SEVENTEEN asking you out.

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Would be smooth af. Would use some actually original pick up line. “Damn if you were words on a page you’d be FINE print.”

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Again smooth af. He would just smile and well who would say no.

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Would be really shy and stutter with his words.

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“Me. You. Date?”

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Would use aegyo to convince you to go out with him.

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Would probably ask you out through face time, so if you said no it wouldn’t be so akward.

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He would be dying inside and over analyzing your awnser. “She said yes, but if it was only because she feels sorry for me or she was just being nice?”

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Would be smooth in the beginning, but would make a meme face just to make you smile at the end.

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Wouldn’t even need to ask you out because who wouldn’t want to date him.

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This is his only possible reaction when you say yes.

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(Im not even sure if thats him but you get the point)


Is ready to start crying bc of happiness, but manages to keep it in.

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Would smile trough the pain even if you said no.

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“were your parents oysters because damn you are a perl” 

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Fathers Day

A/N: Since it is Fathers Day today, and Shawn can’t wait to be a dad, I wrote this. I had like two paragraphs typed and then I realized at 10 pm on Father’s day that I never finished this so…. Sorry if it’s kinda bad, I was rushing to get this out.

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 585

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You wake up to a finger tapping your arm and a little voice saying,

“Mommy I want daddy breakfast for fathers day.”

You open your eyes slowly to see your daughter standing at the side of your bed, still in her pajamas. You slowly get out of bed, trying not to wake Shawn. Your daughter, Madeline had told you last night that she was going to wake up early and make her dad breakfast for Father’s Day. You didn’t believe her though, she was five and tended to sleep until you and Shawn got up. But somehow, she managed to wake up early. You check your phone as you leave the bedroom to see what time it was. It was 6:30, meaning you had 30 minutes to make something for Shawn before his alarm went off. 

“So what do you plan to make for dad?” You ask your daughter as the two of you walk towards the kitchen.

“PANCAKES” She screams with a huge grin on her face.

“Shhhh,” you say bending down to pick her up “you don’t want to wake dad up before you can surprise him.”

Madeline lets out a small giggle as you carry her the rest of the way to the kitchen. Usually Shawn would just eat a muffin or two for breakfast. You baked him some once or twice a week for his breakfast. But today, he was going to have to deal with a little change.

You turn around to see that your daughter had already gotten the pancake mix from the cabinet. You grab two bowls, one larger than the other. Madeline pushes her stool up to the counter and climbs on it. You grab two eggs from the fridge and bring them over.

“Okay Madeline, you remember how I taught you to crack eggs?” you ask her handing her an egg and sliding the smaller bowl towards her.

“Ya!” She says, excitingly cracking the egg.

You had her the other eggs and she does the same thing. 

“Now what do we do?” you ask her.

“We mix the eggs!” she says with an adorable smile.

That is when you hear a laugh coming from the other side of the kitchen. You turn to see Shawn leaning against the wall on the opposite end of the kitchen. His sweatpants hung low on his hips and he had a white tee shirt on. He walks over to the two of you and wraps his hands around your waist from behind you.

“What are my two favorite girls doing?” Shawn asks, resting his chin on the top of your head.

“Daddy!” Madeline yells, jumping off of the stool.

Shawn picks his daughter up with ease, and gives her a quick kiss on the cheek. You turn around and lean up against the counter. Shawn always looked so adorable holding your child, a look you have yet to get over. 

“We were making you a surprise breakfast.” you say crossing your arms over your chest. 

“Oh!” Shawn exclaims, “would you like me to return to my room?”

“Yes” Madeline giggles as Shawn puts her down. 

Shawn leaves the kitchen as the two of you finish the pancakes. Madeline covers the top of them with whip cream and chocolate syrup. You hand her the plate and lead her to your shared bedroom with Shawn. His face lights up when the two of you enter the room. 

“Happy Father’s day.” You say with a smile as she hands him the plate. 

“I’m never going to leave you.”

My first attempt at ACOTAR fanfic - I decided to start with Nessian.

ACOWAR spoilers!


She didn’t feel like celebrating.  Yes, the war was over.  Yes, they all survived.  But she didn’t feel like she had won anything.  She watched as thousands died.  She watched her father die.  She watched Elain, her delicate sister, slaughter the King of Hybern.  And they were both still irrevocably changed in body and soul, both with powers neither one of them knew how to handle or begin to understand.

Nesta didn’t know what was next for her.  She couldn’t go back home, not since she was no longer human.  She especially wouldn’t leave without her sister and it was clear Elain was in no condition to go back to the human realm.  Nesta didn’t know how to help her, either.  She didn’t know how to help herself.  She hadn’t felt this untethered since the incident with Tomas Mandry.  That had taken it’s tole on her life, and changed her in ways she never expected.  Just letting his name cross her mind enhanced her current state of being unsettled.  Rising from the chair in her room she rubbed her hands up and down her arms to try to warm herself and get rid of the unpleasant thoughts.

The house was quiet today.  Everyone else has been happy, resettling into their lives and finding joy in each other and in the new world they were creating.  Nesta was stuck.  She had nothing to accomplish, nothing to attain, nothing to contribute.  She had barely left her room since returning from the war a month ago, only leaving to grab something to eat when hunger drove her out.  She didn’t even visit Elain anymore, frustrated and desolate because she wasn’t able to help her in any way.  She rarely ran into anyone during her trips to the kitchen, and when she did she always felt like a black cloud raining on their happiness.  They stopped talking and laughing when she appeared, and even Feyre no longer attempted to include her in their gatherings.  She was the ghost in the attic, residing in the house but always kept at arms length when seen.

She didn’t blame them.  She didn’t know how to help herself, so how would they have any idea what to do for her?  She never did ask Feyre how she handled being turned into High Fae, or having powers she never experienced before.  While Nesta was still human she didn’t care about all that; she was only focused on protecting Elain.  Feyre had obviously managed the transition and was thriving when she visited them before the war.  And it wasn’t like she was forced against her will to be changed - she was dying, and it was done to save her, so of course Feyre would have come out of her transition grateful for the second chance at life.  That was nothing like Nesta’s transition.

Making her way to the kitchen, Nesta couldn’t shake all the dark memories from her recent and far past.  She almost couldn’t distinguish the difference between the two anymore, all blending together seamlessly as if she had never known a happy or comfortable period in her life.  She thought what Tomas had done would be the most damaging experience she’d ever face and working through that to get back a semblance of a life with Elain almost destroyed her.  Everyone thought her strong, but only she knew the truth; the walls she kept around herself felt brittle now, like they would shatter if she ever lost her vigilance at keeping them strong, and she didn’t know how much longer she would have the strength to hold them up.  Going through these changes and feeling this darkness writhing inside herself - she knew it was only a matter of time before it overwhelmed and consumed her, destroying her completely.


Startled, she whirled around in the kitchen and saw Cassian standing in the doorway.  How long had she been standing there lost in her thoughts?  Rubbing her arms, she refused to look him in the eyes.

“Are you cold?”  The concern in his voice almost broke her.  She can’t let that happen, not now, not today.

“No, I just came to find something to eat,” she snapped at him, still refusing to meet his gaze.

Stepping into the kitchen he moved towards the cupboards.  “Everyone has gone out in the city so there isn’t a dinner prepared here tonight.  But I can make us something edible, I’m sure.”

“You cook?”  Nesta blurted out, the question springing out of her, surprised that a male warrior would stoop to anything so domestic as cooking in a kitchen.  

Chuckling, he glanced over his shoulder at her and winked.  “I’ve been known to surprise my friends with my skills.”

Feeling awkward, Nesta stood in the middle of the kitchen while Cassian arranged pots and pans on the stove and piled ingredients on the counter.  Removing a couple of knives from a  drawer he said without looking her way, “Why don’t you help me chop these vegetables?”

He continued to gather ingredients, occasionally throwing something into a pot or pan.  After a couple of minutes when she didn’t move to help him, he mumbled, “Or not,” and started chopping.  Irritated with him, she marched over to the counter and grabbed one of the knives and a pepper.  She started slicing it along it’s length and soon had a mess of pepper bits, seeds and pulp all over the counter.

“Happy now?”  She snarled at him, throwing the knife in the sink.

“Yes, thank you.”  He had a strained look on his face and his lips were twitching, but he didn’t say anything more, just scooped up her chopped vegetable and tossed it into the pot.  He continued adding ingredients and stirring the food, humming to himself as he worked.  She watched him, fascinated at a male cooking, let alone the General Commander of the Night Court.  He had left his hair down today and when it brushed against his chin he would tuck it back behind his ear.  He seemed to be comfortable in the kitchen, graceful even, and she marveled that for all his battle knowledge and warrior training he didn’t look out of place cooking them dinner.

Glancing her way he asked, “Will you get the plates and silverware ready?”

Glaring at him, afraid he had caught her staring, she stated, “I plan on eating in my room.”

“Well, you still need a plate, don’t you?” he smirked.

Aggravated with his logic, she stomped her way to the cupboard that held the plates and grabbing one stepped next to Cassian for him to dish out her portion.  His shoulder brushed against hers while he scooped the food onto her plate and she stiffened.  He stopped moving and gently turned towards her.  She didn’t move, she didn’t look at him.  He waited a full minute, two, then three.  He just stood there, relaxed but still as a statue, and finally she raised her head and looked at him.  Her gray-blue eyes were made of steel, never revealing her emotions, but when she locked eyes with Cassian’s gaze she knew he stripped her barriers and saw the depth of her fear and emotions running through her today.  He held her gaze with his beautiful hazel eyes, and she remembered looking into them a month ago and believing they would never get the chance to look at each other again.  She thought they would both die that day, and his promises to her on that battlefield made her stronger.  But after, he hadn’t so much as looked her way, not once, and she came to realize it was just the heat of the battle and the knowledge of death standing next to him that created that moment between them, that moment that turned out to be a lie.

Hardening her gaze, she yanked her plate out of his hand and moved towards the hallway that lead to her room.  When she reached the doorway she heard him speak quietly, “It wasn’t a lie.”

Whirling around and spilling half her food in the process, she stood in the doorway, stunned speechless and with eyes big as saucers.  

“In case that’s what you’ve been thinking all this time, about me, about what I promised you on that battlefield.”  He held her gaze and took a deep breath.  “When you decided to bait Hybern, to use yourself and your power as a diversion, I knew it was a death mission.  I knew it meant you weren’t coming back.  I also knew I wasn’t going to let you go alone, and I was going to do whatever it took to keep you alive.  Anything it took to keep you alive.  No matter the cost.”

“And then Hybern showed up with your father in his clutches.”  A tear escaped down Nesta’s cheek, and Cassian’s voice broke.  “I understood why you couldn’t strike at Hybern.  I tried to protect you and kill him, and I failed at both.”  Cassian hung his head, his hair falling and hiding part of his face.  His shoulders shuddered with a silent sob, and after a moment he gathered himself and looked up at Nesta with tears shining in his eyes.

He was whispering now, barely able to get the words out.  “I wanted that time with you, that time I wished we had before the war.  That time I promised you we would have in the next world.”  Taking a deep breath, he cleared his throat and continued in a stronger voice.  “I thought maybe you needed time, after everything you had been through.  I was torn between wanting to stay by your side and worried that I would be smothering you at at time when you needed space.”  He ran his hand through his hair and continued.  “I’ve also struggled with changes in dynamics with my friends and me, and I’m sorry for that.  I’m sorry those changes have kept me away from you like this.  I haven’t handled this in the best way, but I think I’m learning what the best way should be and I’m going to do that from now on.”

Slowly, he moved towards Nesta until he was standing directly in front of her, close enough for her to reach out and touch him but far enough that he wasn’t crowding her, that she could still walk away without effort.  “Nesta, this is our next world.  I promised you I would find you and we would have our time.  That’s what I’m doing right now.  I want that time with you.  I’m keeping that promise.  I’m finding you, Nesta.  You’re right here in front of me, but I know that a part of you isn’t.  A part of you is struggling, is still fighting those shadows, that darkness.  I’m not going to let you fight alone any longer.  I’m never going to leave you.  Never.”

Cassian stood in front of Nesta, back straight and wings slightly flared, tall and proud and waiting, watching her with a confident and unwavering stare.  She looked at his wings, how the sun through the kitchen window changed their color from a dark and shadowy hue to a translucent rainbow of colors, beautiful to gaze upon.  She ran her eyes over his shoulders, seeing his strength and power, the shape of his muscles visible beneath his shirt.  She imagined the syphons on his hands and arms, across his chest and shoulders, and the power whirling beneath his skin.  She realized in that moment that they did have something in common - they both had power, and he had learned how to harness and use that power in the past.  Maybe she was wrong in thinking no one could help her.  Maybe the others had gone through similar struggles while growing up, and wasn’t that exactly what she was doing now, growing up with power?  

Nesta thought about all that he revealed to her just now, and how it had already started to change her feelings of rejection and abandonment.  With a start she realized that her dark thoughts and fears hadn’t bothered her from the moment Cassian entered the kitchen.  She hadn’t been overwhelmed, ready to crumble, since he arrived.  Perhaps he was right; maybe staying away from everyone and dealing with this on her own wasn’t the way to conquer the darkness.  

Looking up at Cassian’s face, she knew trying on her own wasn’t an option anymore.  He wouldn’t allow it.  The resolve and conviction in his hazel eyes took her breath away.  

Swallowing, Nesta whispered, “I don’t know how to do this.”

Smiling softly, Cassian reached up and gently cupped her cheek with his hand.  “Let’s learn together.”


What I love most about Harvey and Donna right now is that she is so freaking clueless as to what is actually happening. Harvey literally had a dream about them being domestic and kissing and her wearing his shirt THE NIGHT AFTER THEY HELD HANDS and HE HAS BEEN EVEN MORE TRASH FOR HER SINCE (please the way he talks to her and looks at her every time she talks to him, he is so freaking trash) but she is just being there for him, she didn’t say a single word about them or anything like that aftertwards and you can see it on her face when they held hands that it fucked her up too.

And she is just being his support system and trying to help him get over his demons and HER FACE WHEN HE TOLD HER IT WENT WELL AND WHEN THEY WERE PUTTING ON THAT PICTURE, she literally gets happiness out of just seeing him happy. And yes, of course, Harvey went to his mother for himself and because he saw that he couldn’t deal with people anymore like this (when he yelled at Louis and lacked understanding for Mike’s decision) BUT Donna literally told Louis that Harvey went to deal with his mom because of their fight when YOU CANNOT TELL ME that the dream he had didn’t motivate him at least a little, but Donna literally has no idea that everything he does rn, every look he gives her, every smile, word, is post dreaming about her LIKE THAT.  

And Patrick said in an interview that the fact that it was a dream doesn’t make it any less improtant because clearly he is thinking about it… and LOOK AT THE WAY HE IS ACTING AROUND HER, THE VOICE HE IS USING !!! (AND HE TOLD HIS MOTHER, H I S    M O  T H  E R, that someone very special to him convinced him that he needed to do this. “SOMEONE. VERY. SPECIAL. TO. ME” and she literally by his face and choice of words assumed that it was someone he is romantically involved with and he didn’t say anyhting. HE JUST SMILED. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS FOR LIKE THE NEXT YEAR OR TWO?)


She literally spent 12 years telling him she knows everything but SHE DOESN’T KNOW THIS. AND IT’S SO PERFECT.

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I’ve Waited My Whole Life (1)

Request: “Could you do a Bucky soulmate story? Like the au with the countdown to the moment you meet your soulmate, but Bucky doesn’t have it because his arm is gone so the reader freaks out a little bit. But it’s all ok in the end. Like super fluffy fluff… maybe leads to smut, whatever you’re feeling.”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Eventual)

Word Count: 3495

A/N: So I was going to wait a little longer to post this but I promised you two fics this week so I am going to give you two. This will probably only have two or three parts, so it’s not going to be super long, but I’m excited for you to read it. I am also almost done with the next part of Never Forget You, so there’s that to look forward to too. I love you guys and I hope you enjoy! (P.S. I’m just going to tag the people on my marvel series lists, so let me know if you don’t want to)

Warnings: Lots of fluff, a little bit of angst, fighting, violence

Tags: @seargantbcky, @lust-for-pan, @38leticia, @barnes-and-noble-girl, @karipaleta, @capandbuck, @camillechan, @findacauseandserveit, @audasia25, @kendallefire, @alicerozenju, @snuggleducky, @thisisthelilith

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November 1943


The numbers never changed. In the twenty-six years and eight months that I had been alive, the numbers never changed. I thought that something was wrong for a long time, but as I got older I just kind of gave up. Especially when I entered the war.

But here I was, strapped down to table, a POW, a victim to Zola’s experiments, and all I could think about were these dumb numbers on my arm.

Where ever I was, something was happening. There was a lot of noise coming from outside but I couldn’t really concentrate on anything. I tried calling out to someone but I didn’t really have the strength to make it any louder than a murmur.

Then Zola came back into the room, grabbing whatever he could off his desk before he ran out again. I was asking him to let me go, but I don’t think he heard me.

At that point I just expected that this was it, you know, the place sounded like it was under fire and I was strapped down to a table somewhere in a building far away from the other POWs. Not to mention that everyone probably thought we were dead. But boy was I wrong.

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EXO Reaction when their S/O says other member's name in their sleep

Thank you anon for requesting! Your message was so sweet! Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Pouting the whole day* “And here I was thinking I was her happy virus… guess not so happy virus anymore…”


“Aish… seriously? even in her dreams, this boy is following me? Fine baobei, I’ll call Suho tomorrow. Now go back and dream with me”


“She already repeated the members’ names three times… when is she going to say mine?”


*Probably going to fight that member the next day*


“Yes jagi I love you t-wait what? Kim Jong-what? I’m Jongin…. Jongin…”


*His face the moment he hears you making strange sounds after Luhan’s name* “What. Is. Going. On?”


*Judging very hard*


*SO done with his life* “I’m going to kill Sehun… he’s so dead”


“Ugh I’m so tired… I should go to bed… I’m starting to hear things” *In complete denial*


*Someone’s not very happy*


“I thought my name was Yixing… my whole life has been a lie? Maybe Lay is the guy I thought was named Chanyeol..”


*Suho’s probably going to be in a mood the next morning* “I’m so changing the WiFi password again!”

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soooo happy that FMM claire has a bun in the oven!!! would love to see a classic pregnancybrain moment that she gets to share with jamie. mine hit me worst at 5 or 6 weeks in!

Flood my Mornings: Eggs

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment:  The First Step (Misunderstanding over Claire’s application+ baby news)


Jamie came awake and jumped out of bed in one single second, stumbling toward the sound of her voice in the kitchen. Stumbling; not running.  He knew from her tone that there was no danger to hand: a ‘goddamnit’ of frustration only. Nonetheless, it was the middle of the night, and Claire—unpredictable and mad as she was, on the whole—didn’t usually take to screaming at random

She was standing over the stove, her hands in fists at her sides and her robe slipping off her shaking shoulders.

“Claire, love?” He put a hand on the small of her back. “Have ye burned yourself?” 

“NO, the—blasted stove is broken—" She was agitated and angry and looked as though she were going to lay a kick to the offending appliance. “I just wanted to scramble eggs but they’re not—not—cooking!

“No? What’s wrong, d'ye think?” he asked, glancing at the pan, which sure enough, held only wet, raw eggs.

“The damned—stove is broken—” she repeated, teeth gritted in frustration as she gestured wildly at the item in question. “I just don’t understand, it was working fine at dinner—but — ”

She gulped air. Then, she burst into tears. 

“Och, hey, shhhh it’s no matter, lass,” he said, half-laughing as he pulled her to him and hugged her tight. “Hey, now, it’s alright—we’ll get a repairman out, if we must—”

She sobbed into his shoulder. “I’ve been trying for ten minutes and I don’t—I don’t—I just wanted EGGS —

“Dinna fash, mo nighean donn,” He choked back a laugh and only rubbed her back, swaying her as though they were dancing cheek-to-cheek, like the song said. “Here, let me make ye something that doesna require heati ” He went mute, gobbled for a moment, then pursed his lips hard together, his wame now convulsing madly from the effort not to burst out laughing . 

“What?” she said sharply at his sudden silence. She pulled back enough to glare at him. “WHAT?” 

Without a word, but with his lips quivering, he released one hand from her waist, reached over….and turned on the Stovetop.

You willna laugh, James Fraser. 


But thank GOD his pregnant wife cackled first. 

She dropped her forehead against his shoulder, wrapped her arms around his neck, and positively SHOOK with laughter, bringing him right along with her . They slumped against each other, hooting like the wee fools they were.

“Oh Jesus H. CHRIST, what is WRONG with me??” she moaned as she stepped away from him a few minutes later, wiping away tears and still giggling.

“Dinna fash yourself,” he said, turning the Stove off again. “It’s common early in a woman’s carrying, no? To feel a bit daft from time to time?”

“Well, yes, so they say, but—”

“Jen told me once that when she was newly wi’ child (I think it was wi’ Wee Jamie, come to think ) she lost her favorite book of French folktales and was near-distraught. Then the next planting season, she was turning the soil of the kailyard and up came Contes des Fées along with the rotted cabbage roots.”

“Oh, Jenny,” Claire hooted, leaning back against the counter. “Well, that does make me feel a bit less insane. It’s just so strange—I don’t remember anything of the sort with Faith or Brianna.” 

“No, indeed?”

“I should have thought that by my third pregnancy, I would have seen it all! Apparently not!”

He stepped into her arms and kissed her deeply. He didn’t want to voice the sad thoughts running through his mind. The still-raw grief from the loss of Faith. That at this phase of her last pregnancy, Claire had been close to starvation from months of war on the slow march toward Culloden. Much might have been missed, amid that bleak time; much had been missed, since. 

But those sorrows were of another life, and had no place in the foolish glee of this night. He said only, “No child of ours would make things easy for us, would they?”

“No indeed.” She rubbed her abdomen and made a stern face at it. “Just don’t make Mummy jump off a cliff or anything permanent, alright, little one?”  

Jamie grinned and added his hand, spanning them both. “Aye, young Fraser, be nice to your Mama, or you’ll have ME to answer to.”  They both sighed then, with twin, happy, humming sounds. 

Jamie did some quick calculation. “It’ll be August, aye?”

She smiled and nodded. “I think so—can’t say for sure precisely when we conceived, but yes, August approximately.” She suddenly groaned. “Oh, LORD, that means I’ll be carrying a 7-, 8-, and 9-month baby in SUMMER.” 

“Well, never you fear, Sassenach: I’ll be here with all the lemonade and cool cloths ye might desire.” 

“Well, that sounds much better than last time. God, this time next year, we’ll have him or her with us. Can you imagine?” She beamed. 

As did he, imagining. A new bairn. A wee brother or sister for Brianna. Getting to see Claire carry a child in peace and under the care of doctors. Getting to hold his child from the moment they would be born…. 

He kissed her temple. “Go sit yourself down, mo ghraidh, while I make ye some eggs.”

“Oh, no, I can do it!” She turned toward the Stovetop, catching up the Spatula. “Now that I know it’s just a matter of turning ON the bloody —”

He turned her firmly away and settled her into the chair. “I insist.” 

“You really don’t have to wait on me hand and foot, Jamie—I’m perfectly capable, and for all my teasing, I don’t expect royal treatment.” 

“Aye, I ken that. But it’s my joy to take care of ye, Sassenach. Always, but—particularly now that you’re carrying our child.” He took the Spatula from her hand in a manner that brokered no argument.

She sighed and then grinned up at him. “Well in that case, I’d feel much better cared for if you’d put cheese on the top.”

“Your wish is my command, your majesty.” He opened the Frigidaire, peering. “Sorry, I dinna think we have any.” 

“No, no, I know we do,” she said, furrowing her eyebrows and glancing confidently around the kitchen. “Just had it in my hand a few min—ohforfuck’ssake—

She walked with dignity to the counter, and oh-so-casually picked up the block of cheese.  

From the soap dish. 

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my great comet experience (act ii + stagedoor)

so here’s part two of my great comet experience! and here is part one: (before the show + act i + intermission)

- this song is such a headbanger
- during the first couple lines, Pierre is at his desk writing a letter
- “for I have been studying the Kabal-” and when he knocks on a book, dust flies everywhere
- Mary is so desperate for Natasha to come back and be her friend :-( she just wants a friend
- “So alone in here,” Scott and Denée’s duet with this line……..
- when Anatole is begging for Natasha to say yes to his proposal, he’s on his knees directing her gaze to him when she tried to look away
- “Just say:: yes” ANSKDBDKDBDK Lucas is hilarious what tbrfuvk!! He held out the “ye-” part forEVER and just quickly ended it with the “s”
- and when Natasha finally says ‘yes’ to Anatole’s proposal, Anatole does a ‘yes’ motion with his arm he’s so happy sndkfbflg that little soggy crocodile
- towards the end of the song, Natasha has Anatole’s letter in her hand as she’s asleep on the ground, and Sonya comes along and swipes it up

- Sonya is hiding Anatole’s letter behind her back and she looks so nervous and guilty like…baby please…..
- Sonya’s face reeked with concern and shock when Natasha said that she’d do anything for Anatole
- sonya (i feel) beats herself up so much for letting Natasha and Anatole’s relationship get this far
- She just wants to protect her cousin from the (potential?) backlash and harm that could come her way for being unfaithful to Andrey
- “I hate you, Sonya!”

- Brittain Ashford has such a beautiful voice and she nails Sonya tbh
- throughout the whole song, Sonya and Natasha are on opposite ends of the stage. The spotlight is shining on Sonya the whole time, but the light bulbs that hang low are just barely illuminating Natasha
- also, Sonya never takes her eyes off of Natasha

- “Ah, Anatole, where are you off to?” The way Anatole looks at Pierre- with the utmost surprised look- it reminded me of when a child is caught trying to sneak out by their parent
- “you will not be seeing me for some time” and Anatole gives the audience the BIGGEST SMIRK
- Before he heads off, Anatole changes into a black, short, leather(?) vest and check himself out in the mirror
- “Ah, that’s a true sage, living in the moment. What I wouldn’t give to be like him.”
- I love Dolokov
- When Dolokov is trying to change Anatole’s mind, he’s grabbed him by the back of the neck and hair and pulled him back before letting him go

- like I said before….I love Balaga
- so I was sitting on the left side of the stage and on my side there were two ensemble men making out
- And on the right side Hélène and Marya are making out and my soul ascended, it was amazing
- Anatole’s green coat is so glorious

- okay what the FUCJ
- they all g SO. FUCKING. HARD.
- I love Anatole’s green coat

- he tried to start up again and was like ‘nope!’ and giggled and took a few more breaths before starting for real 

- abskdbfkf his face is so red from belting his woah and the next few lines and just from moving around so much
- ANSKDBDK AND ANATOLE!!!!!!!!!! when he tells everyone to wait and shut the door AND THAT DOOR SLAMS SHUT
- everyone rushes to sit down WHEN Anatole says so, and he squeezes next to this woman who is SO embarrassed!!
- and then he starts talking to her (“yes, that’s the way. It’s a Russian custom”)
- he stretches and slings his arm around her shoulders; and after he says “alright” he gives her a kiss on the cheek before heading off!!
- at least until Dolokov interrupts about the fur cloak
- and oh my. Goddddddd!!!!! When Grace McLean emerges from the door with all that RED AND FUCKING GGOES “you will nOT EN TER MYYY HoOusSSe S C O U NDRELL!!!”
- As Anatole is running off Natasha is in the corner looking terrified that she (or Anatole rather??) had been caught trying to elope

- I want Grace McLean to yell at me
- I also want her to win a tony
- Natasha was covering her ears for a good few lines as Marya scolded her
- Marya looks more shocked than angry when Natasha snaps at her
- “Let her sleep!” Sonya practically flinches away from Natasha with the world’s most concerned face, as she slowly backed away

- so homeboy Pierre looks like he’s passed out drunk, when his servant enters the room
- And the servant!!! Oh my god akdbdkd so as he’s presenting the letter to Pierre, he’s rolling his wrist, waving the letter towards Pierre, urging him tit and it
- And when he finally does, his face looks so confused??
- When Marya greets Pierre she’s happy to see him (but not under the circumstances)
- When she asks where he’s been Pierre tousled his hair (nervously??) when he responds
- And oh my oh man oh m a n!!!!!!!!! Pierre’s “what’s” get more and more intense and then after Marya’s “Natasha and aAANA tOLD KKUUURAAGIN”
- Marya’s face is so frightened and ANGRY GOD THEY ALL WANT TO BEAT UP SOGGY CROCODILE MAN

- Pierre is searching for Anatole with such FURY and I love him
- “Nonsense, nonsense, nothing has happened!” He’s shaking his head and waving his arms in emphasis that all is well he just wants to protect Natasha
- “I must see, Natasha, how can I see her?” Anatole is so distraught and panicked
- Anatole is draped over Hélène’s lap totally distraught and crying
- The tone in Pierre’s voice when he disses Hélène is so raw and full of anger and the look on her face is so surprised and :O
- When Pierre demands that he must speak to Anatole, he kinda chases him down the steps of the stage until Anatole follows him to his desk

- the strings in the first few measures in this song is such a headbanger what the fucking???
- Pierre shoves some papers off his desk and throws a chair to the side
- When he grabs and shakes Anatole with his big big hands I bust the BIGGEST nut
- Pierre has Anatole pinned to his desk, hand on his throat
- “And I don’t know what deprives me of the pleasure of smashing your head in with this!” the paperweight Pierre threatens him with is so BIG???
- When Pierre lets him go, Anatole is so upset and frightened! He’s brushing himself off and fixing his hair and rubbing his throat
- Anatole shoves the remaining papers off of Pierre’s desk and ends up fixing his chair so it’s upright
- “Amuse yourself with women like my wife, well then you’re within your right!”
- “Don’t you understand that’s as cruel as beating an old man or a child!” Anatole’s hands are covering his ears and he looks so !!!!! :-( but that’s what u get!
- when Anatole and Pierre are arguing and the electronic noises grow stronger and stronger Natasha poisons herself, and when she does, she screams and Sonya and Marya come running and they rush off stage
- “Next day, Anatole left (PAUSE) fOoR PEETEE RrRSsBUUUUuyRRRRRRRRG” I bust a nut

- At this point most of the cast (save for Scott and Denée) have sat down so they become part of the audience
- Pierre helps Marya sit down on one of the stools on the stage seating and he’s so gentle and caring and I die

- they make fun of each other’s appearances just like friends do and it’s so heartwarming
- they’re so happy to see one another
- Andrey’s demeanor changes so much within the first few lines to when the two start talking about Natasha
- at first he seems open and happy to see Pierre, but then as soon as he asks about Natasha and Anatole, and Pierre responds with “something of that kind” he shuts himself in
- “If you wish to be my friend, never speak of that again.” He sounds so….empty and sad. He jabs his finger into Pierre’s chest- who just lets it happen….


- aka the song that makes me believe in love
- when Pierre see’s Natasha struggling down the stairs she rushes to her, concerned
- and then when she doesn’t give him he hand he’s so hurt and confused
- “Peter Kirilovich” Pierre shakes his head, and puts his hand on his heart when he responds with just, “Pierre”
- Denée’s voice is so quiet in this song, in the cast recording it’s at a regular, normal volume, but at the show, my god it’s so fragile, it’s…..so soft and sad
- “but still I’m tormented by the wrongs I’ve done him,” she sounds and looks so disgusted with herself when she delivers this line and my heart broke
- “tell him that I beg him to forgive…forgive…forgive me for….everything,” Denée sounded so close to tears at this line and I was so close to crying
- “did you love, did you love that bAd man?” Scott is amazing and I love him as Pierre…..he sounded so…..heartbroken
- “dOn’t call him bad!” after she snaps at Pierre, she looks so frightened
- in the audience is Hélène, and I noticed that she had her head in her hands and at one point was dabbing her face like she was crying and my god that hurt
- “He felt the tears begin to trickle, underneath his spectacles-” his back is turned away from Natasha, and facing towards the audience, he’s so good I love him
- he begins making his way towards Natasha, reassuring her that everything is alright and he will be there for her
- to which she just shakes her head, saying how she is unworthy of his kindness
- and holy shit we’re getting close to the part™
- Pierre is facing away from Natasha as he delivers the ONLY speaking part in the entire musical and,,,,,,,,,,,,mygod
- Scott delivers those few lines perfectly, his voice is the right amount of scratchy, nervous, and loving, and my heart burst
- “and glancing at Pierre, ooooOOh, Pierre,” …..my heart has never ached so much…Denée’s voice is so beautiful, and it’s THIS line that her voice goes from being so soft and quiet, to bright and happy- like sun shining through a window after a rainy day
- The hand thing ™ Natasha does as she’s singing “-I leave the room smiling-” Pierre looks so confused and slowly backs his head away from her hand but once it cupping his cheek, he just accepts it and welcomes it
- “-unable to find the sleeves,” Scott is so wonderful! He puts the coat on- just reflex I suppose- and time just seems to stop as we go into the final song

- the girls who sat across the aisle from me was already crying from the previous song but now she was crying harder and that’s the biggest mood of them all
- the transition between the last song and this one is so nice
- Pierre finally realizes that he can and HAS changed and that he’s a better person and he’s so happy and my god I love him and I want him to have everything good in life
- “shIIINES the gREEaAAT cOOOoMeet of 1812” I love the harmonies in this line
- the comet i don’t even know how to explain what t looks like
- It’s so bright and beautiful
- Pierre is sitting down and gazing so longingly at the comet as it and the music get brighter
- And the audience went nuts

- okay so so many people came out and I was so happy
- I asked my mom to hold my playbill and get it signed for me while I took selfies….we had a system going :-p
- Brad Giovanine came out and I was so excited!!!
- I thanked him again for giving me a dumpling and he was so sweet! He was like, “I usually don’t remember faces, but I remember you!” I was so happy wtf
- When Paul Pinto came out and I asked him for a selfie I told him that I loved him as Dolokov and he chuckled and said “I actually played Balaga” and I’ve never wanted to project myself into the dirt more ajdbdkdh! But he was really sweet about it! He teased me about it for a little bit! He was like “I’m the other brown guy!” “Me and Dolokov look pretty similar, especially from the audience!” And I said, “well you were hilarious as Balaga!” And he said, “maybe I was Dolokov? Maybe I will be?” And I was like “in my dreams you’re an amazing Dolokov.” And then as he moved on to sign my playbill I told my mom that I felt bad, and he heard me and was like “ah don’t be! It happens! I tease people about it all the time!”
- Then Nick Choski came out and he was so sweet I loved him as Dolokov (I told him that and he smiled really wide and thanked me!)
- Pearl Rhein came out and as I was about to gush to her about how much I loved her tattoos, and when she went to sigh my playbill, I noticed she had a treble and bass clef on her wrists and I was so shooketh
- All in all it was such an amazing show and the actors were so nice I really hope they all say connected with one another and continue doing great things with music

so that’s it for my great comet experience! if you have any questions, or just want to talk about great comet, PLEASE DO! I love this musical so much

A Night Out

Cho Chang was sipping her Martini in the corner of the café. “I love this place. Never thought I’d say this but Blaise Zabini made a fantastic and much needed safe space. It has a much better vibe than most wizarding pubs.”

Though ‘The Liar’ had more muggle than magical customers, the concealment charms were done so well witches and wizard could walk and talk freely without any risk of exposure. There was even an enchantment in place to notify magical folk if someone knew about the wizarding world or not, making it a lot easier to flirt without falling on your face, which was useful since this was the only place in Britain where queer witches and wizards could try to court muggles or each other without the risk of being outed.

If you didn’t have someone’s permission to mention they were queer to people outside of the pub, then you couldn’t bring it up. It was physically impossible, a trick Draco Malfoy had learned during his career as death eater. Every time he woke up because of a nightmare, bathing in cold sweat, he thought about how he’d used his teenage mistakes to create a safe place for lgbt people like him with one of Voldemort’s favorite spells, and then he could relax again.

“I agree. In most pubs everyone keeps looking at me like ‘Oh, there’s the bitch that abandoned our saviour, how dare she show her face in public.’ Like, have they ever even thought that there might have been a reason I left Harry that wasn’t self-centered and awful?” Ginny took a sip of her wiskey. Since she’d become a mom free nights like this had become way to sparse for her liking, so she made good use of them when the opportunity presented itself.

Cho nodded in agreement. “Last week I was at the leaky cauldron, and some middle aged wizard actually came up to me, saying 'I’m so sorry for your loss, Cedric was a wonderful and gifted boy’, like, yes I miss him, but am I supposed to mourn about him 24/7? Am I not allowed to smile and be happy? It’s not that I don’t care about his death but it’s been fifteen years! I never opted to be the national face of mourning lovers!” She chucked back her drink and let out a frustrated sigh.

“Anyone need a refill?” Oh, if her mother could see her now. Molly would jump out of her skin.

“Evening Malfoy, haven’t seen you here in ages. And a vodka tonic since you’re asking.”

“Pans, get us some shots will you?” Malfoy sat down next to Ginny with a dramatic sigh.“That ex-husband of yours will be the death of me Weasley, I swear to Merlin.”

“Don’t offer drinks if you’re not getting them yourself, you idiot.” But Pansy went to fetch them anyway. She knew how tired and worn out Draco’s job made him, and his nights off were even more scarce than Ginny’s.

“Sorry love, tough day at work. Can’t be bothered.” He let his head rest on Ginny’s shoulder. Only three years ago they’d met for the first time since the war, but with both of them being recently divorced and queer in a homophobic society they had gotten over their differences quicker than expected.

“Not introducing me now, are we? How rude.” A tall blue haired woman in a tailored red suit approached their table.

“Ginny, Cho, meet Gabrielle. Gabrielle, meet Ginny and Cho. She’s the new Hogwarts nurse and a pain in the butt. Wouldn’t get too cozy with her.”

Ginny didn’t respond. The hair, the combat boots, the long row of piercings in her left ear, the suit. This was her. This was her dream girl. Damn.

The woman unapologetically moved first over Draco and then over Ginny, flopping down in the corner of the booth. Pansy came back with a tray full of vodka shots and began a rapid conversation in Chinese with Cho. Judging by the tone of her voice it was gossip.

Normally Ginny hated it when they locked her out of conversations like that, but the impression of the clad-in-red ass was too fresh in her memory, rendering her unable to think of anything but that. Anything but butt.

“Well Gin. Long time no see eh? Last time we met was at my sister’s wedding I think?” Ginny looked at her with new eyes. Of course. That Gabrielle. Gabrielle Delacour. She hadn’t recognized her since she now had short hair and a lean, mature body.

“Je crois que tu as réduit Ginny au silence, Gab. Félicitations, ça n'était jamais arrivé avant, même quand elle m'a vu avec Pansy dans un bar gay à Paris.” Noted Draco.

“Honnêtement, avec un corps pareil je me fiche pas mal de son silence.” Gabrielle let her eyes roam the redhead’s body for a bit, before downing her first shot and extending her hand.

“I believe new introductions are in order. It has been way too long since that wedding.” Stunned, Ginny shook her hand. There was a firm grip from both parties despite the fact that Ginny felt like she could die right there on the spot. She’d thought Fleur was beautiful, but the suit and bright blue hair dye of her sister made her feel things she’d never experienced before. Things she didn’t even know she could feel. Damn.

After another round of shots Ginny could still only listen to the woman sitting next to her, still a bit too dazed to form a full sentence. It was probably the veela blood in her veins. It had to be.

“While Ginny’s still searching for her tongue, I have to ask Draco, how exactly is Harry going to be the death of you?” Cho was usually the quieter one, but she’d downed a few drinks and could now almost outdo Pansy when it came to gossip. They were a good couple, Chang and Parkinson.

“How not is a better question. He came into my classroom three times before lunch, three times! I think even my least intelligent students are starting to notice how often their defence professor has potion related questions now. I even confiscated a betting list. Three sickels if 'Drarry’ becomes 'canon’ before the end of the year.” Draco stressed Drarry and canon with greatly exaggerated air bunnies. “I don’t even know what canon means, but if I guessed it right about half of my sixth years are going to lose some serious money if me and that idiot don’t snog before June.”

“Oh quit your whining Draco, it’s not like you don’t want 'Drarry’ to be 'canon’ or something.” Gabrielle grinned at him, looking way to smug for Draco’s liking.

He let out a deep sigh. Yes, of course he wanted to snog Potter senseless sometimes, but the messy haired man didn’t seem to grasp the seriousness of the situation. The school board already wasn’t happy with Draco as a head of House and potions professor, and turning the saviour into an unnatural, disgusting homofile could very well be the last nail in his coffin. Even if he was the only Slytherin teacher and the snakes would therefore be left without guidance if he was fired.

The needs of his students were much more important than his need to be loved. Need to be loved, ulgh. Since when did I become so sappy? Sappy for Potter of all people.

“I think Harry knows exactly what he’s doing. Or not exactly, obviously. I mean we’re still talking about Harry here, but he knows the complications of a possible relationship. He wants to use his fame for something good, something noble.” Ginny had found her tongue back, apparently. She’d also made quick use of the situation when Draco lifted his head off her shoulder by leaning into Gabrielle. Inch by inch they were drifting more towards each other, like slow working magnets.

So you’re saying he just wants to fuck me to make wizarding Britain less homophobic? Should’ve seen that one coming.”

“Draco! Don’t say stuff like that! If Harry is really going to use you I will personally knock him of his high horse and tell him he can’t treat people that way. But I won’t have to because he’s genuinely interested, and he doesn’t use people. That’s just not how he is. Get over it Malfoy, you just turned into a lovable person.” Ginny looked at him with fire in her eyes. Try to disagree with me and I will fight you, they seemed to say.

“Drarry? Is that how the kids are calling it these days?” Gabrielle snorted, removing the sudden serious atmosphere out of the conversation. “I’m sure I could think of a better couple name for the two of you.”

Draco muttered something that sounded like ‘This is exactly why I didn’t want to bring Gabrielle with me’, but other than that he responded by dropping his head on the table with a loud thud.

“Ah, look! He’s embarrassed!” Ginny upright laughed at him while slamming her hand on the table. Smooth as fuck Gabrielle “supported” Ginny’s laughter by putting an arm around her muscled waist.

“What about Malpot?”

“Or Potfoy!”

Suddenly Pansy grew serious. “Guys. Guys. Guys. Hear this. Harky.” Cho nearly choked on her drink.

“No, no, no, no, no. Listen. It should totally be Draky.”

“Aaaand…. I’m leaving.” Draco got to his feet and dramatically swung his cloak over his shoulder. “At least Harry and I have a ship name that sound better than Gabinny.”

“Oi! At least Ginny and I do more than awkwardly talk about potions.” Gabrielle put another arm around Ginny’s waist and pulled her on her lap. “Can’t say that about you two.”

“Can’t say what about who?”

Draco turned on the spot.

And was met with a pair of emerald green eyes.

Translation of the french lines (provided by the lovely @jk-destroyed-our-best-gay-ships ):

“I think you rendered Gin speechless Gab. Congratulations, that has never happened before, not even when she first saw pansy and me in that Gay club in Paris.”

“Well, with a body like that I sure don’t mind her silent to be honest”

This one shot is for @sappypotter because she was feeling down. Hope things get better soon!

anonymous asked:

Hey! could you do a bughead thing where nobody knows their dating, but Betty's mom is being really horrible to her and Jughead defends her and everyone finds out their together? Thanks!

The gang was all hanging out at Archie’s watching a movie. Betty and Jughead sat close together, their hands intertwined underneath the blanket thrown over their laps. None of their friends knew they were dating and at the moment they wanted to keep it that way. It was their own private honeymoon, away from all of the drama that seemed to surround their friends. For the moment, Betty and Jughead were happy living in their own private world.

Veronica, Kevin, and Archie were all too involved in the movie to notice the small glances and smiles shared between the two.

What the did notice, was the sound of raised voices coming from downstairs. Archie paused the movie and they all went to investigate. They found Alice Cooper standing in the front doorway, yelling at Fred Andrews.

“Mom?” Betty asked, stepping forward.

“Betty, let’s go.”

“Mom, what is going on?”

“I’ve told you how I feel about you hanging out with these…people. Now let’s go Elizabeth.” Alice took Betty’s arm and started pulling her out the door, but Betty yanked free and stood her ground.
“No, mom these are my friends, and you are just going to have to accept that I am going to be hanging out with them, because I’m not going to stop” Betty said and Jughead felt a swell of pride watching his girlfriend stand up to her mom.

“Elizabeth” Alice stepped close to her daughter, her voice quiet and deadly calm. “We talked about this, you are too easily swayed by the people around you. You don’t have the strength of character to be around these people. You are too weak to be able to stand up to their bad influence.”

“Now wait a minute…” Fred Andrews started to defend his son and his friends, but Jughead interrupted him. He didn’t care if Alice insulted him, but he couldn’t stand the way she was talking about Betty.

“Mrs. Cooper, I think you have your daughter all wrong. She is the strongest person that I know. She makes us all better, not the other way around.” Jughead stepped forward so he was next to Betty. He felt the surprise looks of everyone in the room, he knew that standing up to Alice was not usually his thing. He usually avoided Betty’s confrontational mother at all costs, but Jughead’s protective side was taking over, keeping him from staying quiet.
“How dare you talk to me like I don’t know my daughter. I know my daughter better than anyone, better than she knows herself. Certainly better than you Jughead.” Alice said, her calm voice slipping slightly. Jughead saw her eyes widen in slight alarm as she looked between Betty and Jughead.

“No” Betty spoke up, stepping closer to Jughead and slipping her hand in his. “Actually mom, I think it’s Jughead who knows me better than anyone.” Jughead heard Veronica gasp behind them watched as Alice looked at their hands like she had never seen anyone hold hands before.

“Elizabeth…” Alice tried to recover her composure.

“Mom, I think you need to leave. You are embarrassing me and yourself.” Betty seemed to gain new confidence holding Jughead’s hand and her mom seemed to pick up on that. Alice could tell that she was not going to with this battle. So with one last seething look at Jughead, she turned on her heel and stormed out the door. Fred Andrews shut the door behind her, looking like he was trying really hard not to laugh. He gave Jughead a knowing wink and then headed upstairs.

Jughead, suddenly realizing that he was holding Betty’s hand in front of all of their friends made a move to let go, but Betty held on firmly. She gave him a smile as they turned to look at Veronica, Kevin, and Archie.

Veronica was looking at them in slight shock. Kevin was looking at them in glee. And Archie was looking at them in confusion.

“Oh my god, finally” Kevin was the first to speak up. “I was afraid you two were never going to get together.”
“Wait, what?” Archie was still looking between Jughead and Betty in confusion.

“I never thought I’d see the day when Jughead Jones stood up to Alice Cooper and held hands with her daughter while doing it.” Veronica shook her head in amazement. “That was some crazy stuff guys. Alice looked like she was going to blow a gasket.”

“Did you see her face when Betty took Jug’s hand. Priceless.” Kevin said in excitement.

“Wait, everyone slow down for a second. Did you…are you two…?” Archie struggled to find the words.

“Dating?” Jughead offered and Archie nodded his head.

“Yes, for a little while now. We were going to tell you guys eventually. We just wanted to keep it to ourselves for a little while” Betty said, squeezing Jughead’s hand.

“Wow, well I can’t say I saw this coming. But I’m happy for you guys.” Archie said, clapping Jughead on the shoulder.

“Thanks Arch” Jughead gave him a smile.

“Alright, let’s go finish the movie. But Betty, you are for sure spilling all of the juicy details soon. I can’t believe you kept this from me!” Veronica pulled Betty out of Jughead’s grasp and up the stairs. Betty threw an amused look over her shoulder at him. With a shake of his head, Jughead followed them.

This time, they did not need to use a blanket to hide their intertwined hands. This time, Jughead and Betty snuggled up on the couch openly. When Betty wrapped her arms around him and lay her head on his chest, Jughead was incredibly glad that their friends knew and they no longer had to hide.

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how would they go about go deciding to have a kid? like would he just say "i'm gonna put a baby in u" and she agrees on the spot or would she bring it up to him one night during their heart to hearts before bed after she gets back and had spent time with a mother and her baby? or would he bring it up one day after feeling like they're missing something?

Deciding to have a child wouldn’t be a sudden thing, that’s for sure.

They’d be laying in bed one night, Hades completely bare because it’s how he likes to sleep, while Y/N is all cozy in a wool-threaded nightgown as they’re tangled up in the sheets, legs intertwined and breathing mingling.

There’s nothing sexual about it. They’re just cuddling, talking about what had happened throughout the day and sharing chaste kisses every now and then, Harry sponging his lips softly against her’s, down her chin and across her cheeks, smiling fondly against her eyelids as he hears her giggling.

And she’s hugging him to her tightly, hand knotted into his hair, twirling the silky locks around her fingers and sighing blissfully at the low, soothing thrum he releases against the pulse of her neck. His lips vibrate over her throat, resulting in Y/N drawing back slightly in a heap of laughter, the sensation tickling. And he just grins wider, drawing one of his warm legs from between both of her’s and throwing it across her hip, straddling her with his knees as he digs his face deeper into the crook of her shoulder, blowing raspberries into the sensitive flesh. And Y/N’s a mess of squeals, trying to push him off because it’s too much, but Harry’s too endeared and in love and too entranced by the beautiful smile on her face to stop.

Hades’ hands are coasting up her sides, squeezing at her squishy muscles and tummy, holding her down with his chest pressed to her’s. She’s crying out for help and squirming in his strong arms, calling him names and claiming to get revenge and he just can’t help but love her so damn much.

And now, at this moment, with the corner of her eyes crinkled up in glee and her nose scrunched up, teeth showing in a big smile, is when it clicks into place for him.

Harry pulls back from her neck, breathless from fighting to hold her down, panting against her lips as his eyes shimmer a rainforest canopy green. He pushes his hair back from flopping across his forehead, giving her an intense, heartfelt once-over, his next words sudden but confident nonetheless. “I want a baby.”

Y/N’s entire body goes still under him, her expression of carefree joy melting into one if serious shock. She blinks her big innocent eyes up at him, hands coming up to cradle his jaw, gaze flickering over his face, searching with intent. Her voice is small and shaky. “You what?

But yeah– yeah, this is definitely what Harry wants. He wants a tiny munchkin running around in a small toga, wearing his gladiator sandals because he wants to be a fighter like him. Wants to teach him sword-fighting skills and spirit-communication so his son could learn to lead the Underworld alongside him and his wife. Wants to bring one of the Muses down to help him learn how to play the flute so he could grow up and charm a pretty girl one day.

And if he were to have a girl, he wants to run around the castle with her on his shoulders, telling her about how her uncle Zeus could mold clouds into sky chariots. Wants to let her put jewels and bows in his hair and paint his cheeks with rouge, all to see her pretty smile. He wants to feel her fall asleep on his chest with her tiny head pressed right next to his heart as he kisses her small hands and rubs her sensitive back.

Hades just wants a child to call his own as well as to call Persephone’s– a physical embodiment of all their love for eachother, walking around the very halls of this palace. And he wants one now.

“I want…I want a child, Y/N.” He whispers softly, eyes vulnerable and pleading.

Y/N can see just how scared he is of what her reaction will be, but under the thin veil of anxiousness, she can see a type of certainty to his words. He means it– truly means it. There doesn’t seem to be a doubt in his mind.

“You want…Really?!” And suddenly her eyes are welling up with tears of joy, her arms wrapping tight around his neck and pulling him down to kiss her fully. She herself had dreamt of a child every now and then, but wasn’t sure of where he stood on the matter, so she’d held back. So, having Hades say it first was a huge relief to her.

Harry’s laughing into her mouth, tears of happiness wetting his cheeks and gathering at the crest of his upper lip. “Yes, really. I want one, and I want one with only you.”

She gives a short burst of giddy excitement, pecking all over his face. “Gods, you have no idea how happy this makes me, Har. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while now.”

“Yeah?” He brushes their noses together lovingly, thumbing over her cheekbones with affection. “Well, when do you wanna start trying, then, love?”

“Right now.” She murmurs, reaching down and giving his bare bum a squeeze, blushing when she sees him raise an eyebrow in amusement.

“Y'wanna start now, sweetheart?” Harry’s already trailing a hand up her thigh, spreading them apart from eachother as he plants suckling kisses down her jaw. “Want me in you?”

She nods frantically, nails digging into the right muscles of his back as she feels him slide up against her clothed heat.

“Gonna fuck you nice and hard and put a baby in you, pet.” He’s already pushing her underwear to the side, his cockhead trailing up and down her folds temptingly. “Yeah, darling? Y'like that? Gonna give me one, yeah?”

“Gods, Harry, please…” Her ankles lock around his back, pulling him into her as he rocks himself gently against her center, teasing. “Fuck me.”

And then he is, pressing inside her tightness with a weak grunt, eyebrows rising in pleasure as his eyes flutter in utter euphoria. He surges all the way forward up until the hilt, teeth worrying her bottom lip into his mouth as he starts thrusting at a slow, tender pace, the corners of his lips twitching in blissful glee. He grabs one of her hips roughly to pull against his, his other hand going to cup her neck, keeping heavy eye contact with her as he buries himself deep within her warmth.

“Let’s make a baby, baby.”

Yoongi Scenario: Remains Of April.

Request: 😊 Ah I’m so happy requests are open because I’ve had this idea for a few months: You get into an accident that causes you to forget everything from the past few years and still believe that you and yoongi are dating but he doesn’t remind you about the brearkup because he thinks this is his chance to start over.

Genre: Angst / Drama.

Yoongi almost didn’t answer the insistent call in the middle of the night, it wasn’t a number he had registered in his phone and he was deadly tired after a long day. He almost didn’t but then the number insisted and in his drowsiness he took it to at least put it an end once and for all.

He answered with a grumble thinking that it was either a wrong number of someone was fucking with him, but then he heard a calm steady voice mention a hospital and in his drowsiness he wondered what might had happened and to who. He had just a few friends, his parents didn’t live in town, he was single and he lived alone so it was limited the choices of what could it be, but Yoongi couldn’t guess at the moment the name the girl over the phone would pronounce or what was going to cause in him.

-We have you registered as her contact number, is that correct?- Yoongi battled with his mind to wake up and think straight, what this meant. He remembered the day where you had stablished him as your contact number as he was your closest person in the city, and in your life. It seemed too long ago, and at the same time it didn’t, as your careless smile came to his mind in that exact moment when you told him this wouldn’t be needed, because nothing was happening to you. But something had happened. -Mr Min, is that correct?- the girl pressed over the phone.

-Yes it is, it is correct, yes- he answered getting up from bed. -I’ll be there in a moment-

Yoongi drove there with nervousness, thinking what could had happened, the girl didn’t give him details but he pushed the accelerator thinking the worst, if they were calling that meant you couldn’t speak, that you were unconscious. It made his head turn and his stomach drop.

He ran to the main lobby where a nurse indicated him the floor in which you were, the ICU, which made his heart go faster with fear. He was out of breath when he finally got there and asked for you, the girl, a nurse, surely the one who had called him smiled politely.

-You are here Mr. Min, we had to call you because…-

-Is she ok? Is she going to be ok?- he asked not immediately caring why he was called. -Y/N, her, what happened to her? I…-

-Mr. Min calm down- the nurse interrupted him. -Miss Y/N is alive- she stated and Yoongi nodded with apprehension. -She needs ICU for tonight but probably won’t need it tomorrow if she wakes up-

-If?- he panted. -What happened?-

-Miss Y/N suffered a car accident I’m afraid, her intern organs weren’t damaged, she broke her left fibula, she’s bruised due to the impact, but the most severe injury since to be trauma in the head-

Yoongi’s head was spinning, he didn’t know what was a fibula, but hearing the last bit made him sweat cold. 

-But… is she… is she going to recover?-

The nurse nodded. -Most probably, there’s a risk of catastrophe, but chances are she wakes up, for now the trauma is making her remain unconscious, but by tomorrow is possible her waking-

Yoongi nodded looking around, the waiting spaces, the chairs with a handful people on them, and then at the door that directed to the restricted area that was the ICU.

-Would you stay? You can’t go see her right now, but you could stay if that’s what you want-

Yoongi thought about it for a second before nodding, he wouldn’t leave you alone. He smiled dryly, if you knew he was there you’d surely stand of that bed just to be able to slap him, and honestly, after what he had done, Yoongi wouldn’t stop you.

Yoongi stayed there for the rest of the night, dozing off momentarily but for the most part attentive of what happened, if anyone called him, if the doctors that walked in and out of the restrained zone said anything, if one of them said your name. It wasn’t until morning when a doctor reading from a notepad called him, Yoongi perked up walking to him, he told him he was the one in charge of the ICU at the moment.

-Miss Y/N’s state is not grave so she can receive visits- Yoongi exhaled in relief hearing you were out of danger but the nervousness of seeing you was latent on him as well, he wanted to, but he doubt you would.

Yoongi nodded. -That’s good to hear-

-Now we called you last night since she was unconscious and us having to do any procedure would have taken approval from her authorized contact, you- Yoongi nodded again. -We are afraid you can’t go in at the ICU at the moment, but we will move Y/N to a room shortly, sure you’d want to see her-

-Yes, of course- Yoongi answered in automatic.

-She’d be happy too, seeing a familiar face is always reassuring for patients, she’s waking up, I’ll send a nurse for you when she’s all set up-

Yoongi opened his mouth to say that maybe this wouldn’t be a good idea but then the doctor strode off too fast for him to finally speak.

He thought about what to do, he hadn’t seen you in a good while, and the last time he had you hadn’t ended up in good terms. It was all on him, and although Yoongi thought you were a bit unfair to not give him at least a chance to rectify himself he also understood, because he had done the unthinkable, he has screwed the brightest thing in his life for his immaturity, for nothing. 

-Mr. Min, you can go down to floor four, Miss Y/N should be at room 20- the nurse informed after a short while.

Yoongi was nervous, thinking what would you say, how would you react, if you were in a delicate state he didn’t want to upset you, although he did want to make sure with his own eyes that you were ok. Maybe he could you just tell you he was happy you were alive, that it wasn’t his intention to show up here to cause any trouble. He breathed in, he was too nervous. Maybe he should say he was glad he was here, that he would accompany you if you needed, but what would you say to that?

Wanting to hit himself for his inner debate Yoongi went into the room and found you sitting in the bed, very much awake reading a magazine.

His heart thundered at the sight of you and then it dropped for how bruised you were, there was a bandaged around your head, a collar around your neck. Your left calf had a cast. How he could leave you like that?

Your eyes turned to him and Yoongi swallowed hard, preparing to hear your voice, knowing that he’d get rejection straight away but then a full smile bloomed on your lips.

-Babe! You are here- he was taken aback for a moment, he frowned and stiffened, you hadn’t call him that way since a year ago. -Yoongi? What is it? Ah, I must look horrible- you sighed pouting a little. -But I don’t feel as terrible as I look, I promise, Yoongi?-

You kept talking and talking and Yoongi just thought, what could be happening in here, you had to be confused, or he must be dreaming, because this wasn’t possible. 

-Yah, Min Yoongi, you come here right now- you demanded and this time he reacted, walking forward until he was in front of you, he sat down at the chair and you smiled, part of your face was bruised too, but you were so beautiful despite anything, Yoongi had dreamed to see you smile this close for so long. You had survived that accident and you were smiling at him like that. -Kiss me-
Yoongi couldn’t stop himself, softly and very carefully his lips met yours, you moved yours slowly and he he reminded himself he had to be very carefully due to your delicate state, so he did the same, feeling this moment as a wish granted from God, he had dreamed with this too. He wanted to keep kissing you over and over but he pulled away thinking that might overwhelm you at the moment.
-I feel better already- you whispered with a little giggle making him smile giddily, like a fool, so much in love with you as ever.

The doctor came to do your check up, overall you were alright, although you’d have to take great care of your leg. To which you had answered to Yoongi’s surprise that you would and your boyfriend would help you. For a second the bitterness had put a sour flavor in his mouth and his chest hurt, but then he noticed you were talking about him, and everything turned too confusing. You still believed you were a couple and Yoongi didn’t know how was that possible until the doctor said the next.

-You might find yourself a bit dizzy sometimes, maybe having a hard time with your memory but it’ll pass, if you notice anything too grave then yes we’d have to do some additional tests, but at the moment you are great-

So it was the memory that had been affected. Yoongi felt heavy with guilt, but also impulsed by a sudden opportunity. This had to had happened because of a reason, perhaps this was his second chance with you and if it was he wouldn’t let it go to waste.

-I’ll take care of you Y/N- he assured you when the doctor was gone.

In three days you were given permission to leave the hospital, Yoongi took you to your place that continued being the same, between your belongings there were your keys, wallet, and other things but some things had been lost, including your phone that had broken with the impact.

Yoongi was nervous, thinking that at any second you’d turn around and remember that he wasn’t supposed to be there, but then you were smiling at him and laughing as you struggled with the crutches and he tried his best to help you.

You would have to have a minimum of four weeks of resting, that could be more if your bone didn’t heal properly but Yoongi hoped not since it pained him seeing you like that even if you were doing the effort of taking things positively, somehow seeing you so smiley and happy to be around him made the guilt more profound, but also the will to stay by your side stronger.

Yoongi felt curious though, as what things you remembered, if you just didn’t remember last year or maybe there was a mix of things you did and did not. And soon he found out it was the latter, you didn’t find anything odd, and when you spoke about your job, you talked about the new one and not the one you had when you two were together, so it was odd for him.

He was fixing lunch for you two while you were resting in the bedroom when he heard you calling. Yoongi went running, a bit alarmed as he found you standing with the help of your crutches, looking around the room frowning. 


-Yes- he swallowed, this was it, you had find him out.

-Why aren’t your things here?-

He tried to think quick of some excuse, before he had practically lived there so he had everything at your place, and now there was nothing. 


-And our picture…- you kept on seeing the side table that now only had a lamp and a book, but before you had a picture of you two in a fancy date, you had loved the picture because you loved him in suits and that day you had had such an awesome time. -I… I think… they were there, Yoongi, why I…-

-Don’t worry about it Y/N, baby- he walked to you and hugged you, you held tightly to his arms, you were breathing heavily and even shaking a little so Yoongi took you to bed. -We had a little fight and… it was nothing, so we took away the picture, as for my things I went on a trip remember? Then I was at my place with everything and well… everything will be back to normal soon, so don’t worry about it-

-A fight? What fight Yoongi? I don’t…remember, I don’t know-

Yoongi pecked you and then he placed another kiss on your forehead. -It was nothing, and we are over it already, I’m here, we are together, right?-

You nodded. -Come quickly, yeah?-

He nodded, going away to the kitchen again feeling like the biggest shit on earth.

For the first two weeks you were constantly confused about things, little details that mingled in your mind that didn’t fit quite well inside your head, sometimes simple things, like where you kept the spare cleaning products, other times much more complicated, like how much time you had without going in a vacation. Luckily for you, Yoongi answered all those questions, he knew your house pretty well and helped you think a bit in your life but without forcing it, for him it was all about the present.

-We must focus on today Y/N-

You only went out for the doctor check up on your leg, you were no longer wearing the collar and although still bruised in some parts you were looking better than days ago. Yoongi took care of you and every little thing he got to do he felt rewarded. If you were still a couple he’d still do all of this for you, but doing it in his “condition” he felt like he been granted a few days in paradise. Ironic, since you had suffered injuries, but you were together, and Yoongi was selfish in his longing for you, it was a mixed feeling of guilt and happiness that led him to think he was what you had told him a year ago. A manipulator piece of shit.

Gasping he sat, he wanted to vomit. He was wrong, this was wrong. But then it was his only chance to start over with you, and how much he had missed life with you? How much he had thought it was worthless without you sharing the same bed? He couldn’t just quit, at least not now.

Sleeping together made Yoongi think it was all worth it, you hadn’t been able to have sex, not much beyond some teasing and fooling around between kisses, but he was too scared to harm you even his desire for you was latent on his skin. But just sleeping and being able to hug you at night was good for him.

At nights you still got a bit nervous, the dizziness, just as the doctor had said, had been present and the little voids in your memory although little made you wonder about many things, Yoongi tried his best to dodge the bullets but oddly enough the questions seldom went to him or your relationship but other things that fortunately he knew, because there was a time when there had been no secrets between you.

-Thank you, for doing all this for me-

-Y/N, you don’t even have to…-

-Really- you insisted. -If I didn’t have you I don’t know how I’d have managed to handle this, handle myself like this- you caressed his chest and then your hand went up his neck and ever so softly your grazed his lips with the tips of your fingers. Yoongi held his breath. -Sometimes… this might sound crazy since I have you, but sometimes lately, I feel like I’d been alone for a long time, and now I’m not-

Yoongi took your hand and squeezed it, turning to you to hug you as tightly as he could without hurting your leg, hiding his face near your chest so you didn’t see the guilt all over him -Don’t say that, please-

-I know, is crazy… Yoongi?- you realized he was gasping so you made him look up at you again. -Did I upset you? I’m sorry…. I was just…-

-No- he denied quickly kissing your lips. -You could never, I love you Y/N, I love you so much-

-I love you too- you replied between kisses.

Yoongi had gone out to get some other stuff from his flat before he came back and didn’t find you. You still had not bought a new cellphone so he couldn’t call you, it wasn’t like you couldn’t do things by yourself because you could, but he wanted to help, what if you fell? What if someone took advantage of you on the streets? He had put everything on hold to help you recover but you weren’t here and he had no way to know your whereabouts.

So he waited, impatiently, telling himself that if in an hour you didn’t come then he’d go out and look for you.

You came back half an hour lately but Yoongi was ready to go out, he went to you to help you with the crutches but you repeatedly told him you were ok as you made your way to the bedroom, Yoongi followed you, seeing how you looked around then you finally turned to him completely acknowledging him.

-Can you do me a favor?-

-Of course-

-Can you search something for me under the bed?- Yoongi frowned a little but nodded and crouched down. -It’s a box, like a shoe box- Yoongi nodded getting the box out, a red box with no brand. He took it and offered it to you but you shook your head. -Open it-

He laughed nervously. -What is this?- he lifted the lid and there it was, that thing you had immediately realized was gone, the thing that Yoongi had thought you had gotten rid off because of hatred, he didn’t know you had held on it. The photograph of you on that fancy date, together with dozens of more photos of you two together, some of them torn or wrinkled, some of them ruined by water, tears. The proof or better said the remains of your relationship. Yoongi looked up at you who were staring at him with tears in your eyes, with anger in your face, so utterly hurt like that day in april, the month was finishing when your relationship ended abruptly, it had been a beautiful month for both of and it had ended horribly. Just like this april.


-You lying piece of shit-

-Please- he took a step forward, his lips were quivering with nervousness and fear, of losing you, of your hatred, of losing you again. -When they called me I…-

-You took advantage of me-

-I did not, I…-

-Yes you did!- you gasped for air and continued. -You came here to my house, you installed yourself here like you… you let me believe we were still together, that you… do you think everything is that easy?-

-No, I just thought that you, I couldn’t help myself, fuck, I’m sorry Y/N, but I didn’t mean to harm you, I just wanted to help and how could I’ve left you alone? I could never…-

You laughed bitterly despite a few tears already running from your cheeks. -Yes, Min Yoongi, you are unable of hurting me, the same way last year you didn’t think and just fucked that girl on that goddammed congress just because what? Fun? a slip when drunk was what you said?-

Yoongi lowered his head and then he heard you coming closer. -Didn’t you think that was enough harm? Didn’t you think you had hurt me enough?- you shoved him harshly, so much you almost lose balance on the crutches and fall but he caught you. You squirmed in his arms and slapped every bit of him you could until you were back in the crutches by yourself. -I hate you, Min Yoongi, I thought… I kept all those photos because I…- you shook your head and gasped as you sobbed harder. -Get out-

-Y/N, please let me just…- he begged but you were immovable in your position.

-I don’t want to see you again, get out-

Yoongi had had just another chance to love you, to make it all better, but he had hurt you too much, and thus you had reacted, he had thought this was his opportunity but in reality it had been his doom.

Collision Course - Part Nine

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven,
Part Eight

Only one part left after this and then the Epilogue (and possibly other little snippets as the muse and prompts strike). - Mod Lenny

“I know where we are,” Frank exclaimed suddenly, sitting up straighter behind Claire on the horse.

She looked around, her pulse quickening with fear. They should still be at least a few hours away from the stones; it was too soon.

Then she too recognized the rock formation in the distance.

“Cocknammon Rock,” she said with a smile.

“You remember then?” There was something hopeful in Frank’s voice but Claire was distracted.

“Of course I do. You told me about the British patrols and when we passed this way on our journey to Leoch I warned Jamie about it,” she explained. “He alerted the others and then dumped me off the horse so I’d be safe out of the way while he and the others surprised the soldiers. I tried to get away back to the stones but he found me again before I got very far.”

She remembered how he’d slipped easily down from his horse and crossed to block her way, still covered in blood and dirt from the skirmish and making no hint as to the injuries he’d suffered. She smiled again. The idiot might’ve died if she hadn’t been there when it was his turn to fall off the horse.

“I see,” Frank said from behind her, his tone drastically different from the moment before.

Claire found herself annoyed with him but held her tongue. Like Murtagh had said that evening by the fire, she couldn’t help how she felt. And Frank certainly wasn’t making things easier.

If Murtagh heard the exchange he didn’t say anything about it, only let them know, “It’ll no be much longer. We can either stop for another night so ye dinna arrive where ye’re goin’ in the dark or ye can go through just afore sundown.”

“Tonight,” Frank said quickly. “The sooner we get home, the better.”

“Will it really be better to walk all the way to Inverness in the dark when we’ve been riding all day?” Claire challenged. “Or perhaps we’ll just be struck by a passing motorist. I think we should take advantage of having someone here to help keep watch while we get some rest.”

“What exactly is it that you’re waiting for?” Frank asked under his breath. “Do you think he’ll come after you? He knows his place in this, that you’re married to me, that you’re my wife. He knows you’ll be better off with me.”

“And what makes you so sure about what Jamie thinks?” Claire countered.

“He told me as much himself.”

That caused Claire’s breathing to catch and her chest to seize painfully.

“You two talked about me?” There was an accusation in her voice but regarding what, she wasn’t sure.

“It isn’t as though we have much else in common.” Frank’s tone hadn’t completely softened but it wasn’t as openly antagonistic either. “You did say he was your friend. He wants what’s best for you and that’s for you to come home.”

Claire could completely believe that Jamie had said those things to Frank; he had said similar thing to her. But hearing Frank say them… it changed them, somehow. It made her want to argue, to point out all the reasons she had to stay… but really, there weren’t many reasons for her to stay… just Jamie.

They passed back into silence as they rode the rest of the way finally spotting the hill in the distance as the sun set behind it. She recalled hiding with Frank near the summit of that hill and glimpsing the sun through the crack in the stone as it rose while the local druids danced. She saw the sun again through that crack but with the world turned around and the sun peeking through on its descent, shrouding the world in shadows rather than bathing it in light.

“I’m too tired to face going through that tonight, Frank,” Claire pleaded. “I’m hungry and I want to sleep.”

He sighed while Murtagh pointedly stayed out of the conversation.

“Very well. You’re right; we don’t know how long we’ll have to walk before a car stops and it’ll be safer if they can see us properly when they do,” Frank conceded.

“There’s a wee cottage near here,” Murtagh remarked now that a decision had been made. “It was abandoned last I knew. Might be a sight more comfortable than sleeping in the open.” He looked to Claire who nodded then he turned his horse to one side and led the way.

They set up their final camp in silence and quickly turned in for the night.

Claire lay next to Frank but her mind sought Jamie and refused to quiet. Was she really contemplating staying? How could she even think of doing something like that to Frank? All of it was insane. To think of everything she would have to give up in order to stay––the friends she’d made during the war, the conveniences of modernity, the rights and privileges she had taken for granted…

And what would she get in return? Jamie was an outlaw and since breaking Frank out of Fort William, she almost certainly was too. On top of that she was a woman and English and, as Jamie had told her once, that wasn’t a pretty thing to be in the Highlands of Scotland.

But she would have Jamie. He knew the truth now, about who and what she was; he knew the truth and believed her. She could be herself with him, talk about what life was like in the twentieth century; she could tell him about what lay…

Her heart began to pound and fear gripped her.

Culloden. The Jacobite Rising was just two years away. Would she be able to live with herself if she left Jamie behind knowing how likely it was that he would end up on that disastrous battlefield? If she returned to the future and failed to find out what happened to Jamie––or worse, that he had died in battle…

Murtagh. Whatever she ultimately decided to do with herself, she would be sure to warn Murtagh. If anyone had a hope of keeping Jamie from getting involved in the Rising, it was his godfather.

But she wanted to be sure. And the only way to do that was to stay. So why was she so scared to make up her mind?

She didn’t know how Jamie felt about her. She had her suspicions––she knew he liked her well enough––but he hadn’t ever said anything to her that would suggest…

Despite yearning for rest, Claire got no sleep that night, rising with the sun and staring at the hilltop where her fate would be decided once and for all.

“Are ye ready to go back then?” Murtagh’s quiet voice came up behind her.

She peered through the door to where Frank was only beginning to stir on the floor.

“If anything I’m more confused about what I ought to do than I was yesterday or the day before that or the day before that,” Claire lamented.

“Ye’ll do what ye must when the time comes,” Murtagh assured her. “And then ye’ll pray for the health and happiness of the one ye leave wi’out ye. Cannae do more’n that.”

“There is something I would tell you before we go,” Claire began solemnly. “It’s about… it’s about something that’s going to happen.”

Murtagh’s brow furrowed suspiciously.

“You know that there are always rumors of King James returning and taking back his throne?”

“D’ye mean to say he will?”

There was surprise and hope in the man’s face and Claire’s heart sank as she shook her head.

“His son, Prince Charles, will try in two years’ time… but it will end in disaster. You have to promise me that you’ll keep Jamie from getting involved in it; keep him away from Culloden.”

Confusion returned to Murtagh’s expression.

“When ye say,’disaster,’ ye mean the battle’s lost.”

“It’s more than just that though. The Highlanders will be severely punished in their defeat,” Claire explained as best she could.

“The Clans will end as you know them,” Frank chimed in from the doorway, his fingers tucking the ragged ends of his bandages in where they’d come loose in sleep. “Your language, your tartans––both will be outlawed. There will be raids throughout the highlands by the military––made worse by famine.”

Claire let Frank continue filling in the details that she recalled so little about, absorbing them anew herself. He couldn’t have been more precise if he’d prepared a proper lecture with notes. And Murtagh stood there listening and nodding, his mind already sorting and storing what he would need to know most, discarding the details that he could afford to forget.

Would telling a single Scotsman be enough to change the course of history? Probably not. But it might be enough to save Jamie––to save some of those at Leoch, perhaps, as well.

“Thank ye,” Murtagh said when Frank was through. He extended his hand for Frank but then flushed as he saw Frank glance at his bandages again and hesitate before shaking Murtagh’s hand gingerly.

“I don’t know what use you’ll be able to put it to,” Frank admitted. “But it seems a fair exchange for the services you’ve rendered Claire and I.”

“Fair exchange,” Murtagh murmured with a nod then turned to Claire. “Ye ken where ye’re goin’ from here, I take it.”

“Yes, thank you.” She stepped forward and surprised Murtagh with a hug. “Please, keep him safe,” she whispered.

Murtagh didn’t acknowledge what she’d said, just nodded farewell to her as she and Frank began the climb up the hill.

“Has it really only been two weeks?” Frank muttered, picking his way up carefully.

“For you it has,” Claire reminded him.

“Well, I am ready for the nightmare to be over,” he said with confidence, taking Claire’s hand loosely in his and guiding her to the stone.

She stopped when they were still a few feet away, her hand slipping from his easily.


“You don’t need to be scared,” he reassured her. “I remember how terrible it was but we just have to do this and it will all be over, once and for all.”

She was shaking her head slowly, tears in her eyes.

He took her hand again and squeezed it as hard as he was able. It was enough for her gold ring to dig uncomfortably into her finger.

“Claire… Just… look at me, all right. Keep your eyes on me. We’ll do this together.”

His eyes were brown; he had dirt on his cheek from where he’d slept with it pressed to the dirt floor of the cabin; he needed a haircut and a shave; there was a sheen of sweat on his face and redness in his eyes; his lips were chapped and he looked desperate and afraid.

She raised her free hand the way he had his other hand raised, reaching for the stone.

“On three,” he instructed. “One… two… th––”

“I’m sorry,” Claire said quickly as Frank’s hand went forward. She pulled her hand from his as he held tight and struggled to pull her forward with him.

And then she fell.

She was on the ground, her head spinning… and Frank was gone.

My Burden: Part 2 of 2

Apologies for the wait. I hope this makes up for it. It didn’t come out as well as i expected so if it sucks my sincere apologies lol i’d understand. It’s unbetad cos i’m an impatient ass so all mistakes are my fault. anyways, I hope it’s alright. Many many thanks to everyone who enjoyed the first part, it truly means a lot that you liked it. 

My Burden

SUMMARY: Emma falls for the shy deckhand, Killian Jones. But secrets are soon revealed and Emma finds herself face to face with his Darker self. The fight to mend the two halves of this broken man begins.


“Dark One I summon thee.”

“You know…” the voice startled her, causing her to spin. “You didn’t have to say it aloud.” he informed from the chair he reclined in. “I could feel you calling for me… all the way from the other side of the kingdom.”

Emma took in his relaxed presence. Her heart hammered at his abrupt arrival, unsure of her herself now he was actually there. He smiled at her unease and seemed to relish in her observation of him.

“Why are you here?”

He chuckled at her outburst, slowly rising from his seat.

“You summoned me, love.”

“No. Why are you here? In this kingdom? Why now?” she demanded.

“I thought i’d been clear on our last meeting.” His voice was tender, softer than it had been before. His hand ghosted over her hair and tucked a strand behind her ear, brushing her cheek as he let it drop. “I want to know you, love. I want you to know me.”

His closeness overwhelmed her. She could feel power radiating off him and it made her skin hum.

“I know I’ve been on your mind, Emma.The same way you’ve been on mine.”

Her eyes fluttered shut as he came nearer. He’d been right. She hadn’t been able to get him out of her head and she couldn’t grasp why.

“I could feel your warmth, your happiness, your radiance, it sung to me and I’ve been captured by you. You feel it, don’t you? The pull between us.”

His hot breath caressed her cheek as he chuckled to himself. “That fool finally did something right for once in his sorry life. He brought you to me.”

Emma’s eyes flew open and she stepped back, abruptly breaking the trance he held over her.

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i just wanted to write a new headcanon before bed while i listen to twice’s new album (it’s so good)

+ jimin (24) is a single dad with a seven year-old daughter named mijoo

+ jungkook (22) is a tattoo artist looking for a day job since he’s running low on money.

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anonymous asked:

Request: Chocobros (as many of as few of them as you would like to do) caring for their pregnant S/O

Similar ask: Request for hc’s for the boys’ s/o having baby fever?

A/N: I decided to combined these two ask, hope that was okay anons! Also a made this Older!Chocobros, and before anyone says “but Noctis needs a heir” shhhhhh, listen. I think that, if he were to live through the whole ordeal with Ardyn, their would be no need considering (at least from my knowledge) that a crystal doesn’t really exist anymore? (didn’t it use it’s power to destroy the scourge? And in turn kind of be destroyed?) Also warning, this is long, way longer then I intended…

Older!Chocobros having baby fever/how they are with a pregnant S/O:


  • Noctis never really pictured himself having a family, and never pushed for one either, but once he settled down with his S/O, and saw all of their friends, even some of his friends, having little ones running around, he started to daydream about having a child of his own
  • His baby fever only progresses when he went out shopping and saw the cute little outfits they sold in stores (his favorite were any that had fishing humor on it omfg he needs to stop)
  • He’ll casually bring it up to his S/O, asking if they were willing to try, but if they weren’t ready or didn’t want to, he was fine with that as well
  • When they say they are okay with having a baby Noctis is thrilled
  • And oh boy, when he finds out he is actually going to be a father, he tears up and just kisses his S/O saying how excited he is
  • Once their baby bump is visible, he gets so worried and a bit overbearing
  • Constantly asking “Are you okay?” “Need anything?”
  • He has good intentions though, even if he got annoying at times
  • He’s going to try to be at home more during those 9 months, knowing full well that they are going to need him, plus it just gives him more reason to spend time with his S/O, which he hasn’t got to do much since he became king


  • Prompto has always wanted a family
  • So once Insomnia was rebuild, and him and his S/O moved back to the Crown City, he definitely thinks about the idea of starting a family more and more 
  • It only increases when he and his S/O are out walking one day and he spots a family who were pushing a baby around in a stroller, and he only wished to have a child of his own more
  • He’ll bring it up to his S/O after they pass the couple saying “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a family?”
  • If they pause and fall silent for a few seconds Prompto will become a bit anxious 
  • “We don’t have to have a family if you don’t want! I just thought I’d ask, it’s okay, if you don’t want to have a baby, really, no pressure!”
  • He’s now laughing nervously, waiting for his S/O’s answer
  • When he hears the words “Sure, let’s try” leave their mouth he might almost cry
  • Once it’s confirmed they were successful and were in fact having a child he starts researching, looking into what type of diapers, formula, and foods are the best for his future baby
  • Both his S/O and him want the gender to be a surprise, and ask his S/O if they could theme the baby’s nursery gender neutral colors like greens and yellows (mainly cause yellow=chocobo in his mind and he wants to get all things related to the bird for that room)
  • From the moment his S/O’s baby bump becomes visible, he can’t keep his hands off it
  • He’ll ask questions like “What week do they start kicking and moving around?” “Can you feel them moving around?” “Do you think they can hear us?” and if his S/O answers yes to the last one you can bet he will start talking to their stomach 
  • Once his S/O is at the 8 month mark he hardly leaves their side, asking them if they need anything or if they want a massage, he’s just trying to keep them comfortable cause he understands that pregnancy is everything but that


  • Like Noct, Gladio doesn’t really push for a family, even as Iris or Prompto bug him and his S/O with the question “so when will I become a Aunt/Uncle?” (okay but I headcanon that when any of these boys have a child of their own, the rest of the chocobros become their baby’s uncle, considering they are like brothers to each other)
  • He does get baby fever however, when he himself becomes a Uncle after Iris has her first child
  • Just seeing how happy she was made him kind of want to have a child with his S/O
  • Gladio brings the topic up one night while him and his S/O are just laying in bed, talking about their day
  • Once they think for a bit and say yes, you better bet right then and their they get started ;)
  • When his S/O comes home and says they were in fact having a baby he picks them up and spins them around, leaving little kisses all over their face, he’s just so happy
  • His S/O should get use to being babied while being pregnant, especially once the bump starts to become more noticeable, that’s when Gladio gets super overprotective
  • If he can’t physically be their with them  for any reason, he ask either one of the guys, or someone he trust from the Crownsgaurd to watch over them until he gets back
  • Gladdy is super sweet during the whole thing, he’ll do more work around the house so his S/O doesn’t have to stress over dishes or laundry, he’ll buy and make them what ever food they are craving, no matter how odd of a request it is
  • He probably set up the baby’s room entirely by himself, though he might have asked Iggy questions here and there for design and layout purposes


  • Ignis liked the idea of having a child or two with his S/O, but knowing how busy he normally was, it didn’t seem to be a reachable dream
  • That is until he starts getting bad baby fever after he started seeing happy families everywhere, in the city, in stores, hell even in the Citadel since Prompto liked to drag him and Cindy’s kid everywhere (shush I think they’d be adorable together!) yes, that included important meetings with the king
  • He’d bring up the idea to his S/O when they were out getting groceries for dinner and sees a mom out and about with her her two children, one being a small newborn and he couldn’t help but imagine that being his S/O
  • Ignis would say something along the lines “I’ve been thinking for awhile now, and, I was wondering, would it be okay if we tried for a child?”
  • When his S/O says yes he’s so thrilled he could kiss them, but obviously didn’t, considering he was in public
  • Weeks later, after they had tried, he was getting nervous that they weren’t successful , but his S/O came home with good news, that they were actually going to have a family
  • Ignis probably started to tear up
  • During the pregnancy he’s extra
  • I mean, really extra
  • He will research on healthy foods to eat while carrying a child, but also takes into concern his S/O’s strange cravings and makes the best gourmet dishes he can that fit both needs
  • He gives massages to his S/O when their back or feet hurt, knowing it takes a lot out of a person to grow another human
  • He’s probably going to get a bit over bearing, and he means well, but he’s a mother hen throughout the whole thing
  • His S/O should be ready to be asked questions like “How are you?” “Are you hungry?” “Do you need anything?” “Are you feeling well?”  e v e r y d a y

- Mod Lucis

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What is love? ~ a Mileven drabble

Set two years after the events of season two, El has since been found and has been living with the Byers for the past few months.

Please comment and tell me what you think xx

The basement is still, Mike’s old violin music playing quietly (El says it soothes her). Mike and El are lying on opposite ends of the couch reading, their legs stretched out; their ankles and feet comfortably entangled.

El frowns as she comes across a word she doesn’t understand. “Mike?” she says quietly, looking over her book.

Mike looks up, putting down his book.

“What’s love?” she asks, curiously.

Mike feels a flush begin to creep up his neck and across his face. “Love?” he chokes.

She nods, not sensing his embarrassment.

“Um…” he sits up, “it’s like, when…” he sighs, stretching the back of his neck. She sits up too, waiting patiently, no sign of annoyance on his face.

“You know my mom and my dad and Nancy?”

El nods, and puts down her own book.

“They’re my family, and I love them, even when they annoy me, because if something bad happened to them I’d be really upset. Like with the boys, I love them too. It’s when you really care for someone, a lot. But there’s… uh, there’s different kinds of love,” he tries to explain.

“Different kinds of love?” El asks, sounding confused.

“Yeah, why don’t you, uh, look it up in your dictionary,” he suggests. Having been isolated throughout her childhood, there was a lot of words El didn’t know, so one of the things Joyce had bought her, once she’d gone to live with her, was a dictionary.

El shrugs. “I left it at home, plus, I like it better when you explain words.”

Mike feels his face turning red again. “Uh, okay, well I love my mom and she loves me, but not in the same way she loves my dad, or used to at least.”

El frowns for a moment, before saying, “Like Nancy and Jonathan?”

Mike nods, “Yeah, exactly,”

“And Joyce and Jim?”

It takes Mike a moment to process what El had just said. “Joyce and Hopper?!”

El nods.

“Whoa, okay,” he shakes his head with slight disbelief, he has lots of questions, but decides that they’re for later.

“Mike?” El asks, in her small quiet way, and she shuffles over closer to him.

“Yeah, El?” he moves closer to her too, so that they’re now sitting in the middle of the couch, their shoulders touching.

“Do you love me?” Her big brown eyes pour into his, and Mike’s heart goes into overdrive. He knows she’s just genuinely curious, that life and love are all new to her, that she’s not trying to put him on the spot, but it kind of feels that way.

“I-“ he hesitates, looking into her eyes. “Yes,” he says finally.

El’s hands begin to twist in her lap. “In what way?”

He wants to say ‘yes’ but has suddenly forgotten how to speak, plus, he’s pretty sure 14 years olds are not supposed to be in love, they’re supposed to make-out and play Seven Minutes in Heaven, not be in love.

He’s certain his face is the colour of a tomato by now.

A small smile works its way onto El’s face. “In this way?”

And then he has no idea what is happening, or how it is happening, but El leans forward and kisses him gently. It is so different from their last kiss, which was quick and fleeting and uncertain, and almost two years ago. It’s soft and slow and innocent, and Mike thinks his heart might burst from happiness. It’s short and lasts just long enough for El’s hand to find its way to Mike’s.

“Yes,” Mike whispers, when they break apart, “I love you in that way.”

El beams. “I love you in that way too,” she says tenderly.

She entwines her hand with Mike’s, their fingers interlocking with each other, she reaches over and picks up her book, before resting her head on Mike’s shoulder and continuing to read, only letting go of his hand to turn a page.

Mike sits there, relaxed; he watches El read, completely in awe of this girl who he loves, and who loves him too.

Ninette Week: Day 4 - Ladybug and Miraculous!Nino

So, yeah, remember that thing I mentioned about ret-conning a scene with Ladybug and Emerald Shell?

Here it is, from Chapter 18. (Is this cheating? This might be cheating. Oh well.)

Enjoy! <3

“You know, you probably made him fall in love with you just then,” Shell remarked as Ladybug approached. She snorted softly, something that amused and frustrated him, as if she was doubtful that anyone would fall in love with her just like that.

“He’s a kid; he can’t even spell ‘love’.”

“Don’t underestimate him because he’s young,” Shell warned her in a dire tone that was ruined by his grin. “He nearly conquered Paris in one night in his very short reign as king.”

“Hmm. Well, I have always wanted my own kingdom,” Ladybug mused as she and Shell scampered off before press or protesters could catch them unaware. “You know, big castle, moat, drawbridge—”

“I know someone who’s rich enough to pull that off,” Shell teased, grinning when Ladybug’s face flushed red to match her mask. She was so cute. “So when is that going to start being a thing again?”

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Who the hell is Bucky

Here is number two. I hope everyone likes this one too. @bucky-plums-barnes thank you again, you have some of the best followers ever. 

Sebastian and you were enjoying your Saturday morning sleeping in, when all of sudden your six year old daughter, Becca jumps and tackles the both of you, trying to wake you up. “Daddy, daddy wake up, we have to go halloween costume shopping today, remember you promise.”

Sebastian starts to make sounds that resemble some animal dying. “Yeah princess, I remember, just give me and mommy a second to get up and ready. Ok”.

“Yeah ok, just get ready quickly, please.”

“Anything you for my love.”

“She has you wrapped up around her little fingers.”

“Yeah she does. She is my little girl. I can never say no to her.”

Sebastian gives you a kiss before moving towards your tummy giving it a kiss too. “How are my two favourite people this fine morning.”

“We are both good, but can’t he just come out already, I hate having this massive ass balloon shape thing attached to my stomach”

“It’s just a couple of more weeks left doll, and then we shall have two little ones to look after and chase after.”

“Oh god, we are going to have our hands full. Go get ready, Becca is going to get angry if you don’t be quick. While you get dress, I shall get started on making breakfast. Little man is feeling some pancakes today.”

“Are you sure it’s like man or you Mrs. Stan that want pancakes.”

“Nah, its little man, Mr. Stan. Now get that pretty little ass here for one more kiss and then get dress.”

“Yes chief.”

You are halfway through making chocolate chip pancakes, when both of your trouble makers come bolting down the stairs. “Yes pancakes, you are the best mummy”

“Well anything for my baby. You need to have a full stomach for your big shopping day.”

Everyone is enjoying their pancakes, with all of their favourite toppings. Sebastian helps you clean the table. When everything is clean, Sebastian and Becca walk towards the car to get going. You just love it how Sebastian acts towards Becca, always so loving and patience. Sebastian was the best father. You are just a little upset that you couldn’t join them today, being that you are ready to pop any second, you decide to stay home and just relax. It just means that Becca and Sebastian can have father daughter day, before the baby comes. Becca really wants to dress up as her favourite hero, her dad, well really the Winter Soldier, but they are pretty similar. HA.

Becca and Sebastian arrived at the local shopping mall. Becca sprints out of the car towards the entrance. Clearly really excited for the day.

“Becca, dear, slow down, daddy’s getting old and can’t chase after you.”

Both of them go through all of the stores in the shop trying to find the perfect costume. Sebastian kept picking all these different costumes. “Becca dear, look here’s a princess costume and I think you would look lovely in this.

“No dad, I don’t want to be a princess.”

Becca couldn’t find one single Winter Solider and starts to get little upset. “Becca dear it’s ok, we can go shopping somewhere different next week. Don’t worry we will find the perfect costume. Don’t worry my love.”

“Its just I want the best costume, dad.”

“I know what will cheer you up. How about we go to the food court and get some ice creams.”

“YES, your the best dad.”

Sebastian and Becca come back from the mall, when Becca comes to you asking if she could speak to you privately.

“Sure baby, what’s wrong”.

“I couldn’t find any Winter Soldier costumes and I just want to dress up like daddy.”

“Baby, I will call someone at Marvel tomorrow and see if they have one to give to you. How does that sound?”

“Awesome, thank you mummy.”

“It’s alright my love, now I don’t know about you, but mummy is hungry and she feels like some pizza. Let’s go tell dad to go and pick up some pizza’s for us.”

“Yes, pancakes, ice cream and pizza. Best day ever.”

Like you told Becca yesterday, you call a friend who works at Marvel, to see if they have anything to give to Becca so she can dress up like her dad. She tells you that they can make a custom made costume for Becca and it can be here just before halloween. You relay this message to Becca, which causes her to have the biggest smile on her little face. You hated when she was upset and now all her plans were coming together, you couldn’t be happy for her.

Today is the day, halloween is finally here. You accidentally let it slip that Becca is dressing up as the Winter Soldier for halloween to Sebastian. Sebastian then suggests that he should dress as Captain America and ask Chris if he could lend him one of his costumes. Chris of course says yes, as he is the best uncle ever. You walk Becca into the living room, where Sebastian is waiting for the big reveal. On cue, Sebastian turns around and whispers Bucky to Becca and she says “who the hell is Bucky”. You couldn’t help it and smile at the scene in front of you. Sebastian grabs Becca and brings her close to him, so he can pepper kisses all over her face.

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“Dad stop, you are going to wreak my war paint”

“I’m sorry dear, it just you are the cutest little Winter Solider I have ever seen. Even better than me.”

“Do you like daddy. I wanted to dress up as my favourite superhero.”

“Dear, I don’t like it, I love it. Now come on, we have some houses to visit.”

You take some photos of the two and send them to all the avenger cast mates”

A year later 

Everyone is ready and in their costumes for Uncle Chris’ halloween party. Sebastian was dress as Batman and you as Cat woman, while Becca was Captain America (a gift from Uncle Chris) and little Grayson Bruce (named after your favourite DC heroes) was dressed as the Falcon (a gift from Uncle Anthony). You loved your little superhero family. You guys are going to win best dress for sure.