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Hey, i have a ask, i would know, do you have a great cardio workout for 6 days the Week to burn fat?

If you goal is to burn fat, I recommend you to not only focus on cardio sessions.

Instead, increase the intensity of your workouts, it will help you burn more calories, build muscle and increase your cardio.

Additionally, you can include 2-3 high intensity interval training to your routine. It’s the best way to burn more fat.

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Chrissy Teigen's Trainer Shares Post-Baby Weight Loss Tips - Foods4BetterHealth

I simply found this article online, which covers a certain aspect of fat loss foods as well as how it works. So, make certain you read it.

Foods4BetterHealthChrissy Teigen’s Trainer Shares Post-Baby Weight Loss TipsFoods4BetterHealthThe model/author/food lover/consummate Twitter trender lost her baby weight fast; leading many to wonder what kind of food was in Chrissy Teigen’s post-pregnancy diet. The truth is that it’s nothing special, and the key might have been some information …and more »…Chrissy Teigen’s Trainer Shares Post-Baby Weight Loss Tips - Foods4BetterHealth

I wish you got some beneficial info from this and also it is going to aid you in your fat loss foods journey. However, in any case, listed below I supplied a few other sources for you.

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So sweaty after this. Do it in a small room with the heat on 80 degrees and you’ll be dripping sweat.


So I’m pumped about exercising right now I think mostly because I found my way back to interval training, and furthermore, into a routine that’s yielding me great results. It looks something like this:

  • 2 days weight training
  • 2 days interval training (HIIT/bootcamp-type stuff)
  • 2 days steady state cardio (bike, swim or run)
  • 1 day active rest (a walk, easy bike, yoga or something)

My weight’s staying even, and I’m losing inches in my waist, gaining abdominal definition, and also gaining inches in muscle mass in my legs and arms, which is cool.

I’ll put more specifics under the cut.

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My favorite way to HIIT

So for almost most of my cut, John (my coach) put me on straight 6 1 hour sessions of steady state cardio. What we found is that it didn’t work. When he decided to place me on HIIT for one week, the results were phenomenal! I cut up quick! Currently, I’m on 3 days 20 min HIIT and 2 days 30 min steady state. I definitely enjoy this more.

So there’s many ways to HIIT. My favorite way is Tabata style.

How to Tabata:

1. Choose an exercise that uses your entire body
2. With maximum effort, do that exercise for 20 seconds
3. Rest for 10 seconds
4. Repeat for 8 sets

You should be dead by the end of this. I do this for 20 min. 4 rounds with 2 min rest in between each round.

What are my exercises?

Single arm dumbbell snatch
Kettle bell swings
Weighted jump squats

Meine Fresse, war das anstrengend :D

Mir wurde vor längerer Zeit als Cardiotraining das Hiit Cardio von Fitnessblender empfohlen (Danke Anon <3) und ja das hab ich eben mal ausprobiert. 25 Minuten extrem Cardio. Alter das war echt anstrengend :D Hätte ich wirklich nicht erwartet. 

Aber finde es super, dass ich das gemacht habe :) Werde es bestimmt nochmal machen und als ‘Ersatz’ für das Fitnessstudio ist es echt perfekt!

Feeling out my trainer's new nickname... 'Lil Devil

Last night I saw a youtube video of coco doing some weird squat/surf machine (if anyone can give me a link to it I will be super grateful!)… guess what my trainer puts me on today. Yep, that thing is an absolute bitch. 1 minute of that and my quads and ass burned more than 300 squats. and the rest of my workout was done on wobbly baby doe legs.

Tonight’s workout: 15 minute walk before the ‘Lil Devil’s torture session (the fun kind, promise), followed by my HIIT cardio and then core. I can say with complete certainty that reverse crunches hate me. And I hate them too. Now the trick will be to make them my bitch.

Oh, and i successfully did 16 inclined FULL push-ups. Boobs to bench. Well given the size of the girls that still might have been an unfair advantage, BUT I went way further than ever before, WHOO HOO!

Orgasam On A Treadmill (HiiT Cardio)

For months I kept hearing about HiiT( high intense interval training) cardio and I always wanted to try it out. Right now I’m bulking so i was going to wait until after my bulk to do it. But being the impatient person that I am I was itching to do something different with my workout so I tried HiiT for the first time today and I loved it. There’s all different kinds you can do and if done correctly its said to be the best cardio to give you that ripped shredded body you always see on models! *sign me up for that* the one I did today was a treadmill block. Here’s how I did it

1st: I jogged, sprinted for 1m30s
2nd: I ran as fast as I could for 30s

And just repeated those 2 stepsmfor 30minutes. When you do your jog u don’t want to go to slow where your heart rate drops to much u still want to keep it up. Sounds simple right but it caused a lot of sweat tonight! This is definitively something I will be adding to my weekly workouts. Going to try a plyo one on Wednesday

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy

Had an awesome shoulder workout today followed my some battle rope HIIT which is always killerrrr. I incorporate both steady state cardio and HIIT (high intensity interval training) in my routine. I find both difficult because even if I’m just doing steady state, I still go pretty hard so I die a little no matter what lol. “Don’t half ass anything. Whatever you do, always use your full ass” 🤗

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