HIIT cardio

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Quick fact. Ready?
When one becomes more aerobically fit, such as with prolonged endurance activities, one’s body becomes more efficient at burning fat, as supposed to carbs, over a wider range of intensity outputs. This helps to preserve muscle glycogen, and thus helps to combat fatigue.

Burn fat without stressing out your joints. This workout is perfect for those who need to get their sweat on, but have a hectic schedule. It’s quick, effective, and easy-to-follow. What more could you ask for?!

anonymous asked:

What are best workouts to do at home?

Whatever you have room for!



Cardio and strength…

Pop pilates… 


Workout plans…


Low-Impact Beginner HIIT Workout

jasminejekyll  asked:

Sorry if you already answered this but can your Tough Like The Toonz workouts be categorized as Liss, moderate, or hit cardio?

Depends which ones. since there are so many 

Tough like the toonz

I can give and example of each

this is a LISS CARDIO one

This is a Moderate pace Cardio one

and this is HIIT one

hope that helps

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