the concert footage is even worse bc it’s so hi def that it’s abundantly clear that these are like mannequin models with completely frozen faces. lamiroir’s mouth doesn’t move at all.

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What if misaki got married to saru, who would walk him up the isle, mikoto or izumo. ( maybe both)

To be honest, I’d like to see Misaki’s mother take a big role in his wedding- she always loved and supported him and Saruhiko, and I feel like if anyone should have the role of giving him away, it should be her, especially seeing as he kind of neglected her for no reason for quite a while, and I want to see them rekindle their relationship. Mrs Yata is a good egg, and she should get to give her son away. 

I think Izumo would give a speech though- Mikoto is more of a fatherly figure, but he’s also a man of very few words, so for purely practical reasons it’d probably be Izumo who took that role. (Also side note- Rikio would def be his best man, and Anna would be the ring bearer, with both Anna and Megumi being bridesmaids.) 

Tbh tho, I can see Misaki not wanting to be the one who walked down the aisle? He’s got this whole complex about femininity, and I doubt he’d want to assume a wifely role right from the get go, so I think they’d reach a sort of compromise with Misaki walking down to the altar first, accompanied by his mother and his best man, and then Saruhiko following after him, accompanied by Reisi. 

I can also see Tatara getting ordained or smth just for the purpose of wanting to officiate the wedding- Tatara has always been the biggest sarumi shipper of ‘em all and he seems like the type who wants to Participate, so it 100% seems like smth he’d do. 


happily dancing with his lightstick and then…


@jccaylen @KianLawley how bout u get ur lazy ass outta bed & come to the gym w me. Subway after. then after that get ur ass beat at Mario kart again

But imagine Cullen Rutherford finding out he’s going to be a father. 

Cullen, who, if you had asked him a year ago, would have said he didn’t want children. Not because he doesn’t–Maker, does he–but because he can’t imagine any woman would want his children. Doesn’t think he deserves that happiness. 

Cullen, who would be so afraid of hurting them or breaking them, because that’s what he’s been trained to do his entire life–to bash, and crush,and kill. 

Cullen, who thinks himself too broken and filled with horrors to be around something so innocent. How could he comfort his child when they have nightmares, when he still wakes screaming? 

But then the woman he loves tells him, cheeks flushed and eyes bright, that she’s with child, his child. And she’s so happy and excited that he feels himself become excited, and finds himself smiling at the prospect of teaching them–boy or girl–how to fight with sword and shield. 

And a few months after that, when his love suddenly takes his hand during a war council meeting and puts it over her belly, so he can feel their baby kicking. He almost starts crying right then at the feeling. How could he have ever been afraid of hurting them? He realizes he would give his life for his child and their mother, who, he thinks, has never been so beautiful as now, when she’s full and ripe with life. 

And then a few more months after that, she’s screaming and cursing like a sailor while old women try to keep him from their chambers. But who would dare stop the Commander of the Inquisition? He takes the steps three at a time and suddenly he’s there–holding her hand and kissing her brow. She’s still swearing, but the fear has gone out of her eyes.

Imagine Cullen holding his child for the first time while his love sleeps. Holding them and talking to them–not nonsense, but introducing himself and promising to keep them safe, no matter what. 

I’m your father, Cullen. I’ll always be here to take care of you, my little one. 


“It’s just like Hamlet said: ‘To thine own self be true’.”
“No, Hamlet didn’t say that.”
“I think that I remember Hamlet accurately.”

Getting back in the swing of drawing!!

And because everyone’s at it I wanted to give lineless art a try.

Enjolras and Grantaire from World Ain’t Ready by idiopath-fic-smile