::emotionally charged fangirl rant ahead::
Remember this video, Babyz?
▪TfuckingS Ent pulled Daehyun from the hospital and made him perform live. He slayed. He fucking slayed but you can clearly see how sick he was.
▪You can clearly see, hear, and feel Yongguk’s anger bleeding through his rap and movements. Look at him. He may be intense but never like this. Who can blame him, though? When you see your brother and ward almost killing himself for what they do.
▪You can see them so freaking exhausted because they were tossed around without enough break. 9 comebacks in 2012 and 7 comebacks in 2013. World Tour. 2-3 comebacks in not even half of 2014. To think that they weren’t legally and humanely compensated.
▪Himchan is too sick to perform. He tried. Gods, he tried but as willing his spirit was, his body got too weak.
▪Even Babyz watching them this time knew something was wrong and you can see on their faces the concern for the boys.

I go back to this whenever I read somewhere that BAP has lost their touch and how they’ll never get the popularity they were heading towards.
Tbh, I’m somehow thankful that they didn’t. Because if the payoff for popularity is this, the fucking inhumane treatment of TS to my babies, then I’d rather see them fall into oblivion. And they, all 6 of them, thought the same. Popularity isn’t worth it if they fucking destroy themselves. It just isn’t.
Besides, they may not be so big now, but the fact that they are still selling both locally and internationally, win awards for music and business locally and internationally, hold concerts and world tour in places not usually reached by KPOP (hi Europe!), get sponsorship from big companies and still hold strong as a brand, and the group’s Bang Yongguk still maintain the title as one of the most well respected idol leader/producer/song writer/lyricist in kpop… I’ll say they are one of the top groups out there (I may be a bit biased there lol)

They deserve so much more but I’m gonna bet that a lot of Babyz prefer them bonded and together and healthy and happy and relevant enough rather than downtrodden and broken and sick and sad and too popular.

That’s it. Was just having too much BAP feels because of the upcoming comeback. Lol

Being Best Friends W/ BAP

Being best friend’s with Yongguk would include:

  • both of you being protective of each other
  • having the privilege of being able to see his cute and goofy side on a daily basis
  • lots of of emotional support and great advice
  • random affectionate head pats or bear hugs
  • having a judgement-free zone between the two of you, you’d see him at his worst and vice-versa 
  • meaningful looks (basically you’d be able to tell what the other was thinking by just a glance)
  • lots of inside jokes between the two of you
  • getting to hangout with his awesomely badass family
  • helping him pick out his next tattoo
  • helping him take pictures for instagram black and white aesthetic 

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Being best friend’s with Himchan would include:

  • him constantly roasting you w/o even thinking about it
  • him buying you food or stealing some of yours 
  • him being completely lazy and lethargic around you, often laying himself on you
  • random callings of your name from a distance just to annoy you
  • being ruthlessly judged on fashion choices which would lead to shopping date
  • him being there for you in a heartbeat whenever you needed him
  • him being lowkey protective of you 
  • him treating you a lot like he would a sister
  • whether you wanted to or not you’d often be dragged to wine tastings
  • a lot of foodie adventures 

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Being best friend’s with Daehyun would include:

  • lots and lots of selfies together
  • the two of you going on adventures together (e.g., exploring new desert places)
  • him teasing you and treating you like a child 
  • receiving random large amount of affection with the intent of annoying you
  • receiving thoughtful gifts on your birthday and a fully fun planned out day for it 
  • him reluctantly giving in to your embarrassing requests 
  • aimless wandering around the city
  • hearing him mindlessly start singing when you were together
  • going to big bap shows to support him
  • him showing you some of his self-composed pieces 

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Being best friend’s with Youngjae would include:

  • him roasting you on a daily basis
  • the two of you people watching when you’re out together, silently judging
  • having to deal with constant sassy remarks
  • whenever you’d receive a compliment from him, he’d follow up with a bigger compliment about himself
  • fighting over who gets to hold the bowl of snacks while watching tv
  • him being overprotective af over you
  • him blaming you for his pranks
  • teases you a lot
  • people wondering if you two are actually siblings
  • small surprise presents

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Being best friend’s with Jongup would include:

  • witnessing his hidden savage
  • treats you to lunch frequently
  • inviting you to play games/watch animes with him
  • tries to take bad pictures of you to use as memes later
  • seeing everyday just how weird he truly is
  • telling people he’s lame but no one believing you
  • he’s always his most extra around you
  • him asking you for feedback on his choreos
  • never shuts up, always has tea to spill
  • communicates to you using his eyebrows

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Being best friend’s with Junhong would include:

  • watching and helping him practice choreos 
  • recording videos for him to post on instagram
  • him placing things on a high shelf just to prevent you from reaching them
  • then forcing you to say “please” before getting it for you threatening him has also proven to be effective though
  • his hyungs dishing to you his secrets so you can blackmail him later
  • always being picked on for being shorter than him
  • him trying to hide behind you when he feels shy as if that would work
  • grabs your phone just to fix his hair
  • tortures treats you like a younger sibling
  • you’ll roast him more than he’ll roast you

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