warmup sketches! I just caught up with the recent chapters of one piece, sanji and his siblings are just so attractive?? 

but does anyone else find it charming that viktor left his life and career in saint petersburg behind and traveled a whopping 14+ hours to get to hasetsu on the mere whim that after seeing a video of yuuri skating again the cute japanese man who seduced tf out of him will still want to have him as his coach and that maybe yuuri would let him wiggle his way into boyfriend territory if he’s lucky bc let’s be real viktor went in with some sorta hope in that department

long story short viktor apparently has awful impulse control and is a massive hopeless romantic


happily dancing with his lightstick and then…

Horace Urvidian Moodboard


Jou thinks Seto works too hard. Unfortunately for Seto, he can be very distracting when he wants to be…

Although it’s likely to turn into just a “30 pictures of your OTP” challenge rather than a 30 day one, I’m including this as “A wants attention but B is really busy with something”.