a glitch

I’m getting more and more into reality-bending horror and just weird horror in general, and of course what better way to try these things out than drawing @therealjacksepticeye and Anti with them in mind. And this is a side of Anti’s alter-ego-ness that I feel like is underrepresented: the fact that he’s not supposed to be there. We are really welcoming of him as a character, but with time he’s started to feel right, yknow? I wanna break out of that a bit. So here that comes.

am i the only one who feels like namjoon has a style of composing that, instead of focusing on making hit songs, he would rather try to convey some sort of message and put all of his emotions in it, something for us to think about, to reflect, take some time for ourselves, to think about life, which is beautiful, i’m completely speechless at how hard he works and how beautifully he composes songs, i’m so blown away and in love with him??? he’s an introvert, we all know that, but he thinks too much, so i feel like it’s somehow therapeutic for him to express himself through music. 

listen up folks harry styles choosing to have treat people with kindness as one of his merch items just goes to show how much he values people and their wellbeing and shows us the importance of always being kind and loving to people, no matter how hard it may be and honestly harry could have been swayed by his fame and fortune, but after 7 years he chooses to be the loving and compassionate person he is today and wow i picked the best person to love

You will always be in my heart. You may not be a part of my life or in it the way I wish you would be. But you’re there, taking up room in my heart and giving me reasons to think about you. So even though this didn’t play out the way I wanted it to, I’ll still keep you safe, in the place that pumps life through me. So I’ll think of you.
—  Kayil York