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Don’t…make me feel old please..tell me I’m not alone

Thanks to all 800+ of my followers for not only deciding that I was worth looking at, but also supposedly worthy of cluttering up your dash. High fives to all of you lovelies for sticking around. I never thought that being a hopeless romantic fangirl with a weird thing for a badass blonde dating a dragon-riding boy would lead to this. Developing a better understanding of Hiccstrid and their relationship, as well as chatting with amazing writers and making great friends has made and will continue to make my time on Tumblr and in the HTTYD fandom even more special to me. You guys are the reason for half of the choices I make on this site, whether it be how I handle very opinionated people in our fandom to what material I choose to post on my blog.

All in all, all of my followers play a huge role for me, not just for my blog’s increasing success, but you guys help me figure out who I am and who I want to be. A person who wants to help others strive to be their very best. A person who’s okay being a little different. A person who cares. Myself. Thanks for being everything for me.

Time to get to the good stuff. Follower list here I go.

For all you amazing writers who happen to share my love for Hiccstrid and HTTYD but are way better at explaining why and tugging at my heart strings with everything you write. Honestly being friends with you would be an honor, you’re that great.

e-wills-Keep being the super sweet and best Hiccstrid angst writer you can be. I hate to say it, but I’ll probably end up being your main creepy writing stalker till I’m 40. Haha sorry. Issues I need to deal with.
oh–you–pretty–things-All hail the Hiccstrid fluff queen. You’re super kind, even though I totally give off a creepy image(oops). Anyway, I love talking with you and obviously rereading Such Great Heights and Cougarstrid a billion times. I may or may not have both permanently marked in my iPad history.
tysonrunningfox-Must I say how much your writing makes me cry and say “Aww” every time. Seriously, I must have at least 5 posts dedicated to you. You were probably the first Hiccstrid writer who’s work I obsessed over to no end, and still go to if I ever need to drown myself in Hiccstrid feels, which is sadly a lot. Whether I’m reading your major ones like your Chasing Thunderstorms series and Cast Iron, or your absolutely adorable drabbles (*cough*License to Love*cough louder*) your work always continues to amaze me and keep me coming back to read everything. Sorry if this seems love-lettery I’m such a mess.

For the awesome artists whose work is always on-point-

jennis41digsdragons-Seriously, you’re amazing. Practically celebrity status. Do I need a pass to talk to you?
socij-Just stop. I mean stop it. Your art will give me diabetes, everything you draw is super sweet. Cute is all I have left to say.

Last but definitely not least, some of my special followers who I absolutely love and adore to no end even though I adore everyone.

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Credit on pic^
RG from @disworks_obsession

HICCSTRID *raises fist into the air and lowering it down again* HICCSRID *continues doing the same thing* HICCSTRID!!! *wears some cloak for a ritual* *sets up a bonfire* *dances around fire* HICCSTRID HICCSTRID HICCSTRID !!!!!!

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You seem cool! What're your ships if us don't mind me asking?

Um… Thanks? I am most definitely the most cool person you will ever meet, hehe.

Harry Potter:
Jet x Mai