whatever you do, don’t think about the possibility that lup, in the umbrastaff, went into the white space with taako in the eleventh hour and saw everything he saw.

don’t think about her watching as the chalice rewinds through his past and seeing nothing but static where she should be. all those memories of growing up together, life on the road, hopping from caravan to caravan, watching each other’s backs, teaching each other spells - all those memories that she treasures, memories that sustained her over ten lonely years in wave echo cave, memories that kept her sane and grounded and herself because they were so important to her…. all of them, just gone. staticked over like it’s nothing.

and she knows by know that taako’s forgotten her. she knows lucretia must have pulled some bullshit with fisher and the mission logs and that’s why no one remembers, she knows all that and understands it’s not their fault, not his fault for forgetting her - but that doesn’t stop it from hurting. it doesn’t take the sting out of seeing the most important person in her life unable to even acknowledge her existence. 

and then she gets to watch the years he spent alone - actually, properly alone for the first time in his life, and how terribly he took it, to the point where he latched on to the first person who would have him despite the fact that their working relationship was unhealthy and unbalanced right from the start. she watches his pride and vanity get the better of him without her there to help keep it in check, she watches sazed’s hero worship turn to jealousy turn to resentment turn to murderous intent and she’s fucking terrified at how close he came to actually taking out his intended target. taako could have died in glamour springs with the others - died for good, with no lich powers or starblaster to bring him back - and she never would have known. out of everything she sees in the white space, that scares her the most of all. 

and then after all that, just to put the cherry on top of this sundae of misery, the chalice decides to give thb one parting “fuck you” and shows them phandalin burning in glorious hi-def slow mo cuz it’s a vindictive little shit of a relic. meaning that, not only does lup - the same gal who values the fuck out of sentient life to the point where she was willing to fight her crewmates in order to protect a bunch of robots - get to watch the relic she created burn up thousands and thousands of innocent civilians…. oh no, that’s not enough. she also gets to see her creation kill one barold j bluejeans, the love of her fucking life. so that’s fun too. 

(which is not even to mention thb encountering barry outside of refuge and his helpless little “they don’t trust me, lup” and she’s RIGHT FUCKING THERE but can’t do anything to make him feel better and just guhhh. cut our poor girl some fucking slack, griffin, she’s had a shitty enough day as it is)

i just, i dunno man. the more i think about the end of that arc in the context of what we know now, the more upsetting it is. lup deserves a fucking break after all she went through in eleventh hour. and her body back. and $15. with 110 years worth of interest for her troubles.

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RFA + V & Saeran's reaction to like an MC with a compulsive shopping problem like "MC when will we ever need fifteen scrub daddies?" Kinda thing. Because lemme tell you late night infomercials will get to you eventually.

this sure is a blast to the past.


  • Questions you? This boy enables you.
  • By month two of living together you own a menagerie of snuggies, an armada of specialized shower slippers, and a single Obama chia pet that lives on the kitchen counter.
  • He wanders in at the middle of the night to you sprawled out on the couch, watching the infomercials flicker in a daze, and he sits down in a stupor near you to sip his coffee and watch what’s occurring on the screen.
  • “Flex-tape,” he says to himself softly. “We could fix anything with that.”
  • “Yeah,” you say.
  • “Like the bumper of our car. And that leaky bucket. And the chair that keeps falling apart!”
  • “Yeah,” you say again, pulling out your phone.
  • Seven thinks this is hilarious. Zen tries to stage an intervention. Jumin is endlessly entertained by this silly commoner practice, and ends up taking one of your Forever Comfy Cushions for his own purposes.


  • “What are you buying,” Zen says, accusation permeating every inch of his flat voice. Nothing! you insist, but he doesn’t believe you.
  • He never believes you.
  • Zen loves you and thinks the sun itself shines in your eyes, but he also knows that you have a problem and knows that you do not need another specialty home improvement product.
  • “But these are cool!” You insist. “And useful! They’re feet for your chair and they keep your floors from getting scratches and YOU CAN’T TELL ME OUR CHAIRS DON’T NEED SHOES, ZEN. THEY’RE NAKED.”
  • zen doesn’t understand. he’s lived a life of complete asceticism, often not even having the bare necessities of life. and here you are, filling his home with useless junk.
  • like really.
  • why do you need magnifying lens glasses.
  • you don’t.
  • y o u d o n ‘ t.


  • god save this poor woman it’s like dating jumin if jumin had some weird discount shopping fetish.
  • The word “sale” just gets you going like no other, and more than once have you shaken Jaehee awake saying that oh my god there’s this cooking product on tv and it looks so useful i could use it to make you perfect roasted apples AND over easy eggs and if we order now WE GET TWO
  • “go to sleep, MC,” jaehee says like a prayer, but she knows that god isn’t listening.
  • you’re going to order it.
  • you’re going to inflict this upon her.
  • …she is kind of grateful though when she realizes how damn handy your stupid Chop Wizard is for slicing onions. No more teary eyes. It’s like a miracle.


  • whenever you open your mouth, Jumin hears a great idea while everyone else hears utter insanity..
  • Of course you need five pairs of ant-resistant socks, MC! That sounds like a great idea. Get five for me, too.
  • Of course you need Hydro Mouse Liquid Lawn to promote healthy lawn growth, MC! It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a lawn, it sounds useful for the future.
  • Of course you need a Super Duper Ultra Hi-def HDMI cable, MC! That way we can watch cat videos on the TV in crystal clear quality. 
  • Of course we -
  • jaehee has to get a storehouse for the Weird Bullshit you acquire and she also wants to die.


  • He turns infomercial shopping with you into a party game, where you pick random things to buy, and when they arrive, the pair of you try to find the most improbable uses for them ever.
  • Your house turns into this weird, Post-Apocalyptic style wreck where everything is crafted from jury-rigged infomercial products, and Seven is just Loving Life.
  • You have cabinets made out of multicolored duck tape and egg beaters, which you used your 5 Second Welding Wand to create. 
  • Your walls are made out of magic mesh, which you panted with your Specialty Paint Spray Applicator
  • Seven turns the set of miracle knives you bought into a makeshift home security system.
  • The 124-pack of magic, color changing markers was the best purchase of your collective lives, and you color in your ramshackle home, content with no one wanting to visit you ever.


  • V cannot say no to you, which is unfortunate, because someone really needs to say no to you.
  • Egg powder! Super choppers! Hey V, do we need a callous remover? S-sure, he stutters, and you buy that too.
  • You own five different kinds of furniture powder, eighty-one types of cleaning supplies, a drawer full of compression socks, and a case of Furniture Fixes to Lift Your Sagging Cushions™
  • Your house is somehow both pristine and also filled with junk. RIP V’s artsy minimalist lifestyle.
  • …Some of the products actually end up being pretty helpful for helping him deal with his blindness, though, so he’s thankful for that, at least.


  • like seriously, you come home and you’ve got another box of weird gimmicky art supplies like air-blowing magic markers and color-shifting crayons. 
  • You have a jolly old time using them to decorate the new apple-slicer Saeran bought.
  • He gets a “make-your-own-crayon” kit and, well, that’s your Tuesday!
  • He tries to buy you presents, too, like new pots, pans, and a third pressure cooker, and you’re always so happy!
  • Finally, someone who gets it!
  • Finally, someone who understands!
  • You have a tool for every situation! Who cares if your house is going to burst?
  • …Eventually, Vanderwood convinces you to give some of the excess to charity, because this is ridiculous.


  • “Can I - “
  • “No.”
  • "But it would be so - “
  • NO.”
  • “It’s so cheap though –”
  • N O,” Vanderwood declares like a Roman judge, then turns off the television. They are not allowing this. They are not playing this game. They are not –
  • Wait.
  • Was that a shower scrubber?
  • Shit, let’s get ten.

Ok ok so I’m really digging the Greek God AU………….some more info on my thoughts for this below

I haven’t got too far in this AU but for the time being:

  • Keith: Ares, enough said.
  • Lance: Aphrodite, although I was leaning towards Poseidon for a bit, i def think his personality leans toward her a lot more.
  • Shiro: Zeus, the position of leader fits him well, Godly Dad instead of Space Dad, and well I would really love to keep drawing him shirtless
  • Pidge: Athena, intelligence and wisdom is the name of the game and Pidge is one smart gal
  • Hunk: Hephaestus, big, good with his hands, and a total sweetheart
  • Allura: Hera, my second choice being Artemis but I think Queen of the Gods is a good title for her ;00
  • Coran: Hermes, mirroring with his current “right hand man” position
  • Zarkon: Kronos, the Big Bad
  • Lotor: ??? 

Thats all for now but any input or suggestions are e x t r e m e l y welcome

Pre-crazy Berkut and Rinea headcanons

Alright sorry for the wait!! I actually had to work today but I had something else scheduled yesterday ha ha. Anyways here’s some trash

-a majority of their affection is initiated by Berkut
-Berkut likes to brag about how great Rinea is. Tbh he’d probably get in a fist fight with Clive over who had a better gf
-Rinea is so flustered by any pda, even just hand holding. Like, dancing is one thing, but holding someone’s hand because you want to??? Scandalous.
-Berkut spends an ungodly amount of money buying her stuff like flowers and jewelry and whatnot and can and will fight anyone who points that out
-Rinea brought up how she gets a lot of flack for being of a minor house and ‘going after’ Berkut and she had to remind him that punching out other nobles was frowned upon
-dancing is the only form of intimacy Rinea is really comfortable with and Berkut is totally fine with that
—Berkut: Me and Rinea were going at it all night
Soldier: Sir, please, no one wants to hear about this
Berkut: We were dancing??? How dare you
-Rinea def. feeds his horse sugar cubes and apples all the time and it likes her more than Berkut
-Berkut showers her with compliments in-private bc he knows she’s got low self-esteem
-when Berkut gets in one of his rages Renea can normally calm him down by holding his hands and talking about their future plans
—they wanted to have a lot of kids


“It’s just like Hamlet said: ‘To thine own self be true’.”
“No, Hamlet didn’t say that.”
“I think that I remember Hamlet accurately.”

low rarity servants absolutely worth investing in (this does not mean others are not worth it, these are just the Best™ in my Professional And Unbiased Opinion):


arash - his np kills him on use, but because of that it’s a powerful nuke. since he’s a 1* it’s easy to max his np for obscene amounts of instant damage

mozart - with a powerful party-wide arts buff and a skill that at max level gives guaranteed crit to your entire party, mozart is THE np spam enabler

sasaki - the savour of france. generates a lot of crit stars and as an assassin he’ll draw most of them to himself too so he’ll be dealing a lot more damage than you’d expect from a 1*. raise him to use in ch orelans for the true fgo experience

asterios - his def buff gives him a little more survivability and his strengthen quest skill has the potential to let him obliterate early game enemies with buster crits. he’s also very cute


leonidas - works great with berserkers. has a taunt on both skill and np to draw damage away from them and a party wide buster buff to let them punch harder.

edward teach - has a really powerful party heal if your party is female

hans christian andersen - fantastic support. basically a bootleg merlin in that he can easily apply many layers of hp regeneration on your party, as well as a number of attack and defence buffs. many people use him far into lategame

cursed arm hassan - very bulky for a 2* thanks to protection from the wind giving him 3-hit dodge, and has really high crit generation that’ll boost your party’s overall damage output


disclaimer that I don’t remember which ones were actually available on release lol

caesar - the most reliable out of the 3* sabers. a range of party-wide buffs make him useful for nearly any comp

robin hood - the king of single-target damage. his np deals more damage to poisoned enemies and his own skills have an incredibly high chance to poison, so he’s effectively guaranteed at least 200% more np damage

euryale - if you’re facing a man just send her and the man will be gone soon enough. she’ll save your life once we hit chapter camelot

david - has a party wide dodge and debuff removal on one of his skills which will be a literal lifesaver against aoe noble phantasms

cu chulainn (lancer) - the man. the myth. the legend. lauded everywhere as the toughest and most reliable servant in the game and for good reason. 3 hit dodge with def buff, battle continuation, and a self heal + debuff removal make this man every bit as unkillable as the ulster cycle claims.

jaguar man - she won’t be available until babylon but she’s worth the wait. her combination of skills gives her huge crit damage as well as the ability to survive long enough to possibly pull it off twice.

ushiwakamaru - party-wide np gen buffs are rare and combined with her party atk buff she’s great for any comp

medea - her np recharges her np and she has skills that speed up the process too so she’s great at dealing a lot of burst damage several turns in a row

cu chulainn (caster) - they give him to you for free and you should cherish that gift. like his lancer version he’s got a 3 turn dodge that makes him one of the most durable casters in the game

jing ke - very straightforward in use, and offers more np damage than other assassins because using it damages herself

hassan of serenity - welcome to the fuckzone. deals a metric fuckton of debuffs on np with a significant chance to instakill.

darius - golden rule means that unlike other berserkers he actually has a shot at charging his np without serious help from other servants and battle continuation means he’ll live long enough for it too

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What is Even and Isak in tmtts doing right now?💜

isak is currently trying to work on his paper – the one he has not had any luck with, of course – and even’s lying in bed watching the breakfast club for the hundredth time. they’re texting intermittently, as they usually do. isak once in a while texts even to leave him alone for real this time, he has to get this paper at least a page further in, so even will comply—

but then isak ends up caving and texting him first, so they’ll just start the cycle all over again.

even is smiling at his phone a lot. he’s holding it very close to his chest so that he doesn’t miss a notification, since he has it on vibrate and doesn’t want to have it on loud, because then the notification sound will def disturb his movie. isak is biting his lip a lot to keep from smiling as much as even is. he’s kind of failing, because everything even says is frustratingly endearing, and he kind of wants to throw his phone at the wall because of it, but he also kind of wants to go lie in his bed and just talk to him for the rest of the night.

so, you know. they’re not in the same place, but, just like most of the time nowadays, they’re still in contact. even is flirting incessantly, which is nothing new or surprising, considering what they’re doing, but isak still finds himself blushing every time. he hates it.

Chocobros, Cor, Nyx, Bonus Ravus : How they handle pregnant S/o


- already has someone design the room for the baby
- He literally can’t stay awake,
- when his s/o is asleep he is too
-baby shower is pretty much planned
- he has enough diapers to last an eons
-he’ll cancel a meeting in a minute if she’s not feeling well (which is almost the whole pregnancy)
-she has to tell him to be king first
-towards the tail end he’s terrified of his s/o
- he is a ghost
- a supportive scared of his wife king
- he asks ignis for advice like everyday
- some days Noctis is scared to come home
- when the baby is here he cries, when the baby is 1 year old he cries.
- if its a boy He names the baby after his father and if its a girl he names her after his mother.
- He spoils the hell out of his kids
- hes def the nice one, his wife is more stern…sometimes


he is so nervous
-“I’m gonna be a daddy, this is a thing”
-he’s taken so many pics of his s/o
-he’s done so much research
-so excited and so proud of her
- already planned all the dad jokes
-decorated the baby room in yellow or purple, chocobos or moogles
-the pantry is packed with food
- his s/o wants chocolate covered oranges at 4am he’s already getting it.
- during her mood swings he acts like a humble servant not wanting to incur her wrath
- she constantly apologizes afterwards but he just kisses all over her
-understands she needs personal space
- Baby is born and he becomes a baby too
- he has twins boys, he’s mindblown
-“How did I help create something so beautiful?”
-“I will be the best dad ever, the dad i wish i had”
- He is taking pictures 24 7
- He buys chocobo, moogle, teddy bear onsies
- when babies get older styles the babies hair like his


-this man has read every book there is
-he’s even trying to educate her
-tries to help her maintain a schedule
- is terrified of being father but excited
-terrified of having a girl, because of teenage years
-terrified having a boy for all of the years
- he hardly gets any sleep
- he watches her like a hawk
-everything she needs is within reach
- he already bought a bugout bag for her
- hes arranged for the best doctors and nurses for her
- he coaches her while she’s in labor
- he doesn’t leave her side till the baby is born
- once the baby is born he holds the baby and cries
- he kisses all over her
- he falls asleep with the baby and they all fall asleep her on the bed in hospital
- he stays up late with the baby to rock them to sleep
- plays educational songs at night
- reads so many books to the baby
- he’s excited to watch the baby grow up, but he’s loving just holding them in his arms.

- Hes an emotional wreck
- the shield has her mood swings
- he will be okay one min then crying the next
- she questions who the pregnant one is
- he goes on jogs with his s/o and does cardio too
- he insits on decorating the baby room
- He’s so nervous like will he crush the baby?
- will the baby like him
- He is sad every time he leaves her side
- she tells him its okay he’s the kings shield
- they spend so many hours cuddled up going over baby names
- His sister kidnaps her to go shopping while he’s at work
- she start to go into labor when there out
- His sister calls gladio and they rush to the hospital
- Noctis, gladio, Prompto, ignis all go to the hospital too
- Gladio gets to hold the baby he melts
- smiling crying and laughing
- “i have another sun in my sky”
- He kisses his s/o and rocks the baby to sleep
- at home he almost always has the baby
- she has to ask for the baby….
- It melts her heart to see her two favorite people cuddled together

- Cor was kind of against having kids because he feared not being around for them
- The fear of his kids not knowing who there father was because he died in war terrified him
- so the pregnancy was unplanned, his s/o was kinda scared to tell him. So she waited a few months
- 3 months later he finds out because she’s doubled over in the bathroom
- Cor is shocked and at first says nothing
- Then he starts crying
- “I’m gonna be a dad, is that something i deserve?”
- Next thing you know his s/o and him are balling there eyes out
- Cor and his s/o decorate the baby room
- Cor never took days off unless it was an emergency
- not in this case he took off ALOT of days
- He takes her shopping
- when his s/o gets bigger she feels insecure and he looks at her and raises an eyebrow
- “Your my wife, and this is natural.”
- He then wraps his arms around her and gives her tons of kisses
- he stays up at night to make sure she doesn’t want anything
- His s/o wakes up to a sleeping cor in a chair next to her
- he makes breakfast EVERY morning
- He even prepares lunch and dinner too
- Makes sure she stays hydrated
- On the special day he holds it together…
- Until he sees the baby
- He holds her in his arms and promises to give her the world
- “you won’t date till your old enough to beat me.”
- His s/o shakes her head
- later he asks his s/o when they’ll have another baby


- Nyx is during a mission when he starts having really bad cramps in his stomach
- he’s dumbled over in pain
- everybody is worried about him
- When he gets home he realizes why
- “Omgosh your pregnant?”
- He picks up his s/o into the air and twerls her around
- He’s so happy then nervous….
- Is he ready to be a father?
- And he’s a glaive he’ll be gone..alot..
- she tell him not to worry, we’ll take it one step at a time
- Nyx wakes up every 2 hours to check on her
- He surrenders the whole bed to his s/o
- towards the middle of the pregnancy she gets mood swings, cravings, the whole nine yards.
- Nyx is super hero on steroids at this point
- Getting off work then making sure she’s okay
- Cooking like never before
- He runs off of coffee, love and the future
- she’ll say something smart due to mood swings
- “call me master!”
- nyx goes along with it then kisses all over her
- Which normally does the trick
- He decorates the baby room with the help of Crowe, pelna and Libertus. Who knew Pelna painted?
- Nyx shows off the sonogram pics to everyone at work
- Crowe comes over alot to help
- Towards the end of the pregnancy
- Nyx has the mood swings, the cravings, the cramps
- “why is life so hard. Why can’t the Nifs just go home and fight themselves. Damn it”
- Nyx is an emotional wreck
- Wakes up in middle of the night crying
- s/o pushes him off the bed alot..
- When nyx finds out s/o is going into labor he literally warps from one side of Lucis to the other
- Warps into hospital
- He cries when he sees the baby
- The baby is a girl and looks like his sister
- Names baby after his sister
- King regis even comes to see the baby
- And all of the glaive
- Nyx passes out later with baby in his arms
- At home he sings the baby to sleep
- his S/o takes alot of pics of him and the baby
- Nyx takes the baby on walks
- he’s overprotective already
- once the baby is alittle he buys the baby a puppy


- With everything thats happened in his life he feels like he is too tainted to have a child.
- Though he’s wondered what it would be like to give someone better than what he had..
- Sone years passed and he asked his s/o for a baby
- She was embassared
- Few months later Ravus is smiling from ear to ear when he hears the news
- “I’m having twin girls?”
- He literally falls apart….
- He already knows what he’s going to name them
- Of course he checks with his s/o
- he is constantly at his s/o side
- she is just happy to have him near her
- She cuddles up in his arms
- Until morning sickness kicks in
- He is so worried
- He didn’t know she’d be like this
- Starting to worry if he wanted was the right thing
- She reassures him she’s okay
- From that moment on he reads so many books
- so he can be there for her, he asks luna for advice and help
- He makes sure there are nurses by her sise 24 7 if he’s not there
- He plans a baby shower in Tenebrea
- He buys clothes for her to wear during her pregnancy
- He makes sure the cooks don’t put too much salt
- Nothing to strong in smell
- He calls every hour to check up on her
- she goes into labor while he’s away
- He’s super hurt
- “darn my life who couldn’t i be there now? Some father i am..”
- His s/o reassures him that its okay
- When he gets back he runs home and sees his s/o and the baby curled up in the bed
- He leaves the room and cries
- He goes for a short walk and then cones back
- his s/o hands him the twins
- the babies just smile
- Ravus folds
- the twins are named after his mother and sister
- Once the babies are older he takes them to see king regis
- To make amends
- Ravus feels that his world is complete

more lance disguised as allura for a mission au bc i just want it so much. this is him, idk, probably hearing something shitty about the hosts of this planet, like, they have an upperclass and lower class and they treat the lower class like shit. the hosts think since allura is a princess, that “she’ll” agree, but little do they know that lance, who grew up in a huge household that probably struggled to get by, is not down for this bullshit.

(also he still will NOT bleach his brows, THANK you Allura) (Allura is just very excited that she gets to dress someone else up, it’s very fun)