“Shiro, I can’t do this anymore.”

The words settle over their makeshift campsite, suffocating the Paladins’ lighthearted joking while the fire roasts Keith and Krolia’s catch for dinner. Keith’s voice is quiet, but judging by the spooked look on his face, he didn’t think he would be heard above Lance and Coran’s excited shouting.

It’s when Pidge’s head swivels around to stare that Shiro realizes all the places where he is touching Keith–shoulders bumping, thighs fused together from hip to knee, the way Shiro had reached across his body to grab Keith’s wrist as he laughed along to another of Coran’s ridiculous Altean legends. Every single one of those places is ice cold now, sapping the warmth and joy from his body, and Shiro can feel how tense Keith is.

Finger by finger, Shiro slowly lifts his hand away. He straightens his back and shifts his legs, thinks suddenly how absurdly he had just been collapsed against Keith’s side, as if the strength from his body was gone once again.

“Keith,” Shiro says, chancing a look at him, but Keith is having what appears to be a silent, intense conversation with his mom across the flames.

Shiro can’t read her very well yet, but he thinks that’s an unimpressed, stonewalled stare on her face.

Keith growls under his breath and Krolia snorts, shaking her head and turning away from her son back to Coran. “Please continue,” she says, hands folded in her lap like Shiro hadn’t just seen them two hours before skinning an alien beast twice her size. “You are an excellent storyteller.”

Slowly, the attention shifts away from Shiro and Keith. Coran gapes comically a few more times but he manages to find his voice. Shiro might be the only one left holding himself so stiffly.

“Come with me,” Keith says once all eyes leave them, quiet enough this time for no one else to hear.

“Okay,” Shiro says. He has never been able to deny Keith anything when it’s in that tone of voice, so soft it’s almost begging, hiding the ever-present steel beneath.

It’s a desert planet they’ve found themselves on this time, two dim moons hanging at opposite ends of the sky. The night yawns black between them. Shiro tracks the two shadows on either side of  his body that grow more defined as they walk away from the rest of  the team, the heat of the fire disappearing. Keith walks and Shiro follows, gut churning because he doesn’t understand but he knows he did something wrong.

They halt. Keith doesn’t look at him, but Shiro can’t stop staring. The moonlight is so blue it’s almost green, washing out Keith’s skin and highlighting the ink of his eyes. Shiro’s stupid heart does its thing again, somersaulting and contracting, and he can’t help but feel that flush of heat across his face he remembers from watching Keith, two years grown, step out of that Altean pod. It’s something new and something old all at once, an intimate and close guarded secret with the potential to unravel Shiro like nothing else has.

Shiro has always known quiet love. He loves that love, how it flares hot in the first blush of romance and softens into something fierce and confident and content with time, settling in and basking like a cat in the sun. It is comfortable and comforting, a steady  knowledge in the bedrock of Shiro’s heart.

But Shiro has loved Keith for so long now that he fears the fire banked inside him is a roaring bonfire, fed when Shiro wasn’t watching. Its heat is starting to crack his foundations, its size quickly spiraling out of control, and Keith is–

Keith is turning to face him.

“I’m in love with you,” Keith says.

Shiro was mistaken. The feeling that flows through him is a wildfire.

I’m in love with you.

Shiro’s heart pounds so hard that he can’t hear anything else, can only watch Keith’s lips move while he has what must be an out of body  experience. He repeats Keith’s words over and over and over until he can’t stand it and it’s still not enough. The thing inside him is impossible to quench, desirous for something beyond his ability to give it, and he fears it.

But he welcomes it, too.

“You never gave up on me,” Shiro says, interrupting Keith with a twisted tongue. Keith stutters to a halt, and later Shiro will feel bad for not hearing anything he said. But now he needs to make this known. “Never–not once.”

Keith clenches his teeth and tips his chin up just a fraction, trying so hard to mask the emotion running clear across his face, but that’s never been his way. Shiro loves him for it.

“You said it to me first,” Keith says. “And you never did either.”

It’s hard to believe all the wasted time, that this love was always just out of reach of Shiro’s fingertips. That he stared it in the face again and again until he was sick from longing and high on dedication to something he never dared name until now.

“Tell me again,” Shiro says. “Tell me you love me again.”

Keith’s hands twitch at his sides, clenching into fists for just a brief minute. Shiro longs to reach out and hold them, press his palm to Keith’s palm and trace the long lines of his fingers–he’s got beautiful hands. Imagining their fingers laced has always been more sweet than bitter.

“I love you,” Keith says.

In no uncertain terms, Shiro responds, “I love you too.”


“You must have felt bothered.”

“Yes. But only at first. I thought about it and realized that how you feel is the most important. I feel like the most important thing is who’s in your heart.”

“You already know who’s in my heart.”

I know a lot of people may have a lot of thoughts and moments they want to discuss and/or share about A Poem A Day/You Who Forgot Poetry and how it ended and about the ships and certain characters but… I want to discuss this moment?

One of the things that I enjoyed so immensely about this particular drama is that the lead male didn’t have a trait that is [somewhat] commonly found in a lot of male leads: lack of trust. So much so that they become overtly jealous to the point of being [scarily] possessive and denying their love interest the free will to make their own choice for the off chance of losing them.

From the first moment we met Ye Je-Wook we found him stand-offish and blunt when he speaks… but then slowly we see that he was actually fair and honest. More so upon closer inspection a bunch of us realized he displayed a lot of character traits that are common in those that are not only socially awkward, but introverted. When it was revealed as to the true nature of his transfer [and why he made that “Don’t Date Co-Workers” rule], it also explained why he built a wall to not open his own heart; because he had his broken by infidelity.

Enter Woo Bo-Young, our female lead and protagonist of this drama.

What I – and probably a lot of others – didn’t notice [at first] is that JW is also an utterly loyal person that trusts wholeheartedly. Especially to those that he holds dear.

And who better for us to see that reveal than through his love story with BY?

At first BY was that employee that he noticed not only was good to her patients [as evidenced in the first episode when he had read the compliment card that she dropped] but that she was a hard and diligent worker [as he also noted all the work she did without complaining, despite having every right to do so because of the uneven amount of patients that she was saddled with]. 

Soon enough, BY became more than just a colleague. She was the only person in their staff that didn’t try to openly use him, to suck up to him, or talk badly about him behind his back. She was the first person to make him smile [on the job]. She made the sincere effort to warm his heart with poetry.. And in return she was the first person he wanted to get to know and the first person that he actual allowed himself to care about beyond the professional boundaries they had.

When JW started to fall in love with BY, you began to notice his cool exterior melting and softening. This young woman was like the sun to the ice castle wall he built around himself!

And behind that icy wall we were greeted with someone that was not only awkward and kind, but someone that loved completely. It felt like a different person because he was a different man than the one we were introduced to. But then the truth is that he wasn’t different he just wasn’t true to himself and his heart.

At first I was caught off guard by this particular moment [above], but then I realized that this was the real JW, the one who loved [and was happy] and that we weren’t initially introduced to that man but only saw snippets of in the flashbacks. The man that was in this moment was also once the man that had endured a scandal at his former hospital yet tolerated it all [the backtalk, the rumors, the snubs] for and because of the one who had his heart, the one who had made him happy. When she broke his heart and caused himself to close off, that was the man we were introduced to at the beginning of the series. 

When BY came into his life, she began to [unintentionally] heal the man that was broken and bring back the man that was behind that ice wall: a man that was kind, loving, faithful, and utterly trusting of his beloved.

Is JW perfect? No. He’s just as human as you and I. He had his moments of jealousy and still has his moments of self-doubt… But while he is aware of his flaws [and bless him for that because oh god how many leads could I count that would never admit to said imperfections], what he doesn’t lack is his trust and faith in BY.

Even better? JW has every right to use his past as evidence for him to doubt and not trust BY however that is not who JW really is. When he discovered BY’s past [and her current friendship] with Min Ho, JW could have questioned and doubt and done everything in his power to keep BY by his side but he didn’t

Why? Because that’s not who he truly is or how he truly loves. JW said it right there: what’s most important is how she feels. What’s more important to him is her. He knew MH’s friendship with BY is important to her, but not so much that he would needlessly worry over losing her heart. JW trusted 100% that her heart belonged to him.

Because we saw that his heart 100% belonged to her. End of story.





asexual-girl  asked:

Could you please write Drarry in 8th year just two of them in room and rivality slowly changing to something more only bc they are roomates?

Thank you for your prompt, hope this is good

“It’s going to be weird, isn’t it? Living apart after this year?” Draco asked as he levitated a pair of expensive dragonhide boots into his trunk.

“Yeah,” Harry agreed. His voice was quiet, and something about his tone was off.

Draco turned around and saw that Harry wasn’t even packing, he was just sitting on his bed and staring out the window of his and Draco’s dorm room.

“What’s wrong?” Draco said. He was concerned. Harry was only distant and sad like this after nightmares. But Harry didn’t have any nightmares last night. Draco would’ve known, he was sleeping right next to him after all.

“I’ve been thinking,” Harry said despondently. He was still staring out the window.

“That must be new for you,” Draco said, even though he knew that Harry, in fact, was thinking pretty much all the time. Harry thought with a crease between his eyebrows and his bottom lip between his lips. Draco found it quite adorable, especially when Harry did it subconsciously right before he fell asleep.

“I’ve been thinking that this whole thing is stupid.” Harry turned his eyes to Draco at this. Draco’s heart nearly stopped at Harry’s words (did Harry really think that everything that had happened between them was stupid?), but he didn’t let it show. Draco had gotten good at hiding what he was really feeling over the past years. What Draco seemed to forget is that Harry could always see right through him. Harry shook his head when he realized what his statement must have sounded like. “No! That’s not what I meant. The thing between us isn’t stupid. It’s this part, the leaving part, that’s stupid. I don’t want to leave you.”

Draco sighed and turned back to his halfway-packed trunk. “Don’t make this worse,” he said firmly. It was bad enough that Draco was going to have to go back to the Manor without the added pain of seeing Harry so downcast and desperate.

“I’m trying to make this better,” Harry insisted. “I have an idea.”

Draco just frowned and levitated some more robes into his trunk. “We can’t stay at Hogwarts forever.”

“That’s not my idea,” Harry said, somewhat defensively. “I think you should move in with me.”

Draco snorted, assuming Harry was joking, but when he turned to face Harry again, the other boy’s green eyes were sincere and hopeful. The copy of Moste Potente Potions that Draco had been levitating fell to the ground and the thud it made as it landed echoed through the room as Draco stared at Harry in silent disbelief.

“You’re not serious,” Draco said.

Harry smiled. “I am.”

“Potter, this is insane. We’re not– I mean, we’ve only been together, well, sort of, for a few months. This is a big step and we’re so young, don’t you think we’re too young?”

Harry shook his head resolutely. “No. My parents were about our age when they got married. And I don’t think it’s too soon if I’m in love with you, which I am.”

Draco shuddered involuntarily when Harry said he loved him like he always did. He studied Harry’s determined expression, searching for any hint that Harry wanted to take back his offer.

“I’m not going to change my mind,” Harry told him, as if he could read Draco’s mind.

Draco plopped down next to Harry on his bed defeatedly. He ran his fingers through his hair and looked at the floor like he was waiting for the wooden planks to come to life and tell him what to do.

“It’s okay,” Harry said after a couple of quiet minutes. “If you don’t want to move in. That’s okay. I just don’t know if I would even be able to sleep without you there anymore. And I don’t want you to sleep alone either. You would get cold.”

Draco smiled. “There are such things as warming charms you know.”

Harry scoffed. “I’m so much better than any warming charm.”

“Now I don’t know about that.” Draco laughed when Harry elbowed him.

“Seriously, Draco. We love each other. We need each other. Don’t we?”

Draco turned his head and looked at Harry as he thought back on how their relationship evolved throughout the year. It started with late night drunken stories over a bottle of shared Firewhiskey. Then somehow he and Harry actually became friends. Draco helped Harry when he procrastinated his Transfiguration essay until the night before, and Harry invited Draco to fly with him every Saturday morning. One night the two of them fell asleep on Harry’s bed after hours of researching ways to remove magical tattoos. It was the first night in a long time that neither of them had nightmares. After that, they always slept in the same bed. Then on New Years, when they were both a little tipsy, they kissed. Draco didn’t know what to make of it. Harry didn’t either, apparently. For a whole month, they didn’t talk, they slept apart, they tried to ignore each other completely. But it was hard to ignore Harry when he lived in the same room as Draco. Every night Draco could hear Harry screaming from his nightmares, and eventually one night Draco climbed into bed with Harry and woke him up. Once Harry was lucid, he started talking and didn’t shut up until he had told Draco everything he’d been wanting to say for the past month. Draco talked too, and it was sunrise before either of them got back to sleep. It was Valentine’s Day when they finally made their relationship official. Draco hated how cheesy that was, but it was okay because he loved Harry.

He loved Harry.

He loved Harry and he knew it, so why was he even considering saying no?

“I want to.”

Harry’s face immediately brightened. “Really? Are you sure?”


Harry was on top of Draco in an instant, and they were kissing, and Draco was happier than he’d ever been.

we stumbled in the dark; i knew we’d be alright (part one)

a shawn mendes rpf fic
rating/warnings: currently teen for language; probably smut-less (sorry?) since I haven’t aged him up here and he’s a real person significantly younger than me so the whole idea is slightly weird.
notes: inspired largely by the TNHMB music video, (curse shawn and his stupid heart eyes) plays fast and loose with the actual logistics of an international tour/various locations, set in a nebulous SM3 era timeline because the full album drops tomorrow night and y’all can bet I’m gonna reference his new stuff.
thank you to @achinglyshawn​ for being a lovely and encouraging new friend. hope you like it! I haven’t written solid anything in at least a year, least of all rpf which I haven’t done since like 2011; don’t know why the urge struck like lightning, but here we are.

pearson international airport; now

You’ve had the dates in your calendar for months. You’ve sat in on meetings about the set design, the crew, and the appearance schedule; you personally claimed the receipt on a portable humidifier and the seemingly-endless variety of adapters required for it to follow Shawn from green room to green room.

This is it: it’s the first day of the international tour. You should be walking to the gate, but the bustle of Pearson International feels muffled, somehow. You can’t get your feet to move.

“You’re gonna get run over if you keep standing there like that.”

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Kacchako Drabble #5

Prompt: “First Kiss” | Requested by @phoenixxsflames

It doesn’t surprise him anymore—the easy way she sidles up to him after the Ryukyu team takes down a villain. The way she falls into silent step beside him, her hands clasped behind her back and a soft smile on her face even as reporters keep their distance and yell questions about Ground Zero’s methods.

“I stopped the villain, damn it! What more do you fuckers want?” This, he’d countered with after the first few missions, before realizing his ratings suffered less when he chose not to answer at all.

“Uravity!” calls one of the braver ones, pushing a microphone toward them over the civilian barrier. “Why do you work with him?”

Uraraka’s step falters, and she looks from the woman back to Bakugou with confusion knit between her eyebrows. 

“Fuck ‘em,” Bakugou mutters, picking up his pace. “You answer and they twist whatever you say.”

“I know,” Uraraka says, near jogging to keep up with him. “But…ugh I get so angry when they act like you didn’t just save their sorry butts. Makes me want to prove them wrong.”

“Not your job, Round Face,” he grunts. Honesty, he doesn’t want her anywhere near him—her sunshine-and-rainbows-rocketing-through-the-ranks persona will only get clouded if she tries to shine some light on his own rebel-without-a-cause public image.

But still, she walks beside him, and he doesn’t tell her to leave.

Funny, how he can think about it logically but be so selfish when he’s faced with the actual choice.

Technically, since we’re on the same team at the same agency,” Uraraka says, taking an extra step to get ahead of him and look back at him as she walks, one finger in the air as she makes her point. “It is my job.”

She’s wrong, it’s not her problem to deal with. But he knows her well enough by now to know she’ll keep pushing the issue. “Well good fucking luck.”

“Is that a challenge, Bakugou?”

And there it is—that stupid gleam in her eye that sets his heart to drumming, that half-smirk on her lips as she crosses her arms over her chest and waits for him to take her on.

And he will, because godsdammit, he can’t stay away.


Bakugou scoffs as the same woman moves quickly through the crowd of onlookers and reporters. He’s ready to blast a hole in the ground and create a smoke cloud for some cover to get them back to Ryukyu’s car when she continues.

“Uravity, your fans want to know, why do you stick with Ground Zero? Why not partner up with a hero with a better image? What does someone like you see in someone like him?”

Not that Bakugou would ever admit it, but it stings. He knows it’s a long road to the top, but it’s going to be a lot fucking longer than it needs to be with the shitty impression he’s already made on the people of this city.

Even though he’s told her not to, Uraraka stops walking altogether, turning to face the reporter and putting her hands on her hips.

“Oi, Round Face, let’s—”

“What do I see in him?” Uraraka asks, and there’s a dangerous edge to her voice that makes Bakugou groan even as it sends a pleasant shiver up his spine.

He doesn’t need someone to defend him. Bakugou doesn’t need a hero or a savior. But Uraraka….she knows that. She knows him well enough to know that he doesn’t want her to help him.

And maybe that’s why he doesn’t always mind it when she does shit like this.

“What do I see in Ground Zero?” Uraraka repeats, shoulders squared as she stares down the reporter who dared ask the question. “I see someone I trust my life to without question. Someone all of you trusted your life to about ten minutes ago and only choose to question him now that you’re safe thanks to him. When I look at him, I see a hero. A good one. And if you can’t see it then I think you should look again.”

She spins on her heel and faces him again, that fire still glowing in her eyes and Bakugou has to swallow the stupid lump that formed in his throat while she spoke. It’s not like she’d said anything that’s not true. And yet… 

Hearing her actually say it so plainly is doing all sorts of unexpected things to his heart.

“I think,” Uraraka says quietly, taking a step toward him. The blush in her cheeks deepens as she sucks her bottom lip into her mouth in a way that draws his eyes down toward it. “I think now would be a good time to kiss me. Show everyone you’re not all Rage Aura all the time.”

His jaw drops and he stares at her for a moment, watching the way her whole face goes red as he fails to respond.

“O-or not!” she says, waving her hands in front of her and shaking her head back and forth. “I-I just thought—”

“Was that a challenge, Uraraka?” he asks, the words out of his mouth before he takes the time to overthink it. 

It’s her turn to gape at him, but she composes herself enough to give him that half-smirk he can never turn away from.


He can’t feel her skin through his thick gloves as he puts his hands on her cheeks and pulls her toward him, growling as he presses his lips into hers.

She tastes like sweat and dust and strawberry mochi and the small noise of contentment at the back of her throat has him taking a step closer still, his tongue gliding along her bottom lip in an effort to taste more.

Her own hands are soft against his face as she reaches up and mirrors his motions, her lips parting to let him in and he groans against her as her own tongue slips out to dance with his.

She’s pressed up against him in all the right places and Bakugou usually hates people in his personal space, but this.


This is so much better than he ever could have imagined it to be.

Godsdamn,” he sighs against her, gently biting down on her bottom lip before pulling it into his mouth. “Challenge accepted.”

Uraraka laughs and the feel of it reverberates through her chest and into his as she pulls away enough to meet his eye. Her face is red all over, but she’s smiling and Bakugou has an astounding moment of oh shit I did that before she’s on her toes and kissing the tip of his nose in a way that he knows is going to make him look stupid and soft.

“I think I like this job,” she says, smile turning back into that half-smirk. And she looks triumphant

“You’re…you…fucking…” Bakugou mutters, and realizing that for the first time maybe ever, he’s speechless, he decides to kiss her again instead—this time slow, deep, and over too quickly as he notices the shift in the atmosphere around them and pulls away a bit as he remembers that they aren’t alone.

But for the first time (definitely ever), the reporters are speechless too. 

And Bakugou meets that challenge in her eyes with a triumphant smile of his own.

The Best Of Me- Chapter Two

Prologue, One

Spotify Playlist

AO3 Link

Word Count: 1,138

Pairing: Reddie

Warnings: swearing

Chapter Two: Back To College 

It’s hard- to Eddie, at least. Richie doesn’t even know what’s going on. Well, only because Eddie doesn’t let anything on. He just continues on, every morning, every evening, and every night.

It’s been three weeks since Eddie had gone to Richie’s bed, and really, he doesn’t know what to do with himself. The last twenty-one days consisted of Eddie pretending like he’s fine, like his heart doesn’t beat fast and hard everytime Richie does, well, anything, or when he flashes a stupid smile in Eddie’s direction; his eyes shining.

Really, his heart doesn’t skip a beat at all.
He’s lying, of course.

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Okay this really did take forever for me to get to but it’s great and I’m super hype so here it is

Genre- Fluff 

Word Count- 925

A/N- I ended up writing this on the day of the new Yasuhati gaming video so I kinda started from there cause why not I mean

Dan stifled giggles as Phil eked out yet another off-key screech that was supposed to be part of Welcome to the Black Parade. Dan knew the song by his empty heart, but Phil wasn’t quite as in touch with his inner emo. Dan rolled his eyes as the little eighth note Phil was controlling plummeted off the ledge. “This is the worst experience of my life.” He flashed some signature heart eyes at Phil, knowing their fans would love it. However, that wasn’t why he did it. It had just become his reaction whenever Phil did something stupid. Dan thought of the heart eyes as an expression of friendship. That was all. 

“Sing Toxic.” Dan knew it was coming, and he knew he and Phil were going to sing it as a duet, but that didn’t make him any more prepared. He still had to hold back laughter as Phil butchered the moan at the beginning, but after that they sounded surprisingly good. Phil added in a couple of the high parts slightly before their eighth note fell off, and the two blended. When they fell, Dan smiled remembering all the times they had sang the “phandom anthem”. He felt a familiar, yet long gone feeling creep into his stomach, and it was soon followed by dread. The warm, caring feeling that was love had overcome Dan, and he struggled to fight it. However, he had little choice. He couldn’t fall in love with Phil. Not again.  

Not again. The feeling crept into Phil’s stomach yet another time. He tried to ignore it, but every time Dan smiled, Phil fell in love all over again. Dan thought he was over him, but Phil never stopped loving him. However, Phil knew Dan was over him, and didn’t want to ruin their friendship. It had been seven years since they broke up. Phil was in awe of the huge amount of time that had passed. Collectively, it went by so fast. Each moment now, however, had been droning on for what seemed like hours to Phil. He missed Dan so damn much. But Phil knew he could never get Dan back. Dan didn’t love him. 

Not again. Dan’s stomach was infested with the love now. He and Phil were sat on the plane to Singapore when it crept in for the tenth time of the day. Dan had been counting. He didn’t know how long he could last without telling Phil. He couldn’t tell him. But then again, he couldn’t not. 

Dan was falling asleep. Phil wasn’t that tired, but he knew Dan had probably been up the night before on Tumblr into the early hours of the morning. Their sleep schedule was telling them to sleep. However, they were stuck on a plane. Dan uncomfortably shifted and rested his head on Phil’s shoulder. Phil ran his fingers through Dan’s curls. Phil loved Dan’s curls. 

“Phil?” At the sound of his name, Phil immediately looked over at the younger boy on his shoulder. He was still sound asleep, although Phil could have heard he heard Dan say his name. “Phiiiiiiiiiilll?” He cried out for Phil again, this time with a cheeky smile on his face. This time, Phil noticed that Dan really was talking to him in his sleep. 

Was Dan dreaming about Phil? If so, what was he dreaming? The feeling was creeping into Phil’s stomach again. “Oh, Phil…” Was that a moan? That sounded like a moan. Dan puckered his lips and softly moaned again. That was enough to convince Phil. The feeling filled up his stomach as his hopes soared. Could Dan love him again? He entwined his fingers with the sleeping Dan’s, and smiled as he descended into a peaceful and happy sleep himself.

Dan woke up to a sleeping Phil, and the first thing he noticed was the fact that their hands were linked. Dan gasped, releasing Phil’s hand, as the feeling crept in again. Did Phil take his hand? Was Phil still in love with him? Dan pushed the thought out of his mind and agreed with himself to never mention what just happened to Phil. Dan could only hope he wasn’t sleep-talking during that one dream he’d had…

Phil had to tell him. He needed to tell Dan he knew about the dream, and he needed to let his feelings out. They were on vacation. It would be the perfect time. Phil couldn’t take it anymore. It was time to try again.

“Dan?” Not again. The feeling was back. In fact, it had never gone. But when Phil spoke in that soft, domestic voice he had reserved just for Dan, it intensified. Dan turned to look at his best friend’s figure. He could barely see Phil’s face, as they were in the dim blue lighting of the aquarium. “I heard you talking in your sleep on the plane…” 

Dan’s heart started racing. Phil heard him calling out for him. Dan was convinced that he knew he loved him and would leave him forever. A silent tear streaked down his cheek, invisible to Phil in the dark lighting. “Oh, Phil… Umm… I…” 

“Do you still love me?” 

The question was in the air for seconds before Dan began to stutter. “I… I really… Uh… Phil, I l-” Dan was cut off by Phil pressing his lips to Dan’s. The younger boy kissed back, finally satisfied with the feeling. Although both boys knew what the feeling really was, until this point, they had associated it with anxiety and loneliness. But now, it was finally love again. 


I’m rly sitting in a Starbucks crying he really Went and Sang phantom of the opera perfectly without a backing track his voice is the most beautiful thing I’m in tears I love !!!!!! Zheng Ruibin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

First date, Magnus and Alex

Ahhh yaasss!!! :DDD

Honestly? Alex didn’t know what to expect when she decided to put Magnus out of his misery and asked him to be her boyfriend. Honestly, she should’ve  known when his face lit up, brighter than the sun. She should’ve known  when he grabbed her hand from underneath the table at breakfast, blushing like the adorable nerd he was.

But she didn’t know, which means she’s in for the biggest surprise of her life.

It started when none other than Magnus Chase showed up at her door, fidgeting with the helm of his sweatshirt, not meeting her eyes. He opened his mouth and what came out was just barely words.

“OkaysoIwasthinkingearlieraboutstuffandIrealisedthatwe’veneveractuallybeenonadateand–” Sometimes, even when Magnus tried to give off the impression that he was fearless, he got worked up like this. The first time it happened, a sort of mini panic attack, Alex didn’t know how to calm him down, how to help him. It broke her heart in ways she couldn’t even explain. But now she could help him, even when it got worse than this.

“Magnus. Stop. Take a deep breath….” Magnus does what she says, letting the oxygen return to his lungs.

“Now. Tell me what you came to say slowly,” Alex says, emphasising the last word. Sometimes, Magnus said twenty words a minute, and he didn’t realize it. It made Alex giggle in a way she never wanted to again. 

“Alex Fierro… Will you go on a date with me?” Frick. He did it in that innocent voice like a two year old asking their mom for a cookie paired with the puppy eyes. Oh gods, kill her now.

Magnus clears his throat, letting her know he was still there. She realises she’s been staring at a plant, her jaw open wide. She looks back into his marvelous grey eyes, her heart stuttering. Stupid feelings.

She smiles at him, sunshine lighting in her heart.

“Sure!” she says. And oh gods…. his smile is the best thing that has ever happen to her. 

When Magnus said “date,” Alex assumed it would be something lame and stereotypical, like a movie or just grabbing a cup of coffee at the cafe down the street. But no. She should’ve known Magnus Chase would strive for more.

“Magnus. Where are you taking me?” He smirks.

“You’ll see.” They round the corner and stop in front of an abandoned building. Alex looks at Magnus, confused.

“Did you take me here to kill me?” she says, sounding deeply concerned. 

“You’re already dead,” Magnus says.

“Did you take me here to kill me?” Alex repeats. Magnus shakes his head, giggling a little.

“No. At least, I hope not.” Alex nods her head. 

“Well that still doesn’t explain why we are here.”

“It’s a surprise,” Magnus says giddily. 

“But we’re already here. It’s  not a secret that you’re taking me to an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere.”

“Just…. let’s go inside.”

“Are you kidding me? That place is haunted,” Alex says, eyeing it warily.

“What? You scared?” He wiggles his eyebrows. She slaps his arm.

“No. I just don’t want to be that girl.”

“What girl?

The one who goes in a haunted building because her boyfriend says it’ll be fun and then they die. Gods haven’t you seen Supernatural?” Magnus snorts. 

“You know I don’t watch all that creepy junk you watch. Plus, it’s not haunted. I checked.”

“Awwwww you do love me!” Magnus blushes. He tentatively grabs Alex’s hand and brings her inside. It’s dark. 

“Well isn’t this room lovely,” she says sarcastically. “Black. My favourite colour.”

“I thought it was green.”

“Shut up Maggie that’s not the point.” He let’s go of her hands.

“Magnus? I swear if you’re going to kill me I will not hesitate to chop your head off like I did last Friday–” the lights flicker to life, illuminating the room, revealing…. oh gods.

The room is something that should be ugly and old like the rest of the building, but someone transformed it into something…. how do you describe it? Beautiful? Artistic? Lovely? Obviously, a lot of work went into it.

It’s a mural. A mural of Norse mythology is painted directly onto the wall, slowly fading away as it drifts onto the other walls. In the center is a large tree, it’s willowy branches curving and spiraling up and up, curling onto the ceiling. It was as if it was actually alive, making the room smell like forest and rain. Around the tree are animals, their features set in ferocious ways. Alex could practically hear their growls.

And in the center of the room was a pottery wheel. A pottery wheel. Not some cheap-o one that Alex has been trying to use for ages but a real life one. There where shelves stocked with paintbrushes and easels and all kinds of clay carving instruments. Tucked in a corner where stools and just…. it was an art room. It was better than she could’ve ever imagine. She walked over to her wall, pressing her hand to the painting, feeling the bumps from all the different brush strokes. 

“Did you…. did you paint this?” Alex asks. Magnus bites his lip, then nods his head. 

“Oh my gods….”

“What? Is it bad?” He’s playing with the helm of his sweatshirt again. 

“Magnus it’s…. beautiful.” That wasn’t a word that Alex threw around often. The word “beautiful” was meant to be saved for a time you really meant it, or else it wouldn’t be special anymore. That was why Magnus’s face lit up like a paper held over a match, bubbling joy spreading across his lips. Gods it was cute. 

“You-you think so?” he says shyly. Obviously he hasn’t shown many people his artwork. Alex turns to him, so he can see the absolute seriousness on her face, an expression that wasn’t there often.

“It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” Magnus looked at the floor, obviously trying to hide a blush. 

“I was just thinking that…. you know…. maybe you wanted to have an art studio or something….” Alex gets a wide grin on her face that let’s you know that you made her happy. The purest of happiness. 

She rushes forward and throws her arms around Magnus, who puts his hands out in surprise. Hesitantly, he puts them around her. 

“Thank you,” she whispers in his ear. It sends chills down his back. She pulls away, looking around, seeming to try and figure out what to do first. Her eyes light up with child like glee that tells Magnus that he did the right thing. Thank the gods for once he did the right thing. 

“Will you teach me how to paint?” she says, practically bouncing. Magnus giggles. 

“Only if you’ll teach me how to make a pot.”

In the end, neither of them succeeded in trying out the other’s talent. Magnus’ pot looked like a blob and Alex ended up getting frustrated with the painting and messing it up entirely. But either way, they had fun doing it, music blaring in the background, (they both had the same taste. Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco) and laughter bubbling in their throats. The rhythmic pattern of brushstrokes and and moving their hands up and down the vase soothed them and they let their lips crack into broad grins as they realised that they where meant to be. 

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AO3 (In which Cullen realizes he is in love with the Inquisitor.)


It came to his attention on a day like any other, mountain morning air nipping nicely on his flushed skin, the recruits needing another reminder to use their Maker-damned shields, and her, pink cheeked and bright-eyed. 

Her lilting laughter could be heard across the courtyard and Cullen couldn’t help if his eyes were drawn to her. If they watched as she said something to a blushing Cassandra and let out another one of those laughs that made his heart flutter.

And Maker’s breath, he was in for it.

“Ser?” the scout prodded Cullen bringing him back to the present. The present where he was the Commander of the Inquisition’s army and not a blushing Chantry girl stealing looks at a crush across the courtyard. 

He cleared his throat and nodded looking down at the missive again, knitting his eyebrows when it proved more difficult to concentrate than usual. Cullen was not used to feeling like this.

To feeling, really. But to feeling…

“Oops! Sorry!” her voice suddenly cut through his once again fogged over thoughts and he whipped his head up only to catch her eyes as she passed a shield back to one of the recruits. Maybe now he’ll use the damn thing.

Cullen returned her smile, blinking when she came to stand in front of him, and idly he was aware the scout was still lingering, waiting for orders.

Maker’s breath, he was a – you are a grown man, his inner voice growled at himself as his eyes trailed back to the missive.

Instead of even attempting to read it again he took it from the scout’s hand, a firm nod dismissing the agent before he turned his attention back to the Inquisitor.

Cullen nearly stumbled backwards when she grinned at him, a glint in her eyes that had his stupid battered heart hoping. Of all things he had resigned himself to, a lonely bed and solitary life had been a sure thing. Hoping was dangerous.

“Uh, what can I do for you, Inquisitor?” he asked her, trying not to stare at her lips.

“Oh,” and she blushed and Cullen felt himself stand a little taller, surely, she couldn’t…? “I was wondering if you, maybe, perhaps… uhm, the tavern…”

She was shuffling her feet, the most powerful woman in all of Thedas, was blushing and shuffling her feet, spluttering out some request Cullen couldn’t quite piece together. He blinked when she looked at him in a beseeching manner and felt his lips quirking up when she frowned.

Why was he so amused? Why was she so adorable? Wait, what?

“Cabot just received a shipment of Ferelden ale!” she shouted suddenly. “Would you like to drink it with me?!”

Her mouth snapped closed and her eyes went wide and Cullen stared at her, and oh Maker no, he felt it bubbling up in his chest and she was already so flustered but the laughter broke out before he could suppress it.

“I mean, not the entire shipment but -” she cut off abruptly as his chest rumbled with mirth and for a moment he was sure she was going to strike him.

“Maker’s breath, I’m sorry,” he told her around a grin.

Andraste’s flaming ashes, what was happening to him? He felt… giddy. Giddy was not a word used to describe Cullen Stanton Rutherford. And yet…

Cullen rubbed the back of his neck instinctually, a smile plastered onto his face. It faltered when he looked at her again and realized he hadn’t responded.

Oh, shit. He hadn’t just not responded, he’d laughed. She was already turning to go, a traumatized look on her face when he wrapped his fingers around her wrist and gave her a gentle tug back.

“I like that very much,” he blurted out and if they were not the most disgustingly awkward people he did not want to get close to whoever was above them. “I mean, yes, I would like that. To drink with you.”

He winced. She blinked. The missive slipped from his hand.

“Yes, good,” she nodded and then huffed shaking her head in a resigned manner.


And then because he was a beaten, battered, broken ex-Templar who had just felt his heart begin to sing, Cullen pulled her into him and kissed her, swallowing the next stumbling words he was about to say, tasting the flustered ones she would respond with.

And it came to his attention on a day like any other that he was absolutely in love with the Inquisitor.

The Coping Process

Y/N: I finally finished this, it got a little longer than I intended. I hope you’ll like it. :) Requests are open and welcome!

Plot: You are visiting Stiles in Washington for the first time since he moved away for his FBI training. Suddenly you have to realize that long distances can take a toll on couples and how easily it produces jealousy of an almost too perfect fellow agent.

Pairing: Reader x Stiles

When you climb out of the bus in Washington in front of that huge old building, you are nervous although you have no reason to be. You never feel more comfortable than when you are with Stiles, never more able to simply be yourself without being judged. But you haven’t seen him for over a month now since he moved here for his FBI training and the time apart has taken a toll on you. That’s why you are so excited about this visit. And it’s why you are nervous that something between the two of you could have changed.

As soon as you find him waiting next to the bus stop, your heart flutters and despite of all your doubts, a huge smile appears on your lips, pretty much the same as his. You are in his arms in a matter of seconds and he hugs you tightly while you hide your head at his shoulder and breathe in his scent. You kept a shirt of him that you sleep with but it’s not quite the same. Stiles strokes your back softly, kissing your head before he leans back a bit to press his lips onto yours.

Nothing has changed. Your heartrate freaks out and your love for him flows through your veins unstopped.

“God, I missed you babe!”, he mumbles after you both pulled away to catch your breaths.

“I missed you too. But that kiss was a good welcome gift!”

Your favourite grin tugs on his lips. “Well, other guys bring flowers, I just use my exceptional kissing abilities. Come on, let me take care of that and I’ll show you my room.”

You hand him your bag and follow him into the building, not letting go of his hand the whole time. As you enter his room, you can’t hold back a little laugh because it’s so obviously his. The Star Wars posters, the pictures of the pack being goofballs and the baseball bat in the corner next to his door are screaming Stiles. He even keeps the investigation board next to the writing desk, although it’s empty.

“What do you need that for?”, you ask casually, pointing at it while you walk through the room and look at everything.

He shrugs. “I just wanna be prepared when something happens. I can gather info here, still helping even if I’m not on-site.”

“You know you’re crazy, right?”, you tease him.

“That’s why you love me”, he claims, kissing you once again. God, you almost hope that he won’t stop for the rest of the day because he’s absolutely right.

However, suddenly you hear a knocking at the door and break apart unwillingly. “Stiles?”, a female voice asks in a tone that suggests that this is not the first time she came here to look for him.

Stiles frowns a bit but answers: “Wait a sec.”

You are just waiting there in the middle of the room as he walks over to open the door. The person that stands on the other side of it surprises you. It’s a girl. A pretty one. Your age, tall, sporty, blond hair, beautiful in a natural and casual way. One of those girls you would’ve totally been jealous of in Highschool. And maybe not just in Highschool.

“What`s up, Mandy?”

“Am I interrupting something?”, she asks back instead of answering the question because her blue eyes have found you.

“Eh, well, kinda. This is Y/N, my girlfriend. She came to visit for the weekend. Y/N, this is Mandy, she’s in my training group”, he introduces the two of you.

Mandy waves at you, her smile probably seeming much more honest than yours. “Nice to meet you, Y/N. I guess that means that you can’t come tonight?”

“No, sorry. Next week.”

“No problem. Have a nice day.”

With that she disappears and Stiles closes the door. While Stiles still looks the same as before, you’re suddenly feeling completely different. And you don’t even really know why.

“What’s tonight?”, you question, giving your best to make it sound unintentional.

“We usually meet to play dart in the bar on Friday nights”, Stiles explains. “I’ve told you about that, right?”

“Yeah, of course. I just thought that was something you do with the boys.”

“No, we always invite the whole training group.”

Makes sense. That’s also what he told you, you just always assumed that the group consists of boys because of the profession, which, now that you think about it, was pretty stupid. Before he can realize that something is bothering you, you excuse yourself and flee into the bathroom to make yourself ready for dinner. There you lean against the doorframe and take a deep breath. You are definitely overreacting. You should just enjoy the day and stop thinking about it.

You fail to do so. And you’re really angry at yourself about it, because the evening could’ve been one of the best you ever spend with each other. Dinner is amazing, the restaurant romantic and Stiles’ eyes always glimmer happily when he looks at you. He constantly holds your hand or kisses your head or brushes his thumbs over your cheeks, demonstrating his huge affection for you with small gestures. And still: Mandy is on your mind the whole time.

All your thoughts chase and build up on each other. Stiles is a man. Mandy is exceptionally beautiful. And he is separated from you while he meets her every day. Looks into those blue eyes every day. Could you even be mad at him? Isn’t she someone every man would want? You are not the jealous type, you have never been. You always trusted Stiles. But you have never been in this situation before.

He has needs. What if he wanted to satisfy those needs and she was there, perfectly available? The way she came over today seemed absolutely natural, the way they talked to each other familiar. At one point in your dinner he receives a message on his phone and all of a sudden you are sure that it comes from her. Now that you are repeating that encounter in your head over and over again, you are even convinced that she wasn’t so happy to see you there. Your worries grow and grow until you get a heavy feeling on your breast that makes it hard to breathe. You know you’re probably overreacting and being paranoid but you can’t help yourself. You realize that certain fears have built up inside of you in the time apart and now you’re just immensely scared of losing him.

Sleeping with her here would be the perfect opportunity. You’re so far away. There is no chance they would ever get caught. You are starting to feel sick but you’re still saying nothing as you pay for your food and leave the restaurant to go home. What could you have said that wouldn’t accuse him of being an asshole?

As soon as you are back in his room, you throw a look at the bed and ask yourself if Mandy beat you in being the first girl to share it with him. You shudder and are lucky that Stiles doesn’t see it because he is putting your jackets away. Afterwards he comes over and lays his arms around you from behind, pressing a kiss onto your neck.

“What do you think about taking a shower?”, he mumbles while you can feel his smiling lips on your cold skin.

Only a few hours before you would have turned around in his arms with a cheeky grin, kissed him and started to undress. Now you don’t know what to do anymore.

“Yeah…yes, I’ll just…you can go, I’ll follow in a bit”, you press forward.

It’s not very convincing and he obviously gets it immediately. It’s not easy to hide anything from Stiles. Instead of doing what you said, he turns you around himself and looks at you intensely, a little frown appearing on his forehead.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing”, you retort all too innocently.

“Y/N, I know you better than you probably know yourself. You have been weird the whole evening. What’s wrong?”

You look back at him, struggling for words that won’t sound totally stupid. His caramel eyes pierce right into your heart and literally melt it. Damn it. You were never able to lie to those eyes. It always felt entirely wrong.

“I’m just…I don’t like that Mand”, you finally mumble, breaking eye contact and looking at the floor instead.

“What? Why?”, he asks with surprise that sounds sincere.

“Have you looked at her? I mean, what is she? A blond Emma Watson?”, you answer desperately, taking a step back to flee his hug because that makes it so much harder. “And while I’m absent she’s at your side and suddenly the two of you are the combo that feels much more natural while I am standing here like a total outsider because I can’t share this whole experience with you, because I have no idea what it means to train to be an FBI agent. So I can’t even blame you for probably having the better and more meaningful conversations with her. And then you’ll realize that you can well live without me and that I have never been so very special in the first place so…so…”

Your voice breaks, which is good because it forces you to end this outbreak of emotions that probably doesn’t make any sense at all. Stiles’ confused face confirms that.

“Just to get this straight…are you actually jealous?”, he asks.

You swallow hard and just shrug your shoulders, which is pretty much a yes. He lifts his eyebrows.

“Really? But you have never been jealous. That’s not really your thing, is it?”

“Well, it obviously is since you moved away and met blond Emma Watson!”

“Stop…stop calling her that. She definitely isn’t Emma Watson material”, Stiles pleads. You simply cross your arms in front of your chest and pout because you don’t really know what else to do. “Look, Y/N…I’m not good at this stuff! You know that. But you have to believe me that I never even noticed that she is pretty.”

“Yeah, right”, you snort.

“I mean it! That’s not how I think about her. She’s just a pal. I shouldn’t have to say this but you have nothing to worry about. You are the one I want to call and talk to whenever I feel bad or need someone to understand me, nothing has changed about that.”

You bite your lower lip while shame overcomes you. That’s why you usually aren’t jealous. No good thing comes from that. And now you are feeling utterly stupid about yourself. The disappointment in his eyes is no help either.

“But…you have needs”, you stutter in a weak try to defend yourself.

Stiles just rolls his eyes. “If you’re not there, I am perfectly able to satisfy my needs myself. I’ve done that for seventeen years so I’m pretty good at it.”

Blood shoots into your cheeks and makes you blush. Well, now that he says it like that it seems absolutely logical and you are the one who made a mistake. You push out a sigh and stare at your fidgeting hands.

“You…you’re right. I’m sorry, Stiles. I guess I am still learning to cope with the distance”, you apologize.

“It’s alright, me too”, he admits and comes over, putting his arms around you tightly and kissing your hair. Pure relief rushes through your body at that simple touch. You have been scared that he would be mad for a much longer time. He would have had every right to be. At times like these you almost can’t believe how perfect he is. “Can we just stop with that nonsense now and enjoy the rest of the weekend?”

“Yes. I think I’m ready to take that shower now.”

Nobody Like You (Jungkook x You ONESHOT)

A/N: What is this sad song you made me listen too??? Oh God, the feels. You make me cry anon! And listen to Nobody Like You by Little Mix and also T-Shirt by Birdy while reading for more feels but if it didnt give you any feels than it just means my writing is not enough or you sir have a heart of steel! Hahaha

And sorry this request took soooo long!


I’m alive, if living’s just a beating heart
‘Cause we won’t admit we’ve taken it too far

Y/N smooth down her jacket as she wipe her tears and walk out from the flower shop, holding a bouquet of carnations like she always does every week. The florist shot her a sad smile and hand her her usual weekly bouquet without her even needing to say anything anymore.


Thats what is in her eyes. That is what in everybody’s eyes everytime they look at her ever since Jungkook left. Maybe they felt pity for her, being left alone now. Or maybe they are just laughing at her, for being stupid to still be pining over him.

Maybe she has taken her feelings for him too far. Maybe shes stupid and wrong to let herself falls too in love with Jeon Jungkook. Maybe shes stupid to let herself be too dependent on him. To need him in order to be happy. In order to just live.

Strong, a side of me you never found
'Cause you only see me when my guard is down
And it’s wrong, and I hate that it’s the truth
But I only like myself when I’m with you

But how can anyone blame her? Jungkook came into her life like a storm. With his doe eyes and stupid smile, she shooked up her heart like no other. His consistent effort to make her laugh through her worst days, the love he showered her with. He loved her even on her worst days. He accepted everything about her. She never have to pretend to be strong for even a second whenever shes with him. He sees right through her and tell her that everything will be alright. And everything is, just as long as Jungkook is by her side.

Shes vulnerable, weak, dependent when it comes to him. Shes imperfection and only Jungkook is able to bring out the best side of her in the midst of all her flaws. He makes her love herself, to embraced herself. She loves herself better whenever he is near.

How is she going to survive now that he’s not here?

All the little things he did for her… everything just makes her falls deeper into him. And now she cant get out. He makes her feels alive, and how is she going to do that now that hes gone?

Y/N is barely living ever since he left. She breathes. Yes. She eats, she went out and she did her usual daily routine but she cant remember a thing. The only thing she remembers is the coldness and darkness she felt at the end of the day when she comes home to an empty bed every night.

Living has no meaning ever since Jungkook left. Living is just… well, living. A beating hard. A breathing lung. But empty eyes. And a broken heart.

I know it’s love 'cause I will always be the first
To start making up excuses when it hurts

Many has tried to talk to her. To convinced her that maybe its not love. Maybe its an obsession. That she should move on. Thats the right thing to do. Jungkook left. He’s no longer here. But why is she still haunted by the memories of him?

Many tried. Oh how they tried.

And they all fail.

No one can change how she feels for him. No one can make her forget him. He can shake her, break her, hurt her. Jungkook can do anything at all. But Y/N will always forgive him. She can only see perfection in him. Perfection in every angle. Y/N will always find an excuse, a reason to convinced herself. Even when he left. And thats how she knows. Thats how she is so damn sure that what the two of them had is love. Real stupid fantastic love. Well, maybe just for her.

A one sided, real fantastic love.

He might left, she might be alone now, his memories might be the only thing that keeps her breathing, but nothing can deny the love they shared. Or used to share.

There’s just nobody else like him.

And what is she supposed to do?

But I’m alone, I’m alone, I’m alone again
And all I want, all I want is to feel again

Y/N makes her way slowly. The same usual routine she will take every weekend. With the same flowers in her hand, she passes by the same cafes and park, with the same heavy feeling in her heart. She glanced at the couple happily leaning against each other inside one of the booth with seething jealousy. That is their booth. Hers and Jungkook. Jungkook will wake her up with kisses each morning and drag her there, messy bun and oversized sweater from last night, just to tell it to her her ear how beautiful she looks. They will sit at that very booth, and he will cut up her pancakes into tiny pieces before switching the plate back to her. Smiling as he stares at her, all bunny smile and glittering eyes.

Y/N wiped off her tears that starts to wet her shirt.

I miss you Jungkook. I miss you so much. Too much.

I hate being alone. I want to feel your hands on me again. I want to hear you laugh again. I want to see you smile at me again. I just want to feel again.

Please, Jungkook. Come back.

There’s nobody like you, nobody like you
I’ve tried “goodbye” a hundred times, not one of them true

Its not that I didnt try to forget you Jungkook. I did. I really did.

Y/N sobbed on her own as she collapsed, sitting down in the middle of the walkway, passer by looking at her as if shes crazy. Maybe she is. A full grown woman crying like a little girl on a curb side, alone. She is crazy. Crazy for Jungkook. Crazy for his love. Desperate to be loved by him again.

Every week, as she make her way to him again and again, she will tell herself that this is it. Shes going to say her goodbye this time. No more tears. No more sadness. Shes going to be okay this time. But she cant. She could lie to herself, to everybody else that she really said her goodbye this time, but as the night came by and her tears once again wet the cold empty bed, she knows that her goodbye were never the truth.

So she tries again every week. Walking the same path. With the same flowers clutch in her hands. With the same memories flooding her mind as she passes by the same damn cafe and park. All on her way to see him again. To say her goodbye for one last time.

Nobody like you, nobody like you
I’m screaming, “I don’t want you,” but you know that I do
Nobody like you

“I can do this. Y/N, you can do this. I dont need him. I can live without him. I dont need you Jeon Jungkook. I dont. I dont need you. I dont want you… I dont… I dont!” Y/N repeated those words between her sobs, hoping that she might believe it at some point as she peeled herself off the curb, trying to move her weak feet again. She needs to do this. She needs to go and see him this time, and really say her goodbye. She need to tell him that she will be okay, that she will be fine, that she dont need him, doesnt want him.

But even herself know that Jungkook only needs to take one look at her to know that shes lying.

But I’m alone, I’m alone, I’m alone again
And all I want, all I want is to feel again
There’s nobody like you, nobody like you
I’ve tried “goodbye” a hundred times, not one of them true

“I’m so sorry Y/N. You know I never meant to hurt you,” Jungkook looks at her with eyes filled with exhaustion and sadness.

“Why do you lie to me! You said you will never leave me Jungkook! Why?!” Y/N is screaming, her tears are making her vision blurry as she looks at Jungkook’s pale face. “How Kookie? How am I supposed to live without you by my side? Tell me! Tell me how!”

Jungkook averted his gaze as a few drop of tears falls from his face to the floor.

“You can and you will. You will be perfectly fine without me. You will find somebody else that can make you happier. I’m sorry Y/N. But I cant give you the happiness you are looking for,”

“No!” Y/N leaps forward and take his hand. His hands are cold. As cold as his eyes. “I cant Kookie. You are everything that I want, everything that I need. Please Kookie. Theres nobody in this world that could ever replace what you mean to me!”

Jungkook pushed off her hands slowly and looks behind her shoulder to motioned for the girl to escort Y/N out.

“I’m sorry Y/N. You will be fine. I’m sure of it,” he gave one last smile. A smile she will remember forever before she is pulled out from his sight.

Oh, I wanna feel you in the dark
I could use, I could use sun
But all you left me with was scars
And that’s the hardest part

That was the last time she ever saw him. That was the last smile he ever gave her. Y/N was left in darkness since then. His words haunted her day and night. Shes stuck in darkness so dark, she could not see her way out no matter how hard she tries.

She needs Jungkook. She needs Jungkook back. He is the only sun, the only light that would ever be bright enough to brighten this darkness shes drowning in.

There’s nobody like you, nobody like you
I’ve tried “goodbye” a hundred times, not one of them true

Y/N slows her steps as she finally reached her destination. Tears are already rolling down her cheeks, palms sweaty and heart clenching with pain as she tries to smile.

“Hi Kookie…” she choked. “I miss you and I have come to see you again. Hoping that I could finally say my goodbye this time,” she looks down to the ground and the only thing that she can hear is the sound of wind blowing and birds chirping. As if its such a happy iccasion to be chirping on. She looks up again and the only thing thats looking back at her is that cold grey stone.

Jeon Jungkook
Beloved son, lover and a friend.
You will be missed.
May he rest in peace.

There’s nobody like you, nobody like you,

“I’m sorry Kookie. I know you wanted me to be happy. To let you go. To find happiness with someone else. But I cznt do it. I cant move on Kookie. I cant find my happiness without you. H-how could I?” Her tears seeped through the ground as she sat down in front of his grave, the flowers placed neatly by the headstone. “I love you so much. Its not fair how little time I had to spend with you Kookie. I need more time with you. I want you to come back,” she sobbed.

“Please come back. I need you to come back Kookie,” her shoulders shakes with how much shes crying. “I’m sorry Kookie, but I just cant let you go. I cant say my goodbye. Not yet. I’m nor ready to say goodbye to you Kookie. Or else I wont be able to live. There’s just nobody like you. Nobody Kookie… Nobody. And I will love you forever too,”

Nobody like you

“Hey Y/N?” He looks up at her with his tired eyes, tubes and wires all over his body and face. Y/N tried to conceal her tears and smile at him as she snuggle closer to him on the hospital bed.

“Yeah Kookie?”

“I love you very much. Do you know that?”

Y/N nodded. Tears are already pooling at the corner of her eyes even though she tries hard to stop it. She have to be strong for him, like he always does for her.

“I love you so much… so much that I dont want to leave you…. i want to grow old with you, marry you and have kids with you. But I’m sorry that I have to leave,” his eyes are wet now.

“Do-dont say that Kookie. You can fight this. We will fight this,”

“We both know I dont have much tine left Y/N,” he smiles at her. “You know right Y/N? You know right, that there is nobody else that could make me feel like you do right? There’s nobody like you? That I love you so much. So so much. Until the day I die, it will always be you,”

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Dresden Files Thor: Ragnarok AU

Think about it.

Harry is the God/Lord of Thunder. Big, lovable doofus who wants to help people and has no clue what he is doing half the time, would absolutely beat up tons of Mooks while “Immigrant Song” blares overhead.

Thomas is Loki, God of Mischief. Snarky, sassy, egotistical, extra af, pretends like he doesn’t give a shit about anything even though he totally does, is constantly exasperated by his brother.

Karrin Murphy is Valkyrie. Short, irritable, pretends she doesn’t like the giant man who follows her around like a puppy with hearts in his eyes, can flatten anyone and anything stupid enough to cross her.

Mab is Hela. Stylish af, thinks everyone is beneath her, has a shitload of henchmen, is 1000% done with everyone’s bullshit, can wipe out entire armies in about fifteen seconds.

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10/10 good shit would recommend


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Headcannons for Bakugou with a rivalry with a fellow classmate who's quirk is the ability to manipulate the neural synpases of themselves and people they can see (but its limited to one person at a time)? Usually Rival is so sweet, polite and gentle but as soon as they get on the battlefield Rival is a total beast and kicking ass and taking names like no one's business??? Rival reciprocates the rivalry and makes it their goal to beat Bakugou and they have formed a weird friendship over it? idk.

  • Your quirk was crazy powerful, this made Bakugou crazy mad
  • Look at you just walking in the class on the first day like you owned the place, pretending to be sweet and gentle to everyone. He hated it.
  • It was no question to you that Bakugou was Class 1A’s resident powerhouse, making him an immediate target to you
  • The fact that his attitude and patience were rather sour it just made his target even bigger
  • The wild ash blond underestimated you up to the very point of your first training class
  • Anytime you breathed this boy would scoff at you
  • That is, until he saw you fight Tokoyami
  • The reserved half bird classmate was generally one of the top students in the class, he did place number three in the sports festival after all
  • So when it took approximately five minutes to render him defenseless and give up, it was needless to say that the entire class was in shock
  • Bakugou’s brain needs a second to process everything that happened
  • Even though you kicked the fellow classmate’s ass, your normal sweet side returned once All Might called the match
    • “Wow Tokoyami-kun you’re amazing! We totally have to spar sometime!”
  • Tokoyami is bewildered at first before he goes back to his usual stoic expressing, giving you a polite head nod before heading back to the class
  • Upon entering the observing deck, you were honestly quite surprised (and a bit flustered) to see all eyes on you
    • “Wonderful job (f/n) (l/n)! You’re done for the day.”
  • Attempting to ignore the awkward tension in the room, you sat next to a few of the girls while the next pair went up to spar
  • Even though Bakugou is still Shookhe still gives hell to his opponent, effectively impressing you
  • Immediately after the class you both have the same idea in mind, which is why once you head to the halls you both run into each other with the same look
    • “You need to spar with me!”
      • (Bakugou’s version did have more cursing though)
  • Looking each other up and down the ash blond clicked his tongue to you, sinking in that he could no longer underestimate you
    • “Where’d you learn to fight like that shitty girl?”
  • Blinking for a second a grin came to your face, loving the way his blunt maner was before answering the boy with a slight jab
    • “My grandpa was a pro he taught me everything I needed to know, what don’t tell me the great Bakugou is jealous?”
  • Bakugou goes from 0 to 100 real quick
    • “Of course I’m not fucking jealous of you have you seen my damn quirk? I could destroy you in seconds!”
  • Smirking at the boy’s outburst you pushed past him while walking backwards so you could still face him
    • “Right, and that’s why you want to spar with me because you know you’ll beat me in seconds?”
  • Curse you and your stupid words and your stupid grin and your stupid (e/c) eyes, just looking at you made his heart beat just a bit faster
  • Rolling your eyes to his angry yet blank expression you punched his shoulder before walking off with a chuckle
    • “I’ll see you in the gym after school today pretty boy.”
  • Bakugou watched your figure disappear down the hall, not even noticing the light tint on his cheeks before he chuckled, a smirk appearing on his lips
    • “Not bad new girl, not fucking bad.”

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Oh shit, I never thought of a Labyrinth AU! Imagine if Madara was Jareth and Hashirama as Sarah. I was thinking Tobirama but Hashirama is a guy who seems to take things for granted and is a hopeless dreamer.

Madara would be an excellent Jareth. Extra AF and totally down to woo Hashirama in increasingly questionable ways. Maybe Madara steals away Tobirama, who is of course an obstinate and uncooperative house guest. In fact, Tobirama ends up rescuing himself because his brother and this stupid goblin are too busy making heart eyes at each other across in an MC Escher room while Madara sings weird shit.

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2000s emo Keith idolizing his MySpace crush and metalhead shiro *rawr* 0_o

(Wow I hate you. uWu RaWr!)

Keith should have known that letting Pidge set up his profile would lead to disaster, but he never anticipated it ending up like this.

Not with Takashi Shirogane, Shiro, wrapping his hand around his hips and pushing him back against the cool brick wall outside the Legion Hall where his band had just finished their set.

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This is the worst thing I’ve ever done but I literally made a masterpost of all the creamsicle in res dogs, it’s not totally complete but I was tired when I did it…..so anyways, here’s wonderwall:

*orange and white alternate hands on each others chairs
*white winks at orange before he says “well im afraid im gonna have to keep it” lol bitch we know you are trying to act cool for your boy but can you cool it down a little its getting hot in here
*while white busts out his statistics about waitressing, orange is looking all impressed and cocky like yeeeeee
*holding hands???? Alright
*you’re gonna be okay, i’ll be right in the other room
*whispers something in his ear GAYY
*gets extremely defensive about pink saying some fellas lucky and some ain’t
*looks back at orange TWICE while walking out to the car w/ blonde
*“gimmie a sec to breathe” “you aint dyin, he is.”
* we cant leave these guys here with him
*as they go to move the cars, white goes to check on orange then gives blonde a look then looks back at orange again
*“sittin right here on my dick” white looks at him like you’re clever, kid and orange smiles when he laughs like he wants his approval
*while white is explaining what to do about people trying to be heros, orange looks at him with some stupid fucking heart eyes, never looking away, hangs on his every word
*after white shoots the cops, orange lets him pull him around and guide him without any resistance or weird looks
*white keeps putting his arm on orange’s back protectively as they are running from the cops
*when orange sees white point the gun at the lady in the car he immidiately follows without hesitation note: he was behind him
*when they walk back in after getting the ice, white immidiately RUNS over to orange like he was thinking about it the whole time without even a glance at blonde’s body
*white kneels down to orange’s level and hangs on to his every word, never doubts him
*puts a hand on his back reassuringly
*when eddie says he doesnt buy it, white says it makes perfect fucking sense
*rubbing his shoulder and running his hand in his hair as he says “i swear on my mothers eternal soul thats what happened
*running his hand across his back as eddie yells at him saying that blonde did time for them
*"joe trust me on this, hes a good kid”
*“i know this man, he wouldnt do that”
*immidiately gets panic in his eyes and pulls his gun when he sees joe pull his gun out
*joe, if you kill that man you die next. I repeat, if you kill that man you die next.
*orange reaches for white when he gets up
*white puts his hand right on orange’s chest
*cradles his head in his lap, holding his face and looking down at him
*im sorry kid looks like we’re gonna have to do a little time
*rubs his face soothingly
*doesnt even ask if hes a cop or not lmao
*orange reaches back to hold him
*looks like he just lost his fucking world when freddy tells him
*orange just keeps saying im sorry larry not please dont kill me
*white wants to die because his love betrayed him but he has to be the one to do it

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'Cause I'm going to marry soon, I wanted to ask you, how do you think would Sanji, Sabo and Coby make a proposal?💞💍 Guten Rutsch!🎆🎊❤

OH MY GOSH CONGRATS OMG (Bin ich eingeladen? ;P)


  • makes the fanciest dinner ever, like ever ever
  • the strawhats all help out with planning and arranging (even Zoro because he ships Sanji with his s/o omg xD)
  • Sanji would be so excited, like not nervous at all because he’s sure as hell that his s/o is gonna say yes, he just can’t fricking wait
  • Sanji would smile his dumbest, luckiest smile ever while he bends the knee and gets out his classy as fuck engagement ring
  • did I also say that he would look incredibly handsome in his new suit?
  • after dinner he asks them if they want to marry him under the moon light
  • *insert strawhat cheers and franky/brook/chopper tears*
  • his stupid, lovely grin and the heart eyes won’t go away for weeks as he’s vigorously planning and arranging the wedding


  • oh my god
  • he’s so nervous
  • has changed his clothes thrice already because of all the cold sweat
  • Helmeppo, I can’t do this, if they say ‘no’ I have to change my name, give up my carrier and move to the next sea.”
  • Not Helmeppo but Tashigi and Garp would tell him to stop making such a fuss and put a ring on it already
  • I think he would just take the day off and have a little boat trip with them and then have a nice picnic with all the goods he cooked by himself and then come back to ask his s/o right in front of all his peers
  • almost faints when they say yes
  • party ensured
  • Being an light weight that brings shame to all the marines Coby gets drunk on his own engagement party after three beer


  • About as nervous as Coby is
  • probably mapped out plan B in case of rejection too
  • “Maybe my parents take me back if they’re cool with me trying to overthrow the government in my old nursery”
  • pampers his oblivious s/o aaaaall day long, has a nice bath with them, tells them that he loves them to the moon and back and so on
  • don’t be fooled, Sabo is indeed a dumbass but he knows how to be a romantic and cheesy dumbass
  • so he takes s/o to a beautiful flowerfield as the sun is setting and nervously, anxiously proposes
  • after saying an emotional yes they would overly excitedly head back to the party where everybody would congratulate them