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Cosmic Coincidences and Lots of Rainbows: The Wild Work of @jenstark

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It’s loud; it’s bright; it’s psychedelic; but the wild work of Jen Stark (@jenstark) is rooted in the natural world. “In nature, color is used as an attractant, whether it’s telling you that something is poisonous, like a crazy, colorful mushroom, or delicious, like a berry,” Jen says. A recent transplant to Los Angeles from Miami, Jen wasted no time meeting the right people — first, Wayne Coyne (@waynecoyne5) of the Flaming Lips, and then his close friend, Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus). A few days after Jen and Miley met, MTV approached Miley with a mock-up billboard for the VMAs with the star’s image imposed on Jen’s artwork. “It was a funny cosmic coincidence,” says Jen. Now the two have collaborated on the art for Miley’s newly released “Lighter” video, composed entirely of Jen’s animated projections on Miley’s frame. “We went in the production studio and just projected it on her body, and she just sang the song,” says Jen. “I thought it was a perfect fit.”


Jen Stark, first featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 20, has become well known for her artworks that appear to ooze and blossom into harmonious rhythms of colors. Although she made a name for herself for her intricate paper sculptures, she has since explored a variety of media including wood, paint, plexi and animation- notably, the wormhole and animated dripping entrance that she created for Miley Cyrus at the 2015 MTV VMAs. Stark’s largest work to date is another new venture for the artist. 

Behind the Scenes of Jen Stark’s Drippy Rainbow Mural in Los Angeles

headcanon that whenever kylo is being particularly annoying or hux is feeling more sadistic than usual, hux will mentally blast the most obnoxious music he can think of in kylo’s direction

imagine hux aggressively stalking kylo around the Finalizer with an expression of grim determination while kylo screams “FUCKING STOP PLAYING GANGNAM STYLE” 

imagine the workers being utterly bewildered because no music is playing but kylo keeps yelling things like “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS INFERNAL MUSIC”

and then hux saying calmly, in his mind, “miley cyrus” before helpfully providing images of miley twerking her white ass directly into kylo’s head

My familys reactions to blond Kai

Lock Screen:

Home Screen: 


Mom: Is that miley cyrus?                                      

Me: No mom. It’s kai..

*shows mom home wallpaper*

Me: See? Kai.

Mom: But if miley was a boy…

Me: Mom nooo

*goes back and squints at first picture*

Mom: You’re right he’s prettier… 

*makes me show her my home screen again*

Mom: But he looks dark and angry… I see why you like him now

Me: tf is that supposed to mean

Mom: and I want to brush his hair.


*shows him lock screen*

Him: Pretty… girl?

Me: ….boy. damn it

Him: Why is he sitting like that? 

Me: He was performing.

Dad: Can I see? 

*shows him kai’s solo*

Dad: Wow…was he supposed to look crazy?

Me: Yes of course. *proud momma smile*

Dad: He’s cool. I like him.

Me: Me too!

Dad: I know.

*shows him home wallpaper*

Dad: I used to have a body like that.

Me: okay?

Dad: Actually I was buffer than that. 

Me: ….


*shows first picture* 

Him: Kaiiiiiii

Me: How did you know?!

Him: That’s the only clear name I can hear along with the other wild ape sounds you make when you watch those music videos.

Me: ….ah..

Him: His pose looks like a swan. 

Me: sort of.. I guess?

Him: Is he supposed to be a swan? He’s the dancer right? 

Me: No and yes. 

Him: It’s his jawline. 

Me: What?

Him: ….. It’s nice. 

Me: It was carved by gods.

Him: Please don’t get weird.

*dejectedly moves ahead to second wallpaper*

Him: ….

Me: What are you thinking?

Him: .. I like….his hair. *proceeds to ask my mom if he can bleach his hair and gets turned down immediately*