful concoction of a superiority complex, self-hating alcoholism, depersonalisation, denial though video games and TV,  that friends, is how Rick’s psyche works. 

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“I told Y/N to come over. Said she’ll think about it.”

Niall didn’t intend for his words to be heard by Harry yet he only became slightly sorry once the situation was now refreshly put on the top of his mind.

Harry’s heart dropped at the mention with his breathing slightly off, bringing his lips closer to take a sip of his now-favorite liquor that helped him soothe the the emptiness he denied to himself that he was feeling it for days.

His eyes met with Niall’s, making him discreetly yet quickly look away with the unspoken barrier between them.

They only exchanged some words here and there ever since the incident, Harry taking the high road of trying not to let the flare inside him over the fact that his friend got to talk to her instead of him with all his might.

“If you excuse me, I’ll go find ourselves some crisps,” Nick announced that made Harry go back to Earth, a little compulsory smile and a wave being given.

He shoved his face onto his hands, pursing his lips until he brought out his phone in hopes that you would’ve replied, only to see nothing from you like awhile ago and the days before.


How’s your day? x

You must be asleep. Don’t forget to call when you wake up

I’m at this house near yours. Want me to pick you up so we could go somewhere?

Do you want to watch something?

Please talk to me.

He breathed deeply, sending the last text just now as he swallowed his remaining pride, his fingers fiddling with his lip as he looked around.

There’s immediately a part of Harry that made him regret it hat he did, one that made him grip his glass so hard that his knuckles turned white as it’s now his turn.

Especially, it’s the sight he loathes as it’s you talking to a lad who automatically thinks is already a bloke just because he didn’t get to do it.

Harry didn’t care whether the conversation you’re having distracted the thoughts of him your mind and the ache in your chest or anything else, because he suddenly felt protective that he thinks it’s already in the brink of jealousy to being territorial.

He knows he shouldn’t, but he couldn’t help it at this time despite his limits and your boundaries, the only thing taking over his system being anger than the alcohol.

Harry didn’t notice that his attention was on it too much nor his stare that being so instense that he didn’t notice his breathing go heavy and that Nick already came to the table and followed his gaze.

“That’s the girl I was talking to you about!”

Nick’s voice was so loud that it snapped him out of his trance again and in fact attracted a few heads to snap at his direction, Harry being the one to look at them apologizingly in behalf of his drunken friend.

The brunette boy in front of him stood up, giddily making his way to you to bring you over to their table, almost snatching you from the guy you were talking to.

“Y/N, meet Harry. He’s the guy I was talking to you about!”

He almost froze in his seat from both the nervousness and disbelief that Nick unknowingly both made his situation better and worse.


Harry almost smacked himself over the realization on what he just fucking said out of all the other words that would be of good use on what’s happening.

You nodded in reply before looking down on the floor now that everything’s been up to this moment of confrontation.

“You guys now each other?”

Nick asked in confusion, the both of you to know that alcohol doesn’t exactly rub off of him that easy.

“We’re friends.”

He almost cussed himself from hearing the words purposely tumble off your mouth, his stomach twisting into a knot as he felt shitty by the second.

“Then I need to find more crisps or something.”

He said in a hurry, seating you beside Harry in a rush, making the beat of his heart so fast that it felt painful, trying to take in every second.

“So, uh — hi.”

His fingers are shaking that made them clasp under the table, looking up at you who refused to meet his eyes.

“We’re — we’re friends?”

The words were not being though of yet it made Harry a bit more relieved that it’s his subconscious who’s talking.

“Isn’t that what you implied?”

You almost scoffed, crossing your arms across your chest as you looked ahead, paining him unexpectedly who’s just seated beside you that his shoulders were touching yours.

His tongue swiped across his lips, beads of cold sweat forming on his forehead as he couldn’t control his knee that was boucing up and down on out of nervousness.

“We don’t need labels to show that I love you.”

You inhaled sharply, resting your head onto your hands that concerned him, doing everything in his will to not comfort you just yet.

“You didn’t want labels because it would restrict you.”

“W-what? It wouldn’t-…”

You huffed, your hand coming across your hair in frustration.

“So you’d be okay if I would kiss someone else too?”

The thought made Harry slightly writhe in his seat and his fist to clench at the images forming in his mind, a little string tugging at him that this must’ve been exactly what you felt.

“Dear god, no.”

You slammed your hands onto the booth that shocked the both of you with all the added-up frustration, not realizing soon enough that you’re already crying.

“Then how would I know where I stand in your life?”

Harry’s mouth fell slightly agape, unsure on what to do with the lump forming in his throat and the drop of his chest.

He took you to his chest without so much of thinking, his own figure trembling just by everything consuming him.

“You’re here, you’re here in m'life. I swear.”

He felt like an asshole, being so hard to cope that a special someone felt less than a part of his life compared to what she should’ve been feeling.

“I’m an asshole at times.”

He tried to coax you by running his hands through his hair, making a pact to himself that he’d ask you out to be his girlfriend as the first thing tomorrow morning.

“But don’t ever think that you’re not a part of me, please.”

Harry’s tearing up at the sight, wanting to calm you down first than himself, pressing his lips to your head repeatedly as he shakily breathed, his hands running up and down your arms.

He feels tensed but relieved at the realization he’s in on, a little knot on his chest being loosened as he dedicates himself to be less than an asshole next time.

“You’re m'better half.”


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You have your bad habits and he has his, and it only makes sense when you become each other’s

Warnings: angst, non-explicit sex (it’s like 6 sentences), alcohol and weed, a slightly darker version of Bucky

A/N: don’t worry! There’s a happy ending!

@salaciouxx, doll, you are a godsend and I love you so much 😘 also, she suggests listening to ‘Heaven’ by Julia Michaels whilst reading this

Originally posted by camilabarnes

“It would be a spectacular finish to what had been a brilliant downfall.”


Maybe it would have been better if you’d first met at a bar, or a club, or even a coffee shop or bookstore or someplace, anyplace other than your family’s charity event. Maybe, if you hadn’t been dressed in fabric that glittered and fluttered, and he hadn’t been dressed in black on black, white gloves hiding the metal hand. Maybe, if you hadn’t offered him a drink, and he hadn’t asked you to dance.

But you had, and he had; a match to gasoline. And now you were burning alone in the flames.

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It was a familiar emotion: anger. The way it seared through his veins like magma, burning through every last ounce of reason in his mind until there was nothing left but flames that teased his tongue with its own until the words were coming out of his mouth with all the control and reservation of a forest fire.

He wasn’t sure what he even said, just that he knew he was playing with fire.

Lance’s face crumpled under the onslaught. He curled tighter and tighter into himself, trying to minimize the damage by pulling further away; he had a lot to learn about burning, it seemed. Playing with fire meant that people were going to get burned, and the fire would devour everything it touched until there was nothing left but ashes and cinders.

Keith watched the tears that tried to quell the raging heat to no avail. He watched the one person he loved more than anything be charred to dust that could be scattered on a wayward breeze, and he could still taste the embers behind his teeth.

There was a stunned silence, once the fire had consumed its fill, leaving the devastation and brokenness in its wake. Keith swallowed the last smoldering bit of fury and felt it weigh down his entrails as it cooled.

People got burned when you played with fire–including you.

And when everything is burned away, stripped raw and empty by unbearable pain… well, cold anger feels remarkably akin to remorse. What is anger without its fire?


“Lance, I–you… I didn’t mean any of that, I’m–”

“Save it, Keith,” Lance said coldly (so cold against weeping, blistered wounds).

He turned, still hugging himself as if he could hold the pieces together long enough to avoid crumbling to a pile of soot in front of Keith.

“No, please! Lance! I–”

But there were no words left in a mouth cleansed by fire. Certainly no “I’m sorry”, no matter how badly Keith wished he could say it.

So… that wasn’t meant to go in that direction. Whoops. Was supposed to be slightly angsty “Oh what I’m a firebender” ATLA!AU but nope this happened…

Happy Lance Month!

I Can’t Go On If You’re Not Here

Originally posted by mintsugakookies

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jeongguk x Reader

Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 


You have been in love with Jeongguk since freshmen year of college, but you never had the courage to confront him about your feelings. A new girl pushes you to admit to him finally what you both were waiting for.

Jeongguk was devouring his dinner, barely looking up as you. Food seemed to disappear into his mouth at an insane rate. You smiled at his cutest. He loved food more than anything.

“How’s the food? Don’t eat so fast, you’re going to choke,” you brushed the stray hair out from his forehead. With his hair out of his face you could properly see his eyes. His eyes were your favorite part of him. They were large and always full of hope and stars. They always gave away what he was thinking.

Jeongguk gave you his little smile and then swallowed the chunk of food that was currently being chewed, “It’s really good, why aren’t you eating yours?”

You didn’t feel like eating, still a lot bothered by yesterday and this morning, “I’m not really hungry.” You went to eat a piece of sushi that was on Jeongguk’s plate. He usually hated sharing food but he always let you have a piece of his food.

“Is yesterday still bothering you? I’m sorry, that will never happen again,” Jeongguk’s head quirked to the side. His smile disappeared and instead it was replaced by a frown. “Y/N, you’re number one I promise. Girls are replaceable, you’re not. You are my closest friend. I wouldn’t know what to do without you.”

His words did little to soothe your heart. It made you think about all the times you were cast aside for his newest girlfriend or hook up. In his eyes, you weren’t seen as a potential girlfriend, instead you were his closest friend. You briefly closed your eyes as you tried to collect your thoughts and feelings that were wrecking your insides.

“Jeongguk, I’m not mad at you. It’s just sometimes, when you’re with a new girl you tend to forget that I exist. You tend to forget that I’m your best friend. I was just worried about you because you were gone and you said you would come back. I really do love you Jeongguk, so much,” these words just spewed out of your mouth. You were fed up with his ignorance. It was so obvious that you loved him so much, more than a platonic friend would.

“I love you too Y/N. I’m still sorry about yesterday. Jennie is nothing compared to you. I promise you are the best,” Jeongguk’s smile returned back onto his face and so was your heart. He quickly finished the rest of his meal, you picking at your own food.

Jeongguk pushed his chopsticks into your soup and grabbed a piece of meat from your bowl. You tried to push his chopsticks away with your own. He had his own food. He didn’t stop, he just kept trying to grab meat from your soup. You couldn’t help but smile, Jeongguk was such a glutton. You retaliated by sticking your own chopsticks into his meal and taking food from his plate. He tried to shove your chopsticks away with his own. It just ended up with the two of you battling it out with your utensils. You giggled at his immaturity. He smiled up at you.

It was these moments where you fall deeper and deeper in love with him. Jeongguk had said to you before that he hated when you were unhappy. He paid for the meal even though you tried to fight for the bill because you felt bad because he paid last time. Jeongguk refused to let go of the bill and even felt the need to use a little force.

“Hush, I’m paying for you and don’t even try to argue with me,” Jeongguk firmly planted his statement. Once the waitress had placed the bill on the table, he quickly snatched it up and you had no chance to get it.You tried to reach for the bill in the small confined space of the table. He stuck the bill up in the air with his long ass arms. He was too tall for you. You started swatting at him in hopes of distracting him. He let out a short and deep chuckle that resonated from his hard chest. It sweep straight through you and you couldn’t help but shiver. Jeongguk was reaching into his pockets for his wallet. There was no way he was going to pay for you.

“Jeongguk, just give it to me. You paid last time, it’s my turn,” you struggled. He just put his giant hand into your face. His big hand basically covered your face. You moved to his side of the table to get to the check. Jeongguk just pushed at your face even more. He was starting to laugh louder.

“You’re tiny. You’re not going to get this check,” Jeongguk smirked at you. When he smirked, you couldn’t formulate words. He just looked so handsome. These words just spurred you on. As you fought for the check, you ended up climbing on his lap and trying to reach the check. This brought your faces precariously close to each other.

“Y/N…” He swallowed. Your eyes followed the movement of his throat. You bit your lower lip, Jeongguk was creating a heat within you. He stared at your lips.

“Jeongguk, give me the damn check,” you breathed into his face. You looked into his hooded eyes. There was a dark stirring in his large eyes. His breathing started to speed up and so did yours.

“You’re so cute Y/N. Why didn’t I notice this before,” the side of his lips quirked to the side. You felt your cheeks flushed, Jeongguk usually wasn’t a flirt. An idea popped into your mind. His arm was started to lower. If flirting with him was going to get you that check and it was to flirt with Jeongguk, you weren’t going to complain.

Your hands left your side and slid up his other arm, gripping his biceps. Jeongguk didn’t move. His eyes pierced yours, there was a questioning look in his eyes. But it was quickly replaced with a consuming, needy look. You moved to straddle his lap, a bold move. He was used to you sitting on his lap, but this was different. The air around you was charged with tension.

“Y/N…” he started, but he was quickly interrupted by the waitress refilling your water glasses. Your face flushed and you scrambled off his lap, but not before grabbing the check. You shifted into your own seat without looking at Jeongguk. You couldn’t meet his eyes and quickly paid.

“Are you ready to go?” you murmured and got up. You looked up and your eyes met. His eyes were still dark with want and a little longing. His hands were gripping the side of his chair.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Before you could put your jacket on, he grabbed it and held it out for you to put on. It was obvious that something as charged between you guys. You let him put the jacket on for you, but not before feeling his hand caress your waist as he smoothed out the jacket. You turned around towards him. He handed you your bag and sent you a wink. Another spike of heat flooded through your lower body.

“Thank you,” you pursed your lips and started to walk towards the door. He followed close behind, never quite giving space between you two.

“You want to get some ice cream and then head home?” He asked you, opening the door in front of you to walk through. He placed his hand on your lower back, you jolted at the feeling. You could feel his smirk from behind you, his hand curling around your waist.

This was how you guys walked to the ice cream place right next to your apartment. The night was still young, the streetlights were casting shadows everywhere. Jeongguk’s hand was still placed on your back. His fingers were ghosting up and down your lower back. Your heart was pounding uncontrollably in your chest. Boundaries were being crossed and you didn’t know what to do. Jeongguk was horny and you could feel it. It didn’t help that you hadn’t have sex is months.

There were no words exchanged on the way to the parlour, none was needed. You knew what you wanted tonight and you were going to get it. You weren’t going to back out, Jeongguk was acting differently and you were ready to finally to take that chance.

The ice cream parlour was pretty much empty, there was another couple in the corner who was feeding each other their ice cream. The teenage boy at the corner looked extremely bored and didn’t even react when you guys came in.

You chose the vanilla bean and he had ordered his favorite, cookies and cream. This time he paid for you and you didn’t argue. He sat down in front of you, holding your orders. But before you could reach for your ice cream, Jeongguk had grabbed a spoon and scooped some of your vanilla bean and shoved it in your mouth. You were surprised but you still opened your mouth for the spoon. Your mouth enclosed around the spoon and licked the bottom of the plastic. Jeongguk was staring intently at your mouth, his eyes were turning darker and his breathing was coming out at a faster pace.

“What are you doing Jeongguk? I can eat by myself you know. I know you’re controlling and all but c’mon. I’m a big girl,” you teased him. He finally pulled away the spoon and started eating his before it melted.

“I know you are, but I like to take care of you. You make a mess of everything,” he winked. You quirked your mouth to the side and stuck your tongue out between your teeth.

“You know I’m just a little messy, but I always clean up. What about you? You have ice cream dripping from the sides of your mouth,” you moved your hand up to wipe away the stray ice cream. His eyes followed your movements. Your thumb reached out to wipe it away. His tongue peeked out and you felt it as you tried to clean him up. You leaned more into the table and closer to him. He did the same, he gravitated towards you. As quickly as it happened, it stopped.

“Hey, you two. Get a room. I want to keep this PG in here,” the bored teenager from before yelled out. You jumped back and blushed, looking down. Jeongguk let out a growl of annoyance and glared at the cashier.

“Fine,” he took the barely finished ice cream cups and threw them out. You watched him as he cleaned up the table in lightening speed. He grabbed your hand and basically ran you outside.

Before you could react, you were slammed against the side of your apartment building. Jeongguk followed and slammed his body right flush against yours. His head settled in the nook of your shoulder and started to kiss up to your neck. You slid your hands into his shirt and felt his tight and hard abdomen. He let out a small groan. Hir arms wrapped around your waist.

“Y/N, what are you doing to me,” his deep husky voice breathed into your ear. You couldn’t answer him. Your body was running too hot. You grabbed his jaw and brought it to your face and kissed him. His lips moved sensually and hot against your own. His tongue teasing the lining of your mouth. You giggled, not letting him in. Your hands still wandering under his shirt and it ended up wrapping around his back. He was so muscular and it was turning you on horribly. His hands creeped up into your hair as your mouths were still connected.

“Apartment. Now,” he growled into your ear. You bit your lip and interlaced your hands and hauled him into the elevator. Heavy breathing permeated the small space. You grabbed Jeongguk’s collar and slammed your lips back onto his. That small moment of walking to the elevator had you wanting more. You moaned into his mouth as he caressed your waist. He struggled to press the button to your floor. He broke away from the kiss and started to plant kisses down your jaw and to your ears.

“You’re so fucking hot I can’t contain myself. What are you doing to me Y/N,” he nibbled on your earlobe. Your ears were your weak spot. It was basically the thing to press to unzip your pants.

“Jeongguk. Stop talking. More kissing,” you gripped his hair to move him back to where you needed him. He didn’t complain as you slanted your head for better access. The elevator dinged to your floor and he struggled to get you and him into your apartment. He patted his jeans to find his keys but he didn’t have it. You had the key, you just giggled at watch him like a fool. You were so whipped for him. You brought out your own key and opened the door.

“Get your fucking ass into the apartment Y/N, right now. I can’t wait any longer,” Jeongguk lifted you from your bottom and you wrapped your legs around his strong waist. There was no extra space between you and him. He stumbled to his room, using free hand that was not wrapped around your waist to open the door.

He threw you on his neatly made bed. You bounced slightly due to the force of the throw. Jeongguk ripped off his shirt, eager to get back to you. You did the same and shimmying out of your pants. You were having a little problem with getting them off. Jeongguk just grabbed the pant leg and ripped it off. He could not wait. You were left in your matching red bra and panties.

“Y/N.. what are you doing to me. I fucking love you so much,” Jeongguk stopped for a second to admire you. His hooded eyes were almost black with desire. He ran his hands down your body. You could see the tent in his pants, seeing his arousal made you more turned out and drove you crazy.

Lucy/Wyatt fanfic; Friction

Sooo I did a thing based on THAT spoiler pic of the finale. Whatever that picture means, even if it means nothing. I don’t care because I love it.  That just ARRRRGMYGOD made me so obsessed and stupidly happy lol  I know it’s probably a stunt BUT I DON’T CARE, IT JUST MADE ME SO HAPPY. I’m so stupid in love with these two idiots GAH.

Title: Friction.
Summary: Somewhere along the way the lightening bolt hit for a second time.
Notes:  I wrote this super quick right now because it was supposed to be a flash fic for @maereed. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this little piece and I’ll try to update the other fanfic soon.

READ HERE ON AO3 or under the cut.

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Yugyeom Imagine - Finally (Smut)

A/N - Requested by an anon~ I feel like I haven’t written anything for Yugyeom in so long omg but nevertheless I hope you all enjoy this little smut!

Being close friends with Got7 was fun - it was never boring for you. But there was one downside to being friends with seven attractive males. You couldn’t help but fall for one of them. There had been something between you and Yugyeom for so long but you could never bring yourself to act on your feelings despite the number of almost-kisses and the number of times you had been required you pressing your bodies close to each other. Recently though, you hadn’t had many moments alone with him. He had stopped wanting to practice with you and he no longer gave you any lingering looks that had no longer gave you any lingering looks that had you wondering if he did actually like you. There was no reason for it. At least, no reason that you could see.

Wanting to find out why Yugyeom had become so distant, you texted him asking if he could come over. You knew he’d be free and that he’d have no excuses since the boys had been promoting all day and didn’t have any practice sessions set. He had agreed and now you just had to wait for him to arrive. Your heart raced at the idea of being alone with him. At night. In your house. No, you couldn’t have thoughts like that. For all you know he might not even like you like that. When the doorbell rang, your heart pounded even harder. Nerves fluttered through you as you walked to answer the door. Just seeing Yugyeom there when you opened it was enough to take your breath away. He gave you a forced smile that you tried to ignore before you stepped to the side to let him in. There was an awkward tension between the two of you. One that you didn’t like. It was as if you had both argued but not made up afterwards.
“It’s nice to see you,” you said in an attempt to break the ice. 
“You too.”
“I feel like we haven’t spoken in ages. At least not properly anyway.”
“Mm, I guess,” Yugyeom replied as he shrugged.
“What is up with you? You’ve been so cold with me recently and you never want to practice with me anymore.”
“What’s up with me? I could ask you the same question.”
“What are you even talking about, Yugyeom?”
“I’m talking about this little thing you have going on with Youngjae. Why didn’t you say anything, hm?”
“What? There’s nothing going on between me and Youngjae. Even if there was I don’t see why that’s a necessary reason for you to act like this.”
“Really? Then explain why you text each other so often and why it’s always long paragraphs.”
“Because Youngjae gives me advice!”
“About what? What advice could he give you that I can’t?”
“It’s advice on you! I like you, Yugyeom. A lot. And I didn’t know what to do about it so I talked to Youngjae because apart from you, he’s my closest friend in Got7. Because of him encouraging me I invited you here so I could tell you how I feel.”
“You…you like me?”
“Yes. So much.”

You couldn’t tell if his expression was happy, relieved, confused or annoyed but his actions clarified everything. Yugyeom grabbed your wrists and pulled you into him, his lips exploring yours. The feeling of his lips was better than you had ever imagined; his lips were soft but the roughness of his actions contradicted it. Your hands ran up and down his chest, savouring the way it felt. Yugyeom’s hands had slid to your waist and were holding you somewhat tightly. Everything about that moment and where it was headed just felt right. The two of you battled for dominance as your tongues explored the other. All of the feelings you felt for each other were finally spilling out and you knew the night wouldn’t end any time soon.

Yugyeom shifted his body so that he was on top of you, his legs trapping yours so he was in control. His lips slowly glided down your neck and he began to unbutton your shirt expertly with his teeth. Once your chest was exposed, he worked his tongue across you skin, nipping and sucking all the right places to get your heart racing. Your back arched as he found your sweet spot and you hands instinctively tangled in his hair, encouraging him to continue. He noticed your urgency and started kissing down your stomach, leaving little marks across the smooth skin. Something he loved about you was how soft your skin felt and the how it almost glowed in the dimly lit room. He couldn’t get enough of you as he trailed kisses down your body, slowly reaching the waistband of your shorts. He rubbed two fingers over the material, watching how your expression changed.
“Don’t tease,” you warned, fully prepared to get him back if he did. Yugyeom obeyed your command and pulled your shorts and underwear down your legs, admiring the sight before him. His fingers slid into you while his tongue worked over the sensitive skin, causing needy moans to escape your lips. He picked up the pace until you were a complete mess beneath him. Whenever he felt you getting close, he would slow down just to taunt you. After his continuous teasing, you decided to get your own back and sat up, moving quickly so he couldn’t stop you. You climbed onto Yugyeom’s lap and began to nip beneath his ear bud while slowly grinding your hips above his. Now he was the moaning mess beneath you and you loved every second of it. Your hands swiftly removed his clothes before you let yourself sink down onto him. The feeling of him inside you was more than you could ever imagine. It was as if someone had slotted in the final piece of a puzzle that was now complete. It was as if you had been missing a part of you that was now filled. It was something you could easily get used to.

As you moved your hips above his, moans spilled from both of you. Yours were needier, more desperate while his were deeper in tone and sounded as if he was experiencing as much pleasure as he possibly could. You could feel yourself slowly reaching your climax and from the expression on Yugyeom’s face, he was right there with you. His hands latched onto your hips, guiding you up and down at a faster pace. You could feel yourself tighten around him as you released, sweat beading on your forehead. You let out a relieving moan as you felt him release into you. The two of you were breathing heavily and you rested your forehead against his while you caught your breath back.
“Finally,” Yugyeom breathed. “Finally, you’re mine.”

i’ll never get used to it

ao3 // ff.net


Some losses are too severe to cope with. ( You can bleed out of love, did you know that?)


A little explanatory side note: the setting of this fic is that Grumman turned Amestris into a democracy in his last act as a Fuhrer. And so Roy quit military and took over as a President.

{What they don’t know is your real advantage

When you live for someone

You’re prepared to die

I can do it for him

I’ll do it for him

- Steven Universe}

It’s been raining for weeks now.

The perpetually clouded sky doesn’t even make her angry anymore when she looks out of the window in the morning, nor does it make her let out a resigned huff of air as she reaches for an umbrella before leaving her flat. She got used to it, to the sound of raindrops splattering on the pavement and to the dampness that soaked in the materials of all of her jackets.

Hayate still hates it though; he wines and whimpers for her to take him on the walk, but when they’re actually out, he just sits down and howls pathetically until she picks him up and comes back home.  It takes hours to dry his thick, black fur and it drives both the dog and her nuts.

The oppressive sheet of heavy rain obscures to view of the street outside the office. People are not much more than shadowy silhouettes, hunched under the mushroom caps of their umbrellas. It’s almost like the water washed down all of the colors, leaving only the shades of grey.

Rebecca sighs, closing her eyes and leaning her forehead on the cold, shiny surface of her desk.  Underneath the table, Hayate curls around the legs of her chair and puts his small head on her left foot, as if he was seeking comfort, so she reaches down and scratches lightly behind one of his velvety ears.

It’s been four weeks since Riza Hawkeye died.

And the rain just keeps on pouring, as if it is never going to stop.

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50. “You know you want it, sweetheart.” (Joji)

Eh, I tried, sorry XD


“Such a tease…” you mutter under your breath, as you were fanning yourself with one hand. Such a hot day it was, and you were sweating like crazy. You glared at the boy in front of you, trying hard to act like you did not care about what he was doing. He seemed fine about the heat.

Of course, trying to act like you did not care did not work at all—you were sure you looked pouty and grumpy to your boyfriend, Joji. Although he acted as if he could not see that at all. Nah. He wasn’t even looking at you as his plump lips sucked on that ice popsicle. Going in and out of that mouth of his, his tongue rolling obscenely around the tip of it, coating his mouth with the blue frosting. And after making sure that you were watching, he would lick his lips, tentatively slow.

You knew he was just teasing you.

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bellamyrocks  asked:

For the nasty one... ADKNO. . r- BLUE AGAIN!

Eeeh, you can’t trick me Bell! I know what you really meant but I’ll go ahead and play along. *wink wink* Note: This one is considerably shorter because I wasn’t switching back and forth between dom/sub for each answer but I still put a lot of thought into it, so please enjoy! 

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Scorpio Pt 9

Scorpio  Scorpio Pt.2 Scorpio Pt.3 Scorpio Pt.4 Scorpio Pt.5 Scorpio Pt.6 Scorpio Pt.7 Scorpio Pt.8

Warnings: SMUT SMUT Swearing.

Enjoy :) leave a note if you like :) 

I walked slowly over to his masculine presence pulled at the towel around his neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss; he grabbed me and dug his fingers into my waist. I felt myself burning up everything in the room felt like it just melted away. I was thrown out of my bliss by him pulling his mouth away from mine and growled as he grabbed my ass and lifted me up; I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist, we smiled at each other for a second before he turned round and stepped back and sat on the chair. With me now straddling him and him tracing my outline so delicately “feeling better yet” I asked cheekily holding the back of his head with both my hands. “Not quite yet doll” he smiled as he grabbed my blouse and ripped it open sending the buttons flying over the floor “this is better” he remarked as he undone the clasp on my bra with one hand and pulled the back of my hair hard with the other; after I gasped I felt myself get wet; the lust this man brought out in me was overwhelming. I started to grind my hips into his area when his cock twitched beneath the towel he frowned and lifted me up and launched me on the bed.

He moved himself up to my level with a devilish grin before sitting back up and slowly pulling of my underwear before chucking it behind him. My turn now; with all my strength I pushed him onto his back; I quickly got on top of him and pinned his arms above his head. I could tell he was surprised at my strength but also aroused as I felt him get hard beneath me; before he could say anything  I went to kiss him but bit his lip instead he growled as he twisted his hands free and yanked my hair to which I let out a gasp. “My you are a strong kitten” he snarled but he just smiled and rested both of his hands on my hips; I was definitely going to take advantage of this. As much as I’m currently in control it’s an illusion as I know full well if he wanted it different it would be. I lifted myself up slightly and undone the towel at his waist and freed his erection before guiding it inside me, he let out a low growl as I leaned back to feel his full length. I rested one hand behind on the bed and the other I rested on his now heaving chest. He was clearly enjoying the view, he moved his hands to my breasts and squeezed them tightly before moving his hands back down to my hips and controlled the speed of my movement as I started to move my hips in a circular motion. Each movement hit my spot exactly; I started to moan and let out breaths as I tried to move faster but was not allowed, he sat up as much as he could and stopped me moving and ran his pale hands down into the small of my back. Before I knew it he’d lifted me and I was laying on my back breathing heavy and felt just how wet I was as he pulled out of me and got of the bed and went to a the bedside draw on his side. He pulled out the familiar satin blindfold and sat beside me. I was filled with excitement; what would happen this time? “Do you trust me” he asked seriously.

“Not in the slightest” I laughed back in reply as I sat up willing him to continue “Good” he smirked as once again he removed one of my senses.

“Lie on your back arms out” He demanded, I smiled and did as I was told. The sensation of something soft was being tied around my wrists; I tried to pull at them, there was not a lot of give. I was excited at the thought of these under the bed restraints. I felt him walk away and a door opened and closed, the air in the room was still, I was alone and once again left feeling exposed and fragile for what seemed like an age. The door opened and closed again and something was placed on the table beside me; I really hoped it was J or this could be embarrassing. “The best thing about having power over people is that you’ll always win, even if they resist it just makes it more fun more fun to me to watch them break” as he spoke these words I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tiny bit worried about what was coming “But you doll you’re too irresistible for me to break and I have much more fun building you up” he continued as he ran both his hands slowly up my legs before pulling them apart and climbing on top of me. A blast of a cold sensation on my lips shot through my heightened senses to make me shiver as an ice cube slowly made its way from my lips to my neck; I could feel his hair slip onto the side of my face. I gently pulled on the satin restraints as the trail of ice ventured round the front of my body, I could feel the ice cube melting and cold water was trickling down my sides made my muscles twitch. “Having fun kitten” he asked, I could picture his smirking face and this implored me to not want to give him the satisfaction “A little” I lied. In response he quickly put his lips to my ear “How about now” he whispered as a shock bolted through me; my clit was completed overwhelmed by the ice cube which was being held directly on it. I gasped and yanked at my restraints as I arched my back. I breathed out deeply as the ice was moved. My body still in shock I felt him sit up dragging his cold hands down my body before my legs either side of him.

My whole area was sensitive as the ice cold water was running down from my clit; this was soon soothed by the warm press of his tongue, when it reached my clit he gently sucked it into his mouth before letting go and pressing the tip of his tongue and running it down and pressing  the it into me; I let out a low moan and pressed into him as much as I could be he pulled away and softly ran the tip of his nose up my stomach and lightly kissed my breast before thrusting two fingers inside me “Fuck” I gasped “ That’s what I like to hear kitten” he purred. Everything with him is just so much more intense that anything I’ve experienced before. I bit my lip as his fingers started to move in and out of my wetness; with each movement he bit down my body leaving a trail of red marks until he was massaging my throbbing clit with his tongue again in small circles. Everything was in perfect rhythm. My breathing was increasing and so was his I was trying to push into him with my hips but his free hand was pressing down into my hip. He’d taken control back.

As the pleasure was building I pulled harder on the satin binding me leading to him to quicken his rhythm; my moaning was getting louder with each thrust of his fingers and with each passing second he was bringing me closer. As I was on the verge I curled my toes into the bed and tensed my muscles he completely stopped and all the tension was gone. I called my breathing feeling slightly annoyed. “You’ve been a bad girl for daddy and I don’t think you deserve to cum”

“What? I haven’t done anything” I said exasperated.

“Oh but you have babydoll you’ve had pleasure that wasn’t mine and daddy doesn’t like to share” He growled. How on earth did he know about that; stupid question I told myself as he removed the blindfold. “I’d normally just go and dispose of her but I’m feeling nice and I thought I’d have way more fun making you beg for daddy to satisfy you” his smile was mischievous but his eyes were deadly serious. I was relieved yet anxious at how long this man was going to torment me and bring me to the brink; this was going to be a battle of wills.

He leaned down nuzzled my head to the side and breathed lightly on my neck and he made damn sure that his hard cock was pressed against  my clit; I tilted my hips to glide against him as I dug my head into the bed and let out a sigh “How badly do you need me inside you kitten?” As he grabbed his cock and teased my entrance; this was agonising I needed him inside me but I wasn’t going to let him win “A bit” I lied again. He smiled completely seeing through me “Well I’ll have to work a bit harder for you then won’t I” He started to trace his fingers down in between my breasts and down the centre of my body and just brushed over my clit and slowly eased his fingers into me; I moaned and pushed into him. I could tell he was enjoying every little reaction and movement I made. His fingers glided in and out of me with ease and I could feel myself get wetter and wetter “You’re so ready for me” He breathed heavily as his fingers left me.

He sat back and pulled my legs up slightly and grabbed a pillow and placed it under my lower back so my hips were slightly tilted. As if he couldn’t resist anymore he pulled my legs slightly apart and aligned himself and slowly pressed his length into me; we both exhaled deeply. He began thrusting which quickly had us both panting; his thumb started caressing my clit in circle, I pulled hard on my restraints as the pleasure surged through my body. He completely knew my body in such a short space of time; just before my muscles built to completely release he stopped all movement. I threw my head back in frustration as he smiled cruelly and looked down at me with those ocean blue eyes of his. “Has kitten learned her lesson that she’s mine?”

“Yes daddy” I cried

“Tell me what you want” he demanded. He wants me to beg and right now I don’t care I give in, I’ve been edged enough.

“Please make me cum daddy I’m yours” I begged.

“That’s better” He smiled wickedly as he started flexing his hips vigorously and applying pressure to my clit; his low growl was drowned out completely by my cries of pleasure. My arms began to ache from all the straining; the muscles in the lower half of my body also began to ache and tense. Again he stopped. “Fuck” I cried. He smiled as I frowned; I tried to calm myself by slowly breathing out through my nose. He leaned down and kissed me with such passion I couldn’t help but moan into him as his tongue explored my mine. “I didn’t quite believe you princess” he said sternly; he leaned into me again and I bit his lip and made him bleed and screamed a look rage and desperation at him. “Hmm that’ll do” he slowly sucked the blood away from his bottom lip. He leaned back up and started slamming himself into me full pace; the muscles in his core dancing, his chest heaving, he threw his head back and grunted. As soon as he started rubbing my clit I completely exploded around him, my muscles convulsed violently making me scream his name. The pleasure ripped through me as there was still pressure applied to my clit which was adding power to each contraction. He carried on thrusting into me overwhelming me until he quickly found his release with a deep growl.

I was spent, I didn’t even care I was still bound, my body felt so heavy I felt like I had no strength. He pulled away and leaned and kissed me softly while releasing me. My wrists were sore and red; I managed to roll on my side speechless. He laid behind me and gently ran his fingertips down my side. “Babydoll as much as you blow me away we must actually do some work tomorrow” he tucked my hair behind my ear as I turned my head slightly to him “I guess so” I mustered tired and exhausted. I’m not sure how much we are ever going to get done seeing as we are so magnetic to one another.

IronHawk (Part Nine)

Ok guys, this chapter is easily one of my favorites. The bonding heat scene between Tony and Clint is one of my favorite love scenes I’ve ever written. its in a completely different format than I usually use and I would love to hear what you guys think about it!!

If you are missing any chapters, Catch up on the MASTERLIST!!

Also, don’t get too comfy with these feels, dear readers, because yikes is coming the next few updates!!


“Where are we?”
Tony was barely coherent, his body so hot and slick in Clint’s arms the archer worried he would actually drop him.

“My cabin.” Depositing the sweat drenched omega in the king sized bed, Clint immediately set about making the one room cabin comfortable. He had to step outside to start the generator, but reappeared quickly, locking and barring the door behind him. Not that anyone could even find them here, but Clint wasn’t taking any chances.

“How do you have a cabin I don’t know about?” Tony was gasping the words, twisting and shifting on the bed as he tried to get comfortable.

“I have lots of things you don’t know about.” Clint said with a fond chuckle. “Give me just a minute and I’ll take care of you, love.”

“Why do you call me that? You’ve called me that like a thousand times.” Tony’s voice was little more than a whine at this point, and Clint kept shooting glances at him as he dashed around turning lights on, and getting a fire going.

“Love? Really? I can call you my omega but can’t call you Love?”

“But the omega thing is…fuck Clint this is impossible. What the fuck is going on with me?” Tony dragged his t shirt over his head, and started pulling at his pants. “The omega thing is a–a–biology thing. You as an alpha are going to claim my omega as yours. So what’s with calling me love?”

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Title: Who’s Nemo? (reader x Bucky)

Summary: Reader is constantly left behind on missions, but this time they have company; Bucky Barnes.

Word Count: 1327

A/N: YAY BUCKY <3 Y/L/N stands for “Your Last Name” and Y/N stands for “Your Name”. Enjoy!!

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