• Yongguk: [proofreading a speech] You meant "stronger" here, right?
  • Himchan: What's it say?
  • Yongguk: "I'm proud to report that our group is stranger than it was a year ago".
  • Himchan: That's clearly a typo.
  • Yongguk: Could go either way.

chanchanieeeeee:저번 음악중심 하는 날 서가수님께서 사주신 음료수 인증샷 사랑해은광

Proof shot of the drink Singer Seo bought for me the last time we were on Music Core(.) I love you Eunkwang

Pic Trans:

  • Himchan: Eunkwang can I post this? 
  • Eunkwang: kekekeke of course 
  • Himchan: kekekekekekekeke 
  • Eunkwang: I love you♥

trans by transforbap ; take out with full credit


DH: I thought he was our member. lmao