HIMYM Finale


This woman has a hold on my heart that I could not break if I wanted to. And there have been times when I wanted to. It has been overwhelming and humbling, and even painful at times, but I could not stop loving her any more than I could stop breathing. I’m hopelessly, irretrievably in love with her.

But love doesn’t make sense. You can’t logic your way into or out of it, love is totally nonsensical. But we have to keep doing it or else we’re lost and love is dead and humanity should just pack it in. Because love is the best thing we do.
—  ted mosby doing the thing he does best, talking about love
Found my rant and 100 reasons why swarkles should´ve ended up together which I wrote shortly after the finale. Thought I should post it

Is a ted/robin ending okay? (Absolutely no imo, but let´s have a look at all the seasons and at what points I wouldˋve accepted it)

After season 1: OKAY
(though 1. Zip, Zip, Zip was perfect and swarkles had great chemistry back then)

After season 2: OKAY
(though 2. Robin acting like she’s stabbed when Ted “proposes” and B&r Shared cute moments like: Holy crap, You’re beautiful.
3.Or robin caring for him when he is ill)

After season 3: Swarkles was on, they were pretty cute, but they could’ve turned it in the Ted/robin way. (When they would’ve cut the scene where barney talks about everything he loves). Wouldn’t have been the best finale, but OKAY
(4. Though the chemistry in sandcastles was beyond perfect. Like do you watch them kiss? Their was more Passion than in ted’s and robin’s entire relationship, but okay, that’s my opinion)
And just want to add one thing: Ted is such a dork in this. I mean, yeah barney slept with his ex-girlfriend, but Robin doesn’t seem to feel uncomfortable when she (!) invitied him to go to her place and watch the video, she was looking at him in awe e whole time they watched the video and got closer and closer to him and Robin was really into it, when kissing him… SO TED GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. SHE’S A FREE WOMAN WITH A FREE WILL AND YOU WERE NOT TOGETHER! SO I THINK IT’S REALLY UNFAIR HE ABANDONS BARNEY AND STILL TALKS TO ROBIN. AND EVEN IF MARSHALL SAYS HE HAS NEVER BROKEN AN ARTICLE OF THE BRO-CODE, LET’S BE HONEST, TO BARNEY HE WAS A REALLY REALLY BAD FRIEND THROUGH THE WHOLE SERIES.

After season 4: NOT OKAY, because:
5.they showed Barney having a softer side
6.they showed Barney doing everything, so Robin won’t be deported and getting her a job
7. poor barney being so hurt when learning Ted sleeps with robin
8. “If you ever do meet someone special, take a shot at it, will you?” “I’ll try.” (But no, Carter and Craig didn’t write towards barney and robin)
9. they showed in “The Front Porch” that Ted and Robin would be miserable if they’d get old together (and no, not only because of the kids)
10. they showed this beautiful swarkles-friendship in the “Murtaugh List” and showed barney and robin have the same opinion about being old, etc.
11. barney: I miss her when she’s not around, I think about her all the time….
12. “Look at her, she’s the greatest woman on the planet!”
13. THE LEAP (if you don’t know what I mean, watch the episode and you’ll know)

After season 5: NOT OKAY, because:
14. the summer of Secret love between swarkles
15. “Robin 101” barney really tries to keep robin, robin says: “You’re an idiot” (not sure, but did she say that to Ted?)
16. the sexless innkeeper: barney/robin’s opinion against ted’s again
17. poor heartbroken Robin who is crying because of barney (she didn’t cry after the relationship with ted (except the one time Ted and she talked and broke up)sure, she was in argentina, so we didn’t see it, but robin crying about barney was also shown in flashbacks) (another thing: she immediately started dating after Ted, but she didn’t want to date after barney-and their relationship didn’t last that long)
18. she’s willing to choose her relationship with Don over her career, but then she doesn’t do it for her husband???
19. first blink at barney as groom… (It’s season 5 now- so 4 FREAKING SEASONS TEASING A WEDDING THAT ENDS IN A DIVORCE. THIS IS SO NOT RAVEN)

After season 6: NOT OKAY, because:
20. more glimpses to the swarkles-wedding
21. barney being the one who gets robin to dress up again instead of moping over her failed relationship (even after Don she was more devastated than after the breakup with ted)
22.Natural History: swarkles-chemistry at it’s best- including barney and robin talking about his father
23. “Babytalk”: Ted’s opinion against barney’s opinion concerning Robin’s independence. Ted said once we should wait for someone who not only accepts our quirks but also kinda likes them (or smth like that)… Ted hates her indepence, but yeah they end up together. Great story
24. Robin was on Barney’s side in the arcadian fight the whole time!!! She reminds the other ones how barney likes his job and after the arcadian is blown up, she also goes with barney
25. their “I kinda get it… Ted loved Zoey for a minute there, didn’t he?”
“Yes… And she loved him too, didn’t she?”
“Yeah….she did” -conversation… Everybody knows what they really talked about, another example where robin tells she loves barney
26. Robin’s face when Nora says to barney: it’s never too late. Barney is all happy about it. Robin looks really hurt and sad about it

After season 7: NOT OKAY, becaus
27. the dance… I don’t have to say more, do I?
28. Lily says to Robin: you and barney have the Kind of chemistry that just doesn’t go away. -don’t tell me it’s suddenly away
29. Robin says: if you have chemistry, you only need one more thing. Timing, but timing is a bitch. -THEY HAD CHEMISTRY AND TIMING AND THEN THEY DIVORCE, NOOO
30. Robin:“I know we didn’t work out the first time, and I know it doesn’t make any sense. BUT I CAN’T SHAKE THIS FEELING THAT WE BELONG TOGETHER. (Ähhhhh sorry, short question: at what point was this show written towards Ted and robin after season 3?????)
31. Robin being crazy about barney and Nora dating- she sits under tables and cries, um yeah, she never did that when Ted dated other woman, just saying
32. Robin even attacks a woman because she has such conflicted feelings towards barney- and just to make him happy, she keeps this woman from talking to barney. She loves him so much, she just wants him to be happy, even if it’s killing her. AND THEN THEY GOT A FUCKING DIVORCE?
33.Barney and Robin acting all goofy and sweet when trying to find out what’s wrong with ted’s date and tease marshall/Lily about their baby’s sex
34.Disaster Averted: my all time favourite episode. The flashback-scene: When I let a day go by with not talking to you, that day’s just no good. BUT THEN THEY DIVORCE? (Sorry overwhelming feelings, I will cut down the "they got a divorce”
35. the second Moment in disaster averted: their really, really hot kiss in the cab- and don’t tell me barney hit on her, she offered to take barney home, she started the talk about their almost-kiss
36. so, barney and robin slept together, though both of them were in a relationship. Though feeling guilty the next day robin was not drunk or anything, so she was full aware of what she was doing. (Friendly reminder: back in season 1 when Ted was still dating Victoria and kissed her (while she thought they broke up) she freaked out afterwards and was mad at him for a few episodes. And it was just a kiss. And suddenly she can’t hold herself together and SLEEPS WITH BARNEY though BOTH of them are in a relationship. Hmmm what could that be? Love, maybe?)
37. robin actually considered going back to barney- yeah she broke his heart when saying no, but she seriously considered it
38. the speech of nora’s dad where barney imagined robin (when you meet the right person, you know it. You can’t stop thinking about them. They’re your best friend and your soulmate. No one and nothing else can compare.) AND THEN THEY GOT DIVORCED, ARE THEY KIDDING ME, LIKE SERIOUSLY, THEY WROTE TOWARDS BARNEY AND ROBIN, NOT TED AND ROBIN
39. though robin refused him, barney is still there for her. Later this season Ted avoids her, really great friend, Ted
40. barney and the Rose petals (sorry can’t talk more about this, it hurts)
41. the pregnancy scare- just saying: robin Imagines two (!) kids, so she imagined getting more kids with barney. And the room where she is talking to their kids: the stormtrooper, so many little details, all this points to robin imagining a future with barney (though she was still with Kevin at this point)
42.ROBIN SAYING RIGHT INTO TED’S FACE SHE DOESN’T LOVE HIM (in addition to that: Ted, get your shit together, she just broke up with her boyfriend, crying on the rooftop and saying she can’t have kids and you have no better idea than hitting on her! ARE YOU SERIOUS, TED?)
43. Ted saying he could finally let her go. “There was no part of me clinging to the dream being with robin. I can finally go on.” HAHAHAHA, nice joke. Ted getting over Robin, yeah sure. All these episodes about ted letting robin go make absolutely no sense anymore. Why do they put us through this shit?
44. Trilogy time along with their make-out-Session (okay no real point, but come on, this scene was hot)
45. Robin being not amused when barney and Quinn announce they are engaged
46. they should’ve run away to Mexico together. They really should have, leaving Quinn, Ted and this whole shit behind. And she knows he’s 100% awesome.

48. Robin being really, really sad when discovering barney has “destroyed” every evidence they ever were a couple
50. Barney not trusting Quinn, but Robin, making no prenup and bilson (was it bilson? Unsure at this point) saying to his dog: SEE TUGBOAT, THAT’S LOVE (no, tugboat, forget it. True love doesn’t exist. And you don’t deserve it when you have a clinging ex-boyfriend. No matter how much you love another one, you have to be always there to be the backup for your ex when his wife dies and you have to raise his children though you never wanted one. BECAUSE THAT’S TRUE TO LIFE. Go with it, tugboat)
51. we discover barney went with robin to her aunt to give her the dogs. She was with that at that point, he wanted that she gives the dogs away, and BARNEY is driving with her, saying a lot, don’t you think?
52. Robin being so worried about barney and helping him with brover. And then she goes with barney to give brover back to his owner (who thinks they are a couple, btw)
53. BARNEY’S SPEECH, BARNEY’S WONDERFUL, HEARTMELTING SPEECH, WHERE YOU JUST WANNA HUG HIM AND CRY BECAUSE HE LOVES ROBIN SO MUCH: (I love everything about her. And I’m not a guy who says that lightly. I’m the kind of guy who has faked love his entire life. I thought love was just something idiots thought they felt, but this woman has a hold on my heart that I could not break if I wanted to. And there have been times that I wanted to. It was overwhelming and humbling and even painful at times. But I could not stop loving her anymore than I can start breathing. I’m hopelessly, irretrievably in love with her. More than she knows.) AND SUDDENLY HE STOPPED LOVING HER. IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO FREAKING SENSE
54. Robin’s face after hearing the speech and confronting him afterwards with her hopeful looks and everything
55. Robin helping barney looking for a new strip Club (and choosing the one with the old people- kinda shows she doesn’t want him to be touched from women he could be sexually attracted to)
56. Them having fun together at a strip-club. Shows how alike they are and their kiss was just omg
57. Robin going nuts when barney says the door on them is closed and he is done trying to get her. She is really desperate to get him there…
58. Robin being obsessed and breaking into barney’s appartement, so she can find the playbook and show it to Patrice. The other ones even have an Intervention because she is after barney.
59. Robin questioning Patrice about barney and almost fireing her because she is that jealous. Then Robin even cries and says “I really don’t like feelings” (I guess she gets back together with ted because there are not too much feelings involved? At least, it seems like it)
60. Ted realizing Robin still has feelings for barney. Robin crying and being angry when Hearing about the proposal. Robin chooses to run to barney (what should I do? Kick the ring out of his hand and saying “you should be with me”- so it’s kinda clear what she wants) instead of going with ted who has kind of a big night that day? So, NO you can’t convince me she loves Ted more than barney (or even loves Ted at all)
61. THE ROBIN (no more words needed here, it was just perfect, showing how well barney knows her and even though she was angry at first, she IMMEDIATELY (comparing to ted’s “proposal” where she says about 100times no) says YES)
62. Swarkles standing on the rooftop being all in love (the nose-kiss!). Leaving barney&robin, Lily&marshall&marvin, and Ted being alone but soon finding the one, so they are all in happy relationships (at least I got it this way, guess I was wrong)
63.Ted moping about robin again, but robin makes it pretty clear SHE WANTS THE BAND NOT THE DUMB DJ (hope you know what I mean with that metaphor)
64. barney caring so much about robin, that he finally gets her dad to talk properly with her
65.Robin saying she’s marrying barney any way (though nothing ever seemed to be as important as her dad’s approval)
66. Barney is cured from his one-night-stands
67. Robin realizing the true power of the ring.
Lily: Oh, sweetie, I know it’s nice to be groped by strangers, but nothing beats the rush you get when that one special person looks at you.
Marshall: It’s true. Like, here, in this bar, there’s only one thing that I see, and I see her brighter and more clearly than anything else in this world. You know what that is? That’s love. And possibly alcohol mixed with some very powerful antibiotics.
Lily: And that’s Barney sees you. And I know that’s how you see Barney.
Then we see barney and robin looking at each other and seeing each other brighter and more clearly than the Rest of the world. BUT NOOOO, CRAIG AND CARTER, YOU ALWAYS WROTE TOWARDS ROBIN AND TED. YEAH, SURE
68. Marshall asks Robin if she’s figured out how she’s going to get drinks at the bar now that she’s engaged. Her answer: “Oh sure, I know a way that’s going to last forever.” Then she leans to barney asking for a scotch on the Rocks (WHAT CONCEPT OF “FOREVER” DO CARTER AND CRAIG HAVE?)
69. Barney getting obsessed over robin’s past. Robin saying to him it’s okay cause he is her “Dobler” (meaning both of them are into each other, you know what: I think ted is robin’s dahmer).
70. barney saying he lies, but there is one true thing: HE LOVES HER.
71. Barney willing to sell his “fortress” because superman used the fortress when he wants to be alone. He realizes he doesn’t want to be alone anymore, he wants to be with robin.
72. Robin: “If I ask you to change too many things about yourself, You’re not gonna be the man i fall in love with. Turns out, I appreciate even the grossest, most sociopathic parts of you.”
73. Robin knows barney just as well as he knows her: THE BARNEY (wow, Carter, Craig… Let me guess: another hint that ted and robin belong together? -_-)
74. we’re gonna be legen…wait for it…married- Legenmarried!!! I love you so damn much, robin scherbatsky. I love you too, Barney Scherbatsky :,)
75. the two of them against the annyoing couple was just precious and showed their perfect Team-work once again. All in all, at the end of the episode they were all lovey-dovey and in high anticipation of their wedding

76. they were considering staying together even when they thought they were related!!!
77.“I’ve got you. I don’t have to wait for it anymore.”
78. “AWWW, it must be a soulmate thing” ROBIN is saying that. She says BARNEY is her SOULMATE
79. They couldn’t get their hands off each other because they were so in love.
80.“I don’t need them to believe in true love anymore. I’ve got you for that now.” (Carter and Craig, you must hate us big time. Do you know how mean this is? Showing us a couple for such a long time, giving them a whole season for their wedding, showing that even two broken and messed up people can find together and experience true love. You made many believe in true love-because of barney and Robin- now you destroyed everything. Thank you)
81. Barney going to Robin to the carusell after all. He just was not as fast as Ted. So don’t even dare to come with the comment “Ted knows Robin better”
82.We know it was more of a joke, but Barney broke with his family, just to show Robin how much he loves her – “I’m always gonna have your back, no matter what” (but wifi is the big exception)
83.YOU CHOSE POORLY (just saying)
84. they’re lone wolves, but “Maybe we can learn how to work together”. And they did. This was the special charme of barney and robin: always afraid of commitment, always Independent and alone, but together they made the perfect match, because they knew what the other one feels and overcame their problems together. But yeah, every couple who grows and develops so much together must get divorced at some point. I mean 1. it’s true to life and 2. Nobody is allowed to be that happy, when he isn’t based on a writer. So letˋs give Ted (*cough carter*) two happy ends while barney and robin are reduced to their season 1-selves and get none… Life can be wonderful, right?
85. Robin can’t have kids- FLASHBACK- she tells barney. And what does barney do? He is concerned about Robin and just hugs her and even asks shyly if this is weird. (Contrary: Ted! When he discovers it, it all turns around him AGAIN. He confesses his love and blablabla…Ted PLEASE, the woman is hurt and has enough emotional things to deal without you already. Leave her alone or hug her or anything, but don’t do that. It’s rude, not the whole life is about you, Teddy Boy (exception: you are based on Carter Bays, then yeah, sorry, everything is about you)
86. barney saying: “No I never wanted kids, I always liked kids.” “I’m not marrying a Future possibility of starting a family. I’m marrying a girl who means more to me than kids.” (AND THEN HE ENDS UP BEING A DAD AND WITHOUT ROBIN. ARE YOU AWARE HOW MUCH THAT HURTS. NOTHING IS RIGHT HERE!)
87. The mother saying: No, this is gonna take more than 20 minutes. This is the big one! (And in the finale she suddenly doesn’t care they are getting a divorce and barney is picking up Bimbos again? SRSLY, WHAT KIND OF SICK ALTERNATE UNIVERSE WAS THAT?)
88. “From this day, I had one challenge and one challenge only. Get robin scherbatsky fall in love with me.” - “Challenge completed” (But of course she ends up with ted, nothing would make more sense at this point (just in case: SARCASM))
89. “ THE REHEARSAL DINNER, THE WHOLE EPISODE, JUST WATCH IT (He brought whole canada to her. He did everything to make her happy. Tell me in what universe stealing a stupid blue french horn is better than this lovely gesture?)
90. "Robin along with the idea that vengeance will soon be mine has made me 100% awesome” “I always felt kinda broken… But I don’t feel that way anymore”
91. Sunrise- a whole stupid episode of Ted letting Robin go, watching Robin flying away like a stupid balloon. ALL FOR NOTHING
92. Robin acknowledges the fact Barney only lied to them because he wants them to feel better (….that we could rally). And barney says how much he loves his friends. And they treat him like shit.
93. The wedding!!! Barney willing to give up his lying, because this is the only vow he will make to robin and the only one that counts.
94. Sweetest scene: Robin flings her arms around barney’s neck kissing him and they hug. This was so cute and honest and yeah, it made me cry.
95. The ceremony itself. Barney and Robin looking at each other full of love.

Okay, I think I should get the 100 done, so
97. robin complaining why she can’t be “Gretel”. Ted tells her she hasn’t found the right “Hansel” yet. He tells her she will find the one for whom she wants to dress up and everything. First of all, she SUITED UP for him back in the first season. the Murtaugh List: both of them dress up together. Then, when she discovers barney is one-quarter-canadian, she is so delighted about it and teases him with the mounty-costume. Herself going as a Hockey-player. She had found her Hansel…but suddenly after their divorce, she’s the only one at that party not wearing a costume. Anyone else having tears in the eyes???
98. Both of them love scotch, cigars, Challenges, etc. They have a similar humor and Robin even takes his phrases once in a while (Challenge accepted, true story). In Addition to that barney sees through her right at the beginning. When Ted sees her, he’s instantly thinking about getting married, barney saying: “you just know she likes it dirty.” Robin hated marriage at that point, but we all know she indeed likes it dirty ;). And the phrasing is kinda revealing to. Ted thinks:“see that girl, I’m gonna marry her someday”- and it’s all about him again. Sometimes I really wonder of this guy ever thinks about robin’s feelings. She refused him many times and he is still hitting on her with that horn.
99. the first thing she says to Ted when they talk what they like about each other- robin: I think I like your suit. (Who wears suits all the time? Who always tells Ted it suit up? Hmmmm, who was that again? I think his Name begins with a “b”)

So, I know opinions are really different on this.
Some think it was the perfect end where the circle with Ted and robin and the Blue french horn is concluded. They see it as a happy end cause Ted is the Main character and he got everything what he wanted: kids and the woman of his dreams. They see that barney could only grow up with having a child. They see that Lily and Marshall both got times for their careers and their kids.
I would love to see it this way (though I could never ship Ted/robin. I think they are gross-sorry I can’t help myself. No offence), but I can’t.
What I see is widower-Ted still living in the past, can’t moving on, still idealizing a girl that refused and hurt him more than once. I see a lonely Barney, never really accepted by his friends the way he is, never feeling loved. The only one who accepted him is away, but he never felt good enough for her anyway. All his hopes that someday, someone might love him unconditionally are on his daughter. The woman he loved more than anything, the woman he chose over kids is not his anymore, so he hopes there’s at least this little baby, depending on him, who has to love him, because kids are supposed to love their children. Barney, though always portrayed as the bad womanizer only searching for one thing: love. His daughter can’t be taken away from him. Robin may find another man, but ellie won’t find another father, one who loves her as much as I’m sure barney does. That’s why I hated the plot with ellie too. Yeah the scene is kinda sweet, but all in all, it’s showing barney being changed by something he never wanted as an escape from his sad life.
What I see is a lonely Robin. She was willing to choose love over her career- then Don left her, for his career. In my opinion Robin just loved Barney too much and couldn’t bear the idea to be left by him too. So she choose the career this time. But not only she Looses the love of her life, the career doesn’t seem to fulfil her either. We don’t know what happened with her job in 2030, but as it seems, she’s not that busy anymore, otherwise she couldn’t have Five dogs (AGAIN) and living in the appartement (which looks quite similar to the one from season 1). She wasn’t fulfilled back in season 1, she doesn’t seem to be fulfilled now either. So what I want to say, I see Robin being lonely, having lost the love of her life, her career successful but not making her too happy either and being glad when someone comes to her. Even if it’s the one that she refused before, the one she never really loved, but the one who was always a safe choice in her eyes, who was always available. It’s her last chance not to die alone getting eaten by her dogs.
What I see is Lily, who always struggled between having a family and a career. Who chose her career over marshall a long time ago. Then she faces this choice again, difference is: she has marvin and another Child on the way. So she has to choose again. Marshall is willing to give her that one year in rome though, but after that? After that, it seems to be over. She is the birthing machine, the supporting wife, but nothing more. So what they did with the women’s characters is in a way pretty offending. When a woman can’t have kids, she’s not worth it (barney is changed by a baby, the only thing she could never give them. And Ted also has two kids). So the Message we got, is that a woman has no value when she can’t bear children. We learn that women have to choose. Either they choose their family and give up on their career (Lily) or they put their career first and there will be no place for their loved ones anymore (robin). All in all I think, marshall is the only one that wasn’t screwed in this.
So what I see are four people, evolving for 9 years, bringing the best out of them, only to put them back in the EXACT same place they have been in season 1. so if that’s the story they wanna tell us, that no one can grow cause eventually they will be at the exact same place again, great.
So, for me the story was not a fulfilling end, not a circle being finally closed, it was a big disappointment. All the life lessons, all the magic, all of that means nothing. Because all was a lie, all of it was a red herring to keep the fans watching. And in the end, I just can say this: All of it was unnecessary. It would’ve been the EXACT same story if we’d just seen the pilot and the end. For some this is the greatest thing ever because the pilot along with the end makes perfect sense. For me, it’s a huge pain in the heart because all the magic, the evolvement that happened in between is gone. I feel it was a waste of time, putting so much love in creating these characters, letting them grow, only to regress all their evolvement in the end.
I loved himym so much and I still do (except the crucial “Last Forever”), but the end was so not worth it.

do you ever remember the himym finale and how shocked the creators were that everyone hated it and be like “okay but how did you THINK people would react???? like you broke up two otps to force a ship 80% of the fandom doesn’t like, killed a beloved character to make room for that ship, broke up the squad, and basically undid 9 years’ worth of plot and character development honestly what did you expect????”


TED: Y así chicos, es como conocí a su madre.
PENNY: ¿Es todo?
TED: Es todo.
PENNY: No, no me la creo, no es la razón por la que nos hiciste escuchar esto.
TED: Oh, ¿en serio, cuál es la razón?
PENNY: Veamos los hechos, nos sentaste a escuchar esta historia de cómo conociste a mamá y mamá casi nunca esta en la historia. No, es una historia de cómo estás enamorado de la tía Robin, y pensabas invitarla a salir y quieres saber si estamos de acuerdo.
TED: No puedo creerlo, les conté esta historia directo y al punto para que la entendieran, y el resumen de la historia es que…
PENNY: …que tú total, total, totalmente sientes algo por la tía Robin.
TED: No, no es así.
PENNY: Claro que sí.
TED: Estás castigada.
LUKE: Vaya, sí que te gusta la tía Robin.
TED: Tú también estás castigado. Bueno, supongamos que me interesa la tía Robin de esa forma. No voy a hacer nada al respecto, tengo que pensar en ustedes.
PENNY: Papá, ámamos a la tía Robin.
LUKE: Siempre que viene a cenar ustedes dos son tan obvios.
PENNY: Vamos papá, mamá murió hace seis años ya. [Diálogo más polémico en la historia de las series] Es hora.
TED: ¿Qué, y la llamó por teléfono y la invito a una cita?
TED: ¿Eso es algo que ustedes querrían?
TED: Bueno, la llamaré.
PENNY: Hazlo.
TED: Sí.
LUKE: ¡Llámala!
TED: Eso estoy haciendo.
PENNY: Genial.
TED: Aquí voy… Esperen.

"But the finale was realistic"

Getting a divorce is realistic. Divorcing because hotels don’t have wifi is not realistic.

Passing away from a disease is realistic. The husband and children of the deceased not batting an eye at her death is not realistic.

Having three children is realistic. A woman who has explicitly expressed not wanting more than two children having a third child is not realistic. Especially not if the same woman doesn’t even look happy with two. (She told Ted sometimes she regrets having Marvin and she did not look happy when she announced her pregnancy in Daisy)

Having a crush on a former flame is realistic. Stalking her for years on end and trying to get back with her after you both lost your significant others is not realistic.

Getting back with a former flame is realistic. When you both admit it won’t and will never work, it’s not realistic.

Not being able to have and not wanting children is realistic. Falling into the arms of your ex and raising his children is not realistic.

Maturing after having a baby is realistic. But when you’ve never wanted babies and the wife who has shown to change you hasn’t been able to make you mature this baby is not realistic.

Relapse after a divorce is realistic. Returning to the exact way you were in 2005 is not realistic.

See a pattern? C&C are trying to claim their ending is realistic without realizing the flaws they have when discussing their characters.